2 CASES! Cheating With Coworkers & Revenge Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

2 CASES! Cheating With Coworkers & Revenge Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Hoagland vs Hoagland Jr.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day everyone. Good day. Miss Hoagland, you confessed
to having unprotected sex with your husband,
Mr. Hoagland, as well as
a co-worker, within the same time period? That’s correct. Now you say you’re here today because questions about paternity
have haunted your marriage since the birth
of your first bornthree year old Bentlee.AMBER:That is correct.Mr. Hoagland, you admit
you treat Bentlee differently then the other two children
you and Mrs. Hoagland share. You contend he does not look
like photos of you when you
were a childand he also doesn’t look
like you now,
when you compare pictures
of him to you as an adult.
You confess today’s
result could either save or destroy your marriage. Miss Hoagland, what’s at stake
for you today? Well, your Honor, my marriage
has been a complete nightmare. Randy has held
this big cloud over my head for far too long, making me
feel guilty for something I feel like I shouldn’t feel guilty for.
Yes I admit that I did sleep with
a co-worker, but that was before me and
Randy even started dating. But in my defense, it was because she had
unprotected sex with him. So, this relationship really
is in jeopardy. Yes. Yes, your Honor. All right well, take me back.
You accuse her of cheating with a co-worker. And believe me, I liked her
from the moment I…
I saw her. This guy that
she got with obviously took advantage of her and… And why did I get with him? I got with him because
your roommate, your controlling roommate
at this company, told me that you weren’t
interested in dating anyone, the second day that I met you
I told him I was interested
in you and he told me
not to even worry because you were celibate. I was practicing celibacy.
I don’t think that’s a problem I don’t think it’s a bad
thing, the fact of the
matter is that I approached you, the point is that you should
not have went to him first and…
You should have… He asked me
a simple question, Randy, if I was interested
in anybody on… Bottom line is you guys
got together, you had sex but you had already had sex
with a co-worker. Yeah. Right. Then you find out
you’re pregnant. RANDY: But a week prior… I found out I was pregnant two months later.
I thought I was only two or three weeks
pregnant when I found out. A week… Ah, come to
find out I was in fact two months along. RANDY: Yeah, a week went by… Oh… Then you came up
that day, that particular evening,
I believe it was a Friday ’cause he had left
for that weekend then you came up to my room but three weeks went by
before me and you had sex, right? Okay but him cheating on her has nothing to do
with the paternity as it relates to this child I’m trying to get down to the
facts that relate to Bentlee’s paternity. AMBER:I have the facts,
your Honor, and I would like
to present them to you.
I would love to hear
some facts that are relevant
to this case. (APPLAUSE) This is the month that I
conceived my son. As you can see on the second is when I had an
intimate relationship with my co-worker. JUDGE LAKE: In blue. Yes.And then on the 20th of Juneis when I started an intimate
relationship with
with my now-husband.Okay, so when is the window
of conception? I spoke to my doctor
and my doctor told me that the window
of conception was in this first week of June. AUDIENCE: Oh wow! JUDGE LAKE:So that would
indicate that the co-worker
would be the… Would be… Bentlee’s father. Yes. And so when you look at
Bentlee, when he was born, did you think he
looked like you… RANDY: When he was born
I was happy,but I noticed when, after
he was probably about
four months when we moved,
I noticed, um… Well, a child after… It takes like
90 days… I do know that after… Takes 90 days before they
start to really develop what their eyes are gonna
potentially look like. And Bentlee has blue eyes.
There’s no one in my familynot even on my
mom’s side who…
Who are very light skinned,
very fair skin no one has that you know,
blue or green eyes and,his hair, granted his hair
is brown
he probably, he gets that
from his mom.
But um… I have very
coarse hair clearly. Um, he doesn’t have high
cheekbones like me. So, as he’s gotten older you can see, I can see
more features… AMBER:Your Honor, that baby
looks like his mommy.
He doesn’t look like you even
when you were a child. RANDY: Yes ma’am.I’d love to say his nose
looks like mine but it
even doesn’t.
I mean there’s really pretty
key factors for my doubt because she had
unprotected sex with him. The second thing is
his features. And as he’s gotten older,
he’s three years now. I mean he does walk. He doesn’t, he doesn’t carry
himself the same way I did, and I know my mom used to
always get on me about how I used to walk. And then the third thing is obviously is that um… You know behind this
conception, behind the time length. JUDGE LAKE:So you have
very real doubts.
Yes ma’am.The doctor told you the window of conception, Miss Hoagland, was
the first week of June. Yes, and my due date was March
the 19th. And I did not have Bentlee
until April the second. (AUDIENCE GASPS) When I look at him now
and I have this image of the guy that
she was with before mehe does resemble him.JUDGE LAKE:So, does he look
like your other children?
