Baby Haul, Baby Bump, Baby Names II Preggo Abroad Series #3

Baby Haul, Baby Bump, Baby Names II Preggo Abroad Series #3

65 thoughts on “Baby Haul, Baby Bump, Baby Names II Preggo Abroad Series #3

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  2. Biotch!!! Alicia would not appreciate you not mentioning her!!! I want a shout out in your next video!!! Miss you tons!!!! You are seriously the cutest preggo lady!!! Come home already so we can eat hot cheetos, noodle world and complain to claire!!! Fyi alicia had less and was pretty happy. #notthebestdaddybutmommywasbomb

  3. I’m soo happy for you girl!!! You seem sooo excited and it makes me excited!! 🤗✨ I couldn’t stop smilingggggg. 😊

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  11. You're so pretty and I seriously LOVE that lip colour on you! I love babies so much – you're going to be a great mother! Jack and Jessie are the cutest names! I just found your channel and subscribed, hope you'll check out mine as well! <3

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