Danielle Brooks On What to Eat When You’re Pregnant | A Little Bit Pregnant | Netflix Family

Danielle Brooks On What to Eat When You’re Pregnant | A Little Bit Pregnant | Netflix Family

– I’m Danielle Brooks, and this
is “A Little Bit Pregnant.” Each episode, I’m talking to the experts, to moms and dads about
pregnancy, parenthood, and everything in between. To Eat Or Not To Eat? That is the question. My favorite part about
being pregnant is basically I eat what I want to eat. But it can get confusing. Can you have tea? Can you have coffee? Can you have deli meat? Can you have cheese? Ugh, too much to think about. So for this episode, I’m
bringing in some experts and some moms to talk about what to eat while you’re pregnant. Let’s go. Warning, warning, this
is not medical advice. Talk to your doctor or your
healthcare provider, please. So I’m here with a a
real doctor, Dr. Emily, who is gonna school us on
the real versus the fake, the myths versus the truths. So I’ve got some questions for you. Oh, you’ve got your cards. – I’ve got my cards.
– All right, I’m ready. – Are you ready?
– I’m ready. – Can I eat sushi? – Yeah. – (gasping) Really?
– Yeah. The worry with sushi is salmonella, but it’s the same worry
that you would have if you were having sushi
when you’re not pregnant. Don’t eat any gas station sushi, but
sushi from a nice restaurant, yeah, you can have some.
– I can indulge a little bit. – You can indulge a little bit. All right, I know where
I’m going after this. Can I eat deli meat? – Many deli meats, yeah. So the big concern with
deli meat is listeria. First of all, it’s very rare, and it also doesn’t show
up that often in deli meat. If you’re really craving some deli ham– – My mind is blown right now. ‘Cause I’ve said no for like seven months to so many foods.
– You’ve got a few weeks left. – I know.
– To eat your sushi and deli meats. – If I indulge in some fast
food every now and then, I’ll be okay?
– It’s fine. Yes! Oh my! Can I drink coffee? – Definitely.
– Okay. – [Emily] You’ve been
drinking some coffee? – I don’t like coffee. Can you drink wine? – My read of the evidence is
that having a small amount of alcohol in moderation
has not been shown to have any negative effect. Not three glasses at a time. If you want to have a glass – with some food…
– There’ll be no drunk mama out here, okay.
– Yeah. – Does your heartburn mean your baby will have a lot of hair? – No, heartburn means you’re eating stuff that gives you heartburn. You having some heartburn there? – I’ve had a a lot of heartburn. No, I don’t believe the doctor. (laughing) I don’t believe the doctor! – You think your baby’s
coming out with a lot of hair? – Yes. – He could come out with a lot of hair. – I believe it.
– It’s not ’cause of the heartburn. – Uh-huh. I have a PhD too. (laughing) No! Can spicy food induce labor? – Nope, sorry. – My friend thinks that her
labor got started by spicy food. But I think it’s because
she got induced, duh. (Danielle laughing)
– Yeah, I agree. Pitocin, that will start your labor, but even if you didn’t
have any spicy food. – So I went to the doctor,
and the doctor said, you know, “You’ve been doing well with your fluids. “You’ve been getting two liters in. “The baby is great,
but you’re dehydrated.” I was like, “Er?” Tell me about that. – You know, your body is
really focused on this, and the baby is coming first. And so that means that
it’s taking the nutrients, it’s taking the fluid, and
you’ve got to make sure that you’re doing more for you,
because she’s coming first. Your body is focused, very focused there. – Can I have some water, please? Thank you! – I think that will be enough. That seems good.
– Yes, it’s my lifesize human mother baby bottle,
I’ve been calling it. I have a new name for it every time. (upbeat dance music) So I’m here with a good friend of mine and–
(baby babbling) – My baby.
(both laughing) – Her baby in the back. This is my friend Crashonda. She’s a yoga instructor
and also a mother of one. And your baby is now… – Nine months. – Nine months, so precious. Thank you. Now when it came to eating and food, were there any weird
cravings that you had, or anything that you had your
husband just go run and get in the middle of the night? – So that had to be fast food. – I’ve been doing the same thing! I was really into this Popeyes sandwich. – No, did you have it?
– Yes! – Twice!
– I went twice and they were sold out.
– ‘Til they ran out? – No! – So what was the first meal
that you had after delivery? – So that was a part of my birth plan. – [Danielle] Nice. – The last question was, “What do you want once you have the baby?” – So put it in your birth plan. – Put it in your birth plan.
– What you want. – And you should be able
to have whatever you want. – Okay. – So I wanted something so simple. It was a smoothie. I put everything in there. I had kale, spinach, chocolate chips.
– Oh you had a good one. – I had almond milk, peanut butter. – Nice. – Whatever I wanted,
I just checked it off. And when I went into the room post-baby, my shake was waiting there, yeah. – So did you feel the
pressure to eat healthy while you were pregnant? – Yes. – Okay. – I felt pressure because you see all different types of bodies. And for some reason I was
gravitating towards bodies where it’s a perfect round belly. – Talk about it. – And then your body is shaped. So then I felt like in