RANDY:I mean, his younger
brother Preslee
I mean, they have
various similarities
as far as the only
similarities it’s really… JUDGE LAKE: I mean you looking
up at this child like… It’s like it’s bizarre to you. Do you treat this child
differently? I do treat him differently, because he is the oldest.
I’m an only child. So when it comes to how I want
to see him grow up to be
a young man I am gonna treat him
differently. Your Honor, I’m sorry.
That’s just a poor excuse
to me. He treats Bentlee as if he
is not his son, and that he doesn’t have to do
anything for him. Any time Randy comes
in the room he goes and sits around
right on his bed. There’s a question whether or
not the marriage can survive because of all
of these issues. Miss Hoagland, do you believe the fate of your marriage
is hanging on the results for today. Yes. So, it… It’s funny how when,
when I mentioned to you just the other week… ‘Cause we don’t live too far
from, uh… It’s a river, it’s a
very historic river,
it’s called, uh… Indian creek,
but anyway I… Mr. Hoagland I don’t need a
history lesson today about a
historic river. I need to understand… She doesn’t,
she’s not painting… No. No, no, no, no. You’ve given
me too many irrelevant facts. I’m interested in Bentlee’s life, his life experience, and the issues
regarding his paternity. Yes ma’am. Now, you’ve outlined
your doubts and this so stressful that all of this drama
and stress, it really got to you, because
you did not show up to your court appearance that was scheduled yesterday. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Yup! That is true. JUDGE LAKE: ‘Cause
this is a lot, this is serious. Jerome I’m ready
for the results. (APPLAUSE) These results were prepared by
DNA Diagnostics and they read
as follows. “In the case of
Hoagland v. Hoagland,
“pertaining to three-year-old “Bentlee Hoagland, “Mr. Hoagland Jr., “you are Bentlee’s father.” Yeah! What? Yes! Yes. Thank you, Judge. JUDGE LAKE: You all need
to do some talking. Mr. Hoagland, you need
to talk to her. RANDY: She says… And you need
to understand, that regardless of what
you have on your plate, school, work, anything else, your
children come first, Bentlee comes first. AUDIENCE: Yeah. That’s on you. I am hoping you will figure out
how to win. Court is adjourned. Mr. Glover. The next one. How you
doing, Ma’am? Thank you for joining us,
state your name, please. Jewvyn Glover. Jewvyn Glover. And now, uh, Miss Takethia Jackson
is your name? Takethia, yeah. And you all have baby… What’s her name? Ny’Jae. Ny’Jae. And how old is she? One year old. Miss Glover you
don’t believe thatyour son, Jewvyn,
is the father of baby
Ny’Jae either?
No, because I feel
sorry for Takethia. You know, she
has five kids, you know? And none of the
fathers is on board. I only want the best
for her, honestly. You’re shaking your head,
what are you saying,
Miss Jackson? I say, even her son not
even on board neither. So, I really don’t
wanna hear all that. But I’m on board.
You all, keep shaking, but… You all keep saying what
they’re not doing… You are the grandmother. You didn’t lay down with me
and have this child. That’s understandable,
that’s understandable. Yeah, but I’m on board. But he ain’t
stepped up neither. So don’t stand here and say, oh, I got five kids and none
of their dads stepped up, because your
son didn’t either! Can I, can I say something? TAKETHIA: You are
the grandmother. JUDGE LAKE: Let’s,
let’s calm down. He is the father. JEWVYN: May I say something? All right,
let’s calm down. May I say something? I know this is
a passionate subject. Yes, Mr. Glover, I do
wanna hear from you, because I wanna hear
about your doubts as to why you
don’t believe. All right, first reason is. She was in, when she went
to the shower, her boss called
her phone, right? So, when her boss
called her phone, I was trying
to cover for her,
so I told him like, you know, “I’m about
to get in the shower.” You know, he
was a white guy. And he say, “You know what,
let me come and rub “some soap
on your back.” So, you know it’s
from her boss. Yep, I’ve seen the name.
I know his name. You know… JUDGE LAKE: And then
you responded, to try to cover for her, you text back, like,
“I’m getting in the shower, “and I’m on my way.” Exactly. And then he said,
“Let me come and rub, “some soap on your back.” That was his text back,
so I went… I got… I exploded. And I went in the
bathroom when she was
in and showed her. She threw it off by saying,
“Oh, I wouldn’t have
written it like that.” I wouldn’t. “I’m on my way.
I’m getting ready for
work, I’m on way.” I’m not gonna tell this man,
“I’m in the shower.”
