BTS Portraits w/ the eVOLV 200 (Godox AD200) in Bright Texas Sun – Sony A7RII + MC-11 + Sigma Art 85

Hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and in today’s shoe I’m doing yet another shoot with my new flashpoint
evolve 200 in my last video I showed you guys what they evolve can do during
Golden Hour and a little bit after goal of an hour so now I wanted to show you
guys what it can do in full text simply I have to mention the fact that it’s
Texan fun because it’s really really strong for this shoot I used my Sony a7r
to MC 11 and Sigma r85 combo just because I really like that combo as for
the lighting I’m gonna be using my evolve 200 of course but this time I’m
gonna be using it with my 30 inch cool pair pop just because it’s very quick
and setup and in 3 mobile and I started rolling was kind enough to let me use
this monopod thing set up I’m going to be using 2 whatever it is in the
description below so what’s evolve the pair pop and that
monopod thing we were able to have a very mobile set up and we were able to
take a lot of different shots the vol 200 honestly is a game changer and I
think that’s probably the first time I use that term just because it honestly
is a first of its kind if you guys are interested in seeing a video comparing
the evolve to the explore let me know and I’ll definitely go ahead and make
that for you guys to do me a favor first and like this video it’ll let me know
you know how interested you guys really are hope you guys enjoy the photos in
the video and don’t forget to not only like but comment and subscribe to see
more you you

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