Alabama liberal confronts Shapiro over abortion laws, who do you think wins?

Alabama liberal confronts Shapiro over abortion laws, who do you think wins?

Student: The first state to legalize
abortion in cases of rape or incest was Colorado in 1967.
Hawaii followed in 1970. We can reasonably assume that
there were abortions before then, so if we went back to a world where
abortion was illegal, how would we deal with the black market? What
do you think the positive or negative consequences would be of an
increased amount of illegal abortions? Would we prosecute both the
mother and the doctor or just one? How would we handle it? Shapiro: First of all, I see that you’re
a liberal, so I appreciate you coming tonight. Really, it’s good
of you to come and have a discussion. [Audience applause] Student: You’re a very
eloquent speaker. Shapiro: That’s very nice of you.
The answer to the question is that there’s no major pro-life voice in
America who advocates for prosecuting the mother. The reason
that people don’t advocate for prosecuting the mother is, number one,
because it is counterproductive because your goal is to convince
women that they shouldn’t abort their babies, not to threaten them with
punishment. You want them to make the moral choice. Basically, honey is
going to win people over more than vinegar. Beyond that, I think that
there is a real problem of mens rea, meaning that when you’re talking
about intent to commit a crime, you actually have to have an intent
to commit the crime. If I’m going to commit homicide upon you, then
I have to know that you are a human being, for example. I think
that a lot of women have been made to believe, for wrong reasons, that
what they are killing is not actually a human being, and so they lack
the requesent mens rea for a homicide charge, even if you
were to try to game it out, legally. Mostly, what people on the pro-life
side have talked about is prosecuting abortion doctors who make an actual
business out of aborting babies. As to the increase in illegal abortions,
I would assume there would be an increase in illegal abortions because
all abortions would be illegal. Just logically speaking, any
time you make something illegal that occurs, there will be more illegal
instances of that thing happening. I’m sure that when slavery was legal,
then it was legal. That didn’t make it either moral, decent, or right. Once it
was made illegal, then I’m sure that everyone who was holding a slave
was in violation of the law. There were more illegal
holdings of slaves after we made slavery illegal, but there was less
absolute slavery, which is the actual goal. Yeah, you can ask
a follow-up, that’s fine. Student: Illegally holding a slave
doesn’t kill the slave and doesn’t possibly kill the mother. Shapiro: I don’t think you want to
go down the road where you’re justifying slavery.
[Audience laughter] Student: I’m not justifying slavery.
I’m saying that the fact that something increases when you make it illegal is… Shapiro: The absolute level of the
activity decreases, but what’s left is going to be illegal,
just by logical necessity. Student: When the illegal activity that’s
left is very, very dangerous, is that a good argument? Do you
think that’s a good argument or not a good argument?
Shapiro: Let’s say that you make abortion illegal, and there are 1,000,000
abortions a year in the United States. And let’s say, at the high end, there are
still 50,000 illegal abortions in the United States, but all the rest
go to term. Let’s say that’s the case because it’s going to be hard to
actually get an abortion if it’s made illegal. Let’s say there are still
50,000. You just saved 950,000 lives. That is a massive
net win, obviously.

100 thoughts on “Alabama liberal confronts Shapiro over abortion laws, who do you think wins?

  1. The guy holding the mic. . . His face when they got to the slavery analogy. I died laughing for a few minutes, there.

  2. I’m normally with Ben in almost everything but (and I know this will be unpopular) his claim that most women are victims in the abortion process is incorrect. Please check out the video below to see how the current pro life movement is keeping abortionists in business

  3. This abortion shit is just too complicated to fix. How bout we just wait until we're able to grow babies in labs then no woman has to ever carry a child again.

  4. Look at this young Progressive speaking politely civilly to a conservative they disagree but look at them they are talking is you're talking to your enemy you're not fighting them I think it's a great when we can sit down and talk instead of fight

  5. ILLEGAL IS….by every law in this nation…ILLEGAL. There are no DEGREE's of LEGAL. Like saying…The Driver of that car is LEGALLY Drunk. If it's legal to drive drunk…it should be ILLEGALLY DRUNK.

  6. Pro lifers were killing Doctors, what kind of pro life is that? If a fetus is a human being, then why doesn't the cencus count it? If a fetus is a human being, then why do ppl say "we have two kids and one on the way", instead of saying, "we have three kids"? If a fetus is a human being, then why isn't there a funeral for a miscarriage? Pro lifers say life begins at fertilization, well I say life began about a thousand years ago, and it's a continuous process..🤷 btw why is it when it's a human, it's an abortion and when it's a chicken, it's an omelette? – George Carlin

  7. If abortion was illegal, people would just have to be more careful with their birth control pills. I’m English, the pill is completely free here, if you did that in the US that would help.

  8. Funny how this liberal can argue the abortion issue, since he merely can breathe. And be damn thankful his Mama gave him life to be wasted with useless Education.

