Fatty Liver: How to Fix It (2019)

Fatty Liver: How to Fix It (2019)

– Hey, Doctor Barry here. In this quick video I’m
going to talk to you about a topic that is so important, fatty liver and how to cure it? That’s right, cure it, get rid of it, you don’t have it anymore, okay. Fatty liver disease is a
huge epidemic in the US and the UK, Australia, Canada. You’re gonna wind up losing
a loved one you cherish to fatty liver if we don’t
start turning the tide on this epidemic. Before I get started
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very first to know, okay. Now, fatty liver disease, this is a huge epidemic that you may not have heard of at all. Maybe you have but if
you haven’t you need to and so do your friends and neighbors. Fatty liver, also called non-alcoholic
fatty liver disease, or if your liver’s inflamed we sometimes as doctors call it non-alcoholic
steatohepatitis, okay. All these things mean
basically the same thing, that your body has
inappropriately stored fat in your liver. Not a good thing, huge risk factor for liver failure, for death, for heart disease. We’ll get into all that
in just a few minutes. Let me give you a few facts about fatty liver disease
and how common it is? You’re gonna be blown away by this, okay. And then at the end of this
video I’m gonna tell you how to cure fatty liver in either yourself or a loved one, okay. First of all, 30 to 40% of adults in the US and in most Western
Society have fatty liver, three to four out of 10, right. That’s nuts. That’s ridiculous, okay. And fatty liver’s self-inflicted and I’m gonna tell you how to cure it. But three out of four
out of 10 people you know have fatty liver disease as an adult. What about kids? Of course kids don’t have this, right? No, you’re wrong. One out of every 10 kids in America, down to as young as three years old, depending on how terrible their diet is, can have fatty liver disease, yeah. There are actually teenagers on the liver transplant list now because of their fatty liver disease. I mean, all doctors in
America should literally hang their head in shame
that this is occuring because it’s entirely, 100% preventable and 100% curable if you eat the right diet and do the things that I talk about later in this video. Of type two diabetics, if you’re a type two
diabetic you have a 40 to 80% chance of having
fatty liver disease, okay. So if you’re a type two diabetic, if you’re overweight, if you have insulin resistance you’re almost guaranteed to have fatty liver disease, so you really need to do what I’m about to talk about, okay. So why do we care? Well, because it is now the leading cause of liver failure and people being on the liver transplant list. It’s even more dangerous than alcoholism, than overdosing on Tylenol, than having hepatitis, that’s how bad fatty liver disease is. So you really need to do these things I’m about to talk about
’cause I wanna teach you how to fix your fatty liver. I wanna teach you how to help your mom fix her fatty liver or your uncle or your
friend across the road. Because if they have fatty
liver it’s quite possible that their doctor hasn’t
even made a big deal about it, okay, but it is a huge deal. So how do you fix fatty liver? You know me, I talk about the practical. I talk about the common sense. I talk about what you can do today to begin to fix things? And that’s what I’m gonna
talk about in this video. First I wanna tell you
about the most likely things that are gonna fix this
and then we’ll talk about a few other things
that might help a little bit but I want you to always focus on the 80%. Don’t focus on the 20%, right, focus on the big picture, what’s really gonna have the most effect for the least amount of effort, and that’s what I’m gonna talk about first ’cause that’s the most important. Now, if you have someone
who has fatty liver or who is overweight or type two diabetic that you know, please share this video with them ’cause it could literally
change their life and literally save their life, right. Here we go. In Western Society, in America any time we wanna fix a problem what do we do? We wanna buy something, we wanna go get something, we wanna basically add something to the system, right? And for fatty liver like
many of the diseases, the chronic diseases
that we all suffer from, it’s not a question of what you add to the disease it’s a question of what do you subtract? What do you take out of your system? What do you stop putting in your system? And fatty liver disease falls perfectly in this category. If you want to cure your
fatty liver disease you have to stop fructose. You have to stop sugars. You have to stop starches. You have to stop simple carbs, that’s it. That is the cure. I’m not joking, you can literally turn
off the video right now and go and make those changes in your life and cure your fatty liver, okay. Now, I’m gonna get into a few more details so you might wanna stay tuned but it’s up to you because that’s he 80%. Literally fructose, sugars, starches, simple carbs, that’s it, stop those. Those are poisoning your body. They are making your
biochemical digestive system inappropriately lay down fat in your liver and also lay down fat in your pancreas. Fatty pancreas is also a very bad thing. I’ve got another video
back on my channel here about fatty pancreas if
you wanna check that out. But fatty liver as we talked about is a huge medical risk, so you gotta fix this. Okay, so fructose, whether it comes from a soft drink in the from of high fructose corn syrip or whether it comes from a delicious, ripe organic peach is digested
completely differently in your body from other
sugars and starches, okay. And it’s highly likely
it’s going to be laid down as fat in your liver. So you’ve gotta get the fructose out of your life completely, but don’t just think it’s fructose and nothing else, okay. Because you know sugar, sugar’s made up of glucose
and fructose, right. So if anything is presweetened, that’s gonna make your fatty liver worse or it’s gonna increase your risk of developing fatty liver disease, okay. All the starches, all the simple sugars, as soon as you eat them
