Americans Try To Pronounce Danish Words

Americans Try To Pronounce Danish Words

– All I know about Danish is the pastry. (bouncy, upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Aeblegrod. – Oh see, I never understood what the A combined with the E. – Eblegroom. – These are characters that I thought were just for shitz and gigs, like in the font category. – Iblegrood. – It’s apricot. – [Voiceover] Hakkebof. – Hockay. – It looks like Hasselhoff. – Hasselhoff. – Hakabeef – Hakaboof. – It’s like it sounds
different every time. – It’s its own Danish beef. – [Voiceover] Faedreland. – Faderland. – This sounds like a theme park, Faydraland. – Fedrooland. – That was so awful. – That actually… That’s a beautiful word. – [Voiceover] Paskesondagspraediken. – Presskondadangspradiken. – That’s one word? – Oh! – Okay, Sondag is obviously Sunday. Puskasondagspradeeken. – Paskasondangspradaken. – Okay, I got like the first half. – Do Danish people open their mouths, ’cause I’m the complete opposite. – [Voiceover] Rodgrod Med Flode – Rogro Me Floo. – Rodgrod Me Flod. – I’m not doing that badly. – Redgay Me Flay – This kind of reminds me of Calculus more than a language. – I feel like I’m correct but I’m just saying it in an American way. – [Voiceover] Vidunderlig. – Vudunderling. – Videgerl… What? What? I’ma feel like I can get this one. – Vedooderling. – Vindunderlig. – You know what? They speak like Sims. The Sims. – Okay, I added an extra N. – Vidunderlig. Oh, I got it. I mean, it’s close enough. Vidunderlig. – That’s pretty. That was a very pretty word. – Wonderful. Vidunderlig! – [Voiceover] Forarsjaevndogn. – Yep, don’t know what the cirlce means. – I don’t know what that little degree is supposed to be. – Forsharshado. – There’s that A and E. – Dyn, like “dynomite”. – You have two letters in one letter, if the word isn’t long enough. – Very, very enlightening just to see the types of sounds other people can make. Like, I could never make
some of those sounds. – It was really, really difficult. – And it does sound like the Simsling, which I was right on that. – But when I heard how it was supposed to be pronounced, I couldn’t even like understand how it’s
supposed to be pronounced. (bouncy, upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Americans Try To Pronounce Danish Words

  1. Lol DENMARK DENMARK DENMARK DENMARK Like if u are Danish PS rødt grøt Met fløde lavede lige en parodi af dem

  2. Hende der damen som sagde vi snakker som folk fra Sims…

    Ved ikke hvorfor, men hold kæft jeg blev irriteret.

    (Altså hende der som også sagde at hun troede Æ Ø og Å var bogstaver man brugte for at se Edgy ud eller noget I den stil.)

  3. Nej nej nej nej helt ærgekigt kan det være så svært

  4. Det her er så sjovt at se som dansker (this is so fun to watch as someone who is danish) og jeg elsker når en af dem siger "this kind of reminds me of calculus" (noget med matematik tror jeg) (and i love when one of them says "this kind of reminds me of calculus" (something to do with math i think🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

  5. the Æ, Ø and Å are letters that only are used in the scandinavian alphabet. they are slightly different from the letter they look like but not that much.

  6. jeg hader hende med kasketten siger "i'm not doing that badly", når hun siger alting fuldstændig forkert, selv i forhold til de andre amerikanerer

  7. They should do an Icelandic version with vaðlaheiðarvegavinnuverkfærageymsluskúrslyklakippuhringurinn

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