💗Journey to BABY #5👶🏻

– Cassette definitely says pregnant. I am, I’m pregnant. – Laura, you’re gonna have a little baby. – Is that a baby bump? I think it’s a baby bump. I posted a picture on Instagram
today of my baby bump, and how big it’s getting. – Girl, it’s a girl. (cheers) – So these contractions
feel very different. Three shots, I’m getting one in each arm and one on my bum, my bum. What do you think we should name the baby? – A star. – Star? It’s your little sister. I am in labor. (screams) It’s a girl. (exhaling deeply) This is our baby. (baby talk) All right, so the topic
of discussion tonight is– – Should we have another baby? (laughs) – She’s just at such a fun stage. I just love talking to
her and holding her, and just oh, it just
makes my heart smooth. It’s certainly getting really
hard for me not to want to have another baby, like constantly. I’m like oh, it’s not the
right time for us yet. I know that in my heart, and so I’m just trying to be patient, and snuggle, and hug on this one. (smooches) Come on, you can’t blame me
for wanting another baby, which is so sweet. The kids were talking
about how they would love to have another baby in our family, and I said their dad would
love to have another baby in our family too. It’s just a little bit overwhelming. It’s a lot of work, and
the kids started talking amongst themselves and Isaac was like, “But mum, we can help.” They had this whole plan
of how they were gonna work extra hard so that we could
have another baby in our family. I just thought that was so sweet. (exhaling deeply) Well, let’s sit on that for a minute. It’s kind of sad. Fertility is not something
they take for granted. I see it as a beautiful, beautiful gift, and blessing to feel to be
these children’s mother. We don’t think that our family’s done but we don’t know when
we’re gonna be lucky enough to be blessed with another child. I’m kind of shaking right now but my heart and Jeremy’s
heart is still desiring to have another baby. So if that would happen, we’d
be really excited about it. So I’m gonna take a pregnancy test now. Let’s see what happens. Oh my God guys, I’m shaking because cassette definitely says pregnant. I’m grateful and emotional. (laughs) – We’re pregnant, we’re gonna have a baby. – It’s a big deal guys, that’s a baby. (laughs) Well this weekend’s honestly
been really hard for me because of how sick I’ve been but I talked to my doctor today, and we’re looking for solutions. So guys, guess what? We have a surprise for you. – Is it a big surprise? – I think it’s a pretty big surprise. – Wait, do you know it? – I do know it. First, we’re gonna look at some pictures together as a family, okay. Do you guys know who this looks like? – Isaac. – It’s baby Isaac. – [Laura] Baby Isaac. – [Kendra] Yeah. Who is this one? – Elise. – Baby Elise. – She was a cutie, my beauty. – [Kendra] This is baby Caleb guys. All right, who’s this one? – [Children] Laura. – Yeah, Laura. So guys, guess what? We have had four beautiful
babies in our family, and we are going to have another baby. (gasping) We are having a new baby. (gasping) – It doesn’t look like you’re
gonna have another baby. – I know, it’s ’cause the
baby’s is really little. It has to grow. – Oh, are you pregnant? – I am, I’m pregnant. – Laura, you’re gonna have a little baby. You’re gonna be a big sister. – I hope it’s a sister. Your tummy is a little bigger. – Thanks. – I want to feel the baby laugh. – You can’t feel the baby yet. Do you know how little that baby is? – Like probably that big? – This big. – I can show you guys, how big it is. You guys want to see? – Yeah. – You guys see this
little tiny poppy seed? That’s how big our baby is right now. – What? – Can I get it? – It’s a she? I’ll call it a she. – Good plan. – But how’s it so small? – Because it starts so small
and then it gets bigger, and bigger, and then we
will go to the hospital, and get the baby, and
then bring the baby home. – Where’s the baby go? – I think she thinks the
poppy seed is a baby. Laura, Laura, the baby
sits inside my tummy. – There’s a baby in mine. – There’s a baby in your tummy? – Are you going to feel it? – Oh sure, you have a
