Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada Tamil Full Movie

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada Tamil Full Movie

We spent our lives playing and roaming
around, like a bunch of kids. Suddenly, it feels as
though a decade has passed. I feel like a man. Come what may… I feel like I can face it all. We’re not cops. We’re not thugs or
gangsters either. We’ve never encountered
violence in our lives before. There was just this small fight
when we hit someone for my sister. That’s it. And I thought that was it. That I’d
lead a normal life, like everyone else. But that was then… Anything can happen in life. The question is… are
we ready to face it? He’s such a loser. He’s followed her all
the way to college! He is not letting her be.
– What are you waiting for? Let’s go. I know
where to find him. Let’s talk it out! You’re a dancer,
not a thug. – Get moving, man! Listen, you must be patient.
First let’s lure him out. Brother, come here. Come here! Come here, brother. Come on… We know what you’ve been upto. He’s the one. Your approach is wrong. I didn’t come all the way
here to give you pointers. She said she doesn’t like you. Stop going to her college,
following her around… Hey, just hit him!
– Hey, I’m talking to him right? Those days of stalking are over. Times have changed now. …and get a haircut. You need to cool it. I’ll need twenty minutes, dude. I can tell. Have fun! Careful! They must have known that
I’d come to drop Mahesh. I parked my motorcycle
and waited. I saw four silhouettes! I knew there was
going to be trouble. Only, not for me. For them. You’re laughing? I don’t know… I did feel fear. There was this knot
in my stomach. But I also felt courage surging through
my body… that I could face it all. So you didn’t cut your hair? I’m not allowed to hit
on your sister… But its okay for you
to romance our girls? Yeah, but not me. Just him. I just tagged along. Drop and pick-up. He’ll be here, wait up. I’ll come to your house tomorrow
and see about your sister then. Six punches. Six blows. There was power in every punch. Don’t let him get away! You’re getting thrashed! Don’t let him go! You’re still not done? You hit him when I was talking!
Now they have landed here. It’s turning into a big fight!
Get here soon, man. They’re taking it out on me!
Quick! What’s happening, dude?
– Come on! Did you get them? How
did they come here? Hop on, you fool!
– How did they know I’m here? They’re coming, dude! Go, go, go.
– You’ll never see your Divya again. You were getting action and
I had to face action, man! When I have sons someday, I’ll
tell them about these six punches. “Boys… This one time, your daddy beat
up four men and threw six punches!” If a situation were to
arise, I can handle it. I’m confident… that I have the
stuff it takes to deal with it. I think that kind of confidence
is very important in life. Okay! – Bowl, now. Specials for the day. Too expensive, right? I’m okay with it, dude. May be too much for you. Whoa! – Dude, I’m sitting here. I’ll tell Divya! I was scouting for you, man. Oh yeah?
– It hurts me to see you single. I feel guilty whenever I
spend time with Divya. ‘Cause you’re all alone and I’m
happy sleeping on her lap. Sure, I believe you. Love. Girls. It takes something else
to find that, right? It needs a different
kind of confidence. I don’t have it… and I think
its better to not have it. At least I can be a good boy. Be a straight-forward
guy, all my life. Uh-huh. Okay! – Continue, dude. I am close to both my sisters, I
spend a lot of time with them. And hence I thought I
could figure out girls. But no way! Not happening. I realised that even girls
can’t figure out themselves. That’s correct.
– How do you manage? I… – Stop! You hardly do any talking. It’s all action, right? What happened, dude? Back to Sukanya’s topic. Our friend’s Second Love. This isn’t love. You
haven’t even held my hand. It’s easier for you to forget me, than
for me to try and love you again. This is over.
– Sukanya, please… That was an original dialogue! And she’s only sixteen! Next, it was Mallika. Our friend’s Third Love. She was from my college. She said she liked me. And I never let go of her hand. Tried some other stuff too. And she dumped me for just that. How dare you? I thought you’re a decent guy. You’re such a disappointment.
Just… First, not holding hands was the problem.
Then, holding hands was the problem. Girls always have a problem. It needs to just happen. Love…. must hit you like a thunderbolt.
Turn your life topsy-turvy. That’s surely not an original line.
– Will happen, someday. Meanwhile, I’ve got
my First Love. First Love? Who? She’ll be here tomorrow, dude! Tomorrow? Finally! Superb, man. Now there’s
just no stopping you. My Royal Enfield. She be my first love! Showkaali! Come on, come on;
Don’t just stand there frozen. Showkaali! Move on, move
on; Girls are everything. Showkaali! Come on, come on;
Don’t just stand there frozen. So, buddy! That looks a perfect ten; Put
on a fancy shirt, take chicks for a spin. Showkaali, showkaali, showkaali; Turn
left, turn right, as you please. Showkaali knows how to ace it
all; I’m a showkaali, oh yeah! My bike- it’s my wings! It’s
the most important thing. I swerve and bend, won’t you let me fly? Let
go of sad stories, won’t you let me be? To embrace and hold on to;
My bike is all I want. To forget myself, go a long
way; Only for a bike I pray. Just that… Oh yeah, just that. What’s up dude, check out my ride; With
them girls, you’re on the other side. All you see and feel, aren’t your own;
In my ride, my dreams are all mine. Up against fate, my bike is my armour;
Don’t try to follow me, it spells danger. Showkaali, showkaali, showkaali; Turn
left, turn right, as you please. Showkaali knows how to ace
it all; That’s a showkaali! Showkaali, showkaali, showkaali; Turn
left, turn right, as you please. Showkaali knows how to ace it
all; I’m a showkaali, oh yeah! This breezer of
mine; Makes me fly. Showkaalis, we know all the tricks;
Forever, we’re in the heart of them chicks. Join showkaalis, with girls we can party,
yo! Don’t wanna? Then you’ll fly solo. Club like a king, Like
a walk with a queen. If she’s the one you
like; Hold her tight. Hey sweet girl – whatcha thinkin’?
You’re single, and I’m willing. A showkaali, that’s me! There ain’t no flat tyres in love;
What about your bike though? My bike may get punctured; But
it’ll never be a torture. It rains kisses, in her lap I find solace;
When I switch to top-gear, I see paradise. A bike can help me score chicks;
Could a girl ever score me bikes? Yeh yeh yeh, Yepe yeh yipe yeh. Chicks we don’t care;
Bike is the game. Yeh yeh yeh, Yepe yeh yipe yeh. Chicks we don’t care;
Bike is the game. Your gait and sway leaves me clueless; Your
mesmerising gaze drives boys sleepless. When he sees the curves of your hips;
The boy falls head over heels. We’re young, we know every trick; But
we still fall prey to your magic. I’ve seen your beauty and grace;
Every single time, I go into a daze. I got enchanted by your bold glamour; And
oh boy, I fell hook, line and sinker. Showkaali, showkaali, showkaali; Turn
left, turn right, as you please. Showkaali knows how to ace it
all; I’m a showkaali, oh yeah! Dude, the roaring lion and it’s
stride; It’s the bike I ride. Sweet little girl – what are you doing?
Stand aside and watch this thing. Come over to this side once;
With the Ducati, let’s bounce. Showkaali wants to ride again;
Yearning for a second time. Showkaali is trapped by your
moves; He’s crazy in love. Showkaali wants to ride again;
Yearning for a second time. Showkaali is trapped by your
moves; He’s crazy in love. Leela! She happened. She’s Maitreyi’s college friend.
– Oh! Our rules apply! Our sisters are sisters to all of us.
– Yes! But our sisters’ friends… They’re not our sisters!
– Not at all. Anyway, rules are meant to be changed.
– I like you, dude. I just covered up in
the nick of time! I’m sorry. I need to use the rest room.