and your acid breaks them up and digests them they
turn into some combination of glucose and fructose, that’s right, exactly right. Even the carbs in broccoli break down ultimately into glucose and fructose but they’re so locked up in the fiber and they’re so blended with great vitamins, minerals and nutrients
that I think it’s okay to get those carbs in
cruciferous vegetables, in leafy greens, I think those carbs are acceptable because they’re so locked up in the fiber if you eat them raw or lightly steamed and they’re so filled with nutrition, I think they’re okay. But the starches from any grain, any grain whatsoever is going to make your fatty liver worse. You gotta stop the grains. You gotta stop anything
that has fructose in it and you gotta stop the sugars, the starches, that’s it. That’s the solution, that’s the cure. We could literally wipe out the epidemic of fatty liver disease by
just following those things. One more thing you’ve
gotta get out of your life because it inflames your liver
which can cause your liver to jay down more fat than
it might would otherwise, is the vegetable oil. And I do this because there’s no
vegetables in them, right. Canola, safflower, soybean oil, all those gotta go, okay. They inflame your liver and that’s gonna make
your liver lay down fat which you do not want. You gotta cook your foods in real fats like bacon grease, lard, avocado oil, olive oil, butter, right. Those are the things you cook in. If you’ve got canola oil
in your kitchen right now pause this video, push the pause button. Get up and go to the kitchen right now and throw that crap in the garbage ’cause that’s where it belongs, okay. Now, other things that you can do that might help with fatty liver and these are the 20%, so don’t focus on these. These are just little extras so that after you’re already doing the 80% you can also do these for maybe a little added benefit. One is vitamin D, vitamin D has been associated, low vitamin D is associated with worse fatty liver disease. Now, that does not mean
that low vitamin D causes it but it might help it a little bit. So make sure you’re taking a good quality vitamin
D supplement every day, that might help a little bit. Taking Glucofage, which is
a prescription medication has been shown in a couple of studies to be associated with
improving fatty liver. It does not mean that
it improves fatty liver but it definitely doesn’t hurt so you might consider if your doctor has you on Glucophage or Metformin continuing to take that. Omega 3 fatty acids look like they probably help fatty
liver a little bit. That does not mean go buy a supplement. What I would prefer you do is just eat more grass fed meats that have omega 3s, more pastured eggs that
have omega 3 in the yolk, more butter that’s grass fed butter and get more omega 3s, that’s probably going
to help the fatty liver. What else, now I’ll tell you some no’s, absolutely don’t do this
for your fatty liver. If any guru or health expert says, hey, I’ve got this liver cleanse, I’ve got this liver supplement, no, that is a waste of money. You don’t need that, okay. All you need to do is focus on the 80% I talked about earlier. Do not buy pills, powders, supplements, none of that stuff is gonna
help your liver, okay. You don’t need to add
anything to this equation, you just need to subtract the poison, get it out, okay. If your doctor says, hey, take Statin drug, that’ll get the fat out of your liver, no, there is no research
that shows that at all. That’s dumb, don’t do that, okay. Your doctor may instead
of using Glucophage or Metformin, he may say, hey, you should take Actos or Avandia ’cause there’s some research
that shows they help with fatty liver, no. If you look at the research, it’s dumb. Don’t do that. Don’t take Avandia and Actos. Those are not good type two
diabetes medications, okay. You wanna focus on
Matformin or Glucophage. Matformin and Glucophage
has this false reputation of being hard on your
kidneys but that’s dumb. What’s really hard on your kidneys is when your blood sugar’s high and when you’re insulin level’s high. That’s what destroys your kidneys. So if your doctor says, hey, take some Glucophage, it might help, yeah, it’s probably a good thing to do but don’t think that that’s the solution. The solution is to fix your diet, okay. Two of the ways you don’t
wanna fix fatty liver unless they’re just a last stitch effort, one is bariatric surgery, stomach stapling, the donut procedure, any of those bariatric surgery options. Fix your fatty liver with your diet, don’t fix it with surgery, okay. It works, no doubt, but my God, what a sacrifice, what a compromise to have permanent, unchangeable surgery to
your gastrointestinal system rather than just fix your diet. I don’t get the logic in that. And the last way to fix fatty liver is with a liver transplant and if you don’t fix your diet one day that’ll become your only option. You’ll have no option but to fix it by being on the liver transplant list and waiting for someone to die so you can have their liver. I really don’t recommend that as a way to do this at all, okay. Focus on the 80%. If you wanna add the 20%, if you have the money
and the means to do that, that’s okay, but that’s not the solution. The solution is to fix your diet in just the ways I told you above. And then you will have zero chance of ever developing fatty liver disease unless you’re a drinker or you overdose on medications or you have hepatitis, otherwise you’ll never
get fatty liver disease if you fix your diet. Now, if you enjoyed this
and if you know someone whose life you could change
by sharing this video please do so, please. It helps me to help so many more people when you share these videos. Also, if you really love the videos I make I have a Patreon link down below, you can click it and
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to make these videos to help you and to help others. This is Doctor Barry, I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Fatty Liver: How to Fix It (2019)

