6 ‘Teen Mom’ Pregnancies We’ll Never Forget ft. Amber, Maci, Kailyn & More! | MTV Ranked

6 ‘Teen Mom’ Pregnancies We’ll Never Forget ft. Amber, Maci, Kailyn & More! | MTV Ranked

– Oh, that’s real positive. – It like, broke the
little glass positive. – Oh my God. (upbeat pop music) – You guys are having a little baby. – [Chelsea] Oh yeah. – [Cole] We sure are. – It’s so early. It’s the size of a apple seed. – [Mandi] Aubree, you ready
to be a big sister again? – Yeah. – [Cole] Are you excited? – You were excited when I told you, I told you right away, didn’t I? – You were really excited. – We’re gonna have two under two. We were obviously trying, and I took a test every day
and they were always no. And I wanted know the
second I could find out. – We took quite a few. – I did it every day,
multiple times a day. It was two weeks ago, it
was a no in the morning, and then later, after I ran
errands, I took another one and it had the lightest,
lightest, lightest line. – [Cole] I knew it the whole time. – [Mandi] What are you
hoping for this time? A boy or a girl? – Girl! – I think it’s a girl and
Cole thinks it’s a boy. Are you ready for another little baby? – Yeah. – Okay, are you gonna change
the poopy diapers this time? – No! – [Cole] Yeah. – No. – [Chelsea] Now that
you’ve seen it enough. – No. – We have taught you. We’ve taught you well.
– It is your time. – I passed these duties to you. – [Catelynn] And now we’re ready for the next stage in our lives. (gentle pop music) (toilet flushing) – All right, let’s see it. – Blinkin’. – I can’t, it’s just takin’ forever, dude. (gentle pop music) – It says yes. – Yeah! – You’re gonna be a daddy.
You’ll be a good dad. Well, you’re gonna be a dad. – And I can’t wait. – I always wanted to be a mom. – I know, I can’t wait to hold it. – (laughter) You’re already
thinkin’ about holding it… – (mumbles) – Are you sure you’re ready for it? I think I’m ready for it. – I’m ready. I’m ready! Oh my god. We gotta
start planning (bleep). Okay, so let’s think. I think
this is what we should do. I go and get my degree
and then I’ll graduate when the baby is around… – What am I supposed to
do? Be a stay at home mom? – What you’ve always wanted.
Cause I think it’s important. And my mom couldn’t stay home with me, so I really want my baby
to be with the mom at home for at least the first 3 years. Once that kid goes to school,
then you go to school, and I’ll already have my degree. That’s what we should do. Alright. How do you wanna go about this? Do you wanna announce it on Twitter? Do you wanna announce it… – I’ll announce my pregnancy
when I feel the time is right, not now. Too soon. – Okay so think about
this though, wait babe. We’re supposed to get married next year. So how’s that gonna work? – I wouldn’t mind being
married before the baby comes. – So what do you wanna do? – We could always just go to the courts. – [Tyler] I’d never do that. (dramatic music) – I got a text from Chelsea saying that she needs to
tell us all something, so we’re gonna find out what’s going on. Alright let’s do this. (gentle pop music) – What is happening with you? Hi! – Hi. – How are you? – Good. – Hi guys. – Hello, did you get
a haircut? Looks good. – Sure did. – Hello, hello. – [Cameraman] (mumbles) – How we doin’? – You guys, we’re gonna… – [Mandi] Oh my god. No you’re not! – Yeah! – (screaming) Oh my god! Oh my god! – We’ve been waiting to tell you. – Oh my god, I’m that
person who’s gonna cry. Congratulations! – [Chelsea] Yes! – (screaming) Oh my gosh, you guys. – On Valentines Day. We’re havin’ a baby. – Yeah, the due date’s Valentines Day. – Oh my god, you guys! Okay, so let’s get you guys mic’d and then we will talk about it. – I’m having a baby!
– You’re having a baby! – My dress, you guys, I was like, “I’m gonna need extra fabric.” – Look at this. – [Chelsea] I got him
that for Father’s Day. (cameraman laughing) – Dilf. – You’re gonna be an uncle. Thank you! – Let’s get (mumbles) and
we’ll talk about everything. – Pete! You’re gonna
be a big brother, Pete! (upbeat pop music) – Chelsea’s pregnant! (screaming) – [Amber] I’m still not feeling well, and I wanna make sure this
isn’t something more serious. – How you feelin’? – Tired. – Yeah? Is this how you felt when
you were pregnant with Leah? – [Amber] Absolutely. – What does this say? – That the two lines are pregnant, and the one is not pregnant. Anyways. (gentle techno music) – [Amber] Here I go. – [Andrew] It’s, wants to know the truth. – [Amber] I’m nervous. Babe. – What’s happening? Say (bleep). ♪ Are you feeling something, ♪ ♪ something you came to forget ♪ – [Maci] I’m searching
for gym memberships. – Oh yeah? – Not really. I don’t
like going to the gym. I’ll probably do squats
with baby Jade or something. You know my mom told
me this day would come. – When you metalabism slows down. – Yeah. I’d say, “Momma, I just
wanna gain 10 pounds, I’m too skinny.” She’d say, “Stop saying
that, enjoy it while you can. One day that won’t be the case.” Well. – That one day just
smacked you in the face. – Oh it did. Yes it did. – You don’t think, like… you could be pregnant? Do you? (gentle music) I mean, it’d be crazy timing,
but I’d be pretty excited. – You have lost your mind.
We would have 2 kids under 2. Would need a bigger car, a bigger house. – Do you wanna take the test? – You know, I took a pregnancy
test when I was sixteen, and I didn’t cry then. If
this one says positive… – You might cry? – Yep. (urine trickling) – Don’t wanna know. What? What does it say? – [Taylor] It’s positive. – No way. Wait. If I’m already showing… – How far along are you? – Oh that’s real positive. – That broke the little glass positive. – Oh my god. – It’s gonna be fine. ♪ Hold me up ♪ – Hey. Give me a kiss boy. (lips smacking) Alright, come here. Give me a kiss. (Lincoln babbling) – I love you. – [Isaac] Bye, bye. – I love you guys. – [Lincoln] Bye, bye. (phone ringing) – What are you doing? – [Sterling] Sitting at
home. What are you doing? – I just took Isaac over to Javi’s house, and I have so much (bleep) that I need to do tonight for tomorrow, but I’m so (bleep) overwhelmed
and frustrated right now. Like I’m so (bleep) tired. – I’m filming. – [Sterling] What? Ay yi yi. (pop music)

