35th Week of Pregnancy Symptoms (Philippines)| Taglish

35th Week of Pregnancy Symptoms (Philippines)| Taglish

Hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s Ruth and today we are going to do a 35th week pregnancy update So this week something very big that happened for me. is that my feet are getting swollen I have edema on my right foot and I have checked on with my doctor, and it’s okay. It’s not something to worry about The reason is that my blood pressure is not high, it’s not a pitting edema it’s just 1 feet, not other parts of my body as well If those things happen to you like you have pitting edema meaning if you pushed your skin and it takes a long time before returning to the original form and you have high blood pressure and then, you have edema in your other body parts It could be a sign of preeclampsia So you really have to go and see the doctor for that but on my case since it’s a mild, and it affects just one part of my body and my blood pressure isn’t that high and when I Elevate it, and I put ice on it it disappears quickly, just in a matter of minutes. it’s very ok It’s very normal in the morning my foot looks ok, but by the mid afternoon it becomes so swollen while the time goes by. I just need to elevate my feet. And then other things that I have noticed in this pregnancy, consistently pee every night once or twice a night I have a hard time sleeping finding the right position and also when when throughout the day, I am tired pagoda Pagoda bells, so I want to rest sometimes I feel demotivated. I don’t want to do anything sometimes but I just I really have to take it easy on this Pregnancy because its kinda getting big. what else? I also noticed one time that my sides are aching, my ribs yeah, it’s like I don’t understand, is it the way I dress my self or what so ever, so I will change clothes I will change position and or maybe it’s just the position of the baby. so yeah Usually I talk to my baby Please don’t kick my side ribs I also notice that, I tend to get forgetful, pregnancy brain I Don’t know if it’s normal with me or during pregnancy then sometimes like I don’t know I’m saying some things But I’m doing something else Fish brain like that. and so yeah and I want to show you the bump so this is how it looks like now So this is my 35 weeks bump Okay, so now One thing also that I noticed is during this pregnancy During this week the kicks of the baby. I’m starting to get to know them a little bit more Sometimes when the baby kicks, it feels like my whole tummy moves and then I realize it has movements like a staccato for five minutes it’s really that long I realized that those are hiccups So I already felt that before but I was just not knowing what they are and they just feel the same all the same to me so and I know now the difference between a continous kick I realized he was having hiccups and when he was kicking, it’s a different thing it’s really a kick and a Jab it’s like Painful, the baby becomes more locomotive that’s the difference this week So that’s my 35th week update for you guys I hope that you enjoyed it or find it helpful for you. If you did put some comments down below and also like this video Give it a thumbs up and subscribe for good vibes, and I will see you guys on the next video. Bye

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  1. 31 wks here FTM, good thing that i saw your video, yesterday night i was worried kung ano yung matagal Na pitik sa tyan ko then it was hiccups pla 😅😆😁.

  2. 32 weks now sabi ng doc maliit ang baby ko 1.5kg lang sya, panu po sya lumaki, nvr ako umiinom ng mga softdrinks and mga sweets

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