  1. I have not yet been diagnosed with fatty liver, but recently had an ultrasound that showed a slightly fatty liver and borderline enlarged liver, according to the report. I had the test because of abdominal pain. My PCP basically just told me to get bloodwork, saw my TSH was high, and is sending me for more bloodwork. She didn't AT ALL explain that this could mean fatty liver disease and that an immediate change to my diet could help me a lot. Luckily I am a paranoid person and decided to research everything in the ultrasound report myself. Thank you for this video, I am cutting out soda forever starting right now. I am praying that my dietary changes will turn things around and I never reach the fibrosis or cirhossis stage, and hopefully I can find a better PCP who won't simply say "of you still have pain you can go see a gastroenterologist" and not explain anything. I'm praying that the abdominal pain doesn't mean it is worse than NAFLD.

  2. My supplement is b12 b complex magnesium
    I have hep c since 17 plz
    Working on cleaning my liver through clean eating

  3. Sir, do you have any info on benefits or harm that Stevia causes or might cause to the liver? The reason I ask is that I found a product recently (Iconic Protein Drink) that provides 20g of non-whey protein, caffeine shot of = 2 cups of coffee, 8 carbs (incl 3 sugar), and is sweetened by an unstated amount of Stevia Leaf Extract (Rebudioside A) and Monk Fruit. Seems to good to be true (getting 30g of protein (2/3 in morning [drinking full 11.5 oz bottle, 1/3 at lunch [by drinking 1/2 11.5 oz bottle), plus the caffeine…all with 12 carbs (about 5g sugar) and about 200 calories. Any wisdome on this confusing topic would be appreciated. Thx.

  4. My Mom was on the liver transplant list for 12 years. She was finally sick enough to be at the top of the list but was too sick for a transplant and passed away. She never drank a day in her life! I wish the nutritionists they sent her to had shared this knowledge. The info they gave her was not helpful. She was told things like absolutely no leafy greens, no broccoli, etc. and never told to stop grains! Heck she was told to take her medicine mixed in juice every single day. 😔

  5. I have fatty liver disease and heart disease I’ve never been a drinker is the keto diet what I should be doing to fix this??

