– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m gonna give you a tour of my son Caleb’s room. It is now finished and I posted a picture on Instagram of it, and
so many of you said, “Can we see a room tour?” So, I’m gonna show you around today and I’m also gonna give you five tips on how to feng shui a room for a child. Okay, so I’m just gonna walk you through like you’re around my house. Well, we recently did up Caleb’s room because we had some building work done and we needed to move the window, and we just wanted to, like, revamp it. It was a quite tired and old room, and it was very much a baby room. It had little baby-blue
stars on the walls, old carpet, and it just
needed to be redone. While we were planning out Caleb’s room, I actually looked into
feng shui for children because I envisioned this room being his big-boy room
for quite a few years, so I really wanted to get it right. One of the first tips I learned for a good feng shui in a child’s room is to have calming colors on the walls. They said not to have bright white or cooling colors, but to have, like, a little bit warmer, so like, off-whites or skin tone. Not too many crazy, bold patterns, and not too many primary colors. Obviously, pops of color is fine, but they almost don’t want to make the room for a child too stimulating. So, we chose this Laura
Ashley Dove Grey paint color. We have used it loads throughout our house and we just really like it. It is quite calming color. So, next up in his room, I wanted to show you his bed. We actually got this from Ikea. It is a small bed, it’s not a full single, and we originally got it in white, but we painted it gray to
kind of match the decor, and then we also painted
this old toy box as well. This toy box was actually mine as a child and I had it at uni with me, and I’ve literally taken
it with me everywhere. It was, like, a pine color before, but we sanded it down and we painted it, and then we got these
letters from Posh Graffiti. I’ll link them down below,
they do really cool letters, and I just literally used a hot glue gun to stick them on. And inside, he keeps loads and loads of fancy dress and toys. His bedding was actually
a birthday present, so I don’t know where it’s from and I know there’s been so many questions about where it’s from ’cause it has all the different superheroes on it. And I really love this
pillow we got from Loaf. It’s a mountain and I
tried to make his room kind of superhero-theme, but also, like, an adventurer theme as well. Yeah, so I got that mountain pillow, and then I also got this
moose who’s called Norman, and he was also from Loaf and they were in the same range, you can probably tell. They had some really cool stuff in the kid’s range on that website, I’ll link it down below. And then, he’s just got a few
more soft toys on his bed. Tip two for feng shui in a child’s room is to make sure you place the bed with the head against a wall, and also in full view of the door so that they can feel safe and secure, that when they’re laying in bed, they can see the door in full sight. Under the bed, we have these
really handy storage boxes that I just picked up in Ikea. They were really cheap
and I house a lot of, like, winter clothes and old toys, and things like that. This wall over here in Caleb’s room is his superhero wall, and this is what I posted on Instagram and what everyone went crazy for. Basically, Caleb has always
loved fancy dress and costumes, so I thought, “Why not
make a feature out of it?” So, I got this print made
on Not on the High Street, and it says, “I’m a superhero
and my name is Caleb,” and then below that, we put six hooks. These little plastic
hooks are just from Ikea. They were so, so cheap, I think they were, like, a pound, and they’re
really bright colors. So, I put all six of those up, and then they each have, like, a superhero costume. Yeah, and then over here, we put a mirror for him so that he can look at himself once he’s got the costumes on, and it’s actually good to have a mirror in a child’s room. Apparently, it helps to build self-esteem. There are some conflicting views on if you should have
a mirror hidden or not because it could provide, like, too much activity or stimulation when they’re trying to go to sleep, but actually, Caleb’s
a really good sleeper, so I didn’t think it would be a problem and he loves looking at
himself in the mirror. So, we put that there. It’s, like, a small full-length mirror, but obviously, he can see
his whole self in that. And then, over here, we put, like, a little pouf here so that he can sit down while he’s getting the clothes on, or also, he could sit there, he sometimes puts his socks on there, or he could read a book because I did originally put
these shelves up for books. These are really, really great, they’re just from Ikea. Again, super cheap, really easy to hang. So, one day, there may be books on there, but for now, we have his superhero masks so that he has access to all of this. He absolutely loves this section of his room and I wish
I had filmed his face when he saw it. We set it all up, and then
we surprised him with it and he was literally
over the moon with it, so he uses it all of the time. Just above his bed on this wall, we have a bit of a gallery wall for him. I think I probably will
add to it in the future, but for now, we have this print,
which says, “Boys rule,” on it because, let’s face it, in this house, boys rule. I have three sons and a husband. So, I got this on Instagram,
