Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 42 – Full Episode – 10th September, 2019

Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 42 – Full Episode – 10th September, 2019

We want Ajay and the guy
that met Saloni in the hotel. Chauhan, take Suraj
and Shekhar. I am sure that they are
hiding a lot. Saloni called them both
in the end. they could have a hand
in the crime. Get the truth out. I will go and meet
Jagriti Shukla. We must track Saloni
at once. Get her out. ‘Ruin.
Part 2’ He is Ajay. There is another guy. Seen meeting Saloni in Shimla
on 21st June. In the Hotel Day view Valley. Ma’am, it is possible
they are not from Delhi. As you said that
Saloni was in Chandigarh from around 2013-2016. You must check in Delhi. Ask Paramjit and Sukhi
to take a look in Chandigarh. Ask them what Saloni did
and who she was with in those three years. I need every detail. Sir, I wanted to ask. Saloni Chaudhary seems
a bit weird, right? Govind, no matter what,
you must find these. Her husband Randeep
is missing as well. Something was going on
between the man and his wife. They both had a plan and one succeeded.
We must find out. Yes, sir. Mr. Randeep booked
my car for four days but they never went
anywhere in Shimla. Even you will not leave. Tell me, what was
the matter? What had Randeep planned? Why do you drag me
in this? Randeep was a cop. So are you. And you must know this.
How would I know? You may go now. I will call you
when I need you. Sure, sir. What did Randeep tell you
apart from going to Shimla? Did he tell you
anything else? Sir, all I know is that
there were problems between Randeep
and his wife. They went to Shimla
to mend their bond. That is all I know. Sir, what are trying
to know from me? Something that your husband
Shekhar is not telling us. Listen to me.
Come to Rangoli Vihar station. Do not tell your husband. Would that be fine? Yes, Suraj. I have asked you before
and I ask now. Why had Saloni filed
a rape case against you? I have told you
and I say this again. I do not know
what happened to Saloni back in Chandigarh. Something that disturbed her. She never told us
why she went there. But you were like
her father and she never told you? I ask myself the same. But you know that
your sister does act without reason. None of us understand
what she does sometimes. Param, this is Ajay,
she is Saloni. We do not know
this third guy. The case is old and we need details
from 2013-2016. Sir, the case is old. Anything from
phone records? They are after
the network companies. But we have a good tip
for this case. So do not take up
any work for few weeks. I will chase after Saloni and you must get these two. You do not know that
she saw a psychiatrist? What? How does this come in? The cops told me that
she went to Dr. Jagriti Shukla that is a psychiatrist
around June 2016. Who is Ajay?
What is going on? Even I do not understand
what is going on? Why did she marry Randeep? Even we do not know. We proceeded with the marriage
after she agreed. No, sir. No clue about Randeep Chaudhary Saloni came
for about seven sessions. She never spoke
of Randeep. But she spoke of Ajay. Yes, repeatedly. That Ajay has ruined
her life. That Ajay wants
to kill her. That Ajay killed Anju. Anju? Who is she? I am not sure, sir. But whenever we spoke of Anju,
Saloni cried a lot. Saloni, I can give you pills
and suggestions. But I cannot help you
till you tell me who Ajay is. What happened to Anju? Is she with your family? Where is she? My dear! My dear! My dear! My dear! My dear! My dear! My dear! My dear! Saloni, tell me. Do Ajay and Anju exist? You do not trust me! Saloni, tell me the truth! My dear! My dear! My dear! My dear! My dear! My dear! She looks just like you.
