Day in the life of a Full Time YouTuber| Taglish

Day in the life of a Full Time YouTuber| Taglish

Hello guys good morning happy Sunday Everyone so today’s a Sunday And we are going to the feast it’s our sunday routine and after that we are going to eat at Song do won very Famous, or I don’t know if it’s famous, but it’s our favorite Korean restaurant, so let’s go Hi guys, we just got home I didn’t vlog that much because we got home so late for the mass and then We’re also very hungry, so we wanted to eat at the songdo won and also, it’s very dark there but it was the best korean restaurant we always take our guest there And now just gonna show you what happening throughout the day, so now I’m going to vlog I’m going to do a video for my mommy channel this channel And we are going to do a lot of unboxing So I have a lot of things that’s idle so we are gonna unbox those today, so I am gonna do another online shopping haul video so yeah guys, We are gonna film a video today but it’s too messy these are the things that I bought that I am gonna put in the video it’s a lot guys so it’s kinda messy so I am gonna start filming while the sun is still up so just we could finish early this is my filming set up, that’s where I put the camera it’s in front of the window so the lighting is good And then I will just be sitting there with all this stuff that I want to show in the video This is fun for me and also a little bit of like my hobby but I’m making it a career, so it’s kind of like work. So today is a Sunday and We don’t have any plans so I am just gonna film because we are just staying at home and also we refrain from doing a lot of Activities because I am already like Really really very pregnant, so look this is my pregnancy belt I’m gonna show this also in the video, so yeah let’s start the video so yeah guys, I am just taking a break from filiming I already finished one video but I still have Second video, and if you feel nothing today, so this is the damage of our haul video today so yeah, filming filming. hey guys so we just finished filming I filmed One two three I Filmed videos. which is what I usually do in one filming day so the make-up and set up You know and time are worth it. today we are gonna edit we are going to edit We are editing the video that we filmed today and it’s almost 5pm so I do this for fun I don’t mind doing it on a Sunday and also if it’s working day, I also do the same thing so I own time to edit Editing my video which I filmed earlier which is Pregnancy Haul and also Maternity Haul and newborn essentials haul, like that Thank you guys for watching, and I hope to see you guys on the next vlog. See you

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  1. I'am watching your videos since you were a flight attendant, and now you are going to become a mother, I can't tell you how happy I am, I feel like my own sister is pregnant, m very happy for you. Take care and stay blessed…

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