Welcome back guys! Today I’m going to be
showing you how to take a silhouette maternity photo by yourself, in the
comfort of your own home because there is nothing more daunting in the final
trimester than having to get all made up and pose in front of a stranger. Plus,
it’s free and you can take as long as you want. You’re gonna be taking your
photos in the third trimester. You want to get as big a bump as you can
without risking going into labor before you get your pictures. So, definitely no
earlier than 32 weeks, but 34 to 36 is your sweet spot. I personally did mine at
35 weeks + 1 day. Lazy takes on a whole new meaning in
that third trimester. I mean, I personally was planning to go up to my
favorite hiking spot: this was just so much better because I could just stay
home, do my own thing, not have to worry about taking everything with us, getting
ready there. You don’t really have to look that great. You don’t have to put
yourself together that well because it’s just a silhouette of yourself, of your
tummy. All you really need is a white sheet. I got this, I just got a twin
because it was the cheapest one. At Walmart, it’s the Mainstays brand; I think
it was $4. If you don’t have a full-length window like this slider I’ve
got here, you can do a regular window because the sun is high in the sky and
it will illuminate your legs, but ideally you want to have a full-length window
and have your blinds open, your curtains back, but because this black line is here,
I created a droop to kind of have a backdrop and distract your eyes from the
black line. You’re just gonna tie the corners up like this and you can twist
and work with it however you want. You can even use clips to kind of hold your
knots in place at the top. After you buy your sheet, it’s gonna have all those
creases in it, so make sure to wash it; preferably dry it
right before you use it, so all of the wrinkles are out, or you can iron it. This
is really wrinkled. The sun’s gonna constantly be moving, clouds are going to
be moving over the sun and on the brightest shots, you’re not
gonna really see that line there. Especially if you’re standing right
in front of it, just like this, or you can make it completely flat and use like
chip clips at the top, or even place a layer of duct tape across the
top layer, like halfway across it and then on the top of your curtain or even just
up against a wall if you don’t have a curtain rod right there: the duct tape
will hold it in place completely flat across, if you’d like to
have that look instead. I needed to have a lot of room because I was doing my
photo shoot with my daughter, but you can also just move it over to the side
completely to get rid of that line. Obviously you would have this up a
little bit higher like that, but I definitely preferred the little droopy
look in the back because it just gave it more depth to our silhouette. Now, I’m
filming on the Canon G7X (Mark ii) right now. I rationalized buying this instead of
doing a maternity photo shoot. With her, I didn’t have any kind of, real maternity
pictures and I wanted to do a professional one, but this time I figured
the cost of a maternity shoot, on top of I wanted to have my labor and delivery
photographed; ultimately, it was better to invest in this camera and have all of
those long-term pictures, those really great quality pictures of my son, versus
one or two photo shoots and luckily, I wound up not being alone during
my labor and delivery. My daughter’s grandma wound up offering to come in to
the labor room with me and she got some really incredible photos that I’m
considering posting on my labor and delivery video, that’ll be coming up in a
few weeks, but they’re pretty graphic. If you are on the fence about that, if
you’re thinking you just want to use your cell phone, you can totally use your
cell phone, absolutely. Get yourself like a little mini tripod or you can stack it
on some books, whatever you want to do. This is my shutter button that I used to
use before I got my camera; it’s called the Mooni, M O O N I.
I’ll link it below for you and because your profile is.. you’re going to
be standing on a side, whichever side you choose to do. This is how you’re gonna
look and you’re gonna want one arm to kind of be back like this, to create
a profile, a little bit more and then one arm is gonna be completely
straight. So, if you want to just go ahead and
use the shutter button you can, but if you decide to use the G7X, I’m gonna go
ahead and give you some tips that I wish I had done when I did this shoot because
I didn’t know anything about the camera when I did the shoot. First of all, it’s
gonna be shooting in dimensions 4:3 which means that it’s more of a
square, versus a long rectangle: a 16:9 like your phone. If I had
set it to 16:9, I would have been able to get our full profiles and
taken the picture from straight on, but because I had it set at the 4:3
dimensions that it just came with, I had my tripod super high and the
camera was angled down at us. So I didn’t get a real accurate profile. The pictures
came out fabulous, I love them, but when I do this again I’m absolutely going to
fix that and you want to have the camera about eye level with yourself. There’s a
face detection feature, where you can put your name in and take pictures of your
face from different sides, different facial expressions, so that it knows who
you are and whenever you’re filming yourself or taking pictures of yourself
that’s automatically gonna be like, okay, that’s the person I need to focus on.
Whereas, when I took the pictures with my daughter, I would have her stand here, I’d
go over to the camera, I’d click her face so it would focus on her and then run
over and then it would be like focused on her and our faces and our bodies were
out of blur in a lot of the pictures. So it required a lot more effort. Before you
take it, it’s a good idea to input your silhouette profile into that face
detection, so it knows your face, even though it can only really see
the silhouette. There’s a self-timer, if you’re not gonna be using your phone. I
mean, this is probably the easiest thing. If I had a good
quality phone, I probably would have just done the shutter button because you can
just click it, click it, click it, whenever you want and take all your pictures that
way. If you’re going to be using a camera, you can go to the custom
timer settings: I set mine to a 15 second delay and then it would take
7 pictures. As far as apparel, I just wore a black bandeau and then underwear.
That way the light was kind of like reflecting off of my stomach and I got a
nice real, REAL belly shot: like a skin shot. If you’re not comfortable showing
your whole body like that, you can just wear like black leggings and a black
tank top, something that’s tight. Black is the best, so that you’re really getting
that full silhouette and both of us had our hair up in a bun because it gives
that the full curvature of your body. If you’d like, you can wear a color and
it’ll give it a little extra dimension, but I think the black looked the best. I
personally didn’t edit any of my photos, but if you mess with the brightness,
shadows and contrast, you can really tweak how your body pops. So go ahead and
try this out and let me know how it works for you. Next week’s video is going
to be about how to prepare your body for labor: things that I consumed, the herbs
that I took, everything and I had an extremely fast labor, which I did do
something to induce naturally, which made me have a natural labor, but we will get
into that in the next couple weeks. So, go ahead and give this video a big
thumbs up and subscribe so you don’t miss that content and I’ll see you next

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