Cricut Easy Press 2 Unboxing and first project/ DIY Maternity Shirt

Cricut Easy Press 2 Unboxing and first project/ DIY Maternity Shirt

hey Dreamers welcome back to Dream Free Art it’s Tina here again and today we’re going to do an unboxing so for Christmas
my husband purchased for me an easy press the easy press – from Cricut and
it’s the Martha Stewart Edition so I’m really excited to unbox this and to use
this for you if you can’t tell but I’ve got quite the baby bump I’m eight months
pregnant and I haven’t made myself I’m gonna try to be shirt yet so I’m wearing
this shirt because I’m getting ready to design it and I’m going to use my Cricut
easy press for the very first time alright so excited to finally unbox my
easy press – as you can see I already have the Cricut Maker and it’s in a very
similar color this is the rose gold and it’s in a very similar color to the
Martha Stewart special edition bundle so hopefully they match but if not I’m
perfectly okay with that alright I am ready to get started
unboxing let’s see well first let me bring it a little closer so that you can
see it says it’s the Cricut easy press to iron on success in 60 seconds or less
it’s the Martha Stewart Edition it says that it’s brand new it gets hotter and
it heats faster I read a lot of reviews online about the first easy press which
was kind of my hesitation about purchasing it at first was that there
were some issues as far as the heating goes so I’m really excited to see that
they’re showing that it already that it’s gonna get hotter and it’s gonna
heat faster and I got the 9 by 9 because the newer easy presses come in different
sizes and it’s a special edition bundle what makes it a special edition bundle
besides its Martha Stewart and besides the color is some of these features and
what comes in the box so as you can see there are a few features that are
special just for the easy press including the fact that it’s lightweight
portable and easy to store which is very important in my life
and it’s easy to learn simple to use plus what comes in this box is I’m
supposed to get my Easy Press to the nine by nine Martha Stewart Edition I’m
supposed to also get the easy press mat which is a twelve by twelve the iron one
iron-on design six sheets of pattern iron-on martha stewart from the picnic
collection a safety base the welcome book and some materials for the practice
project alright now it’s time for the grand opening
so i got ready to open this for you and then i noticed that on the back of the
box it says the speed of a heat press the convenience of an iron i wanted this
easy press for the simple fact of i got really really really tired of my iron on
projects taking for ever because i first i was just using my household iron which
i don’t even know how long i’ve had it but i’ve had it for a while and it was
heating unevenly it was also causing like certain projects like I did a few
tote bags and it might have burned them in certain projects especially the
lighter colors so I’m really excited that this is going to be really fast
without having to have a big heat press and it’s also going to be as convenient
as using my household iron so now I’m ready to finally open it again let me
make sure I open up with I’ll add some angelic angel singing as I finally unbox
this I’ve had this sitting here since Christmas pretty much and I’ve been
waiting to tape my unboxing so I could do this with you guys
Cricut really does think of everything because as soon as it opened and I know
I’m kind of wack but this got me hyped it says let’s do this and I am so ready
to do this alright it is sealed with the Cricut logo if I can open it there we go
and registration information and the welcome book inside it also has a Quick
Start Guide and oh the cricut logo oh and it’s super glittery okay
come through Cricut and the safety instructions that was inside my little
envelope that said let’s do this and now let’s move some of the packaging and get
to the good stuff there we go let’s see what we’ve got
here I’m just gonna move the box to the side for us to see there’s a big box
here more packaging ones on the inside I’m gonna set that box to the side we’re
gonna see what’s inside this box oh the mat that’s important here we go
so here’s my mat says the side down which is good to know and it’s shiny I
don’t know if you can see that but it’s got a nice little shimmer to it okay
what else was in this box ah here we go here’s the pattern to iron-on sheets and
it looks like some instructions for how to use the iron-on sheets oh here’s the iron-on designs
those are pretty flowers and I think this is in this box so I’m gonna go
ahead and set this one to the side as well I can see the plug nice and wrapped
up and secure and I love the fact that it put they put the easy press in this
amazing drawstring bag that is going to be a keeper does anyone else as excited about this
as I am no just me is it a crafter thing I’m
gonna set the drawstring back to the side so I’m just gonna take a lucky
guess here and say that I should probably use my easy press to press my
Cricut design onto this bag without looking at any instructions that’s just
my educated guess and if not that’s definitely what I will be doing and my
easy press is finally free it’s in all of these is in plastic but the color is
not too far off so I’m good with it mm-hmm all right there’s a warning label
on it this is the underside so you can see all right some more packaging and
here’s the safety base alright so I’m going to go ahead and read the
