7 BODY CONFIDENCE Hacks You’ve NEVER Seen Before: TEEN EDITION & Kylie LipKit Giveaway | AskKimberly

7 BODY CONFIDENCE Hacks You’ve NEVER Seen Before: TEEN EDITION & Kylie LipKit Giveaway | AskKimberly

What is up, everybody? I hope you are all doing amazing. Let’s get real. When you think about your body, is there even an ounce of shame that you start to feel? Or is there anyone in your life that you’ve seen, that you just wish could feel as confident in your own skin as they do; they prance around and feel so good, they’re so confident, and you’re like, “How do they do it?” Like, “I wish I could be like that!” Well guys, if you said yes to any of these things, today’s video is for you because today, I am giving you the TOP SEVEN BODY CONFIDENCE HACKS TO INSTANTLY FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN BODY without actually having to change a single thing about yourself. If you guys are new to AskKimberly, obviously hit that big subscribe button and click that little notification bell so that each time I upload a new video, you get notified. Follow me on Instagram so you see the post of the Q and A video each and every week. And of course, follow me on snapchat, because that’s where things get a little bit crazy. And guys, it has been a super long time since we’ve done a giveaway. So this week, I am giving away a Kylie lip kit in the shade of Candy K. I love these lip kits and Candy K is a perfect shade, it’s not too dark, it is so, so cute. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to be subscribed to AskKimberly here on YouTube and follow me on Instagram right here. Alright, you guys, let’s get right into the video. So the first tip to being body confident and feeling super hot is to get rid of any clothing that feels too tight. Like literally, throw them out. Ditch them, donate them, get rid of them, give them away. Clothing that feels too tight on us actually, subconsciously draws our minds to those parts of our bodies that are clinging to the clothes and feel too big, and that is not how you want to feel when you’re wearing an outfit. That, actually, is the opposite of body confidence. And clothes that are too tight just bring our focus to the areas that feel larger. Okay, guys, body confidence hack number two is — and this one is so good, I think you should totally do it; I feel like everyone should do this — find a photographer. So it could be a friend, someone in your neighborhood, someone who you know, and do a body confidence photo shoot of you in your favorite clothes, in your favorite locations. A photo shoot that just kind of makes you feel so beautiful. And use these photos on your profile on all of your social media outlets. These photos become your own visual representation of yourself. The point of this is to help you feel beautiful inside and out, and when you’re having a crappy skin day or crappy body day, you can look at that photo and be like, “Wow. I’m beautiful. I don’t need to change myself at all.” Okay? Body hack number three is to start trying on clothing in a larger size. Now this actually sounds a little bit weird but, ladies, it’s all about psychology. I think that 90% of us go into change rooms choosing clothes in the size that we want to be or the size that we think we should be, instead of realizing that every brand has a different sizing model. So you could be like a size zero in one brand and a size eight in another brand, and you didn’t change in the time that you were trying on those clothes. So try your very best to let go of the hangup of a numbered size, and just be open to the possibility of whatever size you are, because whatever size you are, it’s beautiful. This way, when you’re buying the clothes, you aren’t actually ending up with things that feel too tight which, in turn, as I said before, just make you feel more self-conscious, so it’s a vicious cycle. Body confidence hack number four is to wear a scent. Research has shown that 90% of women feel more confident when they’re wearing a scent. Experts have said that the scent that increases your body confidence the most are actually Oriental scents. So if you want a quick confidence pick-me-up, you can try a perfume like Prada Amber or Tom Ford White Patchouli, and these perfumes both have Oriental notes. Body confidence hack number five is to wear statement jewelry. So the whole point of getting dressed in the morning is to showcase your own personal style, not to cover up certain areas of your body or find an outfit that’s the most figure-flattering for you. But we are all so guilty of this. Like, I can remember times when I was a teen, literally changing five times because I’d be having a bad body day or I’d feel like I’m uncomfortable in my own skin. So when you wear a huge piece of statement jewelry like a necklace or a big bangle or a hat, it draws your attention and focus to the item that you love, and it helps you remember the reason of why you got dressed in the morning and just how cool your personal style is. The sixth hack to feeling super body confident is to wear a bright color. Even if you’re feeling drab, like all you want to do is wear black — and trust me, black is the color to wear when you’re feeling self-conscious, we’re all guilty of it — but try to change it up and have the confidence to wear a bright color. Bright colors are known to increase your confidence but they can also lift your mood and draw attention to your beautiful face! Have you guys ever noticed the change in your confidence when you wear a bright color? Leave your experiences in the comments below because I want to hear. Alright, you guys, number seven and the seventh hack to body confidence is to feel strong, and the best way that you can do this is through getting awesome exercise that you love. And obviously the reason, in my opinion, that we exercise, is not about getting small or getting super toned, it’s for your own health but also when you feel strong, you actually feel more capable in other areas of your life, but you also feel more confident and more daring and just more satisfied with who you are. I have personally noticed that people who work out are a lot less hesitant to show off their bodies because it’s almost like they know they’ve put in the work. They know that the way they look is like themselves in top form because they’ve done the work. So guys, head to that gym and work it, no matter what size you are. Feeling confident about the way your body looks literally changes your experience of the world; it makes you feel a little bit more daring, a little bit more sassy, a little bit more willing to take risks, and it’s all because of your mindset and the way you feel about your outer self. So guys, if you love this video, give it a huge thumbs up, come and follow me, obviously, over on Instagram and on snapchat. And of course, you guys, hit that big subscribe button and stay tuned for more weekly videos on relationships. I hope you love this video, guys. Love ya. Mwah! Bye! Captions by

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  1. Unlike majority of the world, I prefer tight clothing because I feel like myself. When I have loose clothes, I feel bleh.

  2. I hate myself and my body I never feel comfortable although I have crop tops and things I always wear a long shirt under because I am sooo fat on my stomach…. I just wanna find away I have tried to wear them body suites thst kinda control your body shape but no I still looked fat in it. Plus I cant wear outfits that used to fit me anymore

  3. My crush told me green in definitely my color.. hmmm thanks? Now I feel like every time I wear green he'll think I'm doing it for him hahaha, my overthinking…

  4. “Black is the colour to wear when you’re feeling self-conscious” about 3/4 of my wardrobe is black…

  5. Hey Kimberly! If a guy comes up w an exuse to hold hands like in arm wrestling would that mean he likes me

  6. Would love to do #5 but in the UK(Or at least in my school) we aren’t allowed jewellery and have to wear a uniform too which isn’t appealing

  7. I literally went shopping today and bought clothes that were bigger than my normal size and i prefer them a little big and feel confident for a change😍

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