Child Care In The UK Versus In Sweden

Here are two mothers and
their babies. They have a lot in common, but they have had very different
experiences of maternity. I think that the English model
really does hurt equality. I think that it’s
a hugely inequitable model. In Sweden, parents are given
68 weeks of leave per child, paid at a rate of 80% of your salary, or
with a capped limit of £588 a week. I think the Swedish model is good
because it’s quite equal. It doesn’t matter if you’re
the father or the mother. The cost of nurseries also greatly
differs from the UK to Sweden. Compared to Sweden, the cost for
parents is almost 10 times as high. I suspect that our costs are going
to be around £2,000 a month, and that’s probably
at the very least. I think there’s something
drastically wrong with a system where
a professional woman, like me, is struggling to meet the cost of
everyday childcare. Thanks to a state subsidy, the bill for childcare in Sweden
is greatly reduced. Low-income families pay nothing
while more prosperous families pay a max of £119 a month. I’m astonished that that’s how
little it costs and, to me, that sounds like the government of
Sweden have a lot of respect for families,
a lot of respect for working people. ..It’s important to remember that
everything comes at a cost, and the Swedes pay more in tax. But what do you think?

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