17 thoughts on “Backstreet Abortions in the Philippines: Year of Mercy

  1. i found it really shocking to see the aftermath of an abortion on a fucking spongebob squarepants blanket… feels very surreal

  2. This video changed my stance on abortion. I support reform drug laws then i realised its the same thing. We pretend no ones having sex or doing drugs yet its happening behind everyones back. Fuck me im glad i saw this video. Im pro abortion now

  3. if you don't want to have kids keep your fucking legs shut and you dam parents need to start teaching your dam kids right from wrong good from bad y'all make me sick and you will burn in hell for what you do

  4. I find it ironic that it's such a sin to abort, but they're all ok with the sin of pre-marital sex! And contraceptives is also a sin. So just let all these teens in poverty stricken counties keep poppin out babies left & right!

  5. "I buried my baby in front of the church so god could see him" and then god told the priest to dig the baby up and molest it.

  6. Just saw this video in passing, but Sex Education in school upon reaching the age of puberty is necessary.
    First hand Sex Education should be given by parents, but Filipino parents often will not discuss sex with their kids.
    It may not help a lot, but boys should be taught the use of condoms.
    Aside from Sex Education, abstinence is also a solution. Just don’t have sex

  7. I always been pro choice, now later in life Im Pro life. Im not even religious. People should use CONDOMS. If life is in your stomach, u made a choice

  8. With every one of those photos of Jesus is not Jesus it is a photo of the sun god.a like photo of Jesus with sun dial above head.evil symbol.most Catholics idolize that symbol along with Mary.

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