Chrissy Teigen is Unsure on How to Pose in Photos with Kanye West

Hey, Chrissy! Hello! A long time. I know, I know. Did you have fun
at the birthday? Did I have fun? It was like the
Oscars, the Grammys, the Emmys all in
one gorgeous tent. It was incredible. I’ve never seen
this kind of group. You have an incredible
group of friends. I know, it’s really
a mix, right? Yeah and Portia did
that video for you. And it was so
gorgeous, and I cried. I’m like, I’m pregnant OK? It was really sweet. And you and John posted
some great pictures. We had a photo booth there. And you and Kim, and Kanye. It’s so hard to pose with them. I don’t know what to do. Because then I get
too mean face and then John is just happy to be alive. I know and Kanye is
thrilled, look at him. He’s thrilled. Every picture Kanye took was
like that all night long. But yeah, y’all look gorgeous. Thank you. That’s beautiful. Thanks, I thought it
was a good present to just take pictures for you. It is. That’s a nice
present, I liked it. So how was it being,
because when you got there and you’re like, you know I
can’t drink, I’m pregnant. But y’all stayed
for a while right? We did, because it kept getting
better, and better, and better. It was amazing
when we walked in. You have introduced me
to the impossible burger. Which I don’t know if you
guys have heard of this, it’s a thing at Crossroads. I think it’s vegan, and
I’m pretty not vegan, and it was amazing. That’s why it’s called
the impossible burger. There’s a restaurant
here in Los Angeles, one of my favorite restaurants,
called Crossroads and they have this thing
called the Impossible Burger. And it tastes exactly
like a hamburger. Because that’s the one
thing I miss being vegan. Except maybe more flavorful. It actually has all these grains
in it, and it was just so good. So yeah, I was
eating up a storm. Hanging with my friend Oprah. Yeah. Just relaxing, but I was sober. Sober parties are– How was it to be sober? Because there were a lot
of people drinking lots. I know. Lots. There were some
that you could tell might have been drinking
before they got there, and then it just got,
oh it was so good. I mean, a Margarita,
there is nothing like it, so to not be able to indulge
in that with, say Jennifer Lawrence, is heartbreaking. And Reese Witherspoon
was walking out with a tray of tequila shots
and making everybody drink. I know, it was so good. Like you had absinthe. I mean, it was a
tough one for me. Well, so when are you due? I’m having a baby
boy in the spring. I’ll tell you it’s June. All right, all right June. June. All right, and do you
have a name for him? No, because it’s just boy
names are really tough. And I don’t even
think he’ll have a middle name because we can’t
even think of a first name. How did Luna come up? Luna, well there was a
blood moon happening. It was like a very
beautiful night, really big vivid red
moon, and just gorgeous. And I have this love for space. I think about space camp
all the time and my days at space camp as a youngster. And so I just thought
Luna was perfect. And she’s kind of
the perfect Luna. But boy names we’re gone. What about Lunar for him? Lunar, I like it. Very Pete and Pete,
remember that show? What? No I don’t What
about Urban Legend? Urban Legend. I do like that. I do like that. I’ve been toying with
Dick Legend a lot. Can we say that? No, yes you can say it, you
can say it, just don’t name him that. OK yeah. Richard Legend. Yeah. Yeah and then everyone’s
like, why don’t you do the JJ thing,
the John Junior. But John and his
ego, he was like, I don’t want him to feel like
he has to live up to that. And I was like,
wow you are a jerk. Wow. What a jerk. Like, oh sorry. Heaven forbid he do what you do. So incredible. That’s amazing, it’s
an ego right there. I know. All right, so you
are amazing to me, that y’all are
the cutest couple. You seem like you have
a great relationship. He won the Oscar for
the music for Selma, and you have not seen the movie. No. So how do you not support
something he won an Oscar for? Listen, I just feel
like when I see a movie, I like to remove
myself from reality and my movie tastes lean
much more towards Bride Wars and Girls Trip. And you know, the
rom com of sorts and it was a little
heavy for me. Yeah. I don’t know. But important. I heard the song. Yes, so good. So you won’t see it? You have to be in the mood
for that sort of thing. And I just haven’t
really been in the mood. I see, I see. He hasn’t read my cookbook. I mean, he hasn’t
watched Lip Sync Battle. Really? He does actually. Yes, of course he does. Of course he does. I know. Here’s something I learned
this morning that you were on Deal or No Deal. I was, I was. Did you know Megan
when she was on there? You know, I tell
John all the time, I’m like that could be me. I could be Princess
Harry, or no, what is it? No, that’s not how it works. [LAUGHTER] It’s the baby. It’s the baby. These darn babies. He is taking all of the
blood from your brain. All right, all right. Just every day. We’re going to take a break
and we’ll just edit that out. OK perfect. Like the Rhianna
thing you edited out. What? When I opened her
mail and then people tried to send me to jail. Did they? Yes that’s right, you
live in Rhianna’s house and you were getting her
mail, and you were opening it. I had people like
tweeting at FBI, at Chrissy Teigen.
I’m like first of all, the FBI isn’t at FBI. [LAUGHTER] Maybe they’re pregnant
too, we don’t know. Yeah, they’re losing
the blood also.

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