Fear and Hope: Amy Ford’s Abortion Story

Fear and Hope: Amy Ford’s Abortion Story

Hi, i’m Amy Ford. I grew up in church, I was
the church girl that never got in trouble. I had a great family. I would even march outside
abortion clinics with my family when I was little and silently pray for life. I always
knew I was praying for the babies, but I never really thought about what the mommies would
be feeling and I always knew that one day I would never have an abortion, until I got
pregnant. I had an unplanned pregnancy when I was nineteen years old and, coming right
out of High School, I was so scared and so worried. And me and the father of the baby,
we just had convinced ourselves and believed the lies of the enemy that our life was over,
and that we were gonna be homeless, and that we would be on the side of the road and our parents
were going to kick us out and they were going to hate us forever, and we just believed it
enough to make the appointment to go to an abortion clinic. And we scheduled it and they
made the father of the baby wait out in the waiting room. We went in and they did the
sonogram and I had thought, “Well, there’s a pill you can take if you are less than six
weeks along, that the baby just goes away” and I tried not to think about where the baby
goes to. And so, when they did the sonogram, they said, “Well, you’re a little too far
along to do it that way. These are the methods that we do it.” And they started explaining
it to me and I had been stuffing down all the emotions and really been in robot mode
and just trying not to think about it, and getting through it, and just know that if
I just get through this abortion, then I’ll deal with the consequences of a broken heart
later. But for now, I just need to get through it. So in that moment, when they did the sonogram
and I saw the little fetus and baby on the screen, I just, all the emotions just came
up right then. And I just started balling, and crying so hard, and I I was so scared,
and I started actually hyperventilating and I passed out in the abortion room. And when
I came to, the nurses were standing over me and I really believe that God gave me a sign
and an angel of a nurse because, the lady that, she gave me a drink of water and said,
“You know what? You are too emotionally distraught to make a decision like this, today. You can
come back another day, but today is not your day. You are not getting an abortion.” And
so I walked back out into the waiting room and I told the father of the baby, “We’re
still pregnant.” And so we just decided in that moment to just see what happens. And
all those lies we had thought, that we had believed, that the enemy had told us about
our life being over, they were just that. They were lies. Of course, our parents were
disappointed, but it was not what we had thought it would be. They were supportive and it took
a little bit of time, but by the time the baby came, they were so happy. Our little
boy is such a blessing and he has blessed our lives. I can’t imagine what my life would
be without him. And we ended up getting married and we have four kids now and there is life
after this, that you can go forward. If there’s any girls that are watching right now and
especially church girls that you feel extra shame and condemnation because you feel like
you should have known better, I just want you to know that there is life past this and
God loves you so much and He will use this for good. He promises that He will turn
everything for good for those that love Him and you do love Him, and you just be brave
and be courageous. Get involved in a church family, and let the church love on you, and
get some support and you can get through this. We love you too!

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  1. this is fucking bull shit why the fuck didn't our nurse say that the same shit happened fainted and everything i was looking for some hope after and abortaron like a success story and now i'm fucking discouraged as fuck fuck this story

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