[자막] 미국일상- 임신한 후에 산 제품 하울 [Maternity Collective Haul]

[자막] 미국일상- 임신한 후에 산 제품 하울 [Maternity Collective Haul]

Hi guys! This video is going to be a collective maternity
haul video. It’s going to range from baby stuff, huge
body pillows to clothes I bought to fit my new body shape. First I am going to show you the Target Baby
Registry welcome bag I received a few days ago. This is a free sample bag you get when you
sign up for a target baby registry online, and it includes lot of samples and goodies. The first one is this baby bottle! I have no clue how or when I will use this,
but I can tell that it is pretty legit size and quality. The brand is Dr.Brown’s natural flow, and
it says “options to use with or without vent”. It has all the different sections, which I
will have to learn what each does. But it also comes with instructions so I will
have to read it in detail later. And these two pacifiers. One is from the brand Mam, and the other one
from Nuk. They are both orthodontic and BPA free, with
cute designs! Another one diaper sample from the brand Babyganics,
like from the word “organics” I guess? It is supposed to be “ultra absorbent diapers”,
so I will have to check it out when I actually use it after the baby is born. This is a sample size body wash from Dove. It’s for babies, “tip to toe wash” with
rich moisture. The other one is from Aveeno baby for daily
moisture lotion. Next one is from this breast pumping brand,
Lansinoh. I think that’s how you say it. It has breastfeeding samples, with 2 disposable
nursing pads and 2 breastmilk storage bags. I don’t think I will need to use this since
I am planning to use another brand’s breast pump. But we will see. Another 2 diaper samples from this company
called The Honest Company. I believe It also has cosmetics line too. It also includes coupons with 25 dollars off
when you spend 50 dollars on baby products, and 15 dollars off on 35 dollars worth of
cosmetics products. And lastly, it includes all kinds of coupons,
for total body pillow, Dove baby products, stretch mark oil product, diaper trashcan
which is supposed to block all the smell, baby healing ointment for dry, chapped or
irritated skin, 20% off from cloud island brand, and coupons for nursing bra, and maternity
clothes, and this random Starbucks buy one get one free coupon! But it can be only applied at Starbucks inside
target stores. Lastly, another 5 dollars off coupon for baby
diapers! That was a lot of products and samples from
that bag. Now I will show you what I have been using
to prevent stretch marks on my belly and boobs. I use two product combination twice a day,
in the morning and at night. I use this famous bio-oil first. This is supposed to help improve appearance
of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, and dehydrated skin. I’ve read a lot of good reviews and it popped
out as recommended for stretch marks on amazon.com. It was only around 12 dollars! Next one is from the brand Body Merry. It is a very thick stretch mark cream and
I use this after I use the oil, and it was also recommended on amazon.com. The smell is not too bad but it’s not too
pleasant either. It just smells like one of those thick balms
that was prescribed by the doctor for extremely dry skin. Well so far, I am into my 25 weeks and I have
no stretch marks. I started using this from week 19. But I guess if you are going to get some stretch
marks and it runs in your family, you will get it no matter how much cream you put on
but we will have to see! Let’s go to the next one…well I guess
some people already use this because of very fragile skin in the anus area when taking
a dump?! haha I never had constipation or problems
with large intestines so never understood the need of wet wipes, but now that I have
been experiencing really bad constipation and hemorrhoid I was forced to get these. I got this at Costco, and each bag has 100
wipes, and about 15 of them? were in one box, which was around 27 dollars I think. It’s a pretty good deal! This one was gifted to me by my husband’s
friend. It is a cooling pad, and it can be refrigerated
for certain time to make it cooler but I just use it when I go to bed for my head. It really helped me to get over my migraine
and I still use it because keeping my head cool just relieves a lot of stress. Next one is a heating pad I bought few weeks
ago because of my severe backache problems. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t’
even sit down still for more than 20 minutes. It was affecting my work and other daily living
activities, so I asked my doctor and he suggested a heating pad. I found this in the corner of Meijer, which
is like Walgreens in Michigan. It as in massage equipment/heating pads section. It is electronic, and it turns off automatically
after like 1 hour I think? So it is pretty safe. I’ve been using it whenever I go to bed
and it is also perfect for this cold winter! This is another essential item of mine when
I sleep! My belly is big but I have been trying to
prevent and get ready for when it gets super big! Some of the complications are having very
bad backache, and difficulty sleeping since you have to sleep on the side… I have looked at C shaped body pillow, but
my friend recommended this U shaped one so I bought it off amazon. It was around 50-60 dollars I think. When I have to sleep on my side, the other
side of the body pillow gives me good support for my back so I love it so far! Finally, some of the clothes I bought that
actually fit me as my body has been changing. I tried avoiding maternity clothes, because
those will be limited to only when I am pregnant! This one I bought from hm sale section, which
was only around 10 dollars. I bought size medium, so that even when I