little baby in there? – You can feel it in here. – Feel it in here? – Is that your tummy? – Does anyone else know yet? – No, do you guys wanna tell people. – Yeah, for sure. – For sure? Do you guys want to
call and tell somebody? – Yeah I wanna tell
everyone in our family. (phone ringing) (faint statement) – [All] We’re having a new baby. – [Phone Lady] What? – Tell her, tell her. – We have another baby. – [Phone Lady] You got a new bed? (laughs) – Not a new bed. Caleb you tell her. – A new baby. – [All] We’re having a new baby. – We having another baby. – [Phone Lady] No way. – Yes, we are. – Yes, we are. – Yes, we are. – I’ve been very morning sick. I’ve been throwing up a lot
and it’s just kind of been miserable so I was talking to my doctor, and they’re worried about
me being too dehydrated, and so we decided to pump
me up with some IV fluids. So I went in today and
yeah, got some IV fluids. It’s been a couple of hours
since I got it put in. I still haven’t had to pee. So that to me is a sign
that I was very dehydrated. I actually feel hungry. Like one thing sounds
good to me right now. So Jeremy’s gonna run
out and get it for me. What are we gonna do
with that baby’s diapers? – Change your diaper, I
can change your diaper. – You’re gonna change the baby’s diaper? – Did they have to cut open the tummy? – For some mummies,
they cut open the tummy. But what if it’s a boy? – I don’t even know. – Five is already a lot of kids. – Let’s just go up to six. – Laura guess what? – What? – We’re gonna have a new baby. – I can hold it? – Yeah, you can hold it. So do you think it’s gonna be
a new brother or a new sister? – New brother, because we don’t have that much boys in the house. – No? So what do you think? – It’s awesome, now I can
actually really change, like learn how to really
change her diapers. – Yeah, you’re excited about that? – Uh huh. – What do you think that
there’s a baby in there? – I think it might be a girl. – You think it might be a girl? – Yeah, because then I can
like play with her more dress ’em up. – Yeah. – And make sure she
doesn’t fall on the ground. – That’s a really important thing. – Do you think it’s gonna be
a boy baby or a girl baby? – A cute baby. – Are you gonna be a big sister? What are you gonna do
with being a big sister? – I get to hold her and do like a– – Oh, so soft. – Any present? – Yeah. – Any present? – Are we gonna give the baby presents? – Yeah. – Yeah, we give the baby presents. – It’s my present. – Oh, maybe they’ll be your presents? – Yeah. – What are we thinking about for names? – That’s a good point,
that’s a good point. We’re still deciding so
until your daddy and I are a little bit more decided, we probably won’t talk about it yet but if you have any suggestions
for names, let me know. All right, this morning
is Jeremy and my turn to host Lego summer camp
and I’m really excited. We planned some fun stuff, and
it’s gonna be an awesome day. ♫ Grow bananas, grow, grow, bananas ♫ Grow bananas, grow, grow, bananas ♫ Peel bananas, peel, peel, bananas – [Jeremy] Only one more left. (upbeat music) Oh they all came back. The Legos win it! And the ceremonial dump
on the coach. (laughs) – [Boy] Dump it on the coach. (upbeat music) (splashing) – So we tried to go on a
walk like we like to do, and we made it about 20 yards. So we almost made it to that tree. (laughs) – And I’m like oh, that was rough. – So I’m proud of her for trying. Morning sickness is
such a unique sickness. Sometimes you do feel a little bit better. She did get fluids but no. – So when I pretend that I’m
just from the parking lot, and we come in into Carters,
which is a baby store. We’re gonna buy something for our baby because I want to. Is this called retail therapy? (light music) Ain’t that cute? So for the most part, our
kids wear hand-me-downs but I always like to get
them like a coming home from the hospital outfit,
so I’m gonna get a boy one, and a girl one because I can. Okay, this is making me
feel a little bit better. But today when we went to the doctor, they took a picture of the baby. – How can they go inside your body? – They didn’t, they used what’s
called ultrasound technology and they put a wand on my
