Aav Taru Kari Nakhu Trailer | Gujarati Full Movie Live On Eros Now

Aav Taru Kari Nakhu Trailer | Gujarati Full Movie Live On Eros Now

‘Is it on? Okay.’ ‘Watch. Watch. Watch.’ ‘Watch the fun of Gujarati
father and sons.’ Son, raw mango is sour
and ripe mango juice is enjoyed. Hasmukh is still great
compared to your youthfulness. “I am Gujarati superman.” “I am presenting a great item.” Hello.
– Wow. You thought of me and I am here. “Come closer to me.
We will have fun my darling.” If you love to have tea,
you should not keep cows.. ..and buffaloes at home. “Sweetheart, come closer.” If she comes, then welcome
and if she leaves, less of a crowd. ‘Did you enjoy it?
Then watch the story as well.’ Promise me that you will
marry off both our sons. Dad, what have you done? Marriage, my son.
I married Shakuntala. ‘The father got married.
What will the sons do?’ Drive. Drive. Drive the car faster. He is following us. Papa, you are doing
a very wrong thing. This is wrong. Everything is fair in love and war. You are a pig hiding
inside my husband. Are you abusing me? I haven’t abused you as yet. I know some colourful ones.
Shall I start? You rascal..
– Hey. That girl raped me. Whom do you want? Whom do you want? Your check-up. Oh, I have come for a check-up. In maternity ward? Now the end of papa’s
love story will be brought by.. ..not a bullet, but by this lipstick. ‘Do you want to watch everything
in the trailer itself?’ Aunty, come out! Your game is over. The three of us have
surrounded the two of you.. ..from all four sides. “Come, I will marry you off.” ‘Don’t go by the name.’ ‘It’s a family oriented movie.
Family oriented.’ Why, papa?
– Because I wanted to marry you off. What? ‘Come on 2nd June
and have fun with us.’

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  1. મિત્રો!

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    હું તેનો ઉપયોગ કરી રહ્યો છું અને મને તેના પૈસા મળી રહ્યો છે


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