Do you not think? What is the matter? Are you not happy? She is like me and you. Look at her Ajay. Do you not believe that
Ajay and Anju exist? Tell me, is this
not the truth? Do not hurt yourself
even more. The truth can end
your pain. Face the truth. He wants to kill me. And even you wish
to kill him! Yes, I do. He ruined my life. He left me ruined. He killed my daughter. And you do not trust me? Am I lying? I won’t talk to you. That was the last day
when I spoke to Saloni. I never saw her after that. Sir, I can help the person
who wants to help himself. I didn’t want to break
the promise that I had made to Saloni. That is why
I never contacted her family. So, Doctor, Ajay and Anju
never existed. I cannot be sure. But I thought she has formed
these two characters in her mind. Ajay and Anju. Doctor, do you think
Saloni’s mental condition was the same
from many years? To be honest,
even I could not find out the reason behind this. There might have been
some problem. Somebody might have
hurt her or there must have been
some disturbance. Sir, finding Ajay in Randeep
and him getting murdered I won’t be able to help you
in this matter. It can be true or false. Thank you, Doctor. Saloni has uploaded these
in the past two days. But her phone is not active
in Kolkata now. Where is it then? Devendra, I had asked you
for her pinpoint location. What can I do about this,
Neha? Her locations
keep changing. She is running away
from one place to the other. She is playing a game
with us. I’m sure
that she must have gone to some other place by now. What is the plan now? You will checkout tomorrow. You will come directly
to the market. I will meet you there. And we will proceed
from there. The investigation team
could not understand the game that was
being played by Saloni. They could not find out where her husband
Randeep Chaudhary was and what had happened to him. But there would be
many shocking revelations with respect to
Saloni Chaudhary’s story. My husband, Shekhar,
has lied. He has hidden the truth. We have an idea
about this, Ms. Juhi. That is why
I have called you here. You tell me.
What is the truth? The truth is Shekhar is not like
a father to Saloni. They are having an affair. It was clear that something was cooking
between the two of them which was more than
a professional relationship. A woman can look
at the smoke from a distance and tell how dangerous
the fire is. What happened, Juhi? What happened? What secret
do you have to discuss? What is that girl’s name?
– Girl? Which girl? The one you have been taking
to different hotels from the past two weeks. Hotel Disha,
Hotel Sapna. There are more hotels. Are you spying on me? What is her name? S-Saloni. Do you like her a lot? Give me divorce. Let’s go to court. Isha will stay with me
after divorce. You handle your life. I won’t spare you, Shekhar. I won’t spare you. Tell me when I have
to come to court. J-Juhi, I’m sorry.
I made a mistake. I will never leave
Isha and you. Your words will not make
any difference to me. I’m sorry. I got carried away. I made a mistake. Rectify this mistake
immediately. End all your ties with that girl
tomorrow itself. Otherwise, I’ll end
my relationship with you. I’ll make your life miserable. Understand this clearly. Are you listening? Yes, I’m listening. I thought Shekhar
has left Saloni. I thought I could be
wrong too. Shekhar never mentioned
this to us. Sir, if you were in place
of Shekhar would you tell about
your deeds to anybody? Ms. Juhi,
I’m not the suspect. Something was cooking
between my husband and Saloni. An affair with Mr. Shekhar? No, this cannot be true, sir. Shekhar Saxena wife
told us about it. Suraj, this is strange. You are Saloni’s
brother, right? Neither you nor your mom knew
what Saloni was doing and what she is doing. We got this case
as Saloni’s missing case. But it has taken
a different turn now. There is no clue
about Saloni and Randeep is also missing. Sir, I really don’t know. Mr. Shekhar was like our father. We considered him
our family member. But I really don’t know
what you are talking about. Now, even I have
started wondering whether Mr. Shekhar
has done something. Did he misguide Saloni? You are telling us
incomplete stories. Are you playing
a game with us? Are you playing
a game with us? Tell me. It’s true. We had an affair. But this was in the past, sir. I helped her father. She was grateful for that. She used to come to meet me
regularly to thank me. We got attracted
towards each other. That was in the past, sir. Trust me, sir.
That is an old story. You are telling me now
that it was in the past and you were telling me
so far that there was
no such thing. Tell me where Saloni is. How did she kill Randeep? And this.. Who is this man? How would I know
who he is, sir? I told you that Saloni
and I separated in 2012. She knew everything.
She knew about my family my daughter
and how I prioritised them. She knew everything. I made a mistake. I couldn’t understand that she wouldn’t take my
decision calmly. She was angry. She was upset. What! What did you say? Are you leaving me?
– Saloni, I had told you to end our relationship.
Now, even my wife knows. Will you leave me, Shekhar? Why don’t you leave her? That is my family!
