25 week pregnancy update + giveaway winner

25 week pregnancy update + giveaway winner

ok so before we get into this 25 week bump update I just wanted to congratulate the winner of my pink blush maternity give away
and I will put who the winner is right here and what I did as I went ahead and
just used a youtube comment randomizer programs but I could pick the winner I
want to thank every single one of you guys who entered because the comments
were absolutely amazing I love love love all the things and all the different
things and ways that make you guys confident. I absolutely loved it and I
appreciate you guys entering that and congratulations to our winner. good job I hope that you
love what you pick, can actually what I wearing today is from pink blush maternity let’s get into this video is going to be
my 25 week pregnancy update by the time you guys see this I will be
26 weeks exactly I turned a new week every Thursday so this will be posted on
thursday saw be 26 weeks but anywho so So a lot has changed since my twenty week update for starters baby
girl is kicking not stop. she has parties in my belly,
like late at night she doesn’t start until about ten o’clock and she goes
until 12:00 1:00 in the morning so my sleep has been affected greatly I am the lightest sleeper in the world. So at 25 weeks let’s see how.. what’s going on and you
know all that good stuff says baby’s nostrils are open, she can breathe but obviously wont take her first breath until after delivery.Skin is still translucent but baby can hear my stomach when it gurgles as well as my voice as I sing and read to her. anyones voice actually. when my husband gets really close to my
stomach and talks to her she will kick and move. so she can hear those loud noises and moving a lot because baby is aware of how much they can move around which can be fun
but not so much fun cause you seriously feel like
everything ,like sometimes feels as though, I told my husband the other day it feels as tough you know that feeling of your skin crawling and sometimes it feels like that on the surface when they move over your stomach like when they are moving over. or it can be jabs and kicks or whatever. Symptoms that I am having right now is heartburn every
single night it doesn’t matter what I eat. I try to stay away from spicy and all that stuff but it doesn’t matter what eat. The things that trigger my heartburn is spaghetti sauce some spices. I try.. i LOVE spicy food..just everything triggers it. my craving I’m having
right now are definitely sweets. II did not crave this with my son at all. And by sweets I mean like watermelon, give me as much watermelon as possible. SO I guess it’s a good thing Iam having a summer baby because it’s in season so YAY. Cereal! I don’t eat cereal, I don’t drink milk regularly like AT ALL. I haven’t had cereal in I don’t know how long? with this baby I am eating, not like good cereal good not like heathy cereal. I am taking it ALL the way back. I’m talking Lucky Charms, Capt’n Crunch with crunch berries, Cinnamontoast crunch, honey nut cheerios. It is weird. so I have some that stuff
always on hand and then I have little 2% milk to wash it down. Other cravings are fried mushrooms dipped in ranch was buying the corner store down the street from his house
tour but a corner restaurant down the street from us I’m so much as I love me to get online I
can make these so pretty much should buy stock in
mushrooms because I’m pretty sure I’m making them go up just by myself another
thing that I really love is Chipotle I’m always led to believe but this is like
heightened I was asleep with my son would be peanut butter no just now
starting to not just not treated you would eat chicken chicken aversion is
gone things that I can eat asparagus and love
asparagus but I can’t eat it it does not sit well with me but it goes sometimes
women with small thing but just like no I can’t wait you waiting I still have
not gained anything and I do believe it is because my hyperemesis it’s not as
bad as some women have seen I have two women had they had to have an idea like
zofran pumping constantly mind I’m able to again be with I’m using my bike
leeches and I take that kills everything when I am still taking those because I
still get sick especially first thing in the morning IMG about eighty to ninety out these of
water a day to make sure I stay hydrated also again because I create some days I
don’t really have to drink that much because water is pretty much water I am
doing a lot better as far as my depression and anxiety is going up more
along the further along than I get this spring I am obviously getting
uncomfortable but I’m finding comfort in those uncomfortable because like I said
in my previous lost in also with infertility with my son i i kno dat be
there only temporary and that deep in benefit is absolutely me they like I
already know that I’m going to burst out in tears when I have heard because I hope his birthday
with my son and just thinking about being able to hold her and see her and
have her in my arms is something that I am so looking forward to and something
that I focus on so that way I can have happy happy Fox 25 weeks am definitely
starting to feel pain I’m not swelling which gives great against my son I’m not
swollen right now but I do have a campaign like this I attic nerve pain
sometimes I sit too long I definitely have that pain in my back still
sometimes I get woken up by a goal was which are not fine but again it just
shows that my body is doing what I supposed to do bibi is growing like she’s supposed to
and again it just even though I’m uncomfortable I take comfort in knowing
that this is all normal and that’s what your body is supposed to be here 225 a
week that’s been going on for 20 weeks compact into justin is another one so
sometimes I was sitting here talking or whatever and I like birds just your food
it slowly die just like your body can get all the nutrients they need to go to
baby to go to you that’s pretty much it for my 25 week update I M chugging along
and i cant believe it I’m already at 25 weeks I 2525 weeks and six days when you
get into the double digits are you have ninety nine days left and right now 25 weeks and two days but like I said
when you guys see this video I will be 26 weeks exactly but I’ll probably do at
30 weeks I kinda like doing be updated every five weeks but we are probably
will show some pictures for you guys from the previous 28 weeks I have my
gestational diabetes test at 28 weeks which is what should we drink they make
you take and I am traveling for girls weekend I’m going up to 20 my really
close friends up north in a week from the time you I see this so I’m super
excited about that this will be my first time flying by dr. everything is good
pointers so if you guys want to know what my experience was with flying I’ll
be starting a third trimester when I go to fly so again if you guys want have
questions about battle video if not then it will be my first week update and
being by by between 30 and 35 week update I’ll do
like what you packin my hospital bag which this time around I don’t we know
what to bring and what not to bring because the first time around I packed
way too much so go ahead and just say bye to you guys I will show you how he
shot before I go and I just want to say thank you so much for watching it and
I’ll catch you later bye I didn’t want what I want to feel you
thats because you really want to get you know all the homes so he

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  1. You are one of my YouTube S'heroes. 🙂 Just love you so much for your strength ,determination and for using your spiritual will to declare a positive outcome. You're awesome.. 🙂 I got backup prayers coming your way for all that you are dealing with pregnancy wise and more. God Bless:-)

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