Does Paid Maternity Leave Work?

Does Paid Maternity Leave Work?

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  1. A lot of the comments seem to be geared to blaming women for having kids… May I remind people that it is not only women who have kids but men also should be involved in the attachment and parenting process in the case of heteronormative couples. And nonheteronormative couples should be thought of as well. Getting paid parental leave gives people a choice to have kids and keep their jobs, because how else are they going to support their children? One has a job and maybe has kids and then they can support their kids with the job they have. As far as taxes people who work and get parental leave also get taxes and people who do not have children still pay taxes to maintain school. So saying that those who have kids should pay for their own leave is the same as saying those who have children should pay for their own schools and then lets see if you want to get older in a society where people did not get access to the best possible education they could have (because it does affect you). Also it is not all on the government work places can have funds for parental leave (because many jobs shame men into not taking parental leave, which is horrible for both parents and children) also jobs could have child care centers for their employees which would make parents be close to their child, shorten leaves, and create some jobs all while keeping employees happy thus making them more productive.

  2. I am against maternity leave. Not because I am against women, but because I am against babies.
    Seriously humans, stop having so many babies, and guy, wear your fucking condoms.

    Especially seeing as how the wage gap still increases even with paid maternity leave, should be more of a reason women should just not have so many babies period

    Family medical lave act (FMLA) Fuck my life act, I now how a baby

  3. So that's part of the wage gap explained. Glad to see the comments are full of people arguing about stupid stuff instead of acknowledging that this video says something many people don'rt discuss.

  4. Getting pregnant is your own fault. 
    Children are a want and not a need so just set your priorities.

  5. I don't see anything wrong with not paying for somebody not being at work.

    That sort of the point of a job. You work they pay. 
    The company can pay for maternity leave, its up to them. It shouldn't be government mandated.

  6. "give women payed vacation because…. gender equality somehow!"

    Because treating women better than men, is called equality

  7. In Portugal, after 6 weeks of leave the mother can go back to work and the rest of the days that the mother had the right to can be used by the father.

  8. Increase Gender Equality? No. Perhaps Gender justice? Not equality though. It's a misnomer to call this equality, unless you want to grant paternity leave as well.

    (NOTE: This is not an argument against maternity leave, nor is it an argument for paternity leave or some bullshit menimist/feminist argument. It's simply an nitpick of the use of the word "equality."

    The genders are not equal, and we should not delude ourselves into thinking they are. We should acknowledge and embrace the differences, not hold them against each other.)

  9. Paid Maternity does the opposite of what it's supposed to do. Although the wage gap is not nearly as big as they say, I believe maternity leave is part to blame. By forcing an employer to pay women for 6-9 months while they don't do their job, it makes women, as a whole, a more risky and costly group of people to hire. If you plan to hire someone and it comes down to a man and a women, but you know that statically theres a good chance the woman will have a baby with in a couple years. That means 6-9 months of absence and thousands of dollars of un paid work… Well you're gonna hire the man, because simply, the risk of hiring him is much less and everything is a balance of risk and reward. The US has it right, give the woman time off and make sure her job is secure, but don't make her a financial drain on the business that hired her. After all, that business you took leave from needs to find a replacement, pay him/her and pick up the slack. So hey, lets not make hiring a woman more risky than it needs to be 🙂 Girl power!

  10. imo if paid maternity leave is required, paid fraternity leaves should also be required if not employees will be less willing to invest in female employees 🙂

  11. I have a question that might seem silly, why does fire form on the pan when i turn up the heat, isnt the pan supposed to be a barrier between fire and food

  12. "Why don't we (the US) have paid maternity leave?"  Well, that's simple.  Because the US government is already in debt and companies don't think they should have to pay for someone who isn't working.

    So, if you want paid maternity (and paternity) leave in the United States, you have to either convince corporations it's a good idea, find a way to cut spending elsewhere, or raise taxes.  Raising taxes, however, will just put more of a burden on the people you want to help by adding paid maternity leave.

  13. The "men's wages increase 6% per kid" is a fishy statistic.  Correlation vs. causation.  How many years between children?  How much of a wage increase did other men get at the same company with the same job and performance score during those same time periods?  Did these men change careers? Move to different companies? Did they try to negotiate a larger raise? Did their bosses give them a larger raise specifically because of a child's birth?

  14. I'm a bit naive so I hope you'll forgive for asking this,but shouldn't the possibility of paid maternity leave discourage employers from hiring women within a certain age group (i.e 27-32,is the range of when women are likely to have children).

    Wouldn't corporations and businesses hire just enough women that they aren't accused of being biased whilst cutting costs?

  15. Too many people have children and can't afford them, so with or with out maternity leave I don't think the business owner should foot the bill! I live in the UK where it is forced upon by law! Having a child is a choice and so is having a job, you pick what means more to you if you can't afford both, end off!

  16. we have paid maternity leave and paid paternity leave in australia. but it seems our govt is now trying to minimize it and make it harder for new families  if those go through then there will never be a child from me. 9 months  then get to have the kid and no time with it sorry nope

  17. Not a fan of these wage gap statistics. Compare the wages of a man that went on paternity leave to those of a woman that went on maternity leave if you want an actual fail comparison. Also consider that while the woman was taking time off the man was at his job working and gaining experience and practice. He has increased his value in that time while the woman simultaneously gets rusty and needs to catch up upon her return.