tummy, and it showed them what the inside looks like. Do you want to see it? All right, here’s our first
picture of our little baby. – [Jeremy] Looks just like you Caleb. – So does it have seven more weeks? – No, it says this is
our baby at seven weeks. – Is that the head? – You know what, I honestly don’t know. – We’ve had it for seven weeks? – Yeah. – It does not look like a human. – [Jeremy] Kendra called
it our little bean. – Doesn’t it look like a little bean? Where’s the baby? – Right there. – Right there. Is it so cute? – Yeah, can I touch it? – You can touch the picture. – [Jeremy] Let me grab a grape for us. – All right, so this is about
the size of our little baby. – So that’s basically real size. – Maybe at this moment then. – I want to eat it. – Oh we’re not eating it. – That’s about how big it is in real life. – [Jeremy] No, my baby. (laughs) – I like the baby. – Oh I’m glad you like the baby. – Why it isn’t walking? – It’s not walking, it’s just lying there. Don’t eat it. (baby talk) (laughs) So I totally think I’m starting to show, which makes me feel a little crazy like I’m not even 10 weeks, how can I possibly be showing yet? Is that a baby bump? I think it’s a baby bump. – [Jeremy] Do you like
watching the Olympics? – No. – Yes. – [Jeremy] Do you know what the tune is for the Olympic anthem? (humming) Can you say Olympics? – Olympics. – [Jeremy] Here my ca-ba-da-ba-doo. It’s ca-ba-doos, ca-ba-doo’s turn. – Hi. – [Jeremy] What are the Olympics? – It’s a big sport. – It’s an event that a lot
of countries get together and play sports. – [Jeremy] You don’t have your glasses on. It looks so different. – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Where are they? She’s a sprinter. If you just found out
that you won a gold medal, what would your face be like? So imagine that you just won a gold medal. What would your face be like? – So happy. – [Announcer] And the newest winner of the gold medal is Elise. – [Jeremy] You won a
gold medal, would you– – [Announcer] And the winner
of the gold medal is Isaac. – Yes, a dream come true. – [Jeremy] Is this gymnastics? Whoa, good job. – I felt the baby move for
the first time yesterday. Like last night, I was
like oh my goodness, there’s a baby in there. – [Isaac] Oh yeah a bit. – [Jeremy] What are you doing in there? – Okay, so it’s this place
is pretty empty today and the women’s bathroom
is locked, and I had to go. So I was like Jeremy, I’m
going into the men’s room. – I kind of tortured her a little bit. I like open the door while
she’s inside, “Hello.” – He checked that there
was nobody in there. Come on. (footsteps clocking) (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Well, we love
walking and talking. – It’s a great date night. We’re out of shape. Well, I posted a picture on
Instagram today of my baby bump, and how big it’s getting. Then we looked at pictures
from my previous pregnancies, and it’s not in my head, it’s real guys. I am way bigger this time. Like I pulled up a picture
with me at 20 weeks with Isaac, and 23 weeks with Elise. I’ll have Jeremy like
put the pictures in here but the kids, like we’re
looking at the pictures, they’re like, “Mum, you’re
bigger than that now.” I’m like, thanks. – [Jeremy] You were so great, buddy. – Well, we are here and they
are heading into school. We made it on time. Score a win for the mum right here. – It’s really just sweet
to talk to them about how they’re gonna have an
opportunity to reach out and find ways to love others
today, and make new friends. I’m just excited for them. Yes Elise, bye. – Bye. – Excited? Okay, let’s go in. Give me a hug baby. I love you, bye. All the kids did great
getting dropped off, and I’m just happy for
this opportunity for them. It’s such a beautiful mix for our family, homeschooling four days a week and then one day of the week, they come to this private school that has a homeschool enrichment program. They get to enjoy being in
their classes with their friends and their teachers. I just teared up on the
way into the school. I was glad I was wearing
