Brianna Finds Closure | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

Brianna Finds Closure | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

♪ Why are we waiting? ♪ ♪ You’ll be all I need ♪ – [Brianna] Jayden was still mad that I gave him an ultimatum about his ex and all of a sudden he decided
to end things between us. – Hey. – Hi. Jayden and I broke up and
he’s going back to Texas. I’m sad. I’m angry. I don’t really know exactly how I feel. So Jayden’s leaving. – Yeah. – Yeah. – I think it’s, I mean it’s for the best. I think you saw some sides of him and I think you saw some
things that you don’t want and – Yeah, he just should’ve handled it in a more mature way. – Yeah, absolutely. – But he didn’t.
– It was, yeah. Well, he’s kind of shown
– He should have talked to – a lot of signs of immaturity
– me before he – since he’s been here,
which you have seen. I get that your heart is broken from this and I know that you give your
all to people that you love. It hurts me and it’s sad to see when that’s not reciprocated. – Yeah, I know. But sometimes even I still,
like it’s just so annoying. – Well I get that its – Like instead of being
here and being supportive you guys think that your
opinion matters so much. When it doesn’t, like right
now I could use someone to sit here and tell me
that it’s going to be okay. Not someone to sit here
and be like he’s childish and immature and blah blah blah blah blah – [Jessica] Okay well – This is why I don’t talk
to you guys about things. – Okay well, I think it is
going to be okay. I mean – Okay. ♪Can you hear my blood rush ♪ ♪ Louder louder can you hear my ♪ – [Brianna] I hate hearing I
told you so from my family. Jayden asked to see me
again before he leaves and even though I’m hurt, I agreed so I can hopefully get some closure. – I’m glad I get to see you before I go – Yeah a lot of things
just moved really quickly between us and it’s kind of still like oh like what the (beep), like
why would you even come here for us and then just leave. – There’s a lot more to it than just like oh I’m being a dick and trying to like just up and like take
off across the country like we fought a lot
– I understand that – Part of me going back is just I didn’t come up here for this. And with this not working
out, there’s not really much for me to stay for. (sad music) – Bryson will notice that you are gone. He’ll notice that you’re
not around anymore. And it will take, I
think at first, like, I he’ll get over it. I just feel like the
more and more I do this the more and more I learn like (sad music) not to bring Bryson around.

100 thoughts on “Brianna Finds Closure | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

  1. After this she dead ass needs to focus on herself and her son. Someone right will come, but for now she needs to love herself. Much love to her and her gorgeous son❤

  2. She's actually a really smart responsible person. I don't understand why she just throws that out the window when a love interest comes along. Like honey know your worth

  3. I’d be so ashamed if i hadn’t taught my daughters to value and love themselves more than this she’s continuing to try and fill a void with men and woman. They cannot fix her she needs to start by fixing herself that poor baby with no voice to explain how unhealthy this will be in the long run for him and her both.

  4. Maybe if we didn’t move them in and have our son start calling them daddy the first week we won’t be so hurt by the end of a 3 week relationship.

  5. She needs to take care of herselfffff & her child that’s it. You do not need to be in a relationship now to be happy it’ll come by when it happens !!

  6. These young girls (Brianna, Jade, Kail) and etc need to know when you’re on a show you’re going to get low down people who just want to be next to you cause they want to be famous and use you for money. They all show how vulnerable and weak minded they are on the show (in desperate need for love) and they fall for it every time someone new pops into their lives. Brianna needs to learn her self worth, and value herself a little better. She’s young so she still has time but this was sad to watch.

  7. Her mom is really supportive, after all the dumb shit she’s done she’s still there by her side. She just has to focus on her & her son, when you least expect it the right one will come just gotta love yourself first. Learn to put your son first, he’ll look back and appreciate it forever.

  8. I cant do her mom.. One min she says go find a friend then gets in her head when she gets to close smh LIVE YOUR LIFE BRI

  9. She now needs to focus on herself and her child, I feel like she’s so quick to jump into relationships, she needs to focus on herself and start to build some self love for herself, you can’t “love” someone if you don’t love yourself:

  10. I get that she wants to find someone to love. Anyone would want that. But she cant keep rushing things and expecting for there not to be any problems in her relationships

  11. So meet them and move them in right away. Really she didnt see it coming. He wanted you for your money after throwing it in your familys face that you have some pennies to rub together. These girls dont make teen mom money yet.

  12. To be fair the reason she started looking for a new boyfriend was because her Mom kept pushing the issue to "put herself out there". This girl needs to focus on herself and her child. Get some therapy and learn self love before jumping into another relationship and try to wait a few years before trying to live together.

  13. This girl's mom has got her so confused. Tells her to start dating knowing she's not ready then gives her shit for dating 😑.