I have a wife and a daughter. I never said
that I would leave them. No, Shekhar..
You had said that it would be difficult
for you to decide. But you never said that when it comes
to choosing between us you would leave me. But you knew that we
would have to end it, right? How can it end, Shekhar? You have used
my body and emotions. Don’t they have any value?
– Even you.. Even you have
used my emotions. Look, Saloni, listen to me. I helped your father and family. But what you are thinking now
is not possible. You have a life
and I have a family. No, Shekhar.. – Saloni..
– What about my feelings? How shall I handle
my emotions? Tell me. My emotions
are connected to you, Shekhar and no one else.
You.. Don’t say that you would
leave me ever again. Leave your wife.
Shekhar, we will live together. Please, Shekhar.. Both of us were troubled
with this decision, sir. Finally, she understood me
and we separated. Then her father died, sir. Later, she went to Chandigarh. I knew this.
We were in touch. She had called me. When I asked her
what she was doing in Chandigarh she told me
that she was searching for life. Then she came
back from Chandigarh. She was more disturbed
than earlier. As soon as she came
back she lodged a police complaint against me. The story
is still incomplete, Shekhar. The complete story
is that she had married Randeep. I thought that she
was happy with her married life. I never tried
to meet her again. I didn’t even know that she
was visiting a psychiatrist. I have never
heard Ajay’s name. I never knew what was
happening in Saloni’s life. Then I came to know
that Randeep used to beat her. She used to cry. But I knew the consequences
of crossing the limits, sir. So, I didn’t want
to make that mistake again. So like a good friend,
I thought it would be better to talk to her
over the phone. I truly don’t know
where Saloni is. I don’t know
where she is. If Saloni has killed Randeep,
she might have killed him to exact her revenge.
That Ajay.. Whoever he is she might have killed Randeep
to exact her revenge upon Ajay. Sir.. She used
to visit a psychiatrist. It means
that she was troubled. Whatever is
happening, it shows that she is still
mentally disturbed, sir. Where is Saloni, Shekhar? Sir, I don’t know. I don’t know, sir.
I am telling you the truth. I don’t know. Yes, Sukhi, tell me.
There is a big problem here. What happened?
Did you find Ajay Kumar? Not Ajay,
but I found a small hospital. I found a record there. In it,
the details of February 2014 are mentioned.
It speaks about a girl child. She was born on
12th February 2014 at 4:30 p.m. Saloni gave birth to her. Oh, my child..
My dear baby.. My child..
My darling.. My daughter.. So, it wasn’t imaginary. Saloni did
give birth to a child. Yes, sir. We found
the details from the hospital. The doctor’s name
is Sudha Lamba. She has a small maternity home
in Sector 9 A. Did Saloni give birth
to a child? She never told me about it. I don’t know
what Saloni has done. I don’t know anything. Who is Ajay? It was on 12th February 2014.
Here are the delivery details. Is this Ajay?
– Actually, I don’t know. Saloni’s husband
never came here. When I asked her
about her husband she had
told me the same name, Ajay. She was happy,
but Ajay never came here. Never?
Not even after the delivery? No. You can go
to Saloni’s house. Her address is mentioned
in the report. Yes. ‘Sector 17 C,
Suchalpur, Chandigarh’. Pooja, what have
you found out? Tell me truthfully. Has
something happened to Randeep? To tell you the truth,
no one knows anything. Everyone is hoping
that Randeep is safe. Even the Delhi Police
is looking for Saloni. Saloni’s family never told us
that she was mentally ill. We just came to know
that she had a husband named Ajay.
She even had a daughter. She didn’t tell us anything. We thought
everything was normal. My daughter has studied BA.
She worked for a few years. Now, she is looking
after the house. That’s great, ma’am. I want such a wife for my son
who can take care of the house. Please have it, ma’am.
– Yes. When we
went to meet Saloni Randeep had
spoken a lot to her. Between the time he met Saloni
and the wedding.. In these two months,
Randeep wouldn’t have realised that Saloni had such a past.
– Ma’am, don’t worry. We will find Randeep
and Saloni as well. You made a mistake
after thinking through it. You did it deliberately!
– Yes, I did it! What will you do?