100 thoughts on “6 ‘Teen Mom’ Pregnancies We’ll Never Forget ft. Amber, Maci, Kailyn & More! | MTV Ranked

  1. I used to work in a restaurant and Chelsea would come in a lot and she was just a total bitch. No one even wanted her to be seated in their section

  2. Her reaction to Chelsea being pregnant! Is so heartwarming! Her life makes me have hope that one day I will find someone. Have true love. 💗💗💗

  3. Just my thought isn't it funny how all of them just have pregnancy test laying around what the f*** where do they come from it's like don't they know about birth control just my thoughts guys I love my teen mom's

  4. the show is about showing teens keep having babies or what because that's all THays being filmed the all keep having babies the show is a joke now paying them to just have fun and babies that's it's a joke that mtv pays 4 this and pay good money wow

  5. What will Taylor Swift's impact mean for the upcoming midterm elections? Check out what Sway and guests have to say… https://goo.gl/BRXnBJ

  6. Wow! I’m shocked they included the scene with Macy when it was already a major story that she knew weeks in advance of filming that episode that she was pregnant (easy to google that story)

  7. I just watched this again..when Cate saids "I always wanted to be a mom's,
    Yet she claims she is a mom because of Carley. And Tyler's plans went right out the door cause Cate is so unstable.

  8. #5 makes me cringe! Tyler and lazy catelynn made so many plans and have accomplished NOTHING! The reaction on Chelsea's face when she told the crew and than Aubree was priceless. there's something in my eye 😭😭 I can relate to Chelsea the most. When she finally got her happy ending after all the pain and suffering that good for nothing Adam put her and her child through she deserves to be happy.

  9. Unless these girls weren’t using birth control it should come as no surprise…it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when. Smh! Duh lol talk about busy! Two of these moms are gonna spend more time dropping their kids off with their BD than anything else!

