hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel if you’re new here my name is Sarah and I have a toddler boy named Suleiman.
I’m expecting baby number two in February I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant
and I’m going to be taking you all through my 29 week pregnancy update or bumpdate in the video, I usually talk about the baby’s development.
I talk about symptoms I also do a bump shot or a belly photo type thing
to show you how far along I’ve come in this pregnancy, I am much
bigger than I was in my first pregnancy and I’m not sure if it’s because it is a
second pregnancy or it’s because I have an anterior placenta, which means my
placenta is forward this pregnancy on Tuesdays I upload regular pregnancy
updates and bump dates on Fridays I do a video that is related to motherhood, cleaning, organizing, toddler ideas, meals, activities – all that good stuff. If there’s anything that you’d like to see on my channel please let me know in the comments below if you like this type of content,
please be sure that you click the like button subscribe for more and I’ll be sure to upload videos every Tuesday and Friday so let’s get into it baby’s development: right now the baby is
the size of a pumpkin or puppy which is the same as last week.
Size wise not too much has changed they are a little over almost sixteen inches long now
and about two point nine pounds they’re gaining weight,
but they’re roughly still around the same size range this week we’re entering rapid growth for
brain development this will slow down the height and the weight development this week. You’re not going to see too much change in that in the next pregnancy update but there is a lot of brain development that’s happening from week 29 to week 30 the baby is now able to see within the womb and they are usually scoping out the environment at this point they have their eyes open, they’re looking around and they’re kind of getting familiarized with the womb and this is pretty interesting
and you’ll notice this after they’re born that they find certain things that are similar to the womb comforting, such as: white noise, they like blackout curtains,
they like darkness and it’s because that’s what they’ve
become accustomed to next thing that’s happening this week is their red blood cells are developing within the bone marrow and the babies begins shedding their lanugo hair it’s not gonna be completely gone at this point,
but it is starting to shed and at this point the hair on the top of their head
will thicken if they do have hair I didn’t have any heartburn with my sons pregnancy
and he came out with a full head of hair I don’t know about this pregnancy. I have some heartburn will this baby have hair when they’re born? who knows Fluid begins to accumulate within
the alveoli sacs in the lungs and this is just to prepare them
for their first breath of life so what’s going on with me this week?
At 29 weeks, I will say that I’ve had difficulty sleeping symptom-wise I’m sleeping less and I don’t know what it is that’s waking me up at night something is waking me up
and it’s waking me up multiple times a night so I think it could be the baby. I’m not really feeling pain or discomfort when I’m sleeping I’m quite relaxed. It’s just I can’t seem to
get a full night’s rest and it’s… and I’m also having difficulty falling asleep
early so I end up staying up late and just my mind is rushing a million miles per hour another thing that’s happening, I guess this could be a symptom, is my toddler is acting up usually he’s pretty good. He does have, of course,
tantrums like any other toddler but recently… “mama” Yes, mama. He’s been so attached to me. but I’ve noticed a big change in his personality
and also other people are noticing it as well he’s just become more resistant.
He’s had a little bit more attitude and I don’t know if anyone else is going through this if you have more than one child or
if you’re in the same boat as me are your toddler’s acting up? are your children acting up? and what do you guys do to get around that? he is not listening as much as he used to.
I’m not sure what’s going on there but it’s been something that adds to my third symptom, which is I really I have no patience I lost my patience basically another thing that happened this week is.
I went to go see my chiropractor I like to get alignments done for my spine,
because I find that in this pregnancy I had sciatica and I mentioned it quite early on
and as soon as I go and they do the alignment I feel so much better
and especially now in the third trimester when sciatica tends to be a major symptom
I did go in with sciatica pain on – when I went to go see them this week, on Tuesday and then I left feeling no pain at all.
They did my neck. They did my shoulders They did, of course, my lower back, my feet and my legs and it just felt so much better if you have sciatica pain, I highly recommend that you talk to your OB and see if maybe a chiropractor is a good idea for you I did do physiotherapy after I had my son
and I’ll probably do it again after this baby because that’s another really
helpful thing that I was skeptical about I’m also thinking in this pregnancy to
do the chiropractic taping if you have any experience with chiropractic care
let me know in the comments below Did you like it? Did you not like it?
So far I’m really impressed with it and as long as I’m not feeling any more back pain.
I think it’s worth the money I think it’s worth going to a chiropractor.
Especially when they specialize in prenatal care Something that I’ve been considering this pregnancy is to do a push meal for postpartum and I know, this sounds a little princess-like, but last pregnancy and last labor experience I did not prepare. I didn’t plan anything as far as push present or push meal or push whatever and this pregnancy I’m definitely gonna have a push meal for my birthing experience I think it’s something that not many people
consider, but they should because labor is an exhausting experience.
No matter how you go about it. Whether you get a c-section or
you push your child out vaginally it’s going to be draining. You’re gonna be exhausted.
You’re likely going to be hungry and the last thing you want to eat is hospital food. Especially in Canada – I’m sorry our hospital food is the worst. It’s so gross.
After I had Suleiman, I ended up having an egg sandwich because that was the only
kosher item they had at the hospital it was the most gross nastiest thing
I’ve ever had in my whole life and the thing is, my labor with him was three
days long and I pushed for three hours I was famished by the time that it came to
eating something postpartum this time, I’m preparing a postpartum meal idea or
what I want to have for my postpartum meal I told my husband that I would like
a special or fancy type of sushi platter and he’s been going to so many nice
sushi restaurants without me in this pregnancy so it’s just been so difficult on me.
I’m a very big sushi fan if you guys are also pregnant
and thinking to do a push meal what do you want to have for your push meal?
Are you thinking about it at all? Again, last pregnancy I didn’t think about this and I ended up miserable eating
a really gross egg salad sandwich and I just don’t want to relive that trauma
of the egg salad sandwich this pregnancy, I’m really advocating more for myself.
I’m making sure that I’m comfortable that I have what I need in terms of my support.
I’m planning for things postpartum and I didn’t do that last pregnancy.
I really want to make sure that this time around I avoid having postpartum anxiety and I definitely had this with my son’s
pregnancy, Suleiman’s pregnancy I will discuss that in a future video so this is my bump from the front I feel really big.
I feel like he’s just a giant watermelon I’m just wearing a slim line blazer
and a ribbed stretchy shirt I’ve had this shirt for years, if you followed my husband, you’ve seen it in the japan vlogs The other side. he’s, of course, right in his favorite spot.
he actually takes us my entire belly that’s my 29 week bump baby and that concludes my pregnancy update
at 29 weeks pregnant if you like these types of videos,
please be sure that you click the like subscribe for more content and have
your notification bell turned on for all future videos, I upload every Tuesday and Friday If there’s anything specifically that you would like to see, please let me know in the comments below and until then I’ll see you next time bye-bye.


  1. Coping ahead
    Being patient and kind
    Being organized and keeping well
    Sarah you are doing amazing habeebty. I am so proud of you and I cant wait to see you πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– all 4 of you 😊

  2. It is good that you are planning ahead for your push meal! It is definitely not princess-like. You earned it! πŸ˜πŸ‘ This labour should take less than three days, hopefully. πŸ˜‹

  3. Hahahah Im so having a push meal and I remember literally after my daughter was born I was like "Whats available for me to eat?" Not many options as she was born at 12:50am. So THIS TIME Im planning for something delicious! Haha

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