Amy and Dina Deliver Their Babies – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

Amy and Dina Deliver Their Babies – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

61 thoughts on “Amy and Dina Deliver Their Babies – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

  1. Oh no Adam is back ugh now Amy gonna want to get back with Adam its suppose to be Jonah and Amy together LIKE IF YOU AGREE with me

  2. This made me tear up when the babies were born and feel bad for Jonah since he was there for her throughout the whole pregnancy

  3. Dina's favorite song scene bit was soo funny and when they doctor said, "we got another dead body" 😂😂😂but sorry for the family's loss😔

  4. Adam shouldn't be surprised that jonah's there and he is taking it quite well considering he probably saw that video of them 🤣
    If jonah is going to be a father-figure or potential step father, I do feel bad for him. He almost looked like he would happily cut the umbilical cord before thinking Adam should!!😫😥
    Kinda wish he came in right after
    Amy and Jonah had a moment with the baby, but it is nice he got to see his son being born!
    And we need Emma back!! 💕

  5. Move on Jonah she isnt worth it its her ex husbands baby and she will continue to lead you on.

    Damn you screen writers for going with the pregnancy story line with her EX HUSBAND!!!

    It would've been a hell of alot better if she got pregnant by Jonah.

    This makes Jonah the 3rd wheel.

    In the words of deadpool "thats just lazy writing"

  6. This whole story line bums me out tbh i just wish they would of let the baby be Jonah's. I will bet soon we will get scenes of Adam telling Jonah to back off because he is the father and people talking behind Jonah's back when they find out about him and Amy. Also we will get the Jonah saying 1 day he will want kids and Amy will say she is not having anymore kids which will be a big fight.

  7. Can we have an episode of Amy being that caring for Jonah, so that they're equal. I feel like Jonah was being so caring and just got a thank you. They both need to love each other, not just Jonah because that was what made their relationship so heartfelt. this episode was great!! but I just feel kinda bad for Jonah, and I, personally, don't want to go back to those Adam days ugh.


  9. So annoyed of the storyline.. I love the show but seriously? This is so predictable obviously Adam is going to get in the way of Amy and Jonah.. and how much can Jonah really take.. this is way too much.. talk about teasing the audience.. lame

  10. A baby she can't afford … Stereotype of box store employee- undereducated, whose the father, no insurance..
    Women and writers, want respect? Stop cheapening pregnancy writing in having a baby. The Women already do.

  11. I am so glad they showed a c section on television because I went through one and it was the most scariest thing in the world but one of the most beautiful things ever to happen

  12. Honestly I lost interest in this show as soon as they made Amy pregnant with her ex husband. You can’t just keep dragging Jonah along this crazy ride treating him like a 3rd wheel. This whole fiasco just ruined it.

  13. Adam has the maturity of an 8 y.o boy. When Adam walked in, Jonah should have had the class to leave. Forget about MAGA ; We need to bring back Common Sense.

  14. geezzz this is messed up, I'll watch an alien burst from a humans chest but i would rather pay taxes than watch a C section.

  15. Can we talk about how Henry and Betty (player by America Ferrara) made it work even though he got another girl pregnant bc I think that’s the most relevant course of action despite Adam’s paternity to Amy’s baby

  16. I’m gonna need Amy to step up and give back the support Jonah always gives to her. She’s been annoying this season :/

  17. I hope later on we find out that Amy and Jonah had sex off screen secretly and no one knew and that it turns out to be Jonah’s baby. I don’t get why they made Adam the father. And they said America was pregnant for real at the time. They could of easily hid that. I really like when couple have their own kids. And I was fine with Emma being the only child but now there is two and none of them are Jonah’s. So what are they going to have a third child. That’s why I like scenes like Jim and Pam when they found out they were pregnant. First child together and it was emotional moment.

  18. HYPOCRITES if Amy's husband had cheated on her, everyone would be calling him a dog.
    So let's fell sorry for him.
    WHY not wait to get divorced to be together. Then everyone can ooh and awe.
    It's a show, but there are no absolutes.
    Now curse me out.
    We make the character cute, vulnerable, likeable so everything is a pass.

  19. So. For everyone complaining about this pregnancy storyline. They had to accommodate for America's real-life pregnancy, and it wouldn't have made sense for Jonah to have gotten her pregnant so early on. If Amy wasn't already pregnant in that scene at the end of the season Jonah would've been more careful not to get her pregnant. And considering how Amy's short-lived relationship with Tate went (horribly) it wouldn't have made sense for her to have become pregnant by a random stranger. So, ultimately, having Adam as the father was the only option.

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