Creepettes: Check Yourself Season 6 Episode 3 | Love & Hip Hop | VH1

Creepettes: Check Yourself Season 6 Episode 3 | Love & Hip Hop | VH1

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“Love and Hip-hop.” Check yourself. Season six. You’ll be watching us… Watch the show… For the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural and honest reactions. We’re watching it with you. The scene you’re about to see
is me in the studio with Self ’bout to meet the
infamous Cardi B. You better come to
my party this week. Who gonna be there? Richard’s hosting. Rich Dollaz? Yes. Here we go with this
Rich Dollaz thing. Is there something funny going
on with you and Rich, kid? That’s the smashy face. Stop worrying about who
I’m giving my vagina to, Self. He was dogging that ass out. I knew it was
something was fishy about Rich when you
just mentioned Rich hosting, like,
Rich hosting, huh? Hey! Ah! I forgot to tell you
I invited Cardi to come meet me. God damn, God damn,
look at them titties. Are we about to leave to
the strip club after this. I don’t know if you know Cardi.
She’s doing music too. Oh, yeah? Mm-hm. Oh, hey. She in the
beginning stages. I didn’t see you at
Gwinin Fest the other day. I heard a lot about it.
What happened over there? (Self)
Oh, you… (laughs) Oops. I didn’t know
I was putting you on blast. Self is just
like everybody else. They just think that I’m just
gonna be this stripper that is never gonna
make it nowhere. But, you know what, it’s cool
’cause I’m the underdog. I gotta check out something
in the other studio real quick. Right, but before I go, I have a birthday
party coming up this week. I would love for you to come. You know, I missed
that Gwinin Fest, but I sure ain’t
gonna miss your party. Cardi is busy.
I thought you’d be busy. (Mariahlynn)
I can’t wait to see
you there, boo. You’re booked. No.
I’m gonna be there. Yo! What the (bleep)
is you doing, Mariah? Don’t be convincing me to go to
the God damn party. I want to go to
the God damn party. Maybe I perform in that party. Since I didn’t perform
in the Gwinin Fest. So, you could help this
little snow bunny out, but you can’t help me out that I’ve been dealing
with you for two years, my (bleep). Show me something, Cardi.
Show me some music. All you ever show me
is these pole tricks and that wonderful
mouth of yours. You expect me to go sleep
with you, be all happy with you and everything, but you’re
not helping me out into evolving myself
into something– You just said to me, if you don’t
help me out I’m ain’t messin’
with you no more. You think that
you’re that popping that I just want to mess with
you for no God damn reason? No! I gotta gets what I want. I’m only here for Mariah as
a favor for a friend of mine. Oh, but I ain’t
your friend?! You don’t want nobody to be in
your gwinin circle. You just want to be
the only one gwinin. Mm-mm-mm. The next scene
you’re about to see is your boy DJ Self getting jammed up
at Mariahlynn’s birthday party. (indistinct chatter) Oh, my God. If I could throw
myself in a bowl with a spoon. I’d eat me some of that
vanilla ice cream. Now, my girl Yorma
is in the building. She’s looking real
ta-da-da-da-da dow. Hey, gawd! Uh-oh, (bleep)
what’s popping, gawd? How you doin’? How are you? This is my girlfriend. This isrealinteresting. So, what’s new though besides
this beautiful girl, right here. Ms. Mariah, watch your mouth. Think before speaking. Oh, she not new,
she’s been around. So, she’s definitely his new. Like, you just bought her,
like, on your way here. What up, man?
How you feelin’, man? Yo, Self-ish. (Self)
I don’t know if you
know my girlfriend, Yorma. How are you? Rich.
Pleasure. I’ve known this dude,
probably since 2002. He never introduced me
to any girlfriend. Props, though. This is my guy, Mariah. I had a little talk
with her in the studio. Mr. Connection, like,
how you even over here? Oh, my God. Who, shorty? I been knowing
shorty for years now. This is my partner. Mariah, didn’t you get the memo? My man Richard
is creep squad. Maybe Mariah want
to be a creepette and be down
with the creepette squad. Hm. What up, Mariahlynn? You could bring it
down a little bit. We could
leave it right there. Really?
Really? Mm-hm. Why you letting him touch
you like that, Mariah? Oh. Lord. I’m trying to,
you know, just… What? Be a little close to you,
that’s all. I think shorty
wants the (bleep). I think we should just
seize the moment. Seize the moment? Yeah. At your
birthday party. Carpe diem. ♪♪ Look at them titties
sitting real pretty. Cardi B’s walking in. Trouble.
Trouble. Hey, girl, hey! Party. Is here for the party. So beautiful. I told you
I was gonna come. Those titties
is on fleek. Oh you know what I’m saying,
they’ll stay up there. Damn, Mariahlynn
loves my titties, I finna recommend
her ass to my doctor. Hey! Look at this brolic ass
football player. Bitch is big as hell.
I’m tak– I’m tired of Self. I’m tired of his ass. What’s poppin’? (Yorma)
What’s popping? (Self)
How you doin’? No, no, no,
it’s not what’s popping, it’s what’s poppin’, bitch. What’s up with this chick? What’s up with who? With you. What you mean,
what’s up with me? What do you mean,
what’s up with you? Why you comin’ up
to him like that? Because I’m saying
what’s popping. What the (bleep). Oh, shoot. Oh… Watch your fingers. And what?
And what? Who the (bleep)
is you talking too? I’m his girl.
I’m talking to you. Oh, look at this chick,
thinking she’s Self girlfriend. Yeah, the 10th girlfriend
in a month. I’m the bitch that
he was (bleep) out. He was (bleep)? Yeah. Yo, hold on.
What, what, what? She just say,
you doin’ what? Self, (bleep) are you
out here just… arbitrarily (bleep). (Self)
Chill. Chill?
Chill what? Yeah, be chill. So, you eat her (bleep). See, Self, if you
would have told me that you was messing
with another chick I would have let you live. But since you
want to lie to me, Now we all gonna be mad. Now, I used to
(bleep) with him. Okay. Yeah, I used to
(bleep) with him. And I’m still
(bleep) with him. Yo, chill.
Yo, what the (bleep)?! Here we go! “Love and Hip-Hop”, baby.

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  1. Dj self: all you been showing me is the wonderful mouth of yours
    Nicki Minaj: I ain’t never have to give a rap producer head


  3. Everybody always says NOBODY believed in her … Not true! Mariah and Bianca ALWAYS showed her love and held her TF down … They knew her songs in every scene like they definitely believed in her .. sad they aren't friends anymore or they didn't get to the top with her

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