  9. I'll start off by saying I am pro-life. I remember back when I was younger that we used to hear a lot about the backroom coat-hanger abortions when it was illegal. Just saying.

  10. If I was there, i wouldn't be able to keep up with what Ben was saying because he talks so fast. I had to rewind so many times😂

  11. It’s interesting to point out (in terms of making something illegal… since the fed cracked down so heavily on legal pharmaceutical opiates, making them harder to obtain, its absolutely led to an increase in opiate addiction.
    The US, which is only makes up 5% of the world’s population now consumes over 80% of the world’s opium, around 98% of the world’s heroin.
    Epidemic proportions!
    However, that’s a care of a consenting adult is not harming anyone else, except in certain cases, so it’s a different situation comparatively speaking.
    Just saying.
    Making abortion would def cut down on abortions, but of course, the black market always provides!
    Just a very interesting conversation- It’s nice to see rational thought, as well as actually communication.
    Good talk!

  12. This guy doesn't get it. If you seek out illegal activities, you're putting yourself at risk. People do heroine and meth illegally, and that is very dangerous. People get black market cosmetic surgery because it's cheaper and that's also life threatening. What does that have to do with anything? They are free to not put themselves in danger or at risk. If women knew abortions were illegal maybe they would be more careful about their reproductive health and stop treating it like a joke.

  13. What's crazy about abortions is most Americans are against it and yet very few do anything to stop it. You try to change the laws against abortion and you'll get angry women and men fighting for the rights to kill babies. Even when they can't have babies themselves.
    I've stood on the line and not once has anyone stood with me. Not one time.

  14. I support prosecuting the mother if she violates the law and aborts a child. I'd prosecute a person stealing to feed their family, so what's the difference?

  15. Ok abortion is banned. Mothers are forced to give birth to babies they dont want. Then what. What happens to the baby without people to care or love them? They more often than not turn to a life of crime or have terrible outcomes. Budren on society

  16. I'm from Alabama and we don't support any dumb ass liberals from here or anywhere else . Matter of fact I didn't know the two words Alabama and liberal went together . It doesn't really surprise me though . All the college's do is breed naive retards who has never experienced anything or been anywhere other than with their family on summer vacation . When the shit hits the fan these people will realize how bad they've fucked up . They are the same people who March and support black lives matter but if they were to walk through Birmingham day or night they'd get their ass kicked and their pockets turned inside out . Period . There's no ifs ands or buts . Wake up you fuckin morons

  17. saving lives by making abortion illegal would be amazing, however, not everyone can agree that having a child is worth it, even if we convinced mothers that babies are a true blessing to this world. it's just inevitable, there's always going to be that collective group who has negative ideologies about babies. so, they'll probably put their child up for adoption, meaning all those women who weren't set or convinced enough to keep their baby will be giving theirs away, and this may bring great consequences. although i would still agree to making abortion illegal, i can't help but think that even if we saved a life, we may just be putting them through a painful childhood of a foster kid

  18. I don't like the title of this video, and since I know that facts don't care about my feelings, the title is misleading, because the word confront made me initially think this guy was going to be stupid and really rude like most of the other people who "comfront" Ben. And then there's the "who do you think wins?" Well, we all know we're pretty much going to completely agree with Ben, so he won. But because the discussion was so civil, I think there would be a better title than the one that was chosen, and many others in this comment section have said the same thing.

  19. Why do they censor out the name of whatever group they are speaking to? Anyone know? Clearly a legal thing….but why?

  20. Never understand why Ben and his colleagues never ask a pro abortion supporter if they wished their own mother felt the same way. 😈

  21. Whenever I need a good laugh I watch this idiot try to argue slavery being more acceptable than abortion with a black man holding his microphone

  22. My favorite part of this segment is seeing this kid pretentiously holding a notebook and a pen while attempting to make sense of himself.

  23. Prosecute both. Murder is murder. I advocate for prosecution. Under any other circumstances they would be prosecuted. Why prosecute the doctor maybe he doesn't know it's a baby? That's the stupidest argument I have ever heard. Women know exactly what their murdering the same as the doctor and everyone else in the world. As long as abortion is legal. No parent regardless of what sex they are should be imprisoned for murdering their children. It's either wrong All the Time or None of the Time!

  24. 3:23 His point was, I think, that illegal abortion would increase the risk of death for the mothers who are doing abortion as opposed to legal abortion.
    However, yes, its still a net win.
    If women realize that they have to take care of the baby or at least gave birth to the baby, then perhaps they wont be as slutty.
    If guys realize that they have to take care of the baby as well, then perhaps they wont be fooling around as much.
    And women might then dislike guys who fukked every available holes. And guys might then curb their animalistic instinct and be a more responsible adults.
    Then by one or two generation, youd have a society who respect sexual interaction as sacred, who respect marriage as sacred and be morally upright (at least in male-female relationship). Thats a net win.