sunglasses, and nobody could see. – So there was an earthquake at our house. – Really? – Yeah. – Like here? – Like here, it happened just barely. Didn’t you feel it? – No. – Me neither. I’m so frustrated. On social media, all of our
friends are like going crazy about this earthquake. Our friends four houses down evacuated their house because of it. Everyone’s like, we woke up
and there was an earthquake. – And we just totally missed it. – I didn’t feel it at all. We were awake, all of the kids were awake, and I didn’t feel anything. – Me neither. – [Jeremy] I was robbed. – I was so used to our
house being under chaos that we didn’t notice
somehow or maybe like the ripple effect of the earthquake like they felt it strong, and we didn’t. – Caleb, do you see the firefighters? We’re gonna go see the forest fire. ♫ Twinkle little stars – [Jeremy] Laura, what are you doing? – We’re just playing. – [Jeremy] What are you guys playing? – We’re just playing mum-baby. – [Jeremy] Oh, who’s the mum? – She’s the mum, and I’m the baby. – [Jeremy] Okay. – And now’s the moment that
we’ve been waiting for all day. We are headed in for
our 20-week ultrasound. So we’re gonna check on
the health of the baby, and hopefully find out the gender. So any last guesses. – Yeah, I’ve been thinking it’s a girl. (piano music) – [Jeremy] It’s out
little baby’s heartbeat. – I’m most relieved as
they go through each organ, and look at each part just
to see a healthy baby. So this is our baby. – That looks cute. – Does it look cute? That’s our baby. So when we were there,
they were able to find out if it was a baby boy
baby or a baby girl baby. All right, everybody’s eyes closed. – [Children] Yes. – One, two, three, you can open. – Girl, it’s a girl. (screams) (popping) – It’s a girl. – [All] It’s a girl. – [Kendra] You can open. – Girl, it’s a girl. We’re all gonna have a baby sister. It’s a girl. – [Kendra] Laura look, look. – It’s a girl. – [Kendra] She’s still at guessing it. It’s a girl. – [Caleb] I’m sad. – You’re such a good big brother buddy. – Oh, it’s still fine. I had wanted a cute brother, Laura. – What do you think Isaac? – I’m fine, I really like Laura. She’s been very cute. – She’s fun huh. So having another little
sister will be good? You’re awesome. (smooches) What are you thinking buddy? – I’m a little sad but I’m fine with any. – Yeah? All right, it’s time for
our baby sister party. (cheers) Who wants to try that cake? – [Jeremy] I do. – Can we start talking about baby names tonight or something. – Your dad and I are
definitely gonna start it. This one’s the profile up closer. You can see there’s a
her nose, and her lips. You know what that is? – [Caleb] What? – Is that her dress? – That’s her foot. – That’s such a tiny foot. – It is. There’s an arm and a hand. – [Jeremy] So what do you
think about having a sister? (screams) – I love it, I’m gonna have two sisters. – Change diapers for her. I can cook. – But I’ll rather have a boy, I think. I’m most excited that
we’re having another baby. – [Jeremy] Why? – Because then we can have
more kids in our family. We can like have more funness. (thrilling music) – [Kendra] Presenting Superman. – Superman wins. – Okay now, rub ’em together. Time for tiaras. (upbeat music) Princess Elise. You look so great, Elise. (ballroom music) Here she is, Elsa. – Princess Laura. – [Jeremy] I’ve been keeping
track of her contractions. – Anytime, there is the possibility of complications of pregnancy. It’s really scary. I’ve been feeling lots of cramping, and like sharp pains,
and I finally was like, I just need to lay down. So I laid down and then
I started tracking them. They were coming every
six to seven minutes. I was like, oh my goodness,
this is contractions. I know what this is. But I shouldn’t be having contractions ’cause I’m only 22 weeks
and four days pregnant. So I called my doctor after
I’ve been like 45 minutes to an hour of this regularness. They’re wanting me to go into the hospital to the labor and delivery
unit to be evaluated. (piano music) – We’re checking in right now. – We’re heading back to the
labor and delivery unit. Last time we’re there
was when Laura was born. – That’s insane. – But we’re not birthing today, we’re just checking on the baby. – Hopefully. – Well, after monitoring me and the baby, and my contractions for a while, they checked me again