Will you kill me? You have done
the same your whole life. You have turned
my life unbearable. Is that why
you went to Saloni again? You did this drama
so that you could live together and have a family. After marrying you,
I crossed the limits only once. I realised my mistake
and returned to you. But you never forgave me. It would have been better
if I had left with Saloni. At least, this would
not have happened to her. I regret my decision
of staying with you. Go and tell the police
that I killed Randeep so that I could
live with Saloni. Go! I don’t need
to say anything to them. They will find out the truth. They will reach you
and Saloni as well. Yes, sir.
Saloni used to live here. Did she live here for three
years from 2013 to 2016? You are right, sir.
When Saloni gave birth we used to be her neighbours.
We gave her this house on rent. In 2018, we sold
that house and shifted here. This man’s name
is Ajay Kumar. Was he Saloni’s husband?
– Her husband’s name was Ajay but we don’t know
if he is that man. What do you mean?
– His name was Ajay but we never saw him.
Poor Saloni.. She gave birth to the child
and brought it up by herself. What’s Saloni’s daughter’s name? She named her daughter Anju. The truth is that
he wants to kill me. He killed my daughter. Where’s Anju right now?
– Anju has passed away. Passed away? How? It happened in March 2016. Anju got very ill. Poor Saloni rushed her
from one hospital to the other. We were with her. We got her admitted
in a hospital. Her condition got even worse. Anju, wake up.. Anju! Wake up! What happened to her?
Why won’t you do anything! The poor girl couldn’t
fight the disease. We buried her. Saloni left Chandigarh
after that. We never spoke
to her after she left. She might’ve changed
her phone number. We haven’t heard anything
about her ever since. Have you never seen Ajay
Kumar in those three years? He must’ve come
here at some point. I heard his voice
a couple of times. Saloni even told
me that he’d come. But I could only hear those
two fighting all night long. She was very upset. At first, it was her husband. But then after
her daughter’s death. Do you have Saloni’s
phone number she used at that time?
– I have to look for it. It’s been three years after all. I’ll send it
to you if I find it. Neha, who exactly is Saloni? Her life’s been
complex and tough. And then there’s
the other aspect of her life. She stayed for a day in Shimla,
met someone there and planned everything. She went to Mumbai
first and then Kolkata. God knows which
city she’s in now. Neha, do you think Saloni planned all this? Saloni’s brother, Suraj,
could be behind all this? I suspect Suraj too. Who’s this Ajay Kumar now? Dr. Jagriti Shukla said that
Saloni was hallucinating. But Anju existed. So Ajay Kumar should exist too. We have to somehow
find this guy. Neha, Saloni’s
location is Bhopal. Devendra, pinpoint her
location as soon as possible. We’ll arrest her from Bhopal. I will do it. There’s a shocking fact. What is it? Wait for a while. My
team is working on this. It’s about Saloni. We’ve found out what
the case might be about. Jagdish, it could be difficult
but not impossible. The phone number is 444982510. The phone number must’ve
belonged to Saloni in 2013. I want details
about it urgently. The CDR of 2013 will be found but it’ll take time. But I’m sure we’ll get them. Pressurise the phone company. It’s the only way
to get to Ajay Kumar. I’m sure that the person
who met Saloni in the hotel is connected to Ajay Kumar. The cyber team has found
something shocking. Saloni’s location? – No, sir.
Saloni’s photographs which she uploaded
on FreindSquare from Mumbai and Kolkata. What did they find from that? You’re lying, aren’t you? It’s the truth, Pooja.
It’s me, Randeep. What’s going on, Randeep?
Where are you? It doesn’t matter
what my location is. Even you know that I can’t
tell you where I am. Randeep, things have
gotten out of hand here. Everyone here thinks you’re
dead and that Saloni killed you. She’d already done that. Just don’t tell anyone
about it, Pooja. Not even my mother. Come here and tell
everyone the truth. No, I’ll get caught if I return. No, you’ll not. Look, Saloni is on the run. We’re tracking her location. And no one will know
her location now. Why? Why is that? Trust me, Pooja. I called you up
because I wanted to talk to you. I’m hanging up. Hello.. Randeep.. Look at this, sir,
the photographs from Mumbai. These were captured in Kolkata. So what?