  18. Hmm, these videos that are merely standing in front of a green screen – are really difficult to follow. More visual diagrams to help explain would help make this more than a podcast.

  19. sounds like we could solve gender equality problems by just sterlizing every human being on the planet.

    Lets be real, do we really want to bring more people into this world? For what purpose? So they can be miserable too?

  20. From what I remember for my friends in China. They have 3 months paid leave. Another 15 days if the mother is older than 26 (? need check) and another 15 days if it is (or the mother promise?) the only child. The goal is to encourage people to have less kids and have them later. So, I think my friends had like 4 months paid leave.

  21. Holland's had paid maternity leave, but more importantly, paid paternity leave as well, so moms and dads both take time off to be with their newborn children, and dads can even take a paid day a week off work until their kids go to school taking the pressure off moms to downgrade to a parttime job or leave the workforce to be there for their kids.

  22. WTF..another reason to justify payment gap in later stages of the profession. These feminists always find new ways to defend women. The real reason is women are less efficient, less sharp, less intellectual and have lower physical capabilities. They never say this reason and tells children using 3% "women's funds" is the cause for the earning gap. Women use 80 % of men's funds for their shopping – they never say

  23. Maternity leave is great for women but bad for business. I completely understand not firing women who have children, but paying them is extreme. If you're a huge business you can handle it, but paid maternity leave can be a big blow to smaller companies. Assuming the business is doing okay, each employee is giving far more to the company than paying them. If they earn the company less money than they are paid, they are a liability. But anyway, paid maternity leave means that a company is losing ALOT of money's worth in productivity, and paying someone for free on top of that. In a grocery store it's whatever, but imagine a team of software engineers or chefs. Each trained employee is very valuable, and losing one is bad. One employee can be the difference between a great lobster and satisfied customers, or a flooded kitchen and dissatisfied customers from late food. People tend to underestimate the value of an employee.

    If a woman wants to have a child, they have to understand the sacrifices that go along with having a child. If they don't want to make the sacrifices to their wage and time, they don't need to be having any. It should not be a businesses job to pay for the decisions someone has made.

    Bring in the angry feminists.

  24. Why the fuck should i pay for something completely preventable. If she wants fucking kids do that on her own time not her jobs time and money. Complete bullshit women have it way to dam good and don't even know it.

  25. I live in Canada where the option of parental leave was 17 weeks maternity and 35 weeks parental(maternal or paternal). I asked my spouse for each one of our four children, "Do you wanna stay home?" to which he glanced at our colicky newborns and answered "Fuck no, Id rather go to work because its easier than this". Ive been with my employer for 14 years and gone through 4 maternity leaves and still make a higher wage than he does.

  26. Well pregnancy is a choice why should they get paid for it. They knew what comes from it, like someone going out doing something they know is dangerous and breaks their leg but expect to still be paid during the time the doctor says they have to take off to heal.

  27. You are wrong and spreading bullshit. And you forgot most European countries. And here man also get time off to enjoy and help with the new born. So take your brainstuff and shove it.

  28. I wouldn't pay someone if they're not working. If they want to take a break, whether it's for birth or vacation, they can save up their own money instead of taking mine.

  29. Are you willing to accept less salary to get paid maternity leave? I bet your not, save your own money, get a husband, stay at home. Go back to work when your ready. Nobody should be forced to pay for you when your not working.

  30. This video quotes a lot of statistics that are only questionably related. But it ignores all arguments of logic or reason. All in all, I still thought it was a good video.

  31. Not sure   what your complaint is   maybe I got lost  LOL  but here in California  I'm pretty sure we DO have Paid maternity leave.  Last time I checked   and when I was working   all of the women that worked with me all got 6 Months off for maternity leave… and I think they also got paid for it.  JKW

  32. so if men's pay goes up and women's goes down per kid. with addition of the child tax credits etc. does the household income decrease.

    family is a team effort. especially when a child is involved. gender shouldn't come into it. child = priority no. 1!

  33. If you want maternity leave I'm only paying your ass 65¢ on the dollar honey oh you don't want to pay for tampons and maxi pads how about I tack on and extra $10 dollars every two weeks to your health care. It's not about you my dear it's about my Bottom line.

  34. Why should you get paid for being a worthless waste of time and money who doesn't produce a single thing for the company for months on end? Your employer isn't the welfare department, it is NOT their responsibility to support you for NOT WORKING.

  35. Women lose 3% of their income each year they're away from work? Any other voluntary choice and you lose 100% of your income from being away from work.

  36. Private business has to compete for talent if they feel it is beneficial to the business they will offer competing levels of benefits, it should also be considered that those who choose to work and not have kids should not be getting paid the same as someone taking off work for extended periods of time.

  37. I thought after the first 30 seconds that the whole thing would be “we must have paid maternity leave because everyone else does” but while this is pretty one-sided, you actually did a decent job explaining what it is and why it’s a thing.

  38. a lot of these comments completely ignore the fact that theyd have the option of paid paternity leave as well, FMLA had to be revised because it originally only covered maternity but they had to change it due to sexual discrimination. Fathers should be able to take time off to help raise children too!

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