Baby Haul, Baby Bump, Baby Names II Preggo Abroad Series #3

Baby Haul, Baby Bump, Baby Names II Preggo Abroad Series #3

All it’s fabulous baby glory! Hello Peanut! Hello beautiful gorgeous babies lovelies all of the above today, it’s all about the baby So this is gonna be number three on my prego abroad series, and it’s gonna be a baby haul! Gaz And I have gotten some stuff. We haven’t got everything, but we’ve gotten a lot of like the big-ticket items You’ll see kind of how unprepared I am. I am at 7 months at the moment I just hit seven months yesterday So I’m in the third trimester My next ultrasound is in April and that’s when I can find out the sex of the baby And we are gonna find out But we’re gonna have the lady, or dude whoever does the ultrasound like write it down on a piece of paper So we can give it to Gaz’s sister, and then we’re gonna do some kind of gender reveal thing I’m kind of happy with the stuff we have but I also have been watching other people’s baby hauls. Holy crap They are prepared hashtag goals. I decided I’m just gonna show you guys what I have right now And as I go along maybe when I get closer to poppin out this baby I’ll do another haul with all the other stuff Let’s go Okay, so first and foremost his sister, Danielle. Thank you girl She got us the first baby present And I already opened it because I don’t have any experience with babies guys like newborns Nothing, I think I’ve held a baby once. Maybe my cousin Fabulous yes that is his name. when he was born I was like seven years old, and I think I vaguely remember holding him But being really freaked out because I was like I’m gonna drop this thing. I didn’t drop you tho! I love you, always love you. These newborn Pampers and I opened it because I was just curious to see the size and It’s so little it is tiny. if anything opening these kind of made me just like ahhhh Even more you know because I was just like oh my god They’re so small They’re gonna be so fragile And I’m kind of glad cause obviously we know where they’re coming out from so I’m glad they’re small, but like still That will last us I’m sure, actully i dunno maybe like two days? I I really have no clue. next we have this baby sling Put it over your shoulder and you strap your baby to it. I’ll put the brand and the price down there Just in case you want to get it yourself in case you just want to know, curiosity. I’m equally as excited about this Baby bjorn! I had Gaz put it on too and we both were kinda like woahhh Like that’s probably been some of the most exciting stuff for us Just trying out this stuff and looking at all the things and just being like There’s gonna be a baby there. Not just a baby. It’s gonna be our baby in there. Next thing we got is this changing board thing. I think the elephants on this are so cute Like I know it looks like Pinkish, but it’s actually peachy like a peachy color The cool thing about this one is that? There’s like these Peg things on the back, and they attach to the crib that we got so it pretty much just lays on top of the crib and It stays secure there, so I don’t really have to worry when I’m changing them Taking their poopies out I started calling them poops by the way like I called them peanut, Pee-new because I dunno that’s like fancy peanut to me and poops! So I’ll show you the crib right now So here’s the crib Gaz and I put it together together he did most of the dirty work the dirty lifting um, but here it is and I really Really like that it’s a white crib I either wanted white or wood and so did he and This is one of those that you can kind of transform as they get older so we can use it for a few years And we ended up getting this mattress that’s like a tempurpedic mattress or a memory foam if you don’t call it tempurpedic It is so plush and soft like I wanna lay in this thing and muh baby I know it’s so weird to say my baby, but like they’re gonna be in comfort and I’m happy. So everything is out of boxes mostly because I didn’t want any more clutter And I was way too impatient, both of us, We just wanted to see everything and touch it and play with it so we took pretty much everything out of boxes And we threw all the Boxes away already except for the bath thing. A fold away babyb bath I really like the color like blue and green like I said we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl I don’t really care if they’re a boy or girl when it comes to colors like I’m a girl and I fucking love all the colors, so All the colors are gonna be used for them, too It is inflatable and you can put it in different positions, so like they’re sitting up You don’t have to worry about them kind of like laying back the whole time or holding them up the whole time I’m pretty sure I’d probably still will be um paranoid and hold them up and not leave them But I saw good reviews about it and so that’s why we ended up getting this one We don’t have that much space in this place, so We need things that are compact durable comfy all of the above And I just thought This fit the bill better than most other things that I saw. all right so the next thing is this little bouncer This thing comes with a couple of different settings there’s music There’s a button so that it vibrates, and it’s so comfy in here and soft. I really like how it looks This is the thing, the bouncer thing that you put them into to spend a lot of their time so like while you’re doing your thing and washing dishes or Hanging out around the house Or doing my own thing when I’m too tired to carry them or they’re not feeding and they’re just kind of sleeping and laying down there…. They’re gonna spend a lot of time in this thing and so that’s why it was super important to me that it was comfy it was soft and I dunno. something that like I’d like to lay it if I could fit in this thing I would lay in this We also have this little plushy…this little pushy elephant. I feel like I can attach it to the bouncer things Or just something that they’re hanging out to it’s really soft It’s really soft. It’s really comfortable once again I love….love me an elephant. A little elephant child just not elephant when it comes out, okay? I don’t want to chubster coming out of there. No. Thank you This was an accidental buy It was actually in one of the things that we bought when we went to buy like the big stuff and I actually don’t even know if we got charged for this to be honest, but I thought it was so cute because I’m not sure if elephants, but I think