order for me to get that, I’m gonna have to eat a salad
and maybe put chicken on it. (both laughing) – But like, where was the balance? – Yes, the balance was, I
threw that out the window. – Okay. – Both before, even pre-pregnancy, I don’t look like everybody else. – That’s right. – Right, and postpartum, I’m not gonna look like everybody else. So why should my pregnancy be about that? And I was miserable. I think you being happy and pregnant– – Is important.
– Yeah, it’s more important than calories or eating bad.
– Yes, being miserable. – Yes! (upbeat dance music) – I’m so excited for this guest! I have Liz, who’s the editor
in chief of “Woman’s Health,” and she is gonna school us and make sure that we have our PhDs in motherhood, okay? – ‘Cause she’s also had three children with two different births, because two of them–
– I have twins, yes, yes. – She has twins! I look like I’m having twins, but I’m not.
– No! – So anyway, (laughing) – I’ve always, always been
interested in health and wellness and fitness and nutrition. What’s interesting is once
I found out I was pregnant, I was almost even more aware of it, because all of a sudden you’re like, “It’s not just me that this is affecting. “There are two little mini-mes inside me “that are also getting these nutrients.” – Look, I want to eat what I want to eat. I like to eat what I want to
eat, especially when pregnant. But if you’re not eating
healthy, you don’t feel good. You know? – You’re exactly right. All of those nutrients
are incredibly important during pregnancy, for you
and for your growing baby inside of you. But I’m with you on the part
about it’s fun being pregnant, because I think I got a little looser too. – Good! – I love milkshakes. I couldn’t even count the
number of milkshakes I had when I was pregnant.
– What’s your favorite milkshake, though? Chocolate. but in moderation, as in life. All things in balance. – All things in balance. So many times with media,
we’re taught like you snatch back right away. Did you find yourself having the pressures of getting back in shape? – I’ve personally felt those pressure, partially because of
who I am in my career. When I had my son George, I was the fitness director
at “Self” magazine. So I’m out in the world
in spandex, you know, representing the brand in that way. And I did feel pressure
that I needed to snap back and get my body back. I definitely came back
too quickly in some ways. Having gone through that experience, what I counsel women on is
please be kind to yourself. Slow down. Know your body just did
this amazing, epic thing. Your body is more beautiful
than it ever has been, and show it kindness. Just give it support. – You look great.
– Yes! – It’s gonna be amazing. – Okay, if you tell me it’s gonna be good. Mothers helping mothers is the best. (upbeat dance music) So I’m excited to have
dietician and nutritionist Vanessa here!
– Hi. – She is gonna school
us on what we can eat. – You can eat everything. – Really? – Well, in reason. – Can we talk about snacks. – Yes. – What you got? – We need snacks. ‘Cause you can have an extra 300 calories in your third trimester, so– – Did y’all hear that? – But it doesn’t mean– – Whoa, whoa, wait. Say the numbers? – You can have an extra 300 calories. – Did you say five? – Three, three.
– Okay. (laughing) – What kinds of things are you craving? ♪ Sugar ♪ ♪ Give me some sugar ♪ How much sugar can I have? – That is the professional
question for everyone. – I did pass my sugar test.
– Yes. – Women, you have to take a
sugar test, and I passed mine. – Good, perfect. – I was happy about that. – So you’re in your good place? – I’m in a good place. – Cool, cool. – I’ve been into the cheeses, dairy, my baby just wants dairy. “Give me dairy, Mama!”
– Got it. So let’s try to get them to work for you. – Yes.
– Right, so more nutrient density,
so that you feel more full and less guilt. Ricotta. So also high in protein, low in sugar. A way for you to sweeten it
up is to add the cinnamon. You can also add a little
honey if you choose. – Mm! – This is a really easy
way to get all the things that you like, have that sweet
feel, and not feel deprived. – Yes. – So I know you like pineapple, so we have pineapple in here. I added some almonds. And then plain yogurt. – Might need a little
of the chocolate chips. – It’s delicious. There’s fat in the chocolate
chips, so already approved. – I get really confused when
it comes to soft cheeses, hard cheeses, what cheeses you can’t have. – Right, as long as you know
that it says on the label, “This is pasteurized,” to have it. – Good.
– Feel free. Enjoy your cheese. – Cheese it is! – It’s back! (upbeat dance music) – Let me tell you something. If you eat a pregnant woman’s food, you are required to have
the baby for her, okay? So Vanessa, if you could leave
us with one tip and trick for new moms, what would it be? – Eat what makes you fel good. – I think I would say try to enjoy it and relax a little bit about
a lot of the little stuff that can really get in your head and you can get really worried about, that everything is gonna be fine, and you’re gonna be a good mom. – I appreciate that. – I would say love your glow. – Love your glow. – Love your glow. – Care for it. (laughing) Come to the school of Danielle.

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