  25. It's really not that hard…
    See, not that difficult to understand, right?

  26. Teach your sons how to wrap it or wait and teach your daughters how to only pick men who can wrap it or wait in the problem ends itself

  27. This guy makes a good and valid point. If there were 50000 illegals, there would be closer to something like 60000 deaths. If abortion were illegal, something would need to be done to limit illegal abortions from a moral standpoint.
    Illegal abortion sees many more mothers dying.
    Still, end abortion.

  28. Ben sharpiro is good at setting up thought- traps so fast. He's always setting the environment for the other person to think and then he mentally anticipates what the other person would think and has an answer ready for them to prove his point.

  29. That's why when someone hires a hitman to have someone killed, we only prosecute the hitman, not the person who payed him.

  30. ABORTIONS SHOULD NEITHER BE LEGAL NOR ILLEGAL FULLY —- coz it is a medical issue too and many times abortion is needed for medical reasons !!!! So if it’s totally illegal then the mother life can also be at risk in complicated cases !!!

  31. I have a question !!! If ABORTIONS should be ILLEGAL then why is that COUNTERCEPTIVE PILLS are legal ??? I mean just by biology as sperm is also a human cell So Why is killing a human sperm LEGAL ??? We can’t just say only zygote ( when male sperm and female egg combine ) is human cell so we should make it illegal coz sperms are also HUMAN CELLS !!!! so by this logic everyone should get preganat during sex without condoms instead of taking pills ….. so the point is u can’t say “ half a human cell ( sperm ) is ok to kill but not the zygote ) —- its a medical grey area – abortions should not be illegal but there should also be restrictions on abortions —- so as not to encourage abortions unnecessarily

  32. You could turn that around on him for the gun debate actually, making guns illegal makes a black market so the worst people get said guns thus making the danger greater by his logic so why make gun illegal to own then? The lack of deep thinking on the left is honestly rather scary, they never seem to think more than just a shallow bit about anything they want to enforce without a moments thought to the long term. Then again if you only reason through emotion you will only make snap choices that are poorly thought out.

  33. If your a rape victim and get pregnant then you should have the right to have an abortion, and teenagers should not be able to have abortions to

  34. Making abortion illegal right now is a very bad idea in my opinion.
    1) several abortions happen to young to middle aged teens, funny thing about that is there primal brain is still making connections to there frontal cortex. In other words they literally cant make choices while being fully informed.
    2) forcing a baby onto a mother who dosen't want it has the potential to psychologically destroy this child, a mother to a child is an irreplaceable bond that has a lifetime of effects on the mind. Being miss treated or even knowing your not wanted will have a massive impact.
    3) obviously rape, mother at risk, ect
    4) we currently have problems adopting out children, and keeping people off the streets, and preventing carbon emissions. Adding on to that wouldn't be a great idea.
    I think abortion should be illegal only after we solve our current problems

  35. Mr. Shapiro has wisdom beyond his years! His reasoning is so connected with today’s real solutions to the moral decay of society. We need more reasoning of this nature!

  36. ok lets say abortion is illegal.
    why is it okay to demand that rape victims carry the baby to term?
    what about circumstances which could kill the mother if she brings the baby to term? we just demand that the mother die "because its the law"?

  37. I go to BU, he's coming to speak in less than 2 weeks (so excited!), and people here are protesting to ban him and are totally misrepresenting him. I just wish people would listen to everything he has to say before they make skewed judgements.

  38. Wait a minute !!…your position or desire is to see more infants being murdered than to see them protected and given a chance to live??..who would want someone like this to be near you when u are drowning or in a near death situation?…if he cannot see a baby as a precious human soul how is he going to see you and I ,grown ups as worth saving when we are near death ?….

  39. I'm a pro lifer who does support prosecuting the mother. If abortion is illegal, and you seek one in the black market, you still violated the law, and still killed a child. Prosecuting the doctor because he entered into an agreement doesnt alleviate the mother of her role in the transaction.

  40. I really just want to meet Ben. He reminds me of my favorite History Teacher. My grandparents are Liberal and its hell of annoying to listen to liberals rant about how they want monarchy.

  41. One of the funny "leftist" things about abortion….is how they can see the "Racist History" in every statue, founding father, The Constitution, etc….by Margret Sanger and Planned Parenthood's origins just seems to TOTALLY PASS THEM BY? 60% of abortion being people of color..passes them by. More blacks aborted in New York than born a couple of years ago…passes them by!!

  42. Since murder is illegal, murderers have to endanger themselves and potentially a whole host of other people. Should we make it legal to keep the overall danger down? That’s the problem with the latter question he has

  43. Abortion becomes illegal, backroom abortions the baby still dies and so does the mother , I only feel for the baby and not the mother who is aborted . How's that for karma b** !

  44. I have some many views on politics as a lot of us do and I’d love to be a debater but I don’t think I’ll ever be as quick as Ben is to come up with a counter arguement to everything everyone says and make it sound like a diss, boo ya, and a logical reply in 10 seconds after there sentence.

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