Becca Craved BEER While Pregnant! / Beach Theory Podcast Snippet

Becca Craved BEER While Pregnant! / Beach Theory Podcast Snippet

♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: Little town Utah and go into the big city Denver. Michael: And it was pretty quick after we showed up in Denver that you started experiencing the pregnancy symptoms Becca: Yes, all of a sudden I was like Becca: Miserably sick. Just… Michael: You were puking every day. Becca: Every day. Probably six times a day. Becca: Enough that I was like, I think I’m dying and I probably need to go to the doctor as soon as possible Becca: Like I couldn’t keep anything down anything like it was just oh Michael: But you never did go to the doctor. I mean just like for a regular checkup right? But not like… Becca: When I went to the doctor, he was like it’s normal. Welcome to pregnancy Becca: And he said only if you literally can’t keep a single thing down and you start to lose dramatic amounts of weight. Becca: Is when you need to come and be like hospitalized and I was Becca: I was not gaining any weight. I wasn’t Becca: I think I was I think I might have lost some weight at the very very beginning Becca: But it was so miserable. It was just awful and for some reason Becca: Great. Now that I’ve started burping I can’t stop. Michael: Just try. Okay? Michael: Stinking up the room. Becca: No! I’m not! Becca: Gross! Michael: You did it not me. Becca: Well, what was I saying? Oh, yes. Becca: So cravings and stuff were insane because honestly if I ever got a craving it was the only thing that sounded good Becca: for me to eat at all like Becca: And everything else sounded horrible. So, Becca: I remember one specific craving that I went to this store and I was looking at everything and I walked past the fish Becca: smelling ugh. Deli and it was just so disgusting and I was like Becca: I’m going to throw up if I look at that. So I like Look somewhere else Becca: Look at everything and the only Becca: thing that looked good was this giant poster that I looked up at Becca: of a big Becca: beer. And it was like foaming over and I was like Becca: That looks so good! Becca: And I couldn’t…I was like, I can’t drink beer. I’ve never even had beer! Becca: That’s probably why it sounded good because nothing else Becca: Sounded good that I had actually tasted in my lifetime. Michael: Did you imagine the taste of root beer in your mouth? Becca: Well, no. I knew that it was just a different flavor that would surprise me or something that it was Michael: You didn’t know what it was? It was gonna be good. Becca: All I knew was that I looked at that and it looked like the most refreshing delicious Becca: Tasty oh and so I went got a big jug of root beer. Becca: And I went home with it and you got mad at me. Michael: I probably did. Becca: Because he was like, what are you doing?! And I was like… Becca: Oh I’m starving to death! Becca: Lay off me! I’m starving! Becca: Really liked I was just oh it was so miserable. Becca: But one interesting fact about that pregnancy and all of my subsequent pregnancies is I not only Becca: Like I don’t only crave Becca: Food. I crave Becca: movies. Becca: Certain with a certain feeling and like one of them was especially with James and in the first few months. I don’t know what Becca: I don’t know what was wrong with me. Or why I was feeling so morbid but Becca: I could not get enough Holocaust movies. Like I just I literally went to the library every day Becca: And would rent Holocaust movies and just watch every single one of them like it didn’t it didn’t faze me.I craved it. It was weird. Becca: And then Michael would come home and be like, what’s happening to you my dear sweet wife? Becca: How come you want to watch all these scary movies that are really sad? Becca: And I was just like, I don’t know why. Michael: You weren’t like that. It was more of like a…I think you’re just more interesting like the historical lessons Michael: Like I just remember it being more of an educational pursuit than a craving. Michael: You’re enjoying learning about the history of the Holocaust. Becca: It was weird because I don’t normally feel that way like it was definitely because Michael: But you’ve got your phases sometimes were you like to learn different things and you just get excited about it Becca: It’s weird though, because on this this pregnancy, the first of this pregnancy. All I wanted to watch were Becca: real-life Becca: cop videos on YouTube Becca: And I went thru like five days of just watching every single one that I could find. And it was a craving. Michael: Pimple popping you love that garbage. Michael: It’s disgusting Becca: You guys don’t know. Becca: The educational factor. You realize I have to be a mom Becca: I see the most gross things in the entire world and I’m the one that handles them. Not you. Michael: Okay ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫

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