Are “little accidents” normal postpartum?

(Are “little accidents” normal postpartum?) When I started working out with girls
who had had two and three kids or even one kid who are in their early 30s, late
20s and then you know we’re working out and there’s jump roping programmed
into our workouts and they’re lining up at the bathroom, you know “I gotta go to
the bathroom before we jump rope” you know I started to realize how prevalent
it was and how it’s — it’s a big issue for people who are athletic especially just
after baby trying to get back and it’s just considered something that’s normal
but it’s not normal. The optimal patient for this would be basically anybody
who’s trying to get back to life who maybe has a little bit of urinary
leaking with with jumping with coughing with sneezing. Somebody who has
back pain. Postpartum women
who maybe have a diastasis recti or something like that
we look at you as a person as a whole, not just postpartum so we’re gonna look
at your core we’re gonna look at your posture, we’re gonna look at your
breathing, your hip strength, and we’re just gonna treat you as you and get you
back to you as a whole person. No it’s not just ease back into your workouts
and ease back into life that’s kind of the doctors recommendation at
this point so we like to do
assessment as a whole and create a program
that’s specific to you (To learn more about specialized
physical therapy for women,
call 817-596-2700) (Medical City Weatherford,

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