AUS | Vlog 155 – BABY MOVES | Creating a Nursery | New Years by the Beach

AUS | Vlog 155 – BABY MOVES | Creating a Nursery | New Years by the Beach

[Music] I’m renovating a baby’s room [Music] the rules I’d but you’re building baby Rena right at the room or we have the carpets been clean the walls have been painted it’s been clear there because it was only a story with home and now I’m building the first bit of furniture it’s the changing Toby and then a cut somewhere there and and then we’ve got because we’re also going to do the bedroom a bit real we’ve gotten a few bedroom wardrobes as well to do so there you go so first bit of baby furniture right there on 25 weeks today on the dot and maybe it’s growing and kicking yard I’ll see if I can film it thank you can see actually the belly move it’s really cool [Music] yes living the first little bit and find its remastered look [Music] I’m cute [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] yes of the first 2019 why it’s a freeway I couldn’t even find parking to be a protime so happy [Music] we will never meet again [Music] that’s a nice day perfect way to start the new year it’s going to be so exciting little little baby on the way gonna be parents I’ve been really really busy setting up the little nursery did I happen to build the cot and that is in then it’s just a decoration there have been a few questions around in pregnant in Australia around my pregnancy and I really would like to take him and I’m such a proud pregnant person anyway so I would find it hard not to talk about it I think one of the first questions that I got is is there something like a protection for the mother in Australia because in Germany where self-recording water shots and there’s something somewhat an Australian you do get about 18 weeks paid leave either from wherever from the government depends on your contract but I can stay at least home for 18 weeks we have the minimum wage pay so that’s about thousand two hundred or one thousand five hundred dollars before tonight I think yes so far I continues with there really really well babies crying we’ve seen it yesterday again she’s been moving a lot of little hands a little pleat everything was in front of her face it was go moving it up and down up and down so she is very active in there and the nice thing is I can feel now yesterday when we did the ultrasound I could see how on the Archos area but I could actually also feel in my belly so that’s an offensive super super awesome so what does it cost to be pregnant Australian it surprisingly little as long as you’re with the public health care system which I am and you can only be with it if you are a permanent resident or a citizen that gets funded out of text and basically that means as long as you go to a public hospital or doctor that’s bad filling you have to pay nothing at all there were only a few tests that ant you know that you don’t have to do that and but they are recommended so recommend a test you have to pay for yourself sometimes there might be a little rebate with that but there aren’t many of those and the rest is entirely for free so maybe I paid $600 myself so far delivery is for free antenatal classes are for free so nothing to worry about and I feel like I’m a really really good hands here really to be honest even in a public health care center [Music] I pop up in a painted cup up all my love from a cloud above so bright I can see the night it’s taken you up and above the blue sky these goals I’ve just walked all the way up to mallalieu we just also the place when the cafe’s there that first plant worker when I came to Australia the Dome cafe so I went in there was still some people there that I knew from back then it’s really nice catching up wishing everybody a Happy New Year and now I’m heading back home and might build the cot go to one down the window cuz my aircon is broken I can tell you that much said this is how far I’ve come so far through the little cover the little changing table and in a minute I’ll book the cotton that will come here and and that’s that but look I’ve cooked given some cars some baby cows from a friend look look at this look how cute this is nice all right it’s just a little decorating to be done some pictures on the coloring nice it’s finished so cute it’s a little little person’s gonna fit in here [Music] all righty so this is it I’ll finish the nursery we’ve got all the basic meats got the cut the Wardrobe and the changing table in the back we’ve got a few things that will help or go to sleep and all I need to do now is decorated a little bit more put some color in here so if you liked today’s episode give it a thumbs up and you can leave some comments in the comment section below about pregnancy or being prepping this showing up or even just about Australia I love to read from you alright see you next time a pop up in a painted carpet for my love from a cloud above so bright I can see the light it’s taking you up and above the blue sky he’s good to be drinking all of the honey sweet brew of hours up up in a painted car right in the sky like a Firefly [Music]

One thought on “AUS | Vlog 155 – BABY MOVES | Creating a Nursery | New Years by the Beach

  1. Great editing on the video. Happy New Year to you guys.
    You guys have any baby registry or you accept paypal so I can donate towards any needs ?

  2. Great video! Thank you very much ! Ocean water is incredibly beautiful! I love Perth and its suburbs!

    Health to you and your family!

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