Fall 2017 Buyer Haul and Try On

Fall 2017 Buyer Haul and Try On

To help with our buyer haul today, I’m
going to have Steph from our warehouse…. nope…sorry go back Hi you guys it’s Kim Le again with
Morning Lavender. I’m going to be showing you guys this month’s buyer haul so it’s
all the pieces that I’ve been curating for fall. So I’ll be showing you guys
some of my favorite pieces, why I chose them, and how you can dress it for fall!
So the first piece I’m the most excited about is our Amelia skirt in a new color
for fall which is this beautiful pink rose. If you guys have been following us for a while you know that our Amelia Skirts are our most popular skirts just because
they’re just so flowy and feminine and so we decided to bring it to you guys in
a beautiful new color and this pink is just super rosy, I think it goes well
with everything, it’s perfect in my opinion year-round, and a lot of people
buy this for photoshoots, for special occasions, bridesmaids dresses, but now
that we’ve offered it in petite size I feel like you can also dress it down you
can wear it with sweaters or t-shirts and just kind of wear it also for
everyday. But we just love it so much I hope you guys do too. Okay so the next
guys I wanted to show you are our wrap maxi dresses. So this is a popular trend
right now for fall and it’s really popular because I think it’s so
flattering on just about everybody so we’ve offered these maxi wrap dresses in
different patterns and styles so this one is a popular stripe wrap maxi
it’s great because it’s so versatile you can wear it to the office for an
everyday look and stripes are definitely in this fall. Also one of our most
popular wrap maxi dresses is the Bethany teal
this is just a beautiful beautiful color and florals are just very in right now
as well so this is definitely one of our best sellers we actually have it in
probably six different colors so I’m really loving this color for fall right
now. And recently we offered this to site it’s like a mauve wrap maxi dress the
fabric is super soft and stretchy I love it so much
I can envision someone wearing this to maybe like a fall wedding it’d be really
cute for bridesmaids as well it’s definitely been one of our most popular
items since we launched it. Okay so next you guys might see I’m wearing one of
our most popular tops it’s our Yvonne scalloped top and it’s
like it’s a halter top it’s probably about this long but I’ve tucked it into
my jeans right here it’s just super cute with the cutouts I love layering it over
under anything but I also like just wearing it simple with jeans like this
so we brought it back for Fall in several different colors so I’m wearing
the burgundy right now but we also have it in three other colors so this blush
pink is super pretty we also have it in white and charcoal so it’s just a great
all-around piece it has this cute little gold button detail right here as well
and it’s something that is one of our best sellers especially in our San
Francisco store and it’s definitely a must-have closet staple. Another great
layering top are our Charlene tops it’s also got really cute scalloped detail
the top is a little bit shorter than the Yvonne’s but I also love it just is a
different kind of look it’s more v-neck so it’s super flattering especially on
more petite gals like me having that longer neck is very flattering it’s got
a cute crisscross detail in the back and it comes in these three colors that are
great look for layering so you got the basic black you got the cute blush and
you got the must-have white so the next item I want to show you guys
for fall are our pleated skirts so we recently just launched them in a ton of
different colors because they’re such a versatile skirt you can wear it to work
every day you can dress it up for date night or special occasion so we now
have it in these beautiful colors so I’m going to show you guys the four great
ones for fall so this is the burgundy burgundy as you can see is very popular
this fall and we have it in this yellow mustard that’s super cute our classic
grey and of course we had to have it in a lavender color for Morning Lavender
but these midi skirts are just so perfect
they’re super flowy and light the pleats are so cute it’s just a great feminine
piece that I think is a classic even though they’re trending right now I
think they’ll never go out of style and you can definitely layer it so many
different ways so the next piece is a little bit more on trend as I would say
the bomber jackets have been really popular even last season as well as this
season but this is our feminine Morning Lavender take on it it’s got a cute
floral rose print and it’s kind of like a cropped jacket so if it’s me really
well I’m gonna try it on for you guys but I just love you can wear it with
jeans you can put it over a dress but it’s just super cute and I feel like
it’s just a great way to still have a little style
even with jeans so this is one of just my favorite trendy pieces. Next I want to
show you guys my favorite part about fall which are cozy sweaters so all the
ones that we’ve curated are super soft like I wish we we had more stores so you
can go in and you can touch and feel how soft these are but that’s the one
comment we always get is how soft and cozy our sweaters are so we have them in
a variety of different colors and styles so this is kind of like a heather grey just really easy to wear I love this one
this one is kind of we call it like a poncho sweater
it’s got arm holes right here I’ll try this one on for you guys but this one is
just really easy to wear I feel like you can wear it with jeans over like a dress
to the office but look how cute it is you can add a belt if you want to make
it you know a little bit more fitted but it just has this really great drape to
it that I love so much and it has pockets and the the really cute cable
detail so I just love this one so much and as this one is one size fits all so
it works for petite gals like me as well and just so you guys know I received a
lot of comments about why don’t we offer more sizes why don’t we offer more
petite lengths and I’m just letting you guys know we’re working on it we’re
pretty new we’re only three years old so we’re looking to constantly expand our
sizes and the lines we carry so trust me we are working on it and we’re slowly
adding more for example these pleated skirts and all these tops now come in
extra small and extra large so we’re working to accommodate as many people as
we can so please be patient with us. This is also one of my favorite cozy sweaters
for fall it’s probably the softest sweater we have so you guys will love
this one it’s a little large on petite girls like me but for most people if
it’s really well trust me and then we have of course we had to have a burgundy
sweater since it’s so in for this fall I love this one with the crisscross back
detail and it’s super slouchy and it’s just a great knit to have so moving
along we also love layering with vests for this fall so this one right here is
a great knit one that we have in several different colors it’s our Priscilla
shawl we call it. It’s just a great layering piece
that will go over just about anything you can wear it over a dress with jeans if it’s
cold in the office you can wear it so it’s just kind of a great drape right
here I’ll show you guys you can add a belt if you want a more fitted look like
this we have it in several different colors including like a cream a camel a
pink and a light blue so it’s just a great layering piece and you can still
put another jacket over it which I love so much and one of our new favorite
pieces for fall is this faux suede drapey vest right here it’s kind of
belted for a more fitted look but you can also undo the belt and just tie it
in the back so the vest just kind of drapes by itself as well so I just love
this taupe color for fall and it’s just another great layering piece and finally
I want to show you guys some of the scars we curated I love plaid for fall
always so here we have some great colors and prints so this one comes in a
beautiful blush I love my blush but you also have to have it in the basic black
this goes with just about everything this has been a popular style that we’ve
had every fall and then we also have of course in a burgundy and navy print
plaid print right here and I just love layering scarves for fall it’s just so
easy to wear you can put it over a sweater dress with jeans under a coat
and you can be stylish and warm at the same time so I hope you guys enjoyed
this edition of buyer’s haul and try on! we’re excited to constantly add new
pieces to our collection for you guys leave a comment and let us know if
there’s other pieces you want us to add to this shop and so don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel thanks for watching! Bye!

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  1. Saw an ad last month and couldn't recall the name of your store, It took me two days of plowing through my history to find you! Love all the new pieces! More style videos like this please!

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