and I’m still not dilated which is exactly the news
that we wanted to hear. So they’re gonna let me go home, and hopefully the baby
stays inside until March, when she’s supposed to come out. – Today, we’re doing the
poopy diaper challenge. – This one looks a little too real. (laughs) – We’re going to smell
a diaper to figure out which candy it is. She might actually
trick us with real poop. – You know what, they might have had Laura
last night pooping them. Yeah maybe. – I mean big party in the microwave. – We’re like conspiracy parents. – [Jeremy] The real
poopy diaper challenge. – I know which one it is. – I know. – [Kendra] You can pick the
same one if you want to. – [Caleb] I think it’s Snickers. – [Jeremy] All right mum, which one it is? – [Kendra] It’s Snickers. – I had the chance for
the first time tonight to put my hand on Kendra’s belly, and feel the baby moving inside. I’m just so happy that she’s alive, and I hope the everything
continues to go well for Kendra and the baby. – We’re going to a doctor’s
appointment for the baby and I’m very excited to see the baby, and hear it’s heart beat. – Well, it’s really fun
to have Elise with me at my ultrasound appointment today. I’ve never had any of my
kids at an ultrasound before. So when the image like
popped up on the screen, she’s kind of confused at first. She’s like it’s just black and white. She’s trying to describe
to her like what was what, and then the ultra stenographer
switched it over to 3D mode, and we could see the baby’s little face, and Elise just got this
big smile on her face. I was like, that’s her,
like that’s our baby. That’s your little sister. Just to feel the magic
of that moment together, and then to be able to see her little face makes me so excited. (faint statements) – [Jeremy] That’s what babies do. They stick stuffs in their mouth. You’re gonna have a baby sister again soon so you gotta get used to it. Whatcha doing? – I’m building. – Oh, you’re just building some stuff? – Yay. (laughs) – Hi Jemma. – [Jeremy] So you guys okay with the fact that we’re having a little sister? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] It’s kind of like we’re gonna have a little Jemma soon. – She looks really strong. – Look at those biceps. Jemma go urgh. – So we had no idea but Laura and Jemma have matching pajamas. – So now we have to take a picture. ♫ Shake your tail that is ♫ Shaking ’em down ♫ Flap those wings and turn around ♫ Boom, boom, boom, boom, grab your stuff ♫ Sit back down, Tommy says enough And the most common comment
that we’re getting right now is what is your baby’s name? We don’t know. We do not have a name
for this little baby yet. I don’t know why I’m
having such a hard time thinking a name. – [Jeremy] So what are
you grateful for Caleb? – I’m grateful for that we gotta have Thanksgiving all together. – [Kendra] That’s a good one. – I’m grateful for sports that
we can play with each other, and do fun stuff like that. – Good one. I’m grateful for the prints– (laughs) – [Kendra] His brother is on
the other side making faces. – [Man In Specs] I would never. – How can I be not grateful
for (noise drowns voice). – I am grateful for the
seasons and the weather, and the seasons of life,
and just, I don’t know, I’m just loving the beautiful
sunshine and weather today. – I’m grateful for art. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] All of these look so cute but check out these candy apples. I’ve never seen candy apples
that look like that before. – We just come here in the world. – [Kendra] Do you think my tummy’s bigger or Santa’s tummy’s bigger? – [Children] Santa. – [Kendra] There we go. – But you have a bigger tummy (mumbles). – Well, thank you. Thank you, Caleb. I can’t see my toes anymore. There they are. Well, baby’s heartbeat is good and strong, which wasn’t a surprise
because she’s super active and moving all the time. They actually told me I need
to get three shots today but I already got my blood