Maitreyi said this was her room. Yeah. I’m sure you deliberately
left it unlocked! I looked in the mirror for half an hour,
wondering if the stuff she saw was alright. I’m stylish and all. But I’ve put on some weight. I know! This is my friend Leela. Hi. You’ve met the others? Hi! Leela, this is my brother. We just met. Want some ‘bajji’? Yes. – And milk? Mom! Milk? – Yes, milk. Want some ‘bajji’? – No! So you’ve all graduated and
this is your treat? ‘Bajjis’? Dude, you know most of
Maitreyi’s friends. We’ve seen them around. But this girl, she’s
something else. The nape of my neck was on fire. With the thought that she
might be looking at me. How do I talk to her
about the girl now…? So… Nice, no? What? Did you get a good look at her? Who? Cut the act. Leela. Isn’t she beautiful?
– Can I say something? Why didn’t you bring
her home earlier? You should have
done that sooner. She’s beautiful. But you won’t get it. I’ve heard you girls saying
“Leela this”, “Leela that”. But you never mentioned
that she looked like this! You wasted three years
studying Visual Communication and two years
in Mass Communication! I didn’t want to distract
you from studies. You have two backlogs as it is. If you’d introduced me to her in my Final Year,
I’d have graduated First Class with no backlogs. I’d have gotten my
degree in June. She’s inspiring. She
can’t be a disturbance. She’s Leela Joseph. From Alleppey, Kerala. Just kidding! She’s Leela Raman from
Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Hindi girl? Father is a Tamizhian,
mother is a Maharashtrian. Mom asked me to learn Hindi! If only I hadn’t
fixated on Tamizh… Don’t pack your bags
to go after her, now. She doesn’t live there.
She lives here. We’re doing this course
with the director together. And she’ll be living
with us from tomorrow. Her father is coming here tomorrow
to make sure she’ll be okay. Say that again? Her name is Leela, she is my classmate,
she’ll be living with us from tomorrow! Anything can happen in life. And that includes you
coming into mine… Son? – Yes… All this time, I said the world is not
beautiful; She was the slap on my face! With the meekness of a short vowel;
And whiff of a long vowel… In my head; A love
song she’s played. Today, I looked in the mirror; And
said “Happy birthday, Stranger”. All this time… I thought there’s no beauty in this world.
How she proved me wrong! All this time… I thought there’s nothing sweet in prose.
How she proved me wrong! All this time… I thought there’s no warmth in a melody.
How she proved me wrong! All this time… I thought there’s nothing pure about the
breeze; How she’s proved everything wrong! Sorry. You have to sleep on the
couch because of me. Best moments of my life. Day and night… Everyday! For 7 – 8 days. It’s become a routine. The T.V. is on, but
no one’s watching. I’m talking here! Listen. You have to sleep on the
couch because of me. Not at all! I’ve been on the couch
for five years now. Dad wakes me up in the morning. I sleep
in my parents’ room for a few hours. They’re girls. They
need the privacy. So do I. No problem. It’s not
because of you. It must be nice, with
two sisters at home. It’s real torture. It’s nice sometimes. Like right now. I’m the only child in my house. Dad, Mom and I. But that’s so boring. Really! Maitreyi talked about you
a lot during college. She said good things? Yeah, yeah. – Oh! She’d say, “My brother is super-cool,
very protective, really chilled out.” I even heard your Sukanya story. Her famous dialogue? “It’s easier for you to forget me than
for me to try and love you again.” She actually said that? Maitreyi! Everybody knows! The whole of Tamil Nadu
knows my love story! I did my schooling here,
at Church Park Convent. My parents decided to move
to Kolhapur after my school. Four years of engineering! Dad said it’s okay, that I needn’t
go to work right away. So… I completed this M.B.A. course
here and now I’m chilling at home. Doing nothing. Basically, jobless. We talk all night. Most of the time, it’s
just the two of us. Sometimes, Maitreyi joins us.
– Thank God! Such great chemistry! It’s sizzling! But in a good way. I can feel it… Not sure if she can though! We acted, too. He asked us to stand
next to the heroine! Like background artists. Assistant directors don’t just work!
They make them stand in the frame, too. Who is the heroine? We’re way better than her! Even YOU are better? – Buzz off! Heavens! Do you like it or not?
– I don’t. I only want to write. I like to write. I want
to be a script writer. We’ve both decided to become a writer duo!
– Yes. We’ll churn up material to make movies.
That’s more interesting. Just 20 more days of internship. Leela – Maitreyi. The writer duo.
We’re getting it registered. We need an office. A nice
place, but not too expensive. Help us, got any leads? First, write something
interesting. We’ll look for an office later. Okay, I’m really sleepy. I’m going. You stay
up if you want. Get going. Let me know when
you want to sleep. No… It’s okay! I’m fine. Dude! I can’t wait for it to be night. I understand. Mornings are too sweaty! – Oh! Just think, surrounded
by boys all day! I’m bored of spending all
my time with you guys. This is too insulting, man. I’m going.
– That’s my house! If you’re going, go out! Another insult! So cute! – He’s just joking… Stop! – What time is it? I fell asleep. – I noticed. You could go in and sleep! I’m hungry. – Hungry? Yes, we had dinner at 8! It’s midnight now. I’m hungry. Here you go. Enjoy! – Wow. My favourite! Thank you so much. – It’s okay! Maitreyi told you? No. You’re not eating? – No. I just completed my M.B.A. I know I don’t want
to study anymore. I thought I’d travel for a
bit and then find a job. Travel where? All
over the world? Within my means,
something much smaller. South India! I was supposed to
leave last week. My friend Mahesh? He ditched me. I didn’t want to travel alone. It will be nice. On my bike, that too! It’ll be great. Seriously? On a bike? Yes, it’s just a bike. Not
like it’s a ship or something. Not so loud! No one
at home knows. They won’t let me go on my bike. So, it’ll be from the street
corner and not from home. First, Chennai to Kanyakumari. Watch the sun rise there. Will
figure out the rest later. Wow! I’m leaving next week, for sure. So, you have a good bike?
To go on a road trip? Which one? You haven’t seen my bike? No. What’s with you girls and bikes? Didn’t you notice that big, black
monster right at the entrance? No. I haven’t seen it!
– I guess she’s got long sight. Come! Isn’t she a beauty? Shall I tell them?
About your road trip? Please don’t! I’ll
be in trouble. You’ll be safe? Don’t speed, ride safe. You haven’t even told them!
Ride slow. Okay? Good night. – Good night. That day, I thought to myself,
if only you could go with me! She said “Ride
safe”, “Ride slow”! She could just come along. Finally, it will be Mahesh! Such a cute girl, man. Like A.R. Rahman’s music.
– Yeah. She’s like that. – Hosanna? In that movie, the
girl lives upstairs. But here, she is at home. He is so lucky! It’s like his music that grows on you.
– Yeah! As you talk to her, as you
go on looking at her… clean, pure love grows. Here’s a fuzzy, white cloud;
On my mattress it’s perched. And when I meets you gaze…
Uh oh! Wonder what you’ll do now? My life is not like before. So what?
I couldn’t ask for more. Wonder what you’ll do now? All this time… I thought there’s no beauty in this world.
How she proved me wrong! I said, there’s no beauty!
And she’s proved me wrong. I said, melody is not bliss!
And she’s proved me wrong. I said, prose is not sweet!
And she’s proved me wrong. Oh, she did! She did, she
did, she proved me so wrong! Oh, she did! She did, she
did, she proved me so wrong! Oh, she did! She
proved me so wrong! Hi! – Hi… Were you busy? I
hardly see you around. I’m not always
jobless, you know. I had some work in college. My friends wanted to meet. I’m leaving tomorrow. I’ll
head to the hostel, pack my bags, and day after morning
is my train to Kolhapur. Maitreyi said she’ll
come there in two weeks. We’re planning to
start writing there. Nice! All the best. – Thank you. If you’re leaving,
I’ll get going too! I’m leaving on my trip
day after tomorrow. On my bike. I keep asking the
guys to come along. But they’re all in
pursuit of their future. Mahesh said he’ll go. But I
know he’ll ditch last moment. His girlfriend won’t let him go! Whether he is coming or not, I am
heading out. -On your bike for sure? I’ve seen enough of buses and trains.
