28th Week of Pregnancy Symptoms (Philippines) | Taglish #babylikestomove #babykicks

Hey guys, welcome back to our channel and today Im going to share with you my 28 Pregnancy week update In this update There are changes that i felt No 1. baby moves a lot the baby just moves a lot sometimes it reacts to different actions when i eat a lot of sweets the baby moves a lot i think the baby got sugar rush and then when it time to eat but and I am not yet eating the baby moves a lot I felt a spot on my belly feels so cramped Then it stops. that reminds me that either I need to drink water or To eat food because it’s meal time and yeah In relation to that, about the kicks I have learned as well to research To count the number of kicks of the baby for the third trimester or the 28th week. so this is actually the 28th week we are entering the last Trimester of pregnancy so this is the finals guys! so Make sure that everything is ok. I am counting the number of kicks that the baby makes so usually in the morning or before you sleep at night where in the baby is active make sure that the number of kicks will amount to 10 within 2 hours it is easy to count but when you reach the 10th kick then you are done so everything is fine with the baby so I use an app here in my phone, the apps name is full term it is free. but there are a lot of baby kicks app but i find this app very… I chosen this app because it has Contraction tracker so yeah this one is… if you click on the kick here it will start the counting session so everytime The baby kicks, just tap the kick button so you wouldn’t count in your head you tend to forget the number of kicks in your head yeah it’s like that, it’s so easy to use all the bumps and kicks that you felt all the movements that you felt make sure you count 10 kicks at a 2 hours period so… if the kicks didn’t amount to 10 you have to call your doctor because the kicks are supposed to be the activity of the baby so make sure that it is 10 That’s one way to know if somethings up with the baby that means the baby is too weak or restless or something like that there is something wrong that’s the early signs that you could monitor so I’ve been doing that everyday since I learned about it and one thing it’s fun to count the kicks of your baby aside from the number of kicks that i felt I can say that my energy levels are still good because some say The second trimester is the trimester where in your energy level is off the charts you become very productive and things like that then it will go down for the 3rd trimester so far knock on wood, I feel fine I still have the same energy levels same as my 2nd trimester I can still do my work I am still active Through out the day and it’s fun I have yet to have days that I just want to lay down and sleep so still, My energy is high the next thing is I tend to get thirsty a lot these days I really like to drink water I get thirsty so quickly as in so thirsty that my throat is so dry I really need to be near the water dispenser or near the refrigerator and I always bring my water jug If we go outside. My thirst is something that I’ve never felt before I can finish 2 glasses in one sitting, it’s bizarre It’s like I need water everytime Aside from that what I can feel about the changes in my body Is I got big. right now, I can’t fit on my other dresses I felt that whenever I tried to wear my other clothes I felt it’s too tight Still, I am in denial, I still wear those tight clothes yeah, It’s like I realize how big my body changes I get some realization about my body, like I am really growing in size and I am looking at my pictures from the past and I compare it to the present me It really has a big difference If i didn’t look at the picture, I wouldn’t have any idea because, you gradually grow in size And yeah, it’s just I got big the “what to expect” app it’s an app for your phone you can download it’s free. it says my baby is now a size of a cauliflower the baby learned how to do hiccups to prepare itself for the air. when the baby hiccups, the hiccups felt like a kick on my side it’s nice and the baby knows the difference between days If there is a light, the baby will see a glow in the womb and the baby learned how to open and close the eyes I am very excited about that and i hope that the 3rd trimester goes smoothly because as we know pregnancy has it’s ups and downs. so far, so good. that’s it for my update for this week of pregnancy If you have any question just comment down below If you want to see more updates like this as well so I would know. and I will keep on making these kind of videos for you guys. so thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you guys on the next video don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for good vibes and I will see you guys on the video bye!

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