draw so that’s behind me. Three shots, I’m getting one in each arm and one in my bum, my bum. Guys, I just filmed that whole segment with a booger in my nose. So we have to try that again. Poor question for the day,
are you scared of needles? Me personally, I’m not scared of them. I don’t necessarily enjoy getting shots. I don’t know anybody
that actually likes that but it’s not a big deal to me. I was a nurse, I gave shots. I’m not scared or nervous
around blood draws or needles. (merry tunes) We decided to try something new this year, and have a kids Christmas party. There’s 14 kids, and
it’s gonna be mass chaos but it’s gonna be awesome. Well, Laura just threw up
all over the living room, and I think that about
does us in for the day. We are officially postponing Christmas. The kids are bummed to not
be opening their presents but honestly, they’re all
just laying here, listlessly. So we were going to do Christmas tomorrow so let’s see you guys
for Christmas tomorrow. Hope you’re having a better
Christmas than ours today. – Where? – [Kendra] You want to
know where we’re going? – Yeah. – Okay, so what do we know? – Well, we’re going– – We’re going on a trip. – With grandma and papa. – And we’re, in January, and
we’re traveling on an airplane. – All right but where are we going? – Maybe to Arizona? – Let’s open it. Where are we going? – [Children] Disneyland, yeah. – In California or in Florida? – [Kendra] California, Disneyland. – [Isaac] Yeah. – Look mum, there are two here. – Disneyland, yeah. (magical music) – [Jeremy] Say Disney. – [Children] Disney. – Can I go on the trip with you guys? – [Kendra] Yeah, we’re
gonna all go on a trip. – [All] 13, 12, seven,
six, five, two, one. – 2017. (clanking) (blaring) We almost left that. – Yeah. – [Children] Disneyland. – I’m so glad to be able to fly. – [Kendra] Me too. – We almost did. – [Kendra] Are you excited to fly? – Yeah, it’s a mystery. – [Kendra] I don’t think it’s a mystery. I think it’s gonna be fun. (faint chatters) – Yay. – We’re in the air. – Yeah. – Well we just got in a car accident, and I’m still like all shakey and– – [Laura] I think it’s so sad. – It is so sad. – He is gonna say so much sorry. – So we are taking my kids to the ocean for the very first time today, and I’m so excited to live
these moments with them. It’s just magical. What do you think of this? – It’s like the whole entire part of just the part that the water comes on. – It’s called the beach. I’m so happy to be here. – [Jeremy] Jump and run. (faint statement) – [Elise] I’m scared. – Oh, wait for the waves to come in. (screams) (faint statements) Here it comes. (screams) Here it comes. This is awesome. Well, we’re ready. Today is the day, and
we’re headed to Disneyland with our Mickey Mouse ears. – I gonna see the castle. – [Kendra] You’re gonna see the castle? – Yes, to Disneyland. – [Jeremy] Come on. You’re excited. – Hi Minnie. – I’ve never been to
Disneyland, and I had no idea it looks like this in here. – There’s a castle, a castle. – Yeah, Disneyland. We’re literally at the castle. – [Jeremy] We’re literally at the castle. – I see one over there, and on the leaves, over there. We’re at the castle. – We’re at the castle. – Okay, let’s take a picture. Are you going inside the castle? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – We made it, we’re at Kansas City. Everybody put your hands in. Ready, I’m gonna see if
we can stand altogether. Hold hands. Ready, one, two. – [Jeremy] There we go, you got it. – We thought it’ll be fun
to ask each of the kids what they think we should name the baby. I want these memories
for the memory books. What do you think we should name the baby? – A star. – [Kendra] Star? You think we should name her Baby Star? – Yeah. – [Kendra] That’s a good idea. What other name ideas do you have for us? – A lot. – [Kendra] Like? – Maybe Audrey? Maybe Melanie. – I think it’s Emily or Sarah, or– – I can’t say that word. – I like a Rachel and Olivia. – [Kendra] What do you think
we should name the baby? – Indiana Jones. – [Jeremy] Indiana Jones? – [Kendra] I think that was Indiana Jones. – [Jeremy] Okay, we’ll consider it. – Bye. The kids are finally all
asleep, I think, I hope. – They’re gone. I actually just saw Elise is awake still.