What wrong with them? We used a software and found out
that all these photographs have been edited. Look at this. This is Mumbai’s
background photograph. Saloni’s photograph
has been superimposed on it. This is a Kolkata’s
background photograph. Saloni’s photographs have been
superimposed on it as well. Like this. So Saloni didn’t go
to Mumbai or Kolkata. Yes. Saloni was
never at these locations. But her mobile phone
was in these places. All these photographs
were edited and uploaded from Saloni’s mobile
phone because her social media accounts
must be logged in in the mobile phone. All this have been planned. It’s also possible that
everything was carried out but someone other than Saloni. And that person must’ve
used her mobile phone and photographs. Yes, that’s possible. But who else can that be
if that’s not Saloni who is travelling from one city
to another and is escaping? Maybe Saloni sent someone else. What’s the plan now? All the photos were uploaded
from different places after editing. Looks like the modus operandi
was already prepared. What do you think
after observing this plan? Is Saloni the mastermind
behind this entire plan? Or anyone else? By looking at this plan,
I feel that someone knows
what, when and how to do and how to distract everyone. That means Randeep is alive
and all this is done by him. Sir, Saloni stayed in the hotel
for one more day. Someone went there to meet her,
we have the evidence. But did Saloni express her fear
that Randeep may kill her? Where have you brought me? Where are we? Did Randeep plan
this entire conspiracy so that it looks like Saloni
is playing twisted games after killing Randeep? Or was there a third angle
in this case? Ajay Kumar, about whom the cops
had no information.. Was Ajay an important lead
in solving this case? Pooja, I already had a doubt that you’re involved
with Randeep and.. – No, sir. I am not involved
with Mr. Randeep. I am just one of his friends.
A good friend with whom he used to share
all his stuff. Sir, if I was involved
with Mr. Randeep then I wouldn’t tell you
that Mr. Randeep called me and told that he’s alive.
– Consider this as a warning. If I find out
that you’re involved in this then it won’t be good for you. I got the pin point location,
Neha. It’s near the main market
near Bhopal Station. Coordinates.
Coordinates, Devendra. Yes, note it down
and I’ll send a message too. 164 dot 79..
– 164 point 79.. Point 1230.
Do one thing. Send me the snapshot
of her pin point location. Okay? Randeep is alive. He talked to an ASI
of our police station. Then it’s clear. He killed Saloni and he
is playing this game now. ASI Pooja told that Randeep
didn’t do anything like that he just got scared. In fact, Saloni wanted to do
something like that. Sir, we’ve fetched Saloni’s
call records in Chandigarh from 2013 to 2016. She was talking to a number
continuously. Maybe we can find something
about Ajay Kumar from this. Sir, I am leaving for Bhopal
along with a team. We’ve found Saloni’s
pin point location. Maybe we can find the man
who has Saloni’s phone. Go quickly, Neha. This time, that guy shouldn’t
escape from Bhopal. Move. It wasn’t at all going to be
easy to trace Randeep because he had already
escaped from the place where he called ASI Pooja from. There was a hope that the police
can find out about the crime and the plan
from the person whom the police was searching
in Bhopal now. Will the police be able to catch
the person before it’s late? They were about to get lucky
in finding out about Ajay Kumar whose name was involved
in the investigation many times. But did Ajay Kumar have
the answers of these questions? What kind of conspiracy was this
and what the crime actually was? Devendra, I called up
Saloni on her number. It’s ringing.
– Yes, I am tracking. Just give me a moment, I’ll tell
you the exact location. Okay. Yes..
I found it.. It’s the third building
on your right side. According to the satellite map,
it’s a lodge. Saloni’s phone is definitely
ringing in a room in this lodge. Okay, Devendra.
– All the best, Neha. Yes? Who are you people? You tell me first.