  6. Never take Actos because the drug companies website directly states causes 'extreme unexplained weight gain'. I gained over 100 lbs. on Actos. Dropped the Actos and that 100 lbs. came off then went keto & IF. I'm still losing weight. Keto and IF rules.

  7. I have had fatty liver for over 30 years. You are the FIRST doctor who has shown me how to cure it! I'm 70 now. Today I start a new chapter. Thank you!!!!!

  8. I had RNY 2017. Before I found Keto and Carnivore. I take my supplemets recommend. are you saying I could advance my liver to fatty liver?

  9. Dr. Berry, since your video two new studies have come out linking Monsanto's/Bayer's Glyphosate (gmo foods and foods sprayed with glyphosate at preharvest) to Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Kings College UK was the first and more recently UCSD Medical School. My two sons, ages 26 and 36 recently diagnosed with this. Would like to see you do an updated video. You really should tell folks to eat organic to avoid Glyphosate and GMO foods. I liked your video except for your Pharma pill push.

  10. Thank you very much for this information…not only me it will help to realize my stubborn husband how diet is important..He thinks taking medication is enough to keep him healthy he is diabetic Type 2 and also high BP and careless about his diet I will make him listen to your video tonight..It is very simple and direct advice..Thank you again

  11. Sorry, I have to tell you I have N.A.F.L.D. and was on metformin. It DESTROYED my digestive tract. It did keep glucose levels down, but now I can only eat once a day (if I'm lucky!). It's not for everyone.

  12. Donate blood every 2 months. Fatty liver is too much iron stored in the liver.

    When you give blood your liver releases some of that excess iron into your the regenerated blood.

    Keep giving blood every 60 days until you no longer have a fatty liver.

  13. Do I know somebody? Yes, me. Thank you for the video. I've just begun a strict diet of grass fed meats and leafy greens plus fermented foods only, to try to heal esophagitis. With your advice I'll take out my grass fed butter and any other dairy for the time being as well. It's a few years since I was told my liver numbers were good, now someone has said doesn't matter if the numbers are good. I'll give it 4-6months and see how I feel.

  14. Is Coffee ok for Liver? I have reduced carbs, zero sugar and almost zero fructose, zero starches (rice, potatoes etc) But the only thing is I drink Coffee a lot, is that harmful?

  15. You know Dr. Berry, I listened to every word you said but, here's the rub (regarding me) I was diagnosed with having diabetes at age 49. I am 5'8" & my weight at that time was 279. I was told I was morbidly obese & would be lucky to live another 5 years!! It took a while but, I was able to keep my blood sugars within normal range so I was on diabetic medication for a short time. At age 51, I underwent a laparoscopic gastric bypass. Now keep in mind Dr. Berry, even though my doctor ordered lab-work every 12 weeks to monitor my AICs, my liver & kidney functions, my glucose, cholesterol levels & also had regular CT scans & MRIs, PVLs, vascular surgery on those 2 big blood vessels that start in the groin area & go all the way down to one's feet. With all that said, about 3 years ago, my G.I. doctors told me to stop eating red meat, stop ALL dairy products (which includes yogurt, cheeses, milk, coffee creamer, etc. & last but not least, NO "processed food !! I asked "Well then, what does that leave me to eat & take in X amount of protein, fats & carbs??" I was told, you can have organic sweet potatoes, organic brown & wild rice, organic baked or broiled fish & chicken (boneless & skinless) & fresh organic green vegetables (e.g. asparagus, broccoli florets, & baby spinach) BUT no carbonated drinks or wine/alcohol. Lastly, they let me know I could enjoy organic blueberries & organic seedless watermelons …….. that's it!!! AND, I need to prepare ALL my food from scratch!! The good news is that I have maintained my desired weight loss of 110 lbs& just celebrated my 70th birthday on 9/6/19. The last lab-work & CT scan I had, revealed for the very first time that I have a fatty liver & my bile duct is enlarged & my glucose levels are STILL high, even though my AICs are within the normal range. How is that possible Dr. Berry, when my diet is so restricted?? When I go to the grocery store, my average stay is about 4 hours because I am reading how much proteins, fats & carbos the item has to meet the gastric bypass criteria AND also, since I am diabetic as well, the need to follow the diabetic criteria is critical as well …. sigh ….  & I find it almost impossible to accomplish these days. I am just blown away with this enlarged bile duct (the doctors took my gall bladder out when they did the gastric bypass) & fatty liver & high glucose level (still!!) news. In listening to your video Dr. Berry, I have been doing 99% of what you suggested for the past decade so why am I now recently saddled with an enlarged bile duct & fatty liver??