Yes, on my bike! With the wind on my face!
On my Royal Enfield. Don’t tell Maitreyi! She’ll tell on me.
– Okay. But, how? I’ll say Mahesh wanted the bike. He’ll take the bike tomorrow. He’ll wait at the street
corner day after tomorrow. I’ve told them I’m going
to Kanyakumari by train. I’ve got tickets, too. In case they ask. They
won’t ask, though. It’s an early morning train, so
I’ll leave at five in the morning. I had a great time. Really. So much better than
being at home. You stayed up so many nights
to talk to me. Thank you. Actually, same here. All the best. Ride safe. All the best to the two of you! Write fresh and interesting stuff!
Not something mundane. Okay, bye! Bye! I’ve kept cash in
your bag, be careful. Okay, dad. Got the train ticket on you?
– Yes, dad. Be careful! Don’t eat junk! Take care. I don’t like this at all. Where is Mahesh? He said he’d come directly
to the railway station? Exactly. Don’t worry, mom. I’ll be fine.
I’m only gone for five days. Say you’ll be back in five days! I’ll be back! Happy? Be safe! – Okay, dad. You’re a big fat liar! Just hundred feet from the house! He’s
standing there dressed like a thief. I managed, somehow. I had to beg for Divya’s
permission to go for five days! This better be worth it. This is true friendship.
– Stop! Move. It’s Leela! Yes. What’s she doing here? Hi. – Hi! You didn’t go? Are you going to my house? Maitreyi didn’t say anything. So early in the morning…
Is everything okay? Yeah. We’re going triples, I think. I thought I could go with you.
On your road trip. Sorry, I thought you said
your friend may not come. But he’s here, right?
No problem. I’ll leave to Kolhapur.
The train is at 8:30. That was the plan anyway. So… It’s okay. You carry on. Are you sure? – What? About coming with me on the road trip?
– Yeah, why not? It won’t be easy. It’ll be like travelling
with the boys. You’ll have to rough it out. My rules. And you don’t
know me too well. You’re a girl. I’m a boy. I’m decent. But still…. Looks like its going to be doubles
and just the two of them. Your friend is here this time.
Go with him. He’s a boy. You’re a boy.
It’ll be nice. But he’s not coming! Dude, are you coming? I was out of here two days ago. The minute she got here,
I knew I’d get cut off. No, no! It’s okay, I’ll just leave.
– I told you! I’ll come next time. I
feel really bad for him. You’re still here, dude?
– Superb, man. Let’s go, man. – Your luggage! It’s all here. Don’t worry. He’s leaving. – Oh God! Oh, they’re leaving! Superb! – Sorry. I feel really bad for him. I don’t even know your name. What? You don’t know my name? I swear! Maitreyi never mentioned your
name when she introduced us. She always refers to you as ‘my
brother’ when she talks about you. I don’t remember anyone at home
calling you by your name either. Even when my dad came! I was hoping to
eventually ask you. But I never asked! So, what’s your name? Oh! That’s alright.
Let it be like that. So, why did you decide to
come with me on this trip? This bike will take off with or without
you, depending on what you say. I’ll tell you. You
start the bike. I’ve never been on a bike. Never even sat on one!
This is the first time. I always wanted to! You said “wind on my face”, right?
I want that too. I guess you are a decent guy. Anyway, Maitreyi is there
if I need to complain. I gave it so much thought… ever
since you mentioned this trip. I know if I let this chance
go by, I won’t get another. This is why. You okay? – Yeah! So, what’s the plan?
Where are we going? Are we riding non-stop or…? What’s your name? Tell me! We are heading to Kanyakumari.
Via Salem- Palakkad- Trivandrum. Since you’re with me now, the rest
of the plan might change a bit. Let me know if I
need to pull over. Else we’ll keep going till
we need to eat or sleep. No stops! No problem. Keep going! Need water? Mango juice? No, thanks! Biscuits? Noodles! – Oh, no! Cake? Chocolate cake? Looks like you have a
mini food-court in there! Looks like you can eat non-stop?
– Yeah! Very good. Pretty falcon, soaring across the
sky; Are you faster, or am I? Time plays tricks with my wits;
Now, I can’t tell East from West! I’ve transformed into a bird, today;
My hands and wings are the same! Hey, Falcon! Is
that a challenge? Is that a challenge? Will you win? Or will I win? Race me, And we shall see; Who will confess their love first?
Who will fire Cupid’s arrow loose? With you and me talking endlessly;
Silence walks away, quietly. Like the Lotus dancing on the pond;
I perceive daydreams so fond! Your warmth on my shoulder;
Is a glowing fire in winter. Hello, sir. – Hello! Welcome. We’re travelling from Chennai to Kanyakumari.
It’s become dark. We need a place to stay… Oh, you need to stay?
– We’ll leave in the morning. This is Leela. My
sister’s friend. You are our guests.
We’ll take care of it. Imagine in the city, you knock on somebody’s
door and ask to spend the night… they would call the cops, right?
– Yeah! Because the people
here are all heart. All day, the walls come closing in;
At night, the mist is my only friend. And a soft voice sings in
my head; Is this my end? On my face the breeze is upbeat; And
behind me is a green little parakeet! This is a journey of a lifetime!
Oh, let it never end! All day, the walls come closing in;
At night, the mist is my only friend. And a soft voice sings in
my head; Is this my end? On my face the breeze is upbeat; And
behind me is a green little parakeet! This is a journey of a lifetime!
Oh, let it never end! Hey, Falcon! Is
that a challenge? Is that a challenge? Who will confess their love first?
Who will fire Cupid’s arrow loose? Drenched in the last drop of rain and shine;
And the stars, perpetually following. How could I ever forget,
each town’s unique scent? I don’t remember when I last
said- “An adventure so wild!” And it may never happen in the
future; Oh, I’ll cherish it forever. Drenched in the last drop of rain and shine;
And the stars, perpetually following. How could I ever forget,
each town’s unique scent? I don’t remember when I last
said- “An adventure so wild!” And it may never happen in the
future; Oh, I’ll cherish it forever. Hey, Falcon! Is
that a challenge? Who will confess their love first?
Who will fire Cupid’s arrow loose? With you and me talking endlessly;
Silence walks away, quietly. Like the Lotus dancing on the pond;
I perceive daydreams so fond! Your warmth on my shoulder;
Is a glowing fire in winter. Your warmth on my shoulder;
Is a glowing fire in winter. A glowing fire in winter. Two rooms, right? No. Just one. If I say yes, are you
going to judge me? If I say one room, will YOU? No. Just think I am Mahesh. That’s the experience
I came for. To hang out with the boys,
and to be like the boys. Is that so? – Yes. Let’s go then, dude. Just kidding. Don’t be scared.
– I’m not. Single room. Double occupancy. Twin beds. – Sure. Two separate beds. Okay, sir. Your name, sir? Here is my ID. Thank you. What a name, sir! – I know. Sign here. Here you go. – Thanks. Yeah, he told me… Leela… You go in, be comfortable.
I’ll wait outside. Complete foodie, right?
Eat away! Hello, madam? Leela… Leela? Good morning. It’s 4:30 A.M. We have
to go see the sunrise. She and I, are like Tamizh and potion;
She and I are like waves to the ocean! She and I, are like devotion and benefaction;
She and I, are like roots and trees. Like the tree and it’s shade;
Like motion and action. Like a team and treaty;
That’s she and I. Like crowd and courage;
Like toil and triumph. She and I, We’re like
grace and glory. You’re emotional too, like me? Great! I feel like I’ve
found a good friend. A friend forever. Like a river to the fish,
And expanse to the skies. Leela, come here for a moment. Hop on, I’ll drop you home. Like a song and it’s
theme; That’s me and she. Me and she, Are like
being and the body; Like the harp and it’s strings;
Like a flower and it’s fragrance. Me and she, Are like
being and the body; Like the harp and it’s strings;
Like a flower and it’s fragrance. She and I, are like
honey and sweetness. She and I, are like
laughter and happiness. She and I, are like
cold and night. She and I, are like
sun and light. She and I, are like Tamizh and potion;
She and I are like waves to the ocean! She and I, are like devotion and benefaction;
She and I, are like roots and trees. Like the tree and it’s shade;
Like motion and action. Like a team and treaty;
That’s she and I. Like crowd and courage;
Like toil and triumph. She and I, We’re like
grace and glory. She and I, are like Tamizh and potion;
She and I, are like Tamizh and potion. When I spoke to dad
two days ago… I told him I’m still at your place,
and I’ll be home in two days. I never told him I’m on
this trip with you. Get it? Drop me somewhere near home. We are about three hours away.