– Sorry, my nose, it’s just– Okay, thank you, that feels– – That made my nose itch. – So does your nose itch ’cause of it? It’s like a smile, it’s contagious. – Or yawn. Why I know you guys have
been very interested in what we’re gonna name our new baby. I’m really interested too. We just haven’t decided yet. So while these are our
top five names right now, but it doesn’t mean that this
is for sure gonna be her name. This is just our top five picks right now. I’ve been known to change my mind before. Here they are in no particular order. The names we’re thinking about are Julia. You want me to say more? – We could rotate. – Okay, then you go next. – In second, well it’s not in an order so. The second name is Nicole. – I don’t remember the names. – Audrey. – Janei. – Or Marie. Marie? – We like that, I didn’t know. – Is it Melissa? – It was Melissa. – [Both] Melissa. (laughs) – [Kendra] Is this it? – Can I press the button? – [Kendra] Of course you can. Oh you can do it. There you go, you got it. Hey, Ms. Laura, where are we going? – At the doctor. – [Kendra] What’s the doctor gonna check? – The baby. – [Kendra] Do you want
to press the next button? – Sure. – Keep pressing number two. Good job. Laura is coming with me to
my doctor’s appointment. She is really excited to
hear the baby’s heartbeat. Hey Ms. Laura, did you put
your own shoes on today? – Yeah, it’s fun. – [Kendra] Yeap, good job. Okay, this way good girl. It’s your little sister. Six weeks left. It’s gonna go by fast. Look at you skipping. – Dishwasher? – Well I’m headed into a
counseling appointment, and I’m really looking forward to it. As I told you guys before,
I struggled with anxiety and depression, and I also
struggled after each baby was some postpartum depression. So Jeremy and I talked about it, and we decided to have
me do some counseling before this baby’s born. Kind of to have that relationship in place with the counselor to be ready to help me prepare to
deal with the emotions, and also hopefully to be
ready in case I am struggling that I can have those resources in place, and ready to have that help. All right, well I’m
definitely starting to nest. That means wanting to get
my house completely ready and organized, and clean, and wonderful to welcome a new baby into it. Today, I am tackling my
junk drawer in my bathroom. This is ridiculous, and I’ve
already taken some stuff out. So instead of getting
overwhelmed, I’m trying to tackle small projects each day. This is my small project today but I’m already overwhelmed. – So there’s a lot of baby stuff that we’re needing to get still. – Cute little baby. – That’s a baby seat. This is a baby seat. This is a baby seat, mummy. – [Kendra] Is that a baby seat? – Everything’s so tiny. – Look guys, did you see these? The new dress are really nice. Oh, that’s for a baby? (upbeat music) – Oh my God, that one’s so adorable. – [Laura] This one’s so adorable. – You think this one is
good for a little girl? We already have a swing
that all of you use. So she’s gonna get to use the
same one as everyone else. – [Jeremy] The jungle themed one. – Yes, buy it for your first
kid, use it for everybody. – It’s homemade. – We already have this stuff. But this being our fifth
baby, we obviously have almost everything that we need, and we’re trying to reuse
as much as possible. She’s gonna be in the same crib as all of her brothers and sisters have been. She’ll use the same
swing, the same bouncer but there are a few things
that you have to upgrade. It’s kinda nice to get a
few new things for a baby. – A stroller for a baby. Oh daddy, here, this one right there. Let’s find the pink one. No pink ones, no pink one. There’s a pink one. – [Jeremy] You found a pink stroller. – It’s for a baby. – So the car seat that we
used with Laura is expired so we’re needing to get
a new infant car seat for this new baby girl. It’s so overwhelming. I feel like technology changes so quickly. I’ve been to figure out the differences between all of ’em and what we need. We’ve always done Graco Car Seats and so I’ve just narrowed
down my hunt to the Gracos. – [Jeremy] Not sponsored. – Not sponsored. So I’m just trying to
figure out the differences. – A crib. – I’m having a hard time
keeping up with Laura. She’s so excited to be
here with other baby stuff. – Oh look. Chair, no way. Look at all the shoes for a baby. No way. Oh look. (screams) Boots, for a baby? Oh, flowers. – So I’m wanting to get a