  16. hello can you tell me when I go on a keto diet and I check my ketosis I get a reading of 4.5 I have 2 meals a day and am never hungry and when I eat when I want at about 2pm sometimes even later and my levels go even higher also I have no gall bladder

  17. I'm doing an ultrasound today to find out if I really have NASH…sigh
    I don't drink or smoke but I do love to eat bread. I should cut it out >_<

  18. My mother in law passed away today at 10:29am due to cirrhosis and fatty liver. 69 years old. Never drank in her life. So heartbreaking. Rest in peace Irene Rodriguez. We will miss you. 🙁

  19. So basically you are telling me that i should just stop eating anything lol everything is made with some kinda of sugar or fructose and glucose…so just go food free people lol.

  20. I have very fatty liver and suffer inflammation though I eat super healthy. I never eat candy or sugar. No gluten. My whole life I have worked out and was in great physical shape. I eat tons of veggies and overall very balanced diet as I study nutrient absorption. I drink nothing but spring water. Nothing seem to resolve this issue. I don’t get stressed anymore and very happy regardless the discomfort, so my mental state can’t be blamed.
    I used to have hypoglycemia, though it is not an issue for few years. If no one else figures this out I will have to be the one to resolve this.
    I want a great life quality as I practice good habits everyday.
    Wish your formula worked for me. I am sure it works for those with bad habits.

  21. I know this is old but a family member was diagnosed with hyperkalemia and elevated ferratin levels I think it's fatty liver related. Was given Kaexalate the doc ditched the job and left at that point. ( I don't blame them, tough place to work up here) I hope this will help. Transplants are out of reach here. I will try what you suggested and I hope it helps

  22. I just found out I have fatty liver last year when I got my gallbladder removed… they also told me it was no big deal.. yeah rt a year later now it enlarged … I was so scared ty for your video

  23. I wish I could have shared this video with my Dad. He passed in October 2016 from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Thank you for making this video Dr. Ken. I hope others watch and learn how to reverse that horrible disease. Personally, I have started a keto/ intermittent fasting lifestyle and can vouch for the benefits you're sharing. Thank you

  24. Hey Ken, if you constantly have acid reflux due to gastritis but negative results on H.Pylori as you have symptoms on GERD… negative on Gallstones in GB (some say it can be a reason) and you tried every advice the Doctor gave… the only thing left uncured is the fatty liver… does this contribute on having acid reflux attacks?

  25. Hi doc. I started researching for treatment for fatty liver 'cause few months ago when i got admitted, they said I have a fatty liver. I dont know if its serious or not. Cause i wanted to get out of the hospital as early as i can cause i have kids to take care. The doctor advised me to comeback for another test but i never returned. And now i feel a bit of abdominal pain. It kinda scared me. Found your blog. I'll try to follow your advise first before going to any doctors. Thank you!
    Ps. New subscriber here 🙋