– Okay. Even when I called home, I never
told them you’re with me. Why? – I don’t know… I didn’t say anything
when we left. They won’t get it
if I tell them now. It’s not like we are
doing something wrong. ‘Something wrong?’ – Yeah,
but they won’t believe me. They will misunderstand. We’ve done nothing wrong. They’ll
think we have, that’s so wrong. Give me your number. Actually, I
wanted to ask for your number. Yeah.. 9-9-6-9. You won’t even say your name… I am
going to save it as “Who is this guy”. What say? This isn’t just friendship… You’re more than a good friend. I am dying to tell
you this is love. I’m yearning to say “Don’t go.
Be with me.” My mind is unable to function,
I’m at a loss for words. Oh, there’s a change in the clime;
Precious as a pearl, this ticking time. My heart is throbbing hard; But my
mind can’t find the right word. The only thing in my view;
Is an image of you. I beg my eyes to rest;
But they protest. Time passes in a flash; Slashing
my back like a whiplash. In that misery; I found poetry. These are my written verses;
In unknown jargons. Like a mighty ocean you stand; I only
see the waves, for I’m just a child. Pour me into the sea of flame; It’ll
be my waterfall, all the same. It’s a still, wordless night; While
the whole town sleeps tight. O Moon! Like you, I shine;
I sleeplessly pine. I’m living in a surreal world; With
the colours of a dancing bird. I stretch my arms, reaching out to
you; But then, why did I fail to? For that first kiss, why does it take
forever? It smoulders the flower. Don’t you move away; Don’t
you ask me to move away. Our lips are but thorns,
Disguised as flowers. Don’t you move away; Don’t
you ask me to move away. Our lips are but thorns,
Disguised as flowers. I affirm that our bodies are no barrier;
But you and I both know, that it’s a lie. So, come closer now. You show up in my dream; When
I awaken, you hide from me. In my reverie, everyday; Like
raindrops, you shower away. Love has caused a strange intoxication;
But the sight of you causes hesitation. Tick-tock, tick-tock;
Time slips off. Tick-tock, tick-tock; Ticking
off my years of love. Why does my heart palpitate?
It’s the cruel game of fate. My dear, let’s be
together; Forever. My dear, let’s be
together; Forever. Tell my parents only if I die… I can’t imagine dying without telling
you this. I’ll never forgive myself. I’d rather die. I love you. From the moment I first saw you. I was scared I’d die! and
that’s why I said “I love you.” What was even scarier… was waking up at the hospital and
finding you weren’t there next to me. They said you came with me, admitted
me, and registered my name as Mahesh. But you weren’t
with me after that. You weren’t there. I was scared wondering
what happened to you. Hello. – Hello? What happened to your phone?
I’ve been trying to call you. Where are you calling from? I lost my phone. That’s why
I couldn’t get in touch. How are you? – I am all good. The sunrise was
really good here… I’ll be home in a couple of days.
Please handle mom for me. Hold on, she wants to talk. I’ll call mom after
I fix my phone. Okay, when are you back? I’ll be back. In two days. Mom is asking me questions,
and I can’t handle her. I’ll be back, bye.
– You took your bike, didn’t you? Don’t hang up… Brother, is this the
Government Hospital? This is the one. – Thank you. It took me two hours to locate
your ward in this hospital! My Hindi is that bad. It hurts! If I was on that
bike with you… I’d be a dead man now. There is a God. My bike is all gone. My bike, dude… bloody hell. I took such great care of it! It hurts me so much when I
realise my bike is gone. The doctor said it was
a hit and run truck. If I get hold of those guys… Now, she’s gone too. Have no clue where she is. Nobody knows anything. I don’t
know who can help either. Hello? Hello… It’s me. Leela. Hey! Where are you? I’ll tell you. How
are you feeling now? I’m fine. Doing okay. I couldn’t talk these
past few days. I called up the hospital yesterday
and enquired about you. They told me you’re alright. Thank God! I couldn’t be there with you. I am really sorry. There was a situation…
I had to leave. My dad… They hacked him. And mom, too… What? – Yeah… He is at the hospital here. I am here with him. The doctor says he
might not make it. They also tried to kill mom. But she escaped. We’re practically hiding
at the hospital here. What? – The truck that hit us… … was also sent to kill me. That wasn’t an accident at all.
– What are you saying? How do you know? I don’t get it!
– After I admitted you in the hospital… …my dad called me up. He
was the one who told me. He was panicking. That’s when he was attacked.
They butchered him! I heard it all. Everything’s changed
in a second. You shouldn’t be there. Go home. I’ll talk to you later. Did she say someone tried
to intentionally kill her? So, it was a planned attack
to take down your bike. She never told you why? She said she didn’t know. She didn’t say anything else. Dude… this sounds scary. So knowing all this we are
going back for her… we are going to be with her? Why? – I made a mistake. What? When I was hit by the truck,
and lying on the road… I told her, “I love you, Leela”. I know! But I told her. Really? You picked THAT moment? I thought I was a dead man.
It felt right to tell her. You didn’t think of calling up your
parents, saying goodbye to them? Or even talking to me? – Yeah, all
of that ran like flashes in my head. But in the end, it was
only love that lingered. Lingered! Sure it did. We go there, and
be there for her. Love will be on the back-burner. What’s her dad’s name? Raman? Raman… – Straight down,
take a right, second floor. Second floor? He doesn’t talk much. Excuse me. Sir, none of the cameras
here are working. I don’t think he will help us.
– What’s he saying about some camera? Dude, there is no one here.
It is empty. Leela… Leela, who is it? They’re my friends.
You can leave. Don’t cry. How is your father doing? They just keep saying
that he wont make it. He is on life support. They’ve stabbed him in
ten different places. And your mom? She has a head injury.
She fell down. They’ve attacked her, too.
But she’s not too critical. She is inside. Tell me… What should I do? Who this is, why they did this…
I don’t know anything. Nobody knows anything. Why did you come here? I asked you to go home, right? You are injured, too! It’s okay. I am fine. Never take it for granted that there will be
no violence in an ordinary person’s life. Anything can happen. My ordinary life turned into a violent
action story at that hospital. If a situation were to
arise, I can handle it. I’m confident… that I have the
stuff it takes to deal with it. That kind of confidence is
very important in life. That day, was an acid
test to that confidence. Leela? It began this exact moment…
when I least expected it. You’re Raman’s daughter? – Yes. Is this a hospital or what?
What’s with the crowd? Get going. Leela, get back here. Come here. Don’t let them go, dude. Stab him, dude! Come on! Don’t let them go, dude! Oh my God, what’s happening?
Who are these guys? They got away. They escaped. They jumped over the wall.
We couldn’t get them. Who are these people?
– I don’t know! Who would dare to come
in here and do this? You shouldn’t be here.
None of us should be here! Are you okay?
– This looks so wrong. Yes, let’s leave. Guys, are you okay?
– I am fine. Get me that knife. The knife… Here. – You keep this… If they come back, you use this. Let’s go. – Where are we going? We’re going down. You be here, please. Excuse me? What is happening here? You didn’t see them? Some guys attacked us. – Sir… Do you even know…
– Sir, what’s wrong? They had a big knife! What happened?
