Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel.
if you’re new here my name is Sarah I have a toddler boy named Suleiman
and I’m expecting baby number two in February I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and today I’m going to be taking you through my 28 week pregnancy update or my 28 week bumpdate I do these regularly, every Tuesday.
I do have a cleaning video coming out this week on Friday or Saturday – working on that if there’s any specific type of video that you’d like to see.
please be sure to let me know in the comments below and with that let’s get into the video. please excuse my voice in this video.
I got sick again and this time in my throat it’s been uncomfortable,
but let’s get through this the first thing that I like to talk about my pregnancy updates is the baby’s development at 28 weeks the baby is roughly 15 inches long
and 2 and a half pounds which is roughly the size of a pumpkin or a puppy the baby’s brain at this point of development now controls their body temperature and it also controls the breathing the baby’s irises now have the ability to dilate
and contract in response to light you know when you take light and put it in
your eyes and they grow or shrink that’s called, dilating and contracting.
Now the baby has that same ability within the womb the internal organs have now started to mature
and they’re developing more rapidly at this point the baby can cough and I would not be surprised if he’s coughing – that’s just a fun little fact there babies can cough now in the womb their skin is less wrinkly, because again the fat is starting to fill them out a little bit so they’re looking more like they will at birth – just a smaller version of that the head is also more proportionate to their body now.
It’s still larger than the rest of their body and this continues after they’ve been born also at this point you’re gonna notice more movement because baby has more energy and with
that comes the exciting task of counting kicks symptom-wise for me, aside from
being sick and all the other fun symptoms that I’ve been mentioning over the past few weeks.
This week I no longer take my HG medicine which is Diclectin I’ve been taking it for this entire time.
Yes, 28 weeks of that medication. I don’t have too many symptoms this week.
Which is a little bit of a relief and I’m just kind of coasting. I actually think this week has been one of my better weeks of pregnancy so I’m happy. Aside from being under the weather ,I feel pretty good. at 28 weeks, I actually went in for my glucose test. Which is the end of the range for taking their glucose test you’re supposed to be taking it between 25 and 28 weeks and I took it exactly on the 28th week this time around they decided to give me the two-hour test, which I was shocked about I actually followed a calculator on BabyCenter and
I’ll link that below for anyone interested last week, I mentioned my weight gain and the nurses comments with that being said I found that I was actually right below the range of what I could be gaining based on my starting weight and all that but I did the two-hour glucose test. Hospitals are no fun and I’m very certain they forgot about me because when I went in…
you take a number and then they call your number and they give you the glucose test. Someone came in maybe 25 minutes after me, no appointment, by the way this is not an appointment type clinic.
So then I went to the desk and I was like, “um hi I’m here can I please just do the glucose test now?” and the lady’s like, “oh come! Come to the back right now” and she had me chug it and it was ice-cold which was better than having it at room temperature because the glucose test, I think it tastes like a freezie
so I think the colder it is, the better it is I was fortunate enough that they drew the blood for RhoGam shot while I was doing the glucose testing because they do draw your blood at the end of the glucose test and they make you sign a consent waiver which you have to do if you’re gonna get the rhogam shot. The rhogam shot is only for people with a negative blood type. I have AB
negative blood type – it is quite rare but because I have that very rare and
negative blood type I have to take the rhogam if you’re spotting you’ll take itmuch sooner but if you’re not spotting you’ll take
it at 28 weeks and you have to take it at 28 weeks which I didn’t know.
luckily enough for me, they had an extra dose there and they’re just like, “okay come in we’ll give it to you right now because you’ve already had your blood drawn and we know it is AB-. so we’re gonna go ahead
and just give you the shot” and it is an intramuscular shot which means you get it right on your bum. which is not fun, but it is what it is now another thing that happens this week is counting kicks and I mentioned this briefly before if you’ve never counted kicks before.
It’s really quite simple and I like to do it basically when I notice the baby is
moving a lot anyways and it’s usually after I’ve had something cold or sweet.
What you do is, when you notice that your baby’s moving just be mindful of how much they’re kicking within the next two hours usually they want about ten kicks per one to two hours it doesn’t have to be twenty-four hours of movement by the way, because of course your baby is still sleeping quite a lot in the womb movements are kicks, coughs, hiccups, rolls, swishes any type of thing like that. That’s a movement. and I use my pregnancy plus app to track that
That could be when I’m just going around doing errands and I notice he’s moving I’ll just kind of look at my app and every time I feel moving I’ll click the button and then I count the kicks.
If a day goes by and I notice there’s a little bit less movement
I usually will drink something cold and sweet orange juice works really well and
then just lay down on my side and wait and then I see how many movements
I feel. If you don’t feel at least ten kicks within two hours Then they say you can call labor
and delivery triage and you can go and get checked and have a stress test
My son is actually currently kicking me as I say this Counting kicks is something that starts
this week and I will be doing that from now on So with that I’ll show you my bump shot this is my bump from the front. You see
it’s like really round I feel like a watermelon and this side. We’ll do it like this. Up from the side he’s right here that’s my 28th week bump, baby! if you like these types of videos. P
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