it’s elephants again Even if they’re a boy I’m putting this on them like these little cute elephantine looking socks Feet are feet. elephants are elephants, They are not you know this is going on whatever comes out of me. I think they’re so cute I don’t care anymore. whether it’s a boy or girl… I was so set on them being a girl before but now it really has happened, where I’m Just like I really just hope they’re healthy and that’ll make me happy *sigh* I’m such a mom omg hahaha I Don’t know so much if a travel system is a thing in the States. Oh my god you guys…. I Don’t know the names of this stuff, but at least I got it, and I’ll be able to use it so Here there was this thing that we got which is called a travel system, and it comes with like three different Seating option things and all of those you can sit onto the stroller pushy…. pushing buggy part I’ll cut to it right now so you can see it. So this is the first one This is what it came attached to at first and foremost and this is like the sitting upright position one We went with a grey or like a navy and beige one because we don’t know the sex And we just really liked that it was kind of Universal and it’s dark too I didn’t want a light colored one because I just knew it would be a frickin mess eventually. All of these things that I’m showing you attached to the stroller part and unattach as well, and this one’s like From what I’ve seen so far from baby hauls and stuff and names of things a Moses basket is what this reminds me of more than anything else but like this part you can unattach it You can see it’s just like In case I want to lay them down as opposed to sitting up. This thing also moves So it can cover it, cover them It, her or him. I keep saying them and people are like them…. Are you having twins, and it’s just like no I just don’t feel comfortable calling Calling it an it I don’t know its weird to me Also came along in that travel system is the car seat and they all match here’s the car seat Looks comfy too – I like the the cushion and everything in here So that’s why we ended up getting this one and like the other ones this thing is Movable as well, so you know… You can cover them up for when they’re sleeping. pull it back if you want to look at them Whatever, whatever you might possibly need um so yeah here’s the back in case anybody wants to see what the back of the car seat looks like because I had no idea and It still looks like complete gibberish to me I don’t get it yet But I got a couple months to learn and I will learn. now as I look down at my makeup table I saw that I have this I brought this with me from home, so I guess we do have some baby powder That’s one more thing. I usually use this for if I run out my setting powder I’ll put this on so this is a double two for one me and baby butt you know my face their butt. so that is everything that I have for this first baby haul um So we do have some stuff but obviously we still need to get more diapers and the powders and the lotions and the shampoos and all the clothes Obviously we haven’t gotten anything for clothes except for those little socks and those were a complete accident I’m actually going to show you guys my bump because it has been I think four months since I did my second preggo abroad series and I didn’t show my bump then because I had no bump I Didn’t even start developing a bump until about month six um My bump has been relatively small and stayed tiny. My boobs grew Super fast like by month 2 I was just like I can’t carry these fucking torpedoes strapped to my chest anymore Then I was like get it together, You got a bump coming too. Let me show you the bump! It’s still pretty little for being seven months I think. it’s not super big or anything but that is them. I am wearing sweats because Nothing else is comfortable My jeans stopped fitting me about two weeks ago I know I’m blessed for being able to wear my jeans for even that long. If they’re a girl we’re gonna call them Jessie after My mommy her name is Yesenia, but her nickname is Jessie and since this baby is gonna be like Growing up in Ireland… I was just like its…. I thought it was cruel to call them yesenia when ummm I don’t know if anybody’s gonna be able to say their name Gaz does a pretty good job Saying my mom’s name, but um everybody calls her Jessie, so that’s why I was like ok we’re gonna go with Jessie so if it’s a girl I’m naming her after my mommy, and if it’s a boy They’re gonna be Jack and that’s after Gaz’s mother’s father So, his grandfather which he never got to meet unfortunately, but that’s the name we went with. I love the name Jack I’ve always loved the name Jack and so yeah Jack or Jessie coming in the next couple of months…two to three months That was my baby Haul, that was my bump, and that was a little bit of an update of what’s going on you can See that I’m still lost in the sauce like a little meatball about all this stuff But I’m a lot more excited than I was before, I’m not as scared. I’m still scared, but it’s definitely not terrifying…. the excitement outweighs the scared now, and I’m so glad I got there eventually like I knew I’d get there, but I just Man look at me month two and three and I was just like What am I doiiin, what da hell?!?! If you have any requests or questions or anything that you can think of related to this baby stuff here or Doing it abroad or doing it in Ireland or just baby stuff in general if I can answer or make a video I will. If you can have any requests for anything else… make up related or Anything that you want to see when it comes to Ireland as well Let me know that too because I am looking for more videos to make I got like four or five that I’m thinking of and then I will make those as Well. That conclude this video. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you liked seeing my stuff I hope you like seeing me freak out and get excited at the same time Alright guys, if you guys are pregnant um Congratulations, and thanks for stopping by and I hope it all goes well for you or you’re an expectant daddy Congratulations as well We’re all in this together. We’ll all get through it together. I hope you have a great fabulous day It is a beautiful sunny day here. I hope it’s sunny wherever you’re at if you like Sun I hope it’s cloudy if you like clouds, and I hope it’s snowy if you love snow I hope you’re just having a great day. I will see you guys later. Bye

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