– Can you please call the cops? Where is the police station here?
– It’s forty kilometres away. Is there another entrance
to this hospital? Yes, sir. There’s an
entrance at the back. Dude, it’s the cops. I can see that. Come on. What’s the problem? What is it? Her father, Mr. Raman, admitted upstairs…
was attacked three days ago. Now two guys tried to kill her. We need some policemen here.
Should we put in a request? English… weak…No understand!
– He tells me NOW! You must come to the Police
Station, file a written complaint. That’s how you ask for
Police Protection! Who are you? I am her friend, sir.
I studied with her. Who is she? She is Leela. Mr.
Raman’s daughter. What’s your name?
– Chennai, sir. Your name is Chennai? Chennai? Sir, my name is not Chennai.
I am from Chennai. Tamizh… I am a Tamizhian. Who just came now?
What happened? He hit them so hard… they
got scared and ran away. Hit them? You shouldn’t have hit them.
You should have called us. I would have come immediately. Stupid baldie. He was
swinging the knife! You want me to call you at that time?
And request him to put the knife down? By the time you come, they would have
killed her and we would all be dead. Got it? They had a knife. The weapon is still
upstairs, sir. They ran away. We
are all afraid. Can you provide some security? You’re there, son. You’re there for everything.
To take care… To provide security and protect… to
change nappies… you do everything! You here… police go! Run! Run! Run! Sir, I don’t expect a police
officer to talk like this. I don’t know why you’re
behaving this way. Kamath, come here…
– He is a scoundrel, dude. Tambe, go check. Okay, sir. Not you… call Kamath here. Sir? Sir, they’re calling you.
Kamath! Go, baldie. He’s calling you, sir. Dude, I don’t trust this guy. You’re also being rude.
It’s not right. That’s the guy who
attacked us upstairs. I know. He’s in a casual chat with them.
He’s a frigging cop! I understand now, sir. What did you understand? Come with me. Come on. Who is it? Sleep mom, go to sleep. Don’t worry, mom.
Everything is fine. Don’t worry. I am here now. I
will take care of everything. I don’t want a circus here. All of you leave now. Get going.
– Can’t you hear? Get going. My mom and dad are admitted here.
I should be with them. The others can leave. Just the two of us, sir.
We will be here. Listen, son. You told me… Two guys came and attacked.
I get everything. But you shouldn’t be here.
You should get going. Go! No, sir. She wants to be here with
her father and mother. We’ll just be here somewhere.
We won’t disturb you. The hospital permits
just one attendant. The girl’s mother is
here, that’s alright. She can be her
husband’s attendant. Now the girl wants
to be here, too! You want to tag along with her, and you
friend wants to tag along with you! You’re driving me crazy! This is crazy! This doesn’t look like a hospital
that follows such rules. Not the hospital’s rules.
My rules. No, sir… I am not
going anywhere. I just have to hit him. I said, leave! Hear what he said? Grab that guy!
– Please, sir. Rascal! You swore at me in your Chennai language?
Called me a mongrel? Get out of here. I
came here to help you! No! Sir! Sir, can you please sit up? There is a fracture in the
cartilage of your nose. I have fixed it for now. It’s going to bleed for a while.
You need to rest… It’s fine. Are you even a doctor?
– I am a doctor, trying to help you. What kind of a hospital is this? Do you have any idea what happened to us?
– Calm down, sir… If you keep moving, you
will continue to bleed. I know I am fine.
What is all this? Nothing to worry about.
There are cops upstairs. Sir, one minute. Let me fix this…
– Please! There is no one else? There is one cop. They’ve
sent the others away. The others? The baldie who hit
you, he is gone. There is another cop now, nothing to worry.
– What about your friends and relatives? All of them left. He sent them all away. Oh no! Dude… Listen to me. For heaven’s sake, the two of you
just stay here. Don’t come out. Sister, what do you want? Go in! Close the door. We can’t set it up
better than this. The nurse has been sent away,
the cameras are all turned off. You want me to
throw a party now? Don’t get too comfortable. Get
the job done in five minutes. I’m leaving. How did you…? When I shot them… I thought to myself, I had
a lot to tell my kids now. “Dad got hit by a truck, got thrown
on a bus and still survived…” “hit two people who
came with knives…” “threw a cop down a flight of stairs,
don’t even know what happened to him…” “then grabbed his gun and shot two bad
guys HE should have ideally shot.” But then I thought, it’s not the kind
of bed time story you tell children. You can’t tell kids that “Daddy’s
hands actually held a gun once”? Actually, I should say…
“Kids, you shouldn’t hear any more of this.
So close your eyes now!” Just hold on! It’s okay. Please… Should we call someone? We
need to call the nurse! The cops on the floor
there, unconscious…! We’ll call… Hey, what is this? Mahesh… – Shit! You shot them?
– Calm down, listen to me… Tell me. You did it? – YES. But, why? – I shot them. They’re bad people. What would
you have me do? – How could you? They tried to kill her
mother and father. I would have died, too.
You’re okay with that? This is wrong, man. You shouldn’t have come upstairs. Darn!
– What will they do? Where is Leela? She’s over there…
– She’s safe, right? Sir, please don’t do this…
– We MUST get out of here. Is there an ambulance? Mom, are you okay? He won’t last too long.
He looks terrible. What’s your plan?
– I honestly don’t know. All I know is, we’d have died
if we remained at the hospital. There would have
been more of them. And there was the cop, too. Isn’t there ONE good person
in the police department? There must be. Let’s take them home?
– It’ll be the same situation there, too. We’ll take them to
another hospital. Check the nearest
town on your phone. Your phone has internet.
– Wait, man! I’ll check. I think it’s… Karwar or Belgaum? Yes, Bel-something…
– I think it’s an hour and a half away. Let’s go to a police
station there. We’ll tell them what happened. They have to help us. The police will help us take
him to another hospital. He must hang on till then. We can go to the police station… But
you’ve shot two people, killed them. What would you tell them?
Will they be understanding? We’ll have to make them understand!
– Listen, please… Sir. You hired the ambulance
to drop you home. I shall drop you home. Karwar is four hours away,
I can’t drive you there… See? We told him we’re going to Leela’s.
He’s causing trouble. It’s fine if he can’t take us. Ask
him to get off, we’ll drive… What’s happening? Mahesh, tell me
what’s happening? Dude! Mom, it’s okay.
Everything’s fine! Is he dead? Dude, is he dead? Are they firing, Mahesh?
– Dude, hold on to him! Oh no! He fell, man. He fell! No! Get the wheel, dude! They’re shooting. I got the door! Who are they, Mahesh?
– Don’t know, Leela. Don’t panic. Hang on! They’re right after us. It’s going to be okay, mom! Dude, keep driving.
– You don’t panic. Come back. Do you know where we’re headed? I do. You stop shouting now! Watch out… Are we okay, Mahesh?
– Their car’s toppled! Yes, yes! We’re okay. Dude! Keep going. Go, go, go.
Don’t stop! Why won’t you keep quiet? Dude, take the left turn.
Let’s get to the highway. When did you learn to drive? I don’t know! I’m
managing somehow. Keep going, man! Watch out! Why have we stopped, Mahesh? Drag them out of the vehicle. Let’s run away, dude. Who are they, Mahesh?
– Hold on, Leela. It’ll be okay. Down! I said down! Dude. Please… Come on… Get down! So, it was you? Drag them all down. All of them! You didn’t hear me? Dude! It hurts. It hurts…
– It’s okay. Hang in there. 1… 2…3…4… Is that man lying inside? Kneel. I said kneel, witches. Please, please…
– I’ll come to you later. You, kneel! I’m talking to you!
– Yes, sir… You’re Leela? It’s you we set out to kill.
He got in the way. It got a little messy. “Bang”! I could just shoot you.
– Please, sir… Is the old man still alive? Remove the life support, everything!
– Please! Don’t kill him. Please…
– Don’t do it, sir. No, sir! Please… What’s your connection with them?
