Andrei Refuses to Work for Elizabeth’s Father | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Andrei Refuses to Work for Elizabeth’s Father | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

– What are you doing? I’m working, fixing
up an ad, posting it. You gotten any bites? I got some. I’m just fixing it up. I have to add some
stuff so people will know what I’m doing. The difference between
America and Moldova is life here is more expensive. And I think Elizabeth
is a little bit frustrated because
we’re not having enough income at this point. But I just started the
new idea of boosting my skills from handyman online. I think I’m pretty skillful, and
I think I’m going to do great. And I’m going to have
enough money to fulfill the needs of a family. How was your day? Really busy. We just got, like,
10 more properties. So it’s been, like, getting
everything in order for that and trying to lease them out. I’m tired. I’m just, like,
getting to the point where I have to
stop working soon. I don’t really think
that Andre realizes how much this is affecting me. And it’s really
coming to a point where it’s getting to me,
because I’m only becoming more and more pregnant
and more hormonal and exhausted and stressed. And shouldn’t be that way. You want a beer? Yeah, please. Just messing. I know you’re pregnant. [SIGH] So have you thought about
asking my dad for a job? Oh my god. No, I’m not going to ask him. Why? [INAUDIBLE]. If I’ll go work
for him and he’ll not be fulfilled of my work. And he’s going to say something. Elizabeth’s dad, for
her, it’s saving angel. Every time she wants to cry a
shoulder, she goes to her dad, meaning but she can step on me. Even though I’m the
man in the house. So you’re not
going to ask him? It’s stupid, [INAUDIBLE]. Your attitude is stupid. Just ask him for a damn job. Just forget about it. – It’s not that hard.
– OK. Bye. Ask him for a job! I don’t want to ask
for him for a job. Because of your pride
and your ego, you refuse. No. I’m going to– I’m
going to solve this. And I’m here stressed
out and pregnant and have all this
weight on my shoulders. Don’t– don’t terrorize
me with your pregnancy. You should feel terrorized,
because it’s ridiculous. No, I’m not. When we have the
baby, I’m not working. So hopefully you have
it figured out by then. I’m going to. For the first few
months of having the baby, I will definitely
take maternity leave. And I will probably
just focus on the baby. So it’s time for Andrei
to step up and help me. I keep thinking of the
talk I had with my dad. And I know he’s right. Andrei needs to know the
truth about the money.

100 thoughts on “Andrei Refuses to Work for Elizabeth’s Father | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

  1. "Man" of the house my ass, that candle would have been in his face but I'm not as calm as her lmao 😳😭

  2. I have no idea where did he get his ego, in his country he eats goat shit for food and now he acts as a celebrity

  3. Andrei is such a stereotype of a slav man come to real life. Man in the house when you're sitting on your pregnant wife's shoulder, drinking beer and "looking" for job on a computer for a whole day. Keeping the house clean? nah, that's a woman's work. Making food? naah, woman's work. Self conscious slav that thinks is entitled for everything, because they were born as a male. Good luck ✌ He's living in the clouds and either wake him up and put him down on the ground. or let him be "handy" on his own.

  4. I am from Moldova , and i can say that i feel ashamed about the attitude of Andrei . Not all Moldovian are like Andrei . He is an bad exception from Moldovian society and culture . I dont know what this girl has founded in Andrei , but i think just his look has been appreciated by her , and nothing more . I hate such a men like Andrei , and believe me , 90% of Moldovian girls would avoid to have something serious with such a type of character and mentality . I really don't understand how you trapped in such a person .

  5. That guy Is a narcissist and an abusive one too….also an Idiot.
    She isn't too bright either. Spoiled. She knows she can fall back on daddy's $$$. She even works for her damn dad. Wtf would they do if she got cut off? Serious question too. 🤔 And These are the dumb fucks that have $$$. 🤦

  6. I worked with my father in-law and that was so helpful to understand their culture, friends around.He was supportive to intergrate me into my wifes family

  7. She had no problem asking her dad for money to move into an apartment. No guilt whatsoever. She just wanted what she wanted. Her dad is right about him and she’s too blind to see it.