Who are you? Sir, this is Ajay Kumar. A-110, Kartik Colony,
Vishakha Nagar, Delhi. This address came out
to be fake, sir. There’s no one over there
who knows Ajay or who saw his face. We got this address
after so much of difficulties. But we’ve found the woman
in Bhopal who was roaming around
with Saloni’s phone till now. Does that mean
that she’s not Saloni? No. – Sir, Saloni
made a wonderful plan. I don’t know whether she
is alive or not but one thing is for sure. Mr. Randeep may be
involved in this. Dhawan, we’re solving this case
from past one month. Are you 100 percent sure?
– I am 100 percent sure, sir. We couldn’t identify, because we
had nothing to identify. We found her corpse on 23rd June
in the morning. We have the photo. According to the post mortem
report, her body had way too much of alcohol
than the normal limit. That’s why we thought
that it’s an accidental case. We performed the funeral
of the corpse. And this case must have been
registered in your file as an unidentified
accidental case. Yes, sir.
I am sending you the photos. Sir, last but not the least.. We’d preserved the victim’s
viscera and DNA. The day Saloni checked out
from the hotel the same day she died. She was wearing
the same dress in the hotel which showed up
in the CCTV grab. Inform Suraj about this. Who can do this? Definitely, Sandeep
is behind this, Mother. Is your name Leela? Y-Yes, sir. We’d to be tough
with her as she was a hard
nut to crack. Leela, our patience
is wearing thin. Better tell us, for whom
you were doing this.. For Sub Inspector
Randeep Chaudhary? No, sir. I was doing this on
the behest of my boyfriend. He gave me the phone
and told me to roam about
in different places. He used to bear the expenses. Sometimes, he used
to accompany me. Who is your boyfriend? What is his name? His name is Mukesh, sir. How did Mukesh get hold
of Saloni’s mobile? What is the connection
between the two? Sir, I don’t know. He only gave me
some photographs of that girl and told me to upload
those photos after reach Mumbai
and Kolkata. Are you your boyfriend’s puppet? As he was my boyfriend I didn’t question him. Where will he get Mukesh? In Narela. – What does
he do for a living? He’s some sort of an agent.
– Agent? He’s a loan recovery agent. Loan recovery agent? Yes, sir. Give me Mukesh’s
Narela address. Suraj, good that you
didn’t let him know. Don’t say anything.
– What happened, sir? Did he do all this?
– We suspect him. But don’t tell him anything. Haul up Mukesh
and Shekhar. They gave us a tough time.
– Sir! – Sir! Easy! Your girlfriend Leela
is in our custody. Ask her. – Sir! But..
I.. Shekhar, your game’s over. Both your pawns.. Leela Yadav and Mukesh Mishra
are in our custody. What’s your plan now? Has your husband gone?
– Yes. Tomorrow, you’ll check out. Where is Shekhar? – He’s waiting
for you in Dehradun. Are you going to Shimla? Does Randeep wants
to solve everything? – Yes. And this time,
I’ll settle everything with him. But I’ll not let you go,
Shekhar. You used me a lot. – And I’ve
paid a good money for that. Let’s see.
Come to Shimla. I’ll be there. I’ll be waiting for you. I’ll not come. – Don’t you want
me to withdraw the rape case? One mistake of mine
made my life miserable. But I’ve had enough. Saloni had chalked out
the entire plan. She told me to call up
her brother. She was doing this
to save herself. So, you made
the plan for Dehradun. We saw your call records. Your location didn’t show
that of Dehradun. That’s because I didn’t
take my phone along with me. I reached Dehradun
on 22nd June. Where did you meet Saloni? In a hotel? I didn’t check-in
in any hotel. It was Mukesh
who had brought her to me. I’d hired Mukesh for this job. He’s a recovery agent
for a branch in one of my bank. Hi. I thought you sent Mukesh
to kill me. Come in. Sit. Aren’t you afraid, Saloni? You’ve a settled life
with Randeep. Still, you’re blackmailing me. Stop playing with fire. Why didn’t you check-in
in a hotel, Shekhar? Saloni, I can’t ruin
my life anymore. That’s because I’ve to
put up to whatever is left. Even being close,
Juhi isn’t with me. You’re used me, Saloni. Even you’ve used me, Shekhar. You killed my daughter..