Why are you getting so excited? What is she to you?
Are you doing her? Are you a big-shot hero?
– No, sir. You killed my men at the hospital?
– No… Can I shoot you down? Huh? “BANG”! Shall I? You disconnected everything? Leave. You have nothing to do with this.
You saw nothing. Run. – Please, sir… Why did you kill the nurse? Poor thing!
– She’s dead, dude… Hero, don’t you get it? If a good cop comes along,
there should be no loose ends. Hold this tight, leave
your print in this for me. Just squeeze your finger
here, that’s all. Now, you’ll shoot everybody.
Fine? Him. Her. Her mother. Her father.
Everybody. Alright? – Please, sir… Finally, you’ll shoot yourself. Please… no, sir. Why? Hold this. – No.. Listen to me. Hold this… You barged into the
scene like a hero! Now you kill your people.
I’ll help you. I’ll hold your hand throughout.
Think I’ll just give you the gun? Don’t want it, sir… What? – No, no, no… What? What? – I don’t want that gun. HOLD IT! – I DON’T WANT IT. I HAVE ANOTHER GUN. I told you to stop! Take that now.
Die! Take that! Run! Run… Dude, over there! Shoot them. You shoot them, man. Come on, now! Come at me. I told you not to. Now take this.
Take this. Superb, man! You did great, dude! We friggin’ did it, dude! Don’t ever come back! Get in… Get into the ambulance. Let’s go! Is she alright? She’s alive. Mom, is she okay? She is alive. Can we
go to a hospital? Is he dead? You want to go check? Mahesh, she’s alive. What are we going to do? How is your father?
– Don’t know… She didn’t disconnect anything.
Everything is intact. How many of them were there? Five of them. They must be around here.
We must get moving. That’s correct. We need
to go and hide somewhere. We can go in the ambulance.
Please, let’s go. I know a place. They’re our family friends.
He’s a doctor, too. Let’s go to Dr.
Yashwanth’s place, mom! Shall I phone them? Call them right away. Hi, Leela. Are you okay? Where is your father?
Did you tell him? I woke him up. He
will be right here. Leela, what happened? Somebody attacked again? Atul! Wheelchair and luggage. Don’t worry! How could this happen? Oh, god! Wonder what’ll happen here.
Let’s help them, dude. Atul! Mom, don’t worry.
He will be fine. She’s badly wounded, Leela. Been bare feet, stones… It hurts so bad! That’s all I can do for now. I have treated them. The nurse is still critical. Your father is also very,
very critical, you know! We just have to shift him
somewhere for better care. Otherwise, I don’t think
he will last much longer. It’s better we get the police involved.
– No… No, doctor. That’s
not possible at all. You have to call them. – There’s
already a police officer involved. We must inform the police. No, doctor… That’ll
become a big problem! I know your concerns. But whatever you have done, you
have done in your self-defence. They will understand.
Don’t worry. Come on. There are some
good police officers. I know some people in the
police department we can trust. I will talk to them. Devanshu- Assistant
Superintendent of Police. No cops, dude. The cops here don’t
even seem like cops! Once you get locked up,
anything can happen. Afterall, we’ve killed people! He was trying to frame you,
back on the road there. Shall I just tell my dad? You think? What do I tell him? Over
the phone, that too. How to make him understand? He doesn’t even know I’m with Leela.
I’ll have to start from there. We spent our lives playing and roaming
around, like a bunch of kids. Suddenly, it feels as
though a decade has passed. I feel like a man. Come what may… I feel like I can face it all. We’re not cops. We’re not thugs or
gangsters either. We’ve never encountered
violence in our lives before. There was just this small fight
when you hit someone for Maitreyi. That’s it. And I thought that was it. That I’d
lead a normal life, like everyone else. But that was then… Anything can happen in life. The question is…
are we ready for it? I have a gun in my hand today. Two guns, actually. I’ve shot a few people.
I think I killed them. Only seen this in the
movies till now. Why do we need guns now? We’re here now. – Yeah! It’s over now, right? Yeah… We won’t need it anymore. When the cops come, we’ll
turn it over to them. Okay, dude. I’m really sorry. All of this… was
because of me. You should never have come here. I don’t agree. I was able to help you. Maybe, that’s why we even met. You staying in my home… Coming on the road trip with me…
All of it! There’s a reason for everything.
Think about it. And then, there is love too. After the accident, I was scared that I’d
die. That’s why I told you I love you. Bad timing, I know… But what I said was right. At some point during
the road trip… We made a connection. Here… This timing is not
great either, eh? But the stuff I’m
saying is correct. I love you, dude. Love you! I love you too bro, go for it. Leela! – I… What are you doing here? Come inside. Go easy on yourselves. I will tell the police how
he helped the family. By the way, you didn’t
tell me your name. Dad, I’ll just switch
on the motor pump. What happened?
– There’s no water on the tank. Just relax. Don’t worry. I will
do the talking. I told you so! It’s the same cop. That’s it. I don’t want to hear anything. Just get into the jeep. You hit a cop and stole his gun! Just get into the jeep. Give me the gun. Give it! Is he the good officer
you were talking about? No! I don’t know this guy. I spoke to the control room and
asked for A.S.P. Devanshu! Devanshu has sent me. Don’t get me worked up. Uncle, you’re getting
into big trouble. These people are very dirty fellows.
Bad fellows! Get in the vehicle now! Now, watch the fun unfold. Dude, it’s that guy again. He’s not dead. Mahesh, go inside. Take
Leela and go inside. How does he have a gun? You screwed up, now they
are pointing guns at us. Get moving! Into the jeep… Get into the jeep now! Oh god! No guns please. Officer, they are innocent.
Listen to me. I’m talking to the officer.
Please put… What are you doing?
– Inspector, please… Atul! Atul? What’s that? He almost shot me in the head… would have blown my brains
out, barely got away. Dad…
– What are you doing, Atul? I’ll talk to you later.
Don’t ask questions. Please go inside, dad. Drop the gun. Go inside. Dude, get in! Quick… He went that way.
Let’s go to the back. Doctor, what’s happening? Are
you with us, or with them? Of course I am with you! Didn’t I
help you save the nurse’s life? Is there another entrance to the house?
– I locked the doors. But, the balcony… They can
come through the stairs. Doctor, he’s stopped breathing!
– Check on them, Mahesh. Take them inside. Don’t come out.
Doctor, please, go… Oh, no! – Mom! Get back! Dad, move aside. Saw my shot? – What’s happening? Oh my god! Why are you killing innocent people?
Why are you doing this, Atul? Where’s that mongrel? Take that. Father! Father, move away! Come out, I’ll let you go. Father, open the back door! Who are you, boy? Son of a…! Mahesh…
– Leela, wait. Stay there, I’m coming. Don’t come out. They’re innocent people! My hands are itching to shoot.
Better ask your father to move. Don’t touch the phone, father!
– I’m calling the police. Don’t come out, dad. Atul, you’re making a mistake. Why are you doing this? They shot my mother. You scared little boy. Come out! I’m here, Leela. They shot them both. Through the window. Mahesh
and my mother are dead. It was that police officer. He murdered them! Can they be saved?
Are they alive? Doctor, are they alive?
– No, they’re all dead. Didn’t I tell you? I’m also a
doctor, they are all dead. Now you’re left. I’ll
shoot you down, too. Come out, you wuss! Let’s get out of here, please.
Let’s just leave. Wait! You can’t hide in the dark. Leela, go! You can’t hide from me. Come on. I don’t think he’s come out. Go that way. I’ll
come the other way. They’re not here. We have to go. My mom and dad! Don’t even know what’s happened to dad!
– Leela, we have to go. I can’t die here. We have to get out of here.
Understand? How could I leave them behind? Come on! You are so dead now. Die! I got the gun.