  26. I wish my doctor had been honest with me the first time he told me I had fatty liver. That would have been 4 years ago, but he did not tell me what was really wrong with me. Not ever. He did say I was pre-diabetic. I didn’t want Diabetes, and I began to wonder what he was really telling me. I began a quest for truth. I found what I needed to know on line and on YouTube and I decided to do what was best for me. I put myself on a Keto diet. It’s been close to a year since then and it hasn’t been easy, but I no longer use sugar or flour. No GMO and absolutely NO “vegetable oil”. I have lost 21 pounds and 2 clothes sizes and 3 inches off my waist. I still have a ways to go but I feel better and I am proud of my achievement. Keto is not easy but I have plenty to eat and there are more products available every day to make it easier. After I started my diet, my daughter and her husband were inspired to do the same and are now on a Paleo diet and are also reshaping their lives and waistlines. I won’t stop until my fatty liver is cured. I am 73 years old. I garner lots of information from your videos. Thank you for taking the time to provide them. God bless you! 😁

  27. These are all changes I've started. Oddly enough found out by accident. Doctor thought I had kidney problems due to high creatinine output, but I workout 6 days a week, take creatine and have a lot of lean mass. It was discovered in an MRI and I had to ask about the results, they didn't even bother to tell me. It's nuts.

  28. I was diagnosed with fatty liver 10 weeks ago. I took what my doctor said as very serious. Since diagnoses I have lost 6.5 kg (14.33 lbs) by cutting down on a lot of the foods mentioned. It will be very interesting to see what my next blood test shows. My goal is to lose 20kg (44 lbs) by the end of the year.

  29. I have fatty liver, now blood pressure problems. I have been doing keto and feel like the sodium associated with keto is making the BP worse. I'm desperate Dr. And really want to get healthy. My kids see me stress all the time and I'm frightened that I'm going to die Young. I feel like I'm not doing keto right and I'm just making my situation worse. PLEASE HELP

  30. So I have a loved one who has made it to the transplant list 🙁 If he fixes his diet starting TODAY- adds apple cider vinegar, cruciferous veges , choline, cuts sugar out completely and carbs, is there any chance his liver will be able to heal itself??? I am researching now about living organ donation today. If anyone else is reading my comment… don't let it get to this point. Take this man seriously before the liver turns to cirrhosis and you are desperately trying to save yourself or a loved one. 🙁

  31. I have just been diagnosed with fatty liver , so I thank you so much for caring enough to provide this info. without money or strings attached . As I have already researched a lot about this subject , I believe you are truthful , but because of so much false info. , I wish you would include your credentials !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY !!!! I clicked on " show more " in your word description above and found out you do provide your credentials . Very few Doctors like you reveal the truth about a persons health , therefore MOST DOCTORS are totally dishonest and money hungry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most people I know today cannot stand the arrogance of most Doctors . They are not honest with you to start with and they don't want to hear what you think about your health or meds you need or use , but think they are gods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They speak , you ONLY listen . Thank God for good and honest Doctors . Thanks again and God bless you and yours . I will subscribe and thumbs up . ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Ernest E. Johnson

  32. I have a very small amount of liver fat and i was wondering , are OATS ok or i should stop that as well. I was thinking to consume 30gr per day in the morning along with my fresh fruits and a no fat yoghurt ( with little bit of water ) smooth like. Should i avoid it all together ? What do you think about milk and cheese ( low fat ) ? Should i eat my daily yoghurt or should i cut that out ?
    I guess stopping colas and ice creams at this point is a no brainer right ?
    Thanks alot in advance.

  33. Potatoes are a "starchy" food and consists of glucose chains. It does NOT contain fructose, contrary to what you're saying.

  34. thank you. my doctor wanted me to have gastric bypass surgery I thought he was out of his mind.  I don't believe that's a fix.  I am both diabetic and have a fatty liver. I will be having a liver biopsy soon. Thanks for the info.

  35. OK, let me get this straight, no more oatmeal in the morning, no more 5 servings of fruit during the day, no more rice, pasta, bread, cereals, no more cooked veggies…am I close? So what does that leaves us? Hay? Grass? Water? Come on Doc, give us some suggestions we can actually live with. 90% of Americans eat everything you are telling to quit, so what does that leaves us? Not much.

  36. My doc told me I have fatty liver but hasn't said what to do or anything bout changing my diet. Thanks doc for very informative info. 👍

  37. Tried two different types of statin drugs (only 10 mg dose) – after a week, became so drowsy that I dared not drive my car.

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