  14. So you were so quick to be a bitch and didn’t listen to a word your sister was saying and now look what happened. Now you look even more crazy. All for nothing

  15. Somebody said she need to worry about herself & her chapped lips 🗣🗣🤦🏽‍♀️😔😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭

  16. Briana needs focuse on herself girl you DON'T NEED A MAN You Can Do It On Your Own ! Your Too Beautiful For All This Bullshit

  17. Everyone saying she needs to focus on herself and her child needs to focus on themselves..
    You don’t know what she’s dealing with. It seems like she’s dealing with some depression.

  18. Sweetheart, Focus on you and your son. That’s “love” shit will come later in life. Your too young to be changing relationships this often. 😲 it’s so unhealthy for your son.

  19. She learns from her Mother – her mom is the issue and should be telling brianna to focus on herself… but her mother doesnt do that ever

  20. I would like to see Brianna take like a year at the least to get to know herself and what she wants out of a relationship before jumping into a new one.

  21. She needs to focus on her son and herself instead of looking for a guy. And if you do find a guy dont let that person be around your son all quick, wait until you know its a for sure thing. Because then your son will notice when he gets older and say "my mom would bring random guys to live w us since i was little".

  22. She so scared of being alone that she hops into another relationship after another. She feels like every one leaves her so anyone that gives attention she goes towards

  23. Why do they keep on saying she has a 'boyfriend'… The girl's a lesbian. Both of her ex's are female. We've never seen this chick with a guy. Like who cares but I don't get why they refer to these females as boyfriends.

  24. Why does her mom try and be her friend so much and why is she always pushing her to be in a relationship in her business like this girl need to be by herself and take care of her kid

  25. NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IS UR CHILD PERIOD. She needs to pause on her relationships bc all the guys she’s been with have left her and I feel like she doesn’t pay enough attention to her son

  26. She shouldn't bring her child around anyone that she first gets with. Wait atleast a few months so u know shit is ACTUALLY going to work out. Nothing is worse then a child seeing guy after guy after guy coming into their life's.

  27. Yelled at her sister Vanessa for no reason. Vanessa had every right to voice her concerns and it came from a good place. Hopefully she apologized to her

  28. I wish I will call a girl a he idc what she goes by u was born a girl U get your pms every month u a girl period!! This generation is so damn delusional 😶

  29. So you would rather have everyone around you lie to you? You would rather just focus more on this one person who doesn't meet you half way. Girl you deserve better and you need to focus on you and your baby and not that person. But understand in time there's reasons to why your family and everyone around you will be brutally honest with you and you won't like it but it's better knowing you have people behind you in dark times and low times.


  31. She needs to focus on herself and her son she dont do shit but sit in that damn house all day take the baby out for air and he shouldnt be calling nobody daddy talking bout he gon notice he gon if u stop bringing ppl to live with u u just met he wouldnt notice shit and talked about how bad danae was but on the next episode calling and venting to him bitch stay single damn maybe its just u

  32. Tbh I saw red flags as soon as he was introduced. It came across (to me anyways) that he just wanted to be on the show and used Brianna 🤷🏼‍♀️

  33. These families are so strange. Like how does your mom push you to date someone, allow that person to move in, then be upset that she has a bf living with them . Also WHO in their right mind just moves to another state for someone you don’t even know?

  34. Brianna you got this girl

    Keep strong

    Remember you're beautiful

    And most of all you have the love of you're son ❤ nothing better

    Hope you look inside you're self and see what a great women and mother you're trying to be!!!

    You got this 💪🏻

  35. But did she just low key try to make her ex feel bad about the kid? That's not the ex's. Like that's ganna make the ex stay lol 😂🙈
    The way she speaks and acts really shows her age. I remember being her age and thinking the way she does. Now I know how dumb I sounded lol 😂 My poor parents.

  36. The mother in my opinion is just as sad because she should've never encouraged her into another relationship after the child's father left. After, Bre, has had numerous of other men and her mom allows it.

  37. She keeps trying to find someone. Why don’t you wait and have it come to YOU brianna.. don’t chase it, it will come to you soon or later in life.. Put all your focus on that baby boy.

  38. Brianna bbygrl you are beautiful & you are strong! You are living & learning as you go while doing an amazing job giving your son the love he deserves. Keep going mumma 💖

  39. IMO…Her mom always goes back and forth when wanting Bri to be in a relationship and also wanting her to focus on herself…but one thing I can say is her Mom loves her and supports her 100%

  40. She needs to find closure for her legs. It's like their household is one little men hating coven. And that dumb damn mother of hers is just crawling with "duh" & cluelessness. While Brianna is out here dealing with a trans fetish & her lips look like a chapped booty hole.

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