Come on now. That sounds crazy. JEWVYN: Okay, so,
so the next reason was you know,
I felt like, you
know what I mean, she admitted to,
you know what
I’m saying, cheating. When she felt like,
you know what I mean, this other girl
calling my phone. JUDGE LAKE: So, you’re
in a relationship… Saying she was pregnant. You are admittedly
sleeping with
somebody else. You figure out
he’s sleeping with
somebody else. And I did
the same thing. JUDGE LAKE: So then you did
the same thing. Sure did. The reason
why you doubt, you are the father
of this child
because you… She admits
she cheated, so you know she slept
with someone else. Yeah, so… And you think that was during the
window of conception. Was that during
the same time? No. It was in the beginning
of the month. It was in the
beginning of July, but I conceived,
uh, after all that, my cycle came on
toward the end of July, me and Jewvyn
get back together. She was at her
brother’s house butt naked! What do you mean? I was out there
pregnant with
your child. JUDGE LAKE:
Uh, Mr. Glover, I need testimony. But not graphic
testimony on that level. Okay, okay… Do you understand? What I was
saying is she, you know what I am saying,
she making a scene like she… TAKETHIA: And I
had a dress on. JUDGE LAKE: So, the point is,
is you got back together, at the end
of the month. Yeah. Now, Miss Jackson, you admit that once
you figured out
he was cheating, you started sleeping
with someone else…Yes, but I had
protected sex
with him.
JUDGE LAKE:Was it during
the window of conception?
No, it was not.
It was in the
beginning of July. She admits she was intimate
with Mr. Brady, so I wouldlike to hear from him.Jerome, would you please
escort Mr. Brady
into the court room?
(JUDGE LAKE EXCLAIMS) Come on with me. I’m gonna bring you
right up to the witness
stand next to the judge. JEWVYN: Don’t save her. She don’t want
to be saved. Your Honor. Hello, Mr. Brady. How you doing? Thank you for
joining us today. We’re here, because we are very
much interested in finding out the truth, as it relates to baby
Ny’Jae’s paternity.And Miss Jackson
had admitted to having
a sexual relationship
with you. Do you agree
to that? Yes. Please enlighten
the court as to what
you have to add. Mmm, really
it was a
one-night stand. We met after like
three weeks of talking. We got a hotel room. I had a couple
of drinks. I remember there were
condoms or whatnot, but… No condoms? There was. There was? There were condoms. So, you did
use protection? Yes. Which connects with
her testimony that she said she
had protected sex. Yes, Ma’am,
Miss Glover? What I don’t
understand is, like she just
clearly screams, she never said
that he wasn’t
the father, but she never
told me it was
impossible, of anybody else. It’s always been,
“Your son
is the father.” So, what happened? The bird brought him
down in the basket and
just dropped him? Because I never knew
nothing about it. JUDGE LAKE: So, let me ask
you something. Never. When she
got pregnant did you know
anything about it? MRS. GLOVER: Never. I did. But at the time
when I caught her
we fell out of contact. So, how did
you find out, that the baby
was here? I didn’t up
until recently. You didn’t
even know? Recently I got
a message on
Facebook from her, telling me we
need to talk. So, we exchanged
number, I called her,
she said, I may have
to go to court behind her daughter, Ny’Jae. JUDGE LAKE: Mmm-hmm. ‘Cause I, I could
be the father.Potential father.All right.Have you met
the baby?
Yeah.You have?So, you’ve gotten
to hold her and see her? Yes. So, do you think,
when you look at her, do you see yourself,
do you think she’s yours? Mmm-mmm. I don’t. I think it’s time
to get the results. Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Glover, what
are your hopes? I’m, I’m furious
right now with him. You feel angry? Yeah. Why? ‘Cause he saying
he hold her, and all of that. So, Miss Jackson, if you knew
for certain that Mr. Glover was
her father, her
biological father, why would
you introduce Mr. Brady to… I had sex with him, with him in the
same month, so… JUDGE LAKE: (SIGHS)
Well, let’s not
wait any longer, let’s get the results. These results
were prepared by
DNA Diagnostics and they read
as follows. “In the case of
Glover v, Jackson/Brady/Staton
“when it comes
to one-year-old Ny’Jae “whether Mr. Glover
or Mr. Brady “is the biological father, “Mr. Glover, “you are her father.” (LAUGHING) Miss Glover,
you look happy. Oh… (LAUGHING) I am very happy. JUDGE LAKE:
You are? Good. Yes. She look like him… She changed my whole life. And how about
you, Miss Jackson? I am happy!
I am happy. I don’t have
to hear these words, oh, “It’s not
my baby,” no more. I had to
deal with it. I have been dealing
with it for a year now. I am done,
I am glad,
I am happy. JUDGE LAKE: Good. I am happy
for her too. And see,
the emotion that
you feel, I understand. And this is why
this court room
is so important. Because when you
have that secret, when you have
that unknown, when you have
that confusion as to a paternity issue, it can wreak havoc, on your family,
on your friendships, on your
relationships, everything. Because people
can’t trust. They don’t know
what to believe. And that’s why
we have to do better,
are we clear? Yes, Ma’am. And you know
what, Miss Glover? I have no doubt
you’re gonna keep
’em all in line. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Yeah, yeah! That’s it. I have to. Court is adjourned. Thank you.

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