& Kevin Harrington – Ramjay Global Helpy Hook :60 & Kevin Harrington – Ramjay Global Helpy Hook :60

Hi, Kevin Harrington here, original Shark
from Shark Tank. Are you tired of drilling holes and using
tools to hang up pictures and portraits? Then you have to see what the amazing Helpy
Hook can do for you! Hanging pictures or portraits to a wall should
be easy… …but it’s often more work than it’s
worth. Introducing the innovative Helpy Hook! Able to hold up to seventeen pounds, the Helpy
Hook makes framing on drywall easier than ever. Wow, this was all done in forty seconds! Amazing! Just thumb it, hang it, that’s it! And the Helpy Hook has multiple uses, from
hanging your keys to hanging your coat. With Helpy Hook, satisfaction has never been
easier to picture. You can get your own pack of Helpy Hook, with
a set of twelve, for just five ninety-nine! Make it easy with Helpy Hook. Order now!

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