QuickStart guide and also the full guide and then I’m also going to cut open I’m
not cut open I’m going to cut on my Cricut maker and I’m going to design the
words that I want on my blank shirt and I’ll meet you back here in a minute
finished reading over my QuickStart guide and I read the full instructions
in detail and just in case you were wondering yes the practice project was
to get the iron-on onto the drawstring bag so here’s that picture in case you
were wondering that’s what it’ll look like when it’s finished
allegedly because I’m probably gonna do more designing to that but at least this
was the practice material so instead I’m going to do the shirt that I was wearing
so I can make myself a maternity shirt this is a 100% cotton shirt so I do have
to look up what the settings are because none of the instructions in that came
with the EZ press will tell me what to set it on so I’m going to look up the
instructions and what temperature we need to go ahead and iron it
to a 100% cotton shirt I’m back I had to look it up I have to admit that it was
pretty cool though one time to hit go to the website and you can put in whatever
information that you have and it’ll tell you what you need to set it and even
give you the instructions on how to go all right so I’m going to go ahead and
get started finally we are going to preheat the easy press so I’m gonna go
ahead and power it on it said that orange means that it’s warming up and
when it turns green then it’s ready so first you have to push the temperature
button and then tell it to go up or down to the temperature you want the desired
temperature will be 315 degrees Fahrenheit for this particular project
so I’m gonna go ahead and let it heat up it’s also gonna take about 30 seconds so
I’m gonna leave the timer as it is alright so now that my easy press is
warm I’ve got my shirt ready to go I’m going to take my EZ Pass and just
quickly go over the surface really quickly for about five seconds that’s
what the instructions said to do they said it’s a very important step and not
to skip it alright go ahead and take my label my iron on and I’m going to press
it to the surface get it centered really quick press it to the surface and now
I’m ready to iron on all right I’ve got it all lined up it is ready to go so I’m
going to lift my easy press I’m gonna do it with one hand because it’s actually
not that heavy which is really good so I’m going to lift it and I’m going to
press and start the timer yeah yeah set apply gentle pressure so
I’m going to push down gently all right all done all right I can see
that the X wasn’t under the hot plate the hot surface of the EZ Pass so I’m
actually going to just slide it over a little bit smooth that around it and
then I’m going to lift and press just in the section for the X okay gonna lift it put it back on the
base looks good all right now I’m going to add the rest of my details so bear
with me you so since I’m using a different type of
iron-on material at this point I’m using the glitter for the feet I have to
adjust the temperature of the I of the easy press so I’m going to push the
temperature button again go up to 3:30 for the glitter and then warm it up so
it went from green to orange because now it has to warm so now we went alright it
is now at 3:30 so I’m going to go ahead and lift and press apply gentle pressure well done so I’m going to lift put it
back on the base the part that says Netflix the words Netflix and Baby Cakes
has cooled down a little bit so I’m going to go ahead and peel the plastic
off and hope for the best so far so good I’m gonna see any lifting anywhere which
is amazing much better than what my iron did the baby kick great and now let’s do
the little feet feet are still a little warm though perfect the instruction said to go ahead
and to flip your material and to use the easy press for about 15 seconds this way
it ensures that your design will stick throughout many washes so I’m going to
go ahead and adjust the time to 15 seconds and I’m going to just place the
easy press on the back and go hoping for the best all right it didn’t burn my shirt which
was what I was really worried about now I’m gonna turn my easy press off flip my
fabulous new maternity shirt over and I’m going to enjoy
voila all right dreamers I’m back and as you can see I am now wearing my newly
designed maternity shirt I love it it worked so fast the project took me about
five minutes in total to make start to finish
well not including making the lettering but the actual easy press it took me
about five minutes in all of this and I probably as I was using the easy press I
started to realize that since I have a bigger design and I’m not using my
household iron anymore so I’ll try to keep that in mind to use the full 9 by 9
surface area yes I’m ironing on my designs alright thank you so much for
watching Dreamers let me know what you think about the easy press too so far my
vote is I give it two thumbs up I like it a lot
so you leave me a comment below let me know what you think let me know if
you’re interested in seeing me do more crafting unboxings don’t forget to Like
and subscribe make sure that you check us out on all of the social media thank
you so much for watching until next time Dreamers and baby bump bye

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  1. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Thank you for sharing this product. I've wondered about how it worked, but never heard much from anyone who actually had it. Very cute shirt!

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