BEST Portrait Lens – Which camera lenses should you get??

hey everyone my name is Reece today I’ll
be showing you the lenses that we use every day in our portrait photography
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we have been professional photographers for over a decade now and through the
years our kit has changed quite a bit however the one lens that has always
been a workhorse for us and one that we cannot live without is the nifty 50 back
when we were just starting out we had the canon 50 millimeter 1.8 and honestly
that lens is what jump-started our photography business compared to the kit
lens the 50 millimeter gave some beautiful bokeh and performed much
better in low light situations since then we’ve upgraded to the 50
millimeter 1.2 L lens and the Sigma 50 millimeter 1.4 just as a backup these
are the lenses that we use every day in our studio photography as it’s the
perfect focal length and makes the perfect portrait lens on a full frame
body to use in a small studio space we use these lenses for newborn maternity
babies kake smashes and family studio sessions they also like to sometimes use
the 50 millimeter 1.2 L lens outdoors for creative shoots because of the
beautiful bokeh it produces when shooting wide open our second favorite
lens for portraits is the 70 to 200 2.8 l series Canon zoom lens this is our
go-to for outdoors we used to shoot outdoor sessions with prime lenses only
but honestly when you have toddlers that have two-second attention spans you
don’t really have time to run around with the prime lens trying to get
different angles the zoom lens allows us to quickly zoom in or out for close-ups
and faraway shots to ensure we don’t miss anything this lens is amazing and
worth every penny it’s so sharp and the booklet produces
that 200 millimeters is absolutely gorgeous
this lens has been definitely a game-changer for outdoor photography
sessions if you shoot weddings I would highly recommend this lens as well
our third go-to lens is the Canon 16 to 35 millimeter 2.8 L lens this is a wide
angle zoom lens that we use in portrait sessions if we’re shooting above the
subject or outdoors if we want more of a wide-angle look we also sometimes use it
in client’s homes when photograph in a nursery just to be able to get the whole
nursery in the shop when we are photographing two siblings with a
newborn from above our 50 millimeter just can’t get all three of them in the
frame so this is the lens we use for a situation like that
our fourth must-have portrait lens especially for newborn photography is
the Canon 100 millimeter macro L lens we use this lens to capture all of those
little newborn baby details like toes and fingers this lens is amazing and
affordable we definitely recommend if you’re planning on photographing
newborns to purchase one the lens that we use to use for outdoor sessions is a
Canon 135 millimeter 2.0 L lens this is a beautiful lens with stunning bokeh but
the fixed focal length made it difficult of photographing moving children and
babies we do still pull it out sometimes for maternity or creative shoots just to
get that beautiful bokeh that it produces
it’s a budget-friendly L Series lens that only costs around $1,000 which is a
bargain for L Series glass another lens that we have but don’t really use is a
Canon 17 240 millimeter 4.0 l lens we have this one just as a backup as we
definitely prefer using the 16 to 35 millimeter 2.8 l lens for wide angle
shots because of the wider aperture and the wider focal length range well that’s
it I hope this helped make your lens buying decisions a little bit easier if
you would like to more in-depth reviews of each of our
core lenses please let us know in the comments links for
all of the lenses we discuss will be in the description below also the lenses we
mentioned before were obviously canon mount lenses since we use Canon cameras
but similar focal lengths are available for Nikon and Sony as well as others if
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