Fall Fashion Haul, try on (M. Gemi)

hi guys I’m your channel page welcome to
my channel beyond video before for welcome back today I decided to do
something kind of fun I’m going to do a haul video of all of my favorite fall
items that are casual because sneakers sneaker in particular though we are
gonna be wearing in this video is by M Jimmy at let’s do carrier we’re doing
wearing the video it’s M Jimmy and it’s their native Cherokee oh I’m gonna be
showing you a bunch of my favorite looks and some are going to be more casual
some are gonna be a little bit more fun dress down with a tennis shoe so hope
you guys like it let’s do it look one is leggings these
directory some workout pants and my top is Margaret O’Leary’s honestly my look
every Saturday than May when we go to coffee I remember she was kind of
similar vibe we’re casual grabbing coffee weekend at my lauren motion shirt
this awesome amazing little cardigan that is from show me a move that I’m
obsessed with I have another one of these in gray that I have nowhere 24/7
fall/winter highly suggest you and then again leggings and my next
favorite look for Falls is these miniskirts it’s not so many of them when
I was embarrassed and became obsessed this particular one is from shotcut
Asajj in Paris and then again my sweaters murder leakage all right
I’m gonna show you one more mini length skirt with a sweater because it’s my
go-to probably partially because I’m pregnant and a lot of dance aren’t
fitting I’m having to order some maternity pants right now but also I
just really love them I think even more so when you have a waistline they’re
great and then you tuck in the sweater and it kind of just gives you that like
pinched in but wow she looks good I’m told you have another fun little a skirt
sweater I’m obsessed with just like Goldie yellow color this is also from
heiress from Milan William I’m not like a whole bunch of stuff down below for
you guys same look you can also just click straight over to my blog I’ll put
that as the first night so it might be easiest you can go over there and then
there’s widgets you can actually see the pictures of each look but either way it
all be down below plus M Jimmy of course the charity of shoe this fun
little blue guy and it comes in a bunch of different colors velvet and corduroy
and cold for you guys right here Chantelle 40 go use it get them and live
in them there’s such a great shoe they’re just really fun with the turkey
oh is like a baby keep like an Italian food staple eventually they once had a
six thousand person wait list for them basically just like an elevated
sneaker okay good day tonight these pretty little pointed toe heels
these guys are offering from M Jimmy sorry for the chomping and take it from
day we have some little black dress that I’m obsessed with also from this amazing
boutique in Paris but I’ll like throw couple of them below for you guys to or
similar especially for the bun but even without a bump it’s just a great go-to
dress so cute with little sneakers love it a huge huge thing this fall that I’ve
seen a bunch of are the jacket so everyone’s doing these
plaid suit jackets obsessed these to them by shaver from size as well I’m in love with this new fall trend
it’s so cute okay next up another go to casual look
great for the work great for weekend whatever these camps upsets I have them
in two different colors probably about to get a third because I heard as I have
a little mint now that they’re from swirl boutique and I look amazing this
Cherokee oh I’m Jimmy shoes are they so cute blue velvet shop Stevie sisters
drives which I’m obsessed with especially the baby book but even not
baby bumped this has like a little ruching in here so it just makes for a
really pretty fit for any figure and then I’m obsessed so I feel like another
trend that I’ve been seen a whole bunch of are these kind of sweater Blazers day
because they’re like this sweater material but a little bit more fitted
than just the first show me a muumuu oversized cardigan sweater that I showed
you this one in particular is from hatch and I’m upset because it’s got this like
fur faux fur right here and then it kind of goes to this like sweatery awesome
material here but especially with the velvet
shoes another sweater to show you guys kind of laser-type guys I’m sure there’s
a proper name for it if you’ve know it put it below educate me but this one is
Margaret O’Leary this is this guy is super casual fun
maxi floral print for stove of you the double mainstream go do it a massive
obsession with floral maxi’s there we go to you wearing them with them jimmy joe
chiodo type tinny is amazing also rocking with booties for a little bit
different vibe or booties this is the cute one it’s from that boutique willem
bloom in paris as well sprinkled pastrami but especially pregnancy-wise
protip to the moms grow as in I’m six months pregnant now and I’ve been trying
to figure this whole pregnancy return anything outfits maternity clothes or
car review and finding some really good stuff so I found many find a cute maxi
dress with the empire waist I’m in love with slip dresses as well for fall
they’re just easy go-to fun again you can dress them up or down which I
it’s clearly a thing but he’ll later for this particular slip dress is from Lily
silk it’s amazing it’s not like this half textured side and half silk side
that you can see and again I paired it with my blazer
there you have it some of my fall favorites some fun trends and some fun
shoes thank you so much to Mme for sponsoring this video
they’re amazing I’ll link everything below including the mjv shoe of course
last but not least we got to do some shout outs for you guys for those of you
who don’t know I always do shout outs at the end of my videos try to you for all
of you guys that follow me on instagram and like and comment a bunch of my
pictures throughout the week so here are the three winners this week we have
Deborah so cute love her fashion then of course we have Lily and time
look at that Katie 14 last but not least Bella see Katamon who is private and
let’s do one more why not Antonia bitch thank you so much to em
Jimmy for sponsoring the video link down below
Chantal forty is the code for you guys to go check out those shoes or any of
their shoes use the code the Cherokee Oh is amazing no I highly suggest you add
it to your phone collection alright see you guys next time

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