couple new outfits for her. She definitely needs a coming-home outfit. I just haven’t found the right thing yet. There’s so much cuteness though. This makes me excited. We found a love seat rocker. That’s what we need in our room. That way we can both
rock the baby at night. – I love this rock. – Ah, this is comfy. – Where’s Laura? – I’m right here, rocking in my own chair. – [Kendra] Rocking in my own chair, dad. – I’m gonna rock with you guys. – [Kendra] Is there room for mum? – Bring it on. – Sit on me, mum. – Crush the little people. – Well, it’s been fun to see
the kids’ excitement here. I think it’s safe to say
that we’re all excited for this new baby. I am 35 weeks pregnant. That means the countdown is on. There’s only four or five more weeks left until this baby comes, and we’re excited. – Come on little chicken. (gasping) – Grow, little bird. – It made it out. Did you guys see how wet the feathers are? – [Elise] It’s so adorable. – [Kendra] Yeah, this is already gonna be the next one to hatch. – [Elise] I can see that she’s moving. – [Kendra] She really can hatch this. So we’re sitting here reading the book, and we’re watching our little baby sister kick all over the place. She was moving so much. Of course now I turned on the camera, and she’s holding still. – [Elise] Maybe she just likes hearing her brothers and sisters. – [Isaac] She’s kicking. – [Caleb] Hi. – [Elise] Don’t hurt the baby. – You’re so nice Caleb. Anyways, so when the first
chick hatched this morning, Laura came into my room and she goes, “Mum, is the baby gonna hatch today?” I was like, no the baby’s not hatching. She’s like, “When it hatches,
does it poke your tummy, “and crawl out?” I said, no babies are born a different way but it was really cute. Do you want to come
inside with me and look at the baby girl clothes? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Do you want to? What are you gonna do with them? – Open it. – [Kendra] Open it? – But I can’t, it’s too hard. – [Kendra] Well, I’ll help you open it. Then we’ll look at the
baby girl clothes together. Who are the baby girl clothes for, Laura? – Baby girl. – [Kendra] For baby
girl, this baby girl huh. – I think he loves me. – [Elise] I feel like the baby kick used to be a little bigger. – I think I love her. – [Kendra] Oh, I know you love her. – And I can touch her. – Yeah. – And I can lay with her. – Oh, you can’t lay on
her when she’s born. (smooches) Spontaneous cuteness. You guys are awesome. Okay, let’s go look at
the baby girl clothes. You want to come look at the
baby girl clothes with us? So I found the newborn girl box yesterday. Now I haven’t had a chance
to go through it yet but I thought it’ll
fun for Elise and Laura to go through it with me because you guys wore all these clothes. – Yeah. – When I was a baby. – Yes, when you were a baby. Look, these are you guys’
blankets and burp cloths, and your swimsuit. (faint statement) – It’s roo-bum-bum. – Oh look, these are clothes for baby. – Yeah, that’s a dress. – The baby smell like drool. They drool. – They do sometimes, we
have to give them baths. – It doesn’t fit me. – This doesn’t fit you. – This is for the spit. – That is for the spit, okay. This is a nursing cover. These ones are gonna gets. – Is this for the car seats? – Yeah, that one goes over the car seat. – Oh, I love this blanket. – I love this blanket too. – Those ones are special. Those are your blessing blankets. – These are so cute. – This is your blessing dress for church. Do you guys want to get out the bracelet? (baby talk) – For a baby. – These are our little baby girl’s shoes. – These are cool. – Yeah, aren’t they cool little shoes. Well, I just completely
melted down, stopping. – [Jeremy] The kids are watching
mum getting her pictures. – [Photographer] You want
to say anything to the baby? Can you give the baby a kiss? Oh, how cute you are. Okay, look at each other. – Look at mummy. (laughs) All right, well I’m excited
to see the maternity pictures when we get them back. I think that worked
pretty well so thank you. – Yeah, absolutely. – We’re gonna be– Okay, that was like the most
awkward on-camera thing ever. Turn it off. That’s called nursing pads. Those are for the mummies. – Here’s the poopy diaper challenge. (enlightening music) – [Kendra] All right, if
you are watching this video, it means that I am in labor. That’s crazy that that’s
actually happening now. So if you want real time
updates of what’s going on, you can head over to J House Vlogs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be updating there first.

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