Shall I shoot him? Shall I shoot him? It’s not working. It’s not firing. Please… Give me the gun. Sit. Suddenly, something struck me. We can’t let fear chase us. We must chase fear away. I’m taking a U-turn. What’s happened? I’m so pissed off. With a police officer in
tow and he hit me too. It’s the biggest
mistake of his life. The police are meant
to protect us. Mahesh… I couldn’t save him. Your mother… Don’t know what’s happened
to your father… My bike! That nurse… You. They’re fearless. I’m not afraid either. I shouldn’t run away. They’ll lock me up anyway,
I don’t give a damn. We’ll see it through.
No matter what. It’s only hard to die when
you’ve seen too much of life. I’ve seen nothing, I
don’t care Leela. You get off somewhere. You should. But I’m going after them. I don’t know what I’ll do. But I’m going back there. I need to know why
they did this. I’m going to get them all.
They won’t know what hit them. Tell me where you want to go.
I’ll drop you there. Nowhere. I’m with you. Let’s go. I’ll go with you. Wherever. Look, policeman…
– Calm down, father! I’ll explain. Calm down! I’ll explain everything.
You go in. Tell him to chill.
– Come with me, dad. Open the door! Your dad is a mad man.
– Where is the other mad man? You can’t force me.
– Hold still, uncle. What’s with all the drama, uncle?
– I know the commissioner! Sure, go to the commissioner. You’re talking too much, uncle.
Oh, shut up. Atul! Come on… He’s battered my brain! No, no. I don’t believe you.
Not Leela! No way. Let’s go, dad. – I won’t come! Dad, I’ll explain everything.
Let’s go. I’m your father! I’ll hit you! Come inside, I’ll explain everything.
– No, I won’t. Take me somewhere and kill me, too!
I’ll be free! Leela… I need you with me or I
do this without you. This is not the time
to cry or mourn. Not now. I need you, Leela. Okay. I need you to be safe. We’ll get a room here,
you stay inside. Look… here’s the gun. Use it. Don’t be afraid. Use it if you need to. Careful on your way in.
They shouldn’t see you. Call me once you’re
inside the room. Call to Mahesh’s phone.
Tell me the room number. I’ll come in after five minutes. Check in saying single
occupancy, one day. Okay? You’ll be fine. Okay? Go. Don’t worry. Go! Cover your face and go. Cover up properly. Go. Trust me, I’ll handle it.
I’ll come. I had a plan in mind. If I find the room where the good
doctor and Atul are staying in… and beat the hell out of Atul… I’ll know who is behind this. It’s a good thing your mother
didn’t live to see this. She couldn’t have taken this! What’s become of you? Why did you kill them? You killed them in our house! In my house! I’m a doctor! I save lives.
– Calm down, father. Calm down. You’re evil!
– Look at me. Relax! Dad, calm down.
– This is because of your party work! There’s a big problem! Kamath will be here. I’m
only asking for ten minutes. Just ten minutes! Stay here. Don’t go anywhere. No! Kamath sir… Are
you coming here? My father is furious. He needs
to know what’s happening. Shall I give him the phone?
You’ll talk to him? Hey Atul… Where is your dad? Doctor? I’ve used the gun twice, I’m getting used
to firing the gun. Why did you kill them? I won’t hesitate to shoot
you and walk away. Why did you kill my friend? Who the hell are you people? You dared to kill my friend! You killed my friend! Die! Not everything in life goes
according to our plan. Sometimes, extraordinary things happen
that change even the best laid plans. Come out of the room. – Okay. Get the bag. Don’t leave anything behind.
Leave the room now. Is everything okay? No. But it’s all over. Except for the cop…
it’s all over. Come now. I need to find the doctor. Did you hear that noise?
– Leela? Don’t worry. Just come out. I heard gunshots from inside. Open the door. Let’s look. Where are you? – I’m here. I see you. Keep coming. Kamath! Come on, quick! Leela! Raman’s daughter! Let’s go.
– Why should I come with you? You killed my mother! What did you do to my father? You murderer!
– Shush! Where are you going? No! – Come with me, girl. Come! It’s nothing. Just
some drunkard! Go inside. There’s some
issue upstairs, go check. Go on! Hello? Yes, Kamath speaking. Note down the vehicle’s
plate number. MH 102545 A bearded guy… He’s gone towards Balki Chowk. Find him and bring him
straight to the guest house. Don’t take him to
the police station. What’s going on here? Out of the way! Move! Go out. – Check everything. Son of a…! Mom! Mom… Mom… Mom… Cry. Cry your heart out. We have a lot of time. I’m really sorry! If I could do this… and change everything
in a second, I would! Forgive me. I thought we’ll be
killed if we stayed at the hospital But they got killed anyway. I’m really sorry, Leela. It’s my fault. I’m responsible. You’re not responsible for this. Mahesh is dead, Leela. He came here for me. Everything changed in a second! He’s dead. He’s twenty, Leela! My friend, Leela… he’s dead. What will I tell his dad? How will I even step
into his house? Let’s just get out of here! Please… he’s a police officer.
Let’s just go! Don’t shoot him! Let’s
just go from here. There you are! I know how to send you off. Where’s the gun? Huh?
Where, where, where? Please, sir. I threw them away.
– Do not have it? Your guy speaks
too much English. Where is it? Where? Somewhere on the way.
– Somewhere? Rascal! Oh well… What’s this? And you said you don’t have it? Please, sir. No, please. I’m shooting your girl down! Please! Leela! Tambe, get him! Thrash the mongrel! I’ll get you! Oh, bugger! I will thrash you, you mongrel! Leela… Leela, you’re fine. Leela… please! Leela, please… Oh no! Leela, please don’t leave me. Please, please, please! Leela… Don’t leave me, Leela. Please, Leela! My god! She’s gone… In the end, he shot Leela too… And I still couldn’t kill him. I couldn’t shoot him down. He is a police officer. And I’m just an ordinary guy. How can I kill him? But I should… Leela, you’re fine. You’re okay, don’t worry… Just hold on. Shit! Please… don’t do this! Don’t worry, I’ll take you to a hospital.
– No! Stop doing things for me.
No more. No more. Please. Let it go. You’ll get into more
trouble because of me. Go away, now. Leave me.
– No way! This is not just for you. Not just you! Tell me your name. Tell me your name, before I die. I’m not gonna let you die! I’m not gonna let you die… I can’t imagine dying
without telling you this. it would be a terrible mistake. I don’t know if there’s any
point in saying it now. But I’ll say it anyway. What is it? I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you too, actually. Now, you’re my hero. But that’s not why… Even before all this… You know when? I know. When? In Kanyakumari, at the hotel… I told you to use the
room and waited outside. That’s when. Oh, god. Yes! Was it so obvious? Yes, I saw it in your eyes. I knew for sure. That’s why I had the courage to tell
you, lying on your lap, on the road… And I’ll say it again now. I love you, Leela. Two people found murdered
at a hotel at Kolhapur. This incident has sent
shockwaves throughout the town. Two men found dead… in the
rooms of a private hotel. Eye-witnesses
recollect hearing… Sir! Zoom in! Yes, hold it! I can’t see his face.
This footage is useless. Mongrel! The cameras in the hospital were shut too.
So no footage there, either. Sir, we’re on the hunt. What will he do? Search in every hospital. What will he do with that
girl’s dead body? Marry it? If the chick is alive, where is she?
Which hospital? Anyone who brings that
man, dead or alive… gets a prize! A hundred
thousand rupees! Offer valid today and tomorrow. And be happy. No sorrow! Mahesh-the boy on the bike…?
His father… Sir, this is Mahesh’s
father speaking… Sir, I want my son! I want my son… I don’t speak Hindi! I
want my son, sir… A few days ago, five people were
found dead by the police… in an ambulance owned by a private
hospital in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. A social worker Raman,
his wife Kalpana… the ambulance driver, a nurse and
Mahesh – a boy from Chennai… were shot dead by unidentified
men, say the police. This horrific incident
has shocked the state. The motive behind these deaths is still unknown
after the first round of investigation. But it’s said that Mahesh was killed while
trying to help them move to a safe location. Greetings. How are you? Yes? Kamath from Kolhapur division. How can I help you? Sit. Tell me. A case has been filed. The deceased, Mahesh,
was riding the bike. But it’s registered under your name.
