Hi guys, it’s Aleah, welcome back to my channel today. I’m doing my 37 week bump date I’m right around the corner I’m really ready for this baby to come out and I’m hoping that he comes soon but not too soon. Obviously So to continue on from last week this week. I had my biopsy procedure done It was pretty scary to be honest. The preparation itself was a lot more nerve-wracking than the actual procedure itself So I’m gonna kind of talk through my experience through it. So essentially I walked in and They undressed me from the waist up. They gave me a robe and I went into the radiology section of my Doctor’s office and they laid me down on the bed and they prepared me for the procedure. They rubbed some Iodine on the area they marked the area where they would place in the needle and Then the doctor came in and spoke to me a little bit about any potential risks, which were very minimal They said the only risk that could occur was a lactal fistula I believe, and they said that was incredibly rare And that it should have no impediment on breast feeding or any other daily activities or anything like that And he also told me which I thought was kind of funny; That it was possible I could go into labor?! Nobody told me that Beforehand until I was already laying down on the exam table Like already prepped and ready to go like just about to start the procedure and then they decided to tell me this information So I was a little taken aback, but they said that essentially anything that could you know Cause me stress or elevate my heart rate could essentially cause my body to go into labor So after they explained that I decided I was just gonna go ahead with it I was already laying down naked on the table ready to go So they prepped me and just as they finished they showed me a metal clip They would be placing in my breast and it was extremely extremely tiny and it shaped like the ribbon for breast cancer awareness so they placed that in me through a Sort of like a needle it was like a hole puncher essentially is what the procedure was so they place the clip inside of the mass Just in case that if there’s anything wrong a Surgeon or somebody could find that and use it as a marker so they know where the mass is on any future x-rays or a mammograms I would be getting in the future and then essentially they stuck a needle in me and They told me it would hurt, but I actually felt no pain whatsoever I’m pretty sure they did put a numbing agent on my breast but they told me I would feel a lot of pressure and I Would still feel burning in pain and I didn’t feel anything. So I was pretty blessed about that and then that was it that was the entire procedure the whole procedure itself probably took like five minutes to be honest and Then afterwards they put some steri-strips on the wound site. The only thing that was kind of Alarming is that I was bleeding a lot but they said because I Am pregnant and it is my breast that it is such a vascular area that it’s going to cause a lot of bleeding Also, they are Normally when people go into biopsies They don’t like them to be on any blood thinners or take any vitamins because the vitamin D can be a blood thinner However, since I’m pregnant, I can’t stop my prenatal vitamins So I was still taking that and of course it has vitamin E So they think that caused me to bleed even more than the average person who undergoes a biopsy So they did have to hold pressure for about like ten to twenty minutes after the procedure was finished and then they bandaged me up and then they asked me to ice it on and off every twenty minutes for about Six hours that day and they asked me to take it easy and refrain from any strenuous activity And I couldn’t lift my arm over my head or do really any kind of crazy movements with my right arm. So Essentially like I needed to play it very low-key with that arm. I couldn’t be doing anything crazy They told me writing and cooking and stuff like that was fine But putting on the coat I would need help or I would have to be very very gentle or any kind of you know brushing my hair they didn’t want me to do so that went on for about Three or four days. I also had to make sure I was wearing a tight supportive bra to bed as well for 24 hours straight and Because of the extra bleeding that I experienced they did take an ace bandage and wrap around me for the extra added pressure to control the bleeding and make sure that there the bleed the blood would clot correctly and That’s essentially what they wanted what they wanted to happen was for the blood to clot So other than that this week, I’ve really just been feeling a lot of sharp pains in My uterus and it’s not really so much Contractions just very very sharp like jabbing pains Like someone stabs me really fast as I’ve mentioned before I felt the Braxton Hicks contractions throughout my pregnancy in the third trimester So I kind of know what they feel like and this is a very different kind of pain It just feels like someone is like jabbing me with a knife It’s the best way I can describe it and I’m not really sure what it is I was kind of wondering if maybe it was like the dilation or the effacement process happening in my uterus because when I went to the doctor They told me that I was soft Which I assume is meaning that I was a little bit Effaced and I haven’t really been feeling the Braxton Hicks as much as I have but when I do feel them they have been way more incredibly intense and You know almost like real labor pains like very close together I experienced it one day this week where they were very Close together and very sharp and painful and we really did think that I was going into labor but it hasn’t been like past weeks where I Have felt the Braxton Hicks every single day, but they weren’t as strong as these ones were this past week. Other than that We did take a LaMaze class this week and in the Lamaze we learned a lot of great things about having a birth plan and kind of you know sitting down and figuring out the kind of birth that Garrett and I want to have our baby and kind of seeing it more as An experience where we can be a part of instead of just letting instead of just going through the motions and letting everything happen Creating a valuable and beautiful experience for the both of us that we would want for our child. So and Through this class and through the education We were able to have, Garrett and I decided we do want to make a birth plan And before I wasn’t even sure I wanted a birth plan, but this class has convinced me that certain are really important for me so I’m kind of gonna discuss but essentially Just to give you guys a quick summary of kind of things we want is I have decided that I kind that I would like To try having a natural labor as long as everything Goes according to plan and there’s not any medical problems where I would need to be induced or have the c-section But that is the goal that we’re setting for ourselves. So Hopefully I can stick to that plan But you know I’ve never been through this experience before so I don’t want to beat myself up too much if I do opt for some pain relievers but I’m gonna try my best and I really want this to be a The best experience possible for me and my baby some other exciting things this week is that I’ve begun designing the nursery We just received our crib and the baby is gonna be sleeping in the room with us. We only have a one-bedroom apartment right now We haven’t gone crazy with anything I just want to make it really cute and fun for him so you can have his own little area I’ve begun to put clothes away in his Crib, I’ll show you guys the crib and the nursery in another video at the doctor’s this week My blood pressure went down which was good because I talked about being a little worried about preeclampsia in the last video. Just because my blood pressure did jump to, I think it was 135/70 or something around that and they said anything above 140 They would probably mark me but having preeclampsia and they would want me to be on bed rest and things like that But when I went this week, it was well, I think it was 120/60 or something around that range So it was good and I only gained one pound this past visit as opposed to seven pounds in my last visit So I’m not really sure what that seven pound gain was But I only gained one pound this past visit. So I was pretty happy and fortunate about that. Other than that Another exciting thing was that we got our maternity photos done, and I was really worried We weren’t gonna be able to get them done just because it was so last-minute But we did get them done. We got them done at a botanical garden and the photos came out really great So the background is kind of very drab and gray, but I think Garrett and I really standout especially since I’m wearing this really bright, red dress I’m gonna go ahead and end of this video and Show you guys some of our best photos from the maternity shoot So I want to go ahead and show you guys those photos and I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you for watching. Bye You

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