Cardi B’s Nail Artist Did Our Nails

Cardi B’s Nail Artist Did Our Nails

I think you might have just created a monster we are on our way to the Bronx to get our nails done by cardi B’s nail artist Jenny from the Bronx how excited are you I’m so excited I’m because so excited like nails right now and party and cardi are close to car yes also got one degree what degree there are fans and then there are like friends right and that’s what we are and you know that’s at this [Music] they’ll be fine we made it right here at Ginnie’s spa and we are about to get our [Music] hi I’m Jenny boy everybody call me queen of bling that’s all I do is bling everybody know me cuz I’m carabineer Aras I’ve been doing hair email for almost six years that salty lie is a lot of bling we’re gonna do some bling mail today [Music] I’m so excited and under the new law I’ve had nails maybe three times in my whole life I’ve never had the Jenny experience your time you’re never gonna forget about me ah why do you like bling like just you just like sparkly I don’t know I just like playing I like everything blame my shoe bling my shirt bling everything has to be billing our bling everything okay right now I cannot put extension this is next-level it’s like a sticker it’s a sticker I feel so fancy shaking why are you shaking Wow what you not gonna do is don’t you want do oh these are just the stickers and I’m already etched y’all not gonna like me cuz a Jinni people always call my nail Roger but you no way no it’s art and people say like oh that’s ratchet or this good but then they’ll put it on the runway at Fashion Week and all of a sudden it’s like not ratcheting ghetto anymore and I’m just like no you know this is art oh it’s already dry I would just like everyone to know that I’m about to be extremely conceited let me poke you come here oh this oh wait I got a polka this is we’re gonna shuffle around you do it on your skin no you should fit it’s very sharp yeah it’s very show do it okay oh how do most people come to you for like bling some people come without the bling it’s like going to Krispy Kreme and not getting a doughnut yo look I’m gonna have a time we’re doing my hair I need an assistant to the bathroom [Music] it’s literally see-through do the metallic unicorn TS Jenny integrated so why do you make it up as you go or do you already knowing your head what you’re gonna do I get it like I have a design in mind I don’t have design on mine but every time I I do the nail I know how to set up everything know everything come up perfect this is gorgeous oh my god Wow Wow I look I feel like a Disney Princess but but better this one just first step that y’all copy was finished she’s so fast quick you have so much control so right now jenny is putting even more bling on my nails because there is no such thing as too much bling right Jenny right I’ve just been informed that when cardi comes she sits in this chair so on I’m processing that yeah like I do feel honestly up there is a part of me that wants to release a mixtape tonight this is like artwork it is I’m so excited to see this process gorgeous I love it oh my gosh we’re done [Music] and hit it pop pop work it Queens serving you looks feel very glamorous and like a diva took your appointment with Jenny I will be because I’m struggling right now did you happen I have a lot of fun I love you [Applause] [Music]

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