  8. This is standard among Slavic and Balkan people, over the top ego and pride, thus why I don’t associate with my own people for reasons such as in this video. If you can’t get a job, ask someone, bite your tongue and if you don’t like it you can always step over to another job. You’re more likely to get hired if you’re already working.

  9. I'm thinking, why doesn't Andrei get a little job and go to college or something, hit the books? no such thing as handyman job. we're Romanian too and my husband is very handy, but he got a full time job. well he's more Russian I think, cause their main language is russian over there, although like his last name is Romanian because it was annexed by the russians after wwii unfort. Castraveti means cucumbers. Andrew cucumbers

  10. Funniest thing is he loves to portray this unapologetic masculinity but can't provide for the family and doesn't do any hands on physical stuff around the house. If you want to show off how manly you are than start by taking care of the general upkeep of your house you lazy freeloader

  11. Its obvious the honeymoon stage has worn out in this relationship. Libby is not as happy as she used to be.

  12. I wouldn't wanna work with her dad if I were him, then the dad would make his life miserable.he'd have something to hold against him.

  13. It's hard enough finding a job and taking care of myself. Having a pregnant wife to take care of as well, my stress would be through the roof. The last thing I'd be doing is just sitting around..

  14. Andrei needs to man up and start supporting his pregnant wife. No more excuses not wanting to take orders from others…he can't start at the top…he has to start somewhere and work his way up.
    I have a similar background and mentality like him to some extent so I have some understanding for his perspective… but seriously get to work already.

  15. I've never been a cheerleader of his macho values, but I think it's sad that nobody is taking into account that Andrei is a new immigrant in a strange country, his language skills aren't great, he doesn't know the culture and is probably suffering from culture shock. He has ZERO emotional support, least of all from his wife. His skills are hardly relevant in the US, whatever they are, and bit by bit he's doing his best to find a way to support his family on his own and rise to the occasion. Meanwhile, his wife is content to work for her dad and live in his house and take his money, which is not something most normal adults would even want to do. She's okay with him questioning and policing every aspect of her life, from her pregnancy to whether she cuts the grass. Personally, I agree with Andrei's assessment of the situation.


  17. As long as you keep working & providing for him, he’s going to keep getting over like a fat cat. He’s broke & thinks he can pick & choose where he wants to work because you will work & pay the bills if he doesn’t.

  18. I laugh at anyone who thinks this is even real , TLC is fooling ya'll this is plain acting and scripting , like seriously look at how they live , very well to be "broke " and who wouldnt accept free rent free house at such an economy ?with a baby on the way??

  19. This guy is a poor excuse of a human being. Men in the United States work! Everyday! This is a created problem that Elizabeth created on her own. There comes a point where, is this really this ridiculous or, is this part of a TV script. All of the people from other countries are just using the Americans for as much as they can. Get a real job Andre and be the man of the house and stop letting Elizabeth's dad be the man of the house!

  20. The FACE he made when he said she felt she had to stop working soon cause of her pregnancy. Like wow, a man would do any job so his wife and baby’s health wasn’t in jeopardy rather than sitting on his arse all day.

  21. At first i thought what aaaaa manly man …. but uhgggg such a bummer, makes me think about my lazy ex : acting like a big guy wiith his big talk but actually he is just a manipulative and jobless idiot

  22. this guy sooo rude, self absorbed and obnoxious … when you have roof on top of your head which is for free its always easy to raise your voice if you wouldnt had it… i wonder how would he boost his skills ? lol

  23. Don’t miss his smart azz in anyway. You never trust a Russian or Moldovan or Ukraine or Anyone from that part of the planet. The new season is much less complicated without Andrei the drama queen.

  24. Omg I would not sleep in peace if I had no job no nothing and have pride and ego he keeps saying I’m an alpha bro my bf is an alpha and he works so damn hard he never lets me pay the bills idk why though never on anything and I’m an independent woman I work for my money but I’m just saying if he wants to pay for I’m not complaining but for andre seriously get a job

  25. This mf andrea is getting fat and has no shame, bullying Elizabeth. Never date a man that has problems with your sister that's the first best friend you have in life.

  26. He’s a jerk !!!
    Her family just wants to help he’s so prideful that he would rather struggle then be thankful. If you don’t like your father in law just suck it up and deal with it while you find something better … there both dumb for leaving a rent FREE place when only one persons is working !!

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