I’ll link it down below, and then I also had
this print custom-made. It says, “Stay wild, my child,” and I painted the frame this ochre color to match this pouffe, and also his carpet. Caleb has been described in the past to me as, like, a spirited child and he’s really, really, like, crazy. He has no fear, he’s a daredevil, and I love that about
him, but I can imagine, as he grows up, people may try to dull that sparkle of him, so
I wanted to put this up as a constant reminder
to stay wild, my child, and never to change. Also, in Caleb’s gallery wall, we have four recent family photos here. This one is of the whole family that we had taken and I
love that photo so much, and then this photo here of Caleb and his big brother Frasier is my favorite-ever photo of them because I think you can really, really see the love between them. They’re kind of doing one
of their play-fight cuddles in this picture, but I
just think you can really, really see the bond that
they have in this photo. And then, over here, these
two are actually older photos. This is Frasier and Caleb
when they were little, but Caleb loves baby photos of himself, and then this one as well is them having a nap together, and you can see Frasier’s always been very protective of Caleb. Yeah, so that is tip number four of good feng shui in your child’s room, put up pictures of their loved ones and their family members, and they will feel loved and supported. It terms of the carpet,
we have this really soft, gray carpet, which is really, really cozy, and then we’ve got a little rug that was ochre that we thought would match some of the decor, and this was from Mamas & Papas. This is Caleb’s bedside lamp. It is, like, a little house, and I saw it and I just loved it. I saw it in John Lewis,
but I actually found it for half price in Dunelm. For Caleb’s blinds, we chose
the day-and-night blinds, so basically, they can either
look like slats like this, with lights coming through, or you can just pull them like this, and then the room gets quite a bit darker. Yeah, I love these day-and-night blinds, but they’re not 100% blackout, so we also got blinds that are blackout behind the day-and-night blinds. So, we got electronic ones because I didn’t really
want any cords in his room, so you get a clicker like this and you just have to press it, and it goes up or down. Then, across from Caleb’s bed, we have his huge cupboards
with sliding doors. We actually had this
built because they used to come out, but take
up a lot of the room, and inside, we hide all of his clothes. We have one big railing going across, and then we also have
this chest of drawers, which we have more clothes in. These three boxes on
top house his sunhats, his swimwear, and his creams, and then this, I wanted to work into the gallery wall at some stage, but at the moment, it just wasn’t working. And then, here is his coin pot here, Caleb’s Wishes & Dreams. And I have Mary Kondoed all of his clothes so that they basically are folded upwards so you can see everything that you have. So, these are his T-shirts, these are his sweatpants, and then I hang all of his jeans, and then these are all of his pajamas. Yeah, I really recommend this way of folding for children’s clothes and I will put a link
to the Mary Kondo way of folding in the description. Then, on the other side of the wardrobe, we have more hanging space, and then all of his books
are hidden here as well. Just got a little bookcase. So, all the big ones are up here, and then the small ones are down there, and then, yeah, some noisy ones here, and then a few more toys
behind in those baskets. Then, over here in this
section of the room, we have an airing cupboard, which is wear I store
towels and things like that, but then behind the door on this wall, there was this, like, dead space, so I’ve put up a little, like, steel notice board because I thought it would be nice for him to hang up his
artwork that he makes. Caleb is really creative and he’s always so proud of the artwork and things that he makes and brings home, so I thought rather than having it downstairs for just,
like, a week or two, we could hang it and display it in his bedroom because
that is the last tip for feng shui in you child’s room, is to find a place where you
could hang their achievements. So, I think as he gets older, there will be, like, headteacher’s awards and certificates for
gymnastics or trampolining, and things like that, but for now, I’ve literally just put up a little bit of his artwork. I have this postcard that
says, “Good vibes only,” and then another picture
of him and his brother, but I just think it’s a really nice way to use that dead space and
to make him feel proud. Alright, and then the last thing I wanted to show you was his really funky light. We call it the Star Wars light because it can either
be like this, closed, or you can pull a string and it opens, and it
looks really, really cool, and it’s only from Ikea. Alright, so that is it for this video. I really hope you like this room tour. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite part was and I will make sure
that I can link anything that’s still available in
the description bar below. And if you’re new, I would
love for you to subscribe. I post three videos a week and I would love for you to stick around. Thanks a lot, bye.


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