So we wanted to enquire… Mahesh was my son’s friend. He took our bike. With the girl. They went on the road trip. Mahesh called me when the
accident took place. I mean, I know this. So what’s the big deal? Big deal? Where’s your son?
– He’s here, at home. Your son’s name? His name? Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth… Yes. Excellent! Rajinikanth, huh? Take me for a moron, uncle? Don’t try to mess with me. If I start swearing, I won’t
spare your mother or sisters. Tell him! Okay, hold on. Son! Rajini… Come here. My son. Rajinikanth. You- Rajini? Yeah. You see, there was
someone with Mahesh. They’ve come looking for him. Please do co-operate.
– I’m ready to co-operate. Thank you, uncle. Thank you. You’ve been trying for so many months!
– We are trying, sir. Tell me. Where should I transfer you to?
– Sir, I’m sorry… Be prepared. You’ll get the
transfer order tomorrow. Sir, no… That mongrel has ruined everything I’ve
earned in all these years as a policeman! I feel like hitting
somebody now. Don’t hit me, sir! It hurts, sir! Come here, darling. Sir… Here are the details of the new
officers who will take charge today. Sir, it’s a little… I have urgent work now.
– What’s wrong with you? Why are you so stressed?
– It’s nothing, sir. Chill out. – Okay, sir. And this is… The story of how this Rajinikanth
became a police officer. My mom is a huge fan. So when I was born, she
didn’t think twice. I was named after him. Rajinikanth. Just open the telephone directory,
you’ll find, in Tamil Nadu alone… Many named Rajinikanth. But wherever I go… school,
college or somewhere outside… when someone asks for my name
and I say “Rajinikanth”… everyone stares an
extra three seconds. So I don’t say it
most of the time. Many people don’t
even believe me. A lot of people react the
same way Kamath did. And this… is the first episode of My
Life As a Police Officer. Kamath! The last time we met… since then… I have learnt a
little bit of Hindi. Actually, a lot has
happened since we last met. After you came home… I came here twenty days later. I have come here
many times since. I’ve waited outside the
station to see you. To kill you. Nothing else. I couldn’t bear to see you
throw your weight around. I couldn’t handle it.
I felt envious. And then I thought, I
should be in your place. But with one difference… I wanted to be a good policeman. I swear to you, only
when I saw you here… I knew I wanted to
put on this uniform. And that’s why… unknown to anyone,
I lived in hiding. I wrote the Union Public Service
Commission exams and passed. I turned down the Indian Administrative
Services, and chose the Indian Police Service. After the official Police
Verification at my residence… I spent one and a half years in
police training at Hyderabad. Then I got my first
posting at Pune. As an undercover cop. Then, I insisted on being
posted here and here I am! I was aimless in life… You’re the one who turned
me into a policeman. And for that… I must thank you. Baldie, everytime I saw you, I wondered
why you destroyed that family. Dr. Yashwanth helped me a lot. First I tried to find out how his
son, Atul, was involved in this. Atul was dead, but the
doctor had his phone. We found many pictures
in the ‘Deleted’ folder. We searched Leela’s house. We found
the same pictures in an album. I knew there was a connection. I found out she is the sister
of Leela’s mother Kalpana. Her name is Anamika. It took me a year to find her. Just last week… You must already know, she
was kept at a mental asylum. She was turned into a patient by one Mr.
Nathuram Dubey. I got to know all
this from Anamika. She told me the story that took
place twenty four years ago. A love story that began at the R.L.S.
Party offices… Back then, Nathuram Dubey was a gangster.
A party-worker. Anamika was a member
of the same party. He wooed her with
talk of his ideology. They were together
for exactly a year. Then Anamika tells him that
she’s pregnant with his child. You know, like, the famous Hindi dialogue…
“I’m going to be the mother of your baby” Nathuram doesn’t want
the baby or the mother. He asks her to get an abortion,
attempts to kill her. Unknown to anyone, she gives birth to a child,
and gives the baby up to her sister – Kalpana. That child, is Leela. Many years later… Nathuram
is a politician now. A leader. A big shot in the party. If they win this election, he
may be the next chief minister. When she got to know
this, two years ago… Anamika turned up out of the
blue at the party office… and tells him he has a daughter. “You betrayed me! You
tried to kill our child.” “You’re a horrible man. You’re
unfit to be a Chief Minister.” “She’s your child. She’s our child.
Admit it to everyone”, she begs him. Then she threatens him. Anamika’s only fault,
was threatening him. She forgot that Nathuram was
still the same old Nathuram. He found out that Leela
is his daughter. Twenty days later he tries to kill
her in a setup road accident. Then, he tries to kill Anamika. But fearing the repercussions
of murdering her… he admits her in
a mental asylum. When Anamika called Raman, he got to
know that Leela’s life is in danger. But he never knew that his own life
was in danger at that very minute… Shaken, he was on the phone with Leela
when she was at the hospital… The villain’s entry. Not knowing any of this, not
questioning anything… under Nathuram’s instructions, these
murders were executed by three people. Atul – Dr. Yashwanth’s son. You – Kamath. And gangster Hiren. From there… you became the main villain. Everyone else-gone. Because of me. What you did at the hospital… and the doctor’s house… what happened to us next… is all written in my statement. I deposed to the commissioner. Yesterday. It took me all this
time to say it. Because… I needed this uniform. Do you know why your
phone is ringing? Nathuram Dubey has
been arrested. Just now. We used his leader to get him. When we said we’re going to get
him, everyone co-operated. No one hesitated. He’s being brought down here. And your story ends here. Two of your colleagues will be chargesheeted
today for conspiring with you. One of their statements
is included in this. He turned approver yesterday. You are not a smart
police officer. I knew you don’t know who I was. I took a leap, and
worked towards this. I’ve been waiting to take me revenge
for two and a half years now. I played the patience game. I waited. I risked it. I feared nothing. Today, I am Deputy Commissioner
of Police- Rajinikanth! What do you think of yourselves?
Why have you brought me in? Who is this Anamika? If this could happen to me, think
what could happen to the common man! Give me the phone!
Give it to me. Sir… This is a police station. And this is my station. Neither is this your hostel.
Nor is it your house. There was an arrest warrant
served on you this morning. There is proof and evidence that you
were involved in these murders. You attempted to kill
your own daughter. You lawyer is on his way. Until then, please be
seated in that room. And THAT’S AN ORDER! What statement? What videotape? Take him. No, Kamath! Don’t. Either I walk, or I die. I’m going crazy! I will take ten
policemen down with me! Come at me, Hero! You little punk! Trying
to mess with me? I will walk into your house
and take your mother. Forgive me, uncle!
Please forgive me. Think you can become me just
by putting on that uniform? I’m not an ordinary man now! I’m somebody else. I’m a cop. A policeman! That day, I couldn’t kill a
bad man because he was a cop. Today, as a cop, I have
killed that bad man. So, we’ve won. I’ve had my revenge.
It’s all over. You’re okay now.
We are okay now. You don’t have to
be there anymore. Go home. I’ll ask dad to pick you up. I love you. It’s dark. Looks
like it might rain. Shall we get done with the
bike ride for the day? We’ll stay over
somewhere nearby. Hey Mahesh! One room or two? Speaking of Mahesh…
I wish he were here. Yeah. Move. What are you going to do? You’re acting weird! Didn’t I feed you enough? Wow! Thank you. For saving my life. Risking your own life! That too without a
second thought. I am not sure if I thanked you. You are my everything
You are my hero too. Your name is so right. The timing is right too. Look up! Be with me. Till I die. Marry me. Will you? Yes. Of course. In a heartbeat. Really? Just say when and where. Marry me. So, I’m stuck to you now? You put this on. I love you.

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