Back Pain When Pregnant | Pregnancy Tape

Back Pain When Pregnant | Pregnancy Tape

hey it’s Logan from cozy bump I’m gonna
share some type of techniques on how to use our pregnancy tape for lower back
pain pregnancy alright first thing I’m going to do is head turn around okay
lower back pain during pregnancy stems from like traditionally right here where
the two SI joints are you can tell what the SI joints are by looking at the two
ball points right here alright first want to do is you want to
measure it so a ballpoint ballpoint just about an inch past each side like this
then you go ahead and cut it okay always remember to fold it in half and
then you can do that you can cut up round out the edges just like such run
it it just makes it so it doesn’t get caught in your clothing so it’ll
increase the life of how I can have the tape on four you can have the pregnancy tape in
the pool and the beach in the shower during workouts so on and so forth
alright then the next thing you want to do is you want to have them slightly
just bend over to stretch the back just a little bit
remember the – I said joints were right here in here where we folded in half
before we found the center piece now that we found that center piece we’re
going to rip the center like this and take the tape you know pull it down to
about an inch on both sides those two will be the two anchors just like
this perfect now they’ve you got your two anchors you have your center piece
put a lot eighty percent tension like this remember the SI joints here and
here I can see them because you can see with examples of that you’ll be able to
see them when you’re doing your own taping or your spouse is doing your pregnancy taping for you
just like that and then you know just know no tension pull this off tape off
tension which is roughly about 10% same thing over here okay now it’s on there
take another piece of pregnancy tape or you can also use your hand to rub like such to
activate the adhesive that’s the first step the next step would be to the SI
joints for right here and here directly below that
measure from here roughly about two three inches above that okay it’s just
like such now the spine runs down the center right here okay so you’re gonna
do a piece of tape here and here on both sides so now that I already know the
length of it I’m gonna take that same piece of pregnancy tape and I’ll cut out another
piece of tape that’s the same length and then we can go ahead and for each piece
of pregnant belly tape just like we did last time round off the edges so that the last if you
have to cut a couple times turn off the edges perfectly fine just
like such and just a little bit more here we go
okay so for this pregnancy taping technique you’re gonna create an anchor okay and you go
up the back so fold up roughly about an inch to the base like this and just a
wee class time now you have your line just rip the pregnancy tape right without lines F
and where you folded it okay and the two SI joints one right here I’m gonna put
it just beneath that here rub it to activate the pregnancy tape and then I’m gonna give it a nice
tension going up like such roughly about 50% tension going on and the spine is
right here so on the left side of the spine in order to rub it to activate the
adhesive and now for the other side again folding in roughly about an inch ripping here to get your anchor just
like that and the other the spines right here are the SI joint you can feel the
dimple is right here I’m gonna pull this down just a little bit okay and just like we did beforehand I’m
gonna give this intention roughly about 50% tension running up alongside the
spine just like such and then taking the tape and adhesive okay up and again you
might see some creases in your perfectly fine don’t worry about it the pregnancy tape still
doing its job we’re done if you found these pregnancy taping
techniques pretty informative make sure you comment below if there’s any pregnancy taping
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be alerted when those pregnancy taping techniques come up make sure to watch the next
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  2. Best pregnancy product of our generation!! A must have for a stomach sleeper, those with hip and / or back pain!

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