– I killed nobody! I didn’t kill anyone. Instead, you blackmailed me. Saloni’s daughter Anju? Did you know about her? Did you also know Ajay? The flat in Ghaziabad
and Rs. 10 lakh. After that, we will follow
our own path. What I went through.. All this is nothing
compared to that. I don’t know what I will do
with the flat and Rs. 10 lakh. But I know
that you will suffer, Shekhar. And I will find peace
seeing you in trouble. You troubled me a lot. I will be happy
if you are in trouble. Saloni’s daughter Anju? Cheers! Did you know about her? I made her drink so much
that she fell unconscious. Where have you brought me? Where is her phone? Can you arrange for a lady
who can keep Saloni alive? The situation was unbearable. And you thought
that you would be able to keep Saloni alive like this
after killing her. I knew that Randeep would be
accused of the crime. I was fed up
of her blackmailing. My wife made
my life miserable after she found out. I used to get humiliated
every day in my own house. Saloni wanted to extort money
from me. She ruined my entire life. How did Ajay Kumar get involved
in this? Who is he? Ajay Kumar doesn’t
exist in reality. He was an old customer
of my bank. He is no more.
I used his name and photo. What else do you want?
I have given you everything. I can’t meet you anymore. I am pregnant, Shekhar. You are lying.
This can’t be my baby. I can’t undergo an abortion now. Three months have
already passed. Check my reports. You can deny.
But DNA report can’t be denied. You have done
this intentionally. You are right. How could you
leave me for that woman? It hurts me. Now, my to be born baby
is your happily too. You have been trapped. Saloni, please.. Please don’t do this. Don’t do this. I.. I am begging you
with folded hands. Please..
Please, Saloni. I created Ajay because I couldn’t survive
as Saloni’s husband. Hence, I convinced Saloni
to use the name of Ajay in the place of my name.
I didn’t want that baby. Saloni was adamant. See, Ajay.
She looks like you, right? What happened?
Are you not happy? See, she looks like me.
And she looks like you too. I wanted her to go away
from me. But she was not ready
to leave me. Saloni always blackmailed me. Sometimes, over the baby. Sometimes, over her death. Sometimes, by filing
a rape case. We made a mistake.
We could have rectified that. But she didn’t agree.
She ruined my life. She used to change her colour
like a chameleon. Sometimes, she used
to behave normally. And sometimes, she wanted
to take revenge. Randeep was a nice person. She could have spent
her life with him happily if she wanted.
But no.. How much did you offer Mukesh?
– Rs. 5 lakh. Was Suraj involved in this? Was he aware of your plan? No. He filed a missing complaint
for no reason. What do you think? Would you have succeeded
in your plan if he didn’t raise this issue? Randeep! Randeep. Where were you? Why did you escape, Randeep? Sir, I was fed up
of my marriage. But I never did anything
wrong to Saloni. In fact, I wanted
to mend our relationship. Hence, I took her to Shimla. Why didn’t you divorce her
if you had so many problems? She would have filed a case
of domestic violence against me. God knows what all ideas
used to strike her mind. I am so sorry, sir.
I shouldn’t have escaped. But I felt
as if I got stuck in quicksand. She was very unpredictable. Many lives got affected
because of this. And some of them
got effected long back. Saloni’s family learned
many things about her after the revelation. Mukesh Mishra and Shekhar Saxena were charged
with Saloni’s murder. When someone has
many things to hide. When someone gets
trapped in something and that makes him
hide many things he makes his own world
gradually surrounded by lies. Who should be held responsible
for this illicit affair? Saloni or Shekhar? It’s not easy to come
to an conclusion. Nor is it easy
to pass the verdict. I am not saying
that every relationship that is unethical
in the eye of the society meets the same fate. But most of them meet
the same fate. Many lives and families
get ruined in order to hide
such relationships. It’s difficult to predict
the fate of any relationship if it is controlled
by emotions. In such cases,
it’s better to stay alert. Because hurting someone’s
emotion can be proved fatal. Don’t get into such a situation where you need to hide things. I, Anup Soni,
will take your leave now. Tomorrow, we will meet
again at 11 p.m. with a new case.
And remember one thing. You are safe
as long as you are alert. Stay alert and be safe. ‘Jai Hind’.

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