  10. So u tell me they ALL took the same type of pregnancy test🤔

    This shit so scripted and WHY DO THEY ALL KEEP GETTING PREGNANT??!! The main income is a reality show check. This shit wont last forever "SMARTIES"

  11. Chelsea makes my heart melt, she’s such a good mama, has a beautiful relationship with her partner, and is always so happy & bubbly.

  12. Jesus these comments.. condoms work people. Birth control works if you find the right one to fit YOUR body. These girls have to be willingly having sex unprotected. Come on now face the facts.

  13. kails pregnancy was the one i was the LEAST exited for i was like really b**ch wtfs wrong with you mtv why did you rate this one as #1 it should have been maci or chelsea

  14. Damn I wish I could actually have a baby, it makes me so upset when these people find out they’re pregnant and aren’t happy. Like don’t have unprotected sex if you don’t want a kid. I’ve been trying for almost 8 months now, and all negative. These people should consider themselves lucky.

  15. Didn't Cail have braces in the beginning? Not at all tryna be mean but it doesn't look like they worked.

  16. I am so unbelievably proud of and happy for Chelsea. She’s been through so much. She deserves all the happiness in the world. And her dad is absolutely amazing.

  17. Macy definitely knew she was pregnant🤣🤣🤣Look how she laid her hands on her belly. And how she sat up to go take the test.

  18. Caitlin and tyler saying they are so excited to be parents when they already are but let someone else adopt their first child??

  19. Every girl got pregnant again and again just for the show.. just to continiung to stay in the show.. just for the MONEY.. IT'S ORRIBLE AND SO SAD

  20. Love how First Response wasn’t edited out but then with Amber’s it was.
    First Response must’ve been a sponsor

  21. Maci is such a fake she needed another story line since she can’t keep Ryan’s name out if her mouth n Kalyn acting like she’s something special like a Hollywood movie star 🌟 trying to hide from the paparazzi that doesn’t follow her

  22. Its funny how the majority of all the moms are on thr 3rd 4th kid and ths show was susposed to do what total fail.

  23. Can I just say how mature the boy in the orange hat is of what I can remember I think his probably been the best husband and dad of all the dad's on teen Mom oh and Cole is as well

  24. So has everyone but Leah had an unplanned pregnancy since being on the show, and the show “promotes” the opposite message 😂

  25. 2:15 he’s acting like a fucking bitch. If she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom …sure
    But why is he trying to like force it onto her?

    “I think the mom should stay at home with the kid at least the first three years”

    ”I could get my degree and do that and that and that…”

    He’s treating her like his life & Dreams are more important than hers, it’s fucking disgusting.

  26. If u can't feed em don't breed em… being a single mother is a choice after several options so I'm tired of ppl using it as a crutch… 'Boo hoo wah wah wah it's soo hard for me feel Sorry for me" shit don't work in the real world

  27. Caitlyn and Tyler are completely adorable together and you guys have to realize that they have been together since they were 13 years old and then got pregnant at 16 gave up there first born up for adoption and I'll tell you guys this placing a child up for adoption is never easy and the most hardest decision a mother and father will ever have to make and another thing they chose adoption because they knew they weren't financially stable to raise a child at that time and they themselves wanted to graduate high school go to college and then have a family and guess what you poor saps who are bashing them I'm sure you couldn't handle half the stuff they went through and another thing giving a baby up for adoption is truly one of the hardest things in the world and I myself know personally because I chose adoption for my child three years ago so it's not Caitlyn's fault she has post partum depression because at the end of the day us as mothers will do anything for our children including giving them the best life possible then what we all had growing up and another thing they got married had another baby girl and just this year they had another little girl and turned out very successful and I'm also saying I'm the same age as them lol and if I never watched their episode of 16 and pregnant
    I would be fighting my state trying to get my kid back so does that make me a loser because I also chose adoption for my child and I also have depression and anxiety
    No one knows how hard it is to give a baby up for adoption y'all think it doesn't hurt it let me just say this for those of you who have gone through a break up it hurts 1000 times worse than that so none of you will ever know how that feels 😔

  28. MTV needs to get Amber off this show. Why would you continue to film a habitual abuser? If you keep Amber on, then you should bring back Farrah, Jenelle & David (unfortunately). Take Amber off this show!!! Then Gary and Christina get more time. I'd rather watch them than Amber anyway.

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