Cozy Bump Popped! | Back Pain During Pregnancy

Cozy Bump Popped! | Back Pain During Pregnancy

hey thanks to new to our channel again
today we’re gonna be talking about our product cozy bump and some of the new
features that are on it such as the breast section here the face section
so you can lay face down breathing holes you can breathe when you’re laying face
down during pregnancy in different positions to put your neck for comfort as well as if you stay
through to the end right here you’ll be able to see what’s gonna happen if it
pops and another added thing as well is somewhere throughout the video I’m not
gonna tell you where we can give you a special discount code for things like
cozy bump and some of our other products as well have fun it still has some of
the old benefits from the old model like such as the feet on the leg section the
the two different separate air chambers chambers one beam in the belly hole area
the other one in the body the quick Boston valve release which
allows you to quickly inflate and deflate the cozy bump as well but some
of the exciting new features that a lot of you expecting mothers were asking for
is we now have a cut-out section for the breast so you’re not gonna have to worry
about that being pressed on and uncomfortable during the pregnancy as well as we
have a face hole this is is good if you’re going to get a massage or if
you’re tired of your head being twisted to one direction you can then twist your
head forward and then we added a breathing hole as well here we’re gonna
have her lie down now on it how many wants eight months
it’s just she’s eight months pregnant she’s having a boy when I show her
currently use it the swaddle is what we provide with every coach about purchase
you’re gonna be pleased that over the Kosovo quake such the reason why you’re
doing that is because during pregnancy a lot of the pregnancy pains are coming from gravity
so if you’re gonna be lying here gravity’s again getting sucking on the
center of your stomach which can lower back if you don’t have something
to cradle yourself so I’m going to put the swaddle on here do a light press
in there just a little bit more comfort in when you
lie on the cozy bump make sure the bump isn’t be right at your hip section you
ease your stomach into the hole to make sure you finger comfort now if
that bomb is a little too hard which sometimes it might be you might have
inflated it too much you can simply just return your leg you can simply as you
can reach in and you can she can reach in and touch this bout right here and
let out some of the air which will start to relieve some of the pressure as well
is just a live face now look like okay so if you’re going to get a massage
you’re typically not to lay on your side it’s gonna be rather uncomfortable
because you’re not going to for relaxation of your back and now with the cozy bump you’ll be able to lie face down the billets target the
back of your head your neck and all of your upper neck muscles you can put your
head back okay but so many mothers don’t want his life face down during pregnancy so what you do
is you have to adjust yourself and the best way to adjust yourself is bringing
let’s see if you’re heading to go to the right like hers bringing that left
shoulder forward and then having your head goes far over the edge as you can
so your next time you twist it up like this but we’ll be twisting just over all right great do you feel like you’re
pregnant all right in just a second I’m going to show something else as well a
lot of pregnant mothers have been asking the question what happens if the cozy bump pop if
it pops it’s a great question but the cozy bump is designed to if you were to
pop this back up features there’s two air chambers there’s Center bump was
what we showed him with adjustable knobs that and now if the main body loop of
the bed popped the center bump would be inflated he wouldn’t have to worry about
it if the bump pops the body of the bed is inflated you would have to worry
about it in just a second I’m gonna show you what it’s going to look like if it
were popping okay so we talked about I was going to show the future if the
cozy bump were to pop I talked about the two additional features one being that
that air bump it starts airing so if the main body were to pop the center bump
would keep you up and if the center of the cozy bump were to pop the body has it just enough air in it to keep you up as well but now I want to talk about what
happens if it were to pop itself if someone were to come by or a cat or
someone a sharp object might poke it right I’m going to show you right now
as you can see the cozy bump is not blowing up she has just enough time you can get her to
get up take your time completely safe hey thanks for watching our video if
you’re interested in learning more tips and tricks on how to help with back pain
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  2. Got this for my wife cause she was having trouble sleeping and back pain..started sleeping better and the back pain went away! She loves the massage ball that came with it! Definitely a must have! My wife said she wishes it was around for her first 2 kids!

  3. I always assumed this was some sort of pregnancy raft…. lol i guess its like a full blown air mattress for pregnancy ! pretty cool, the reviews seem pretty positive on this so im gonna give this a try!! my wife has had horrible back pain during this last pregnancy. has anyone else watching this ever tried the cozy bump out??

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