am not pregnant, I can still wear it as oversized fit for a comfortable dress. It is also pretty long so It gives me more
space to breathe, not having to worry about my belly needing extra space. This one is also non-maternity clothes in
size large. Even though it is in larger size, the off
the shoulder elastic part is not big at all! It is pretty nice fitting. Sometimes when you wear certain clothes when
you are pregnant, because of the big belly, you might look so much bigger overall than
you actually are but since this dress is off the shower, and the length comes down to right
over your knee, you can still show some feminine shape of your body. Next one is super comfy and fuzzy maroon color
sweater from Dr.Denim. It is also oversized fit but I bought it in
size medium. I love fuzzy texture sweaters and the color
was perfect for fall/winter season. One fun aspect of this sweater is that the
back is pretty much open! If you want to attend a night out event in
a comfortable but sassy outfit during winter, when you are pregnant especially, this sweater
would be perfect. It’s a nice twist to the outfit and I would
wear it with maybe a pair of maternity jeans or shorts with tights and some heels with
medium height. Next one is my comfortable sports bra from
Adidas. I always bought size xs-s for sports bras
since my boobs need extra support when exercising, but I immediately had to buy larger bras overall. So I bought this bra in size medium. This pair of leggings, I actually paid around
9 dollars because it is a fleece-lined leggings. It has extra layer inside which keeps me extra
warm especially when I have to go outside early in the morning for work. I bought this in size large, but it still
fits me perfectly. Well I did not want to spend too much money
on leggings, especially ones without any extra warm layer in it, but this one is from hm
which I bought from a thrift store for around 3 dollars! It is actually maternity leggings, which means
that it has stretchy upper covering part for the belly so that leggings won’t slid down. I love wearing this when I am doing yoga because
it’s pretty comfortable and it covers everything. Another must-buy is larger and longer tank
tops. All the tank tops i have do not cover my larger
belly area, so I had to get longer tank tops, in size medium. This is from hm, and I mean it does it’s
job but it was in very not the good quality. The strap part started breaking apart only
few days later I purchased it, and there was this hole on the side, which I found out only
1 day after I bought this! Then I had already pulled off the tag so I
had to keep it. I will have to fix it but I was very disappointed. I also bought this in nude color. Next one is also from a thrift store, from
extra large men section. I always loved buying plus sized men’s clothing,
especially button up shirts since you can wear it as cardigan, something to throw on
for warmth and for casual look. This one caught my eye because of the bright
fun yellow color and denim collar on the top. The brand is Nautica, and I bought it for
around 4 dollars. Its super long and comfortable to wear, great
cover for my belly. This one also has similar fit to the previous
one. It is one of my many denim shirts which I
love collecting in my wardrobe. This one is from Dr. Denim, and the quality
is amazing. This is actually made unisex so pretty oversized. I got this in size medium. I think even my husband can wear this because
it’s pretty big! Small details and different color washing
in the middle of the shirt gives different vibe compared to other denim shirts I have. A long black coat for the winter season is
a must. I was able to grab this one from Dr. Denim. I always wanted nice thick black coat with
extra length, and this was perfect! I was a little bit worried that I won’t
be able close the buttons because of my big belly so I got this in size medium. This is also made in oversized fit so it was
perfect! I can totally wear this during winter even
when I am not pregnant, especially since I live in colder areas, I will have to layer
my clothes, and this will cover everything. Oh my, I don’t even know how many denim
jackets I have in my wardrobe. But this one is definitely a must-add to my
collection. The length is not too short, not too long,
which is perfect for a hip look, with distressed shoulder parts, I can also wear this for all
seasons. During winter, especially where I live, I
will have to wear thick sweater or sweatshirt underneath or wear another coat on top, but
layering is one of the biggest fashion tip during winter, so I will get good use out
of this. I also got this in size medium. Okay next one is might be more on fancier
side, which can be only worn at some occasions, but I love it! Well it might not look that cute in this video
but I can promise you that if I did my hair right and wear some heels, it actually would
look really cute. The intricate but simple shoulder design with
random thick straps hanging down on one size, it gives more funky, unique but feminine vibe. This pair of pants are velvety black pants
with the stretchy part on the top. This was actually more of a boot cut at the
end and longer, but I had to cut and sew them into my size. It’s very comfortable and fits me perfectly
so I am very satisfied. I can actually wear this with actually anything,
since black pants are easiest to match with any kinds of clothes. This one is one of those mom jeans fit with
stretchy fabric on top, for the belly. I mean it’s not the best but I am planning
to DIY this so I hope you guys would be interested in the future? I especially don’t like the pocket area,
so I will have to do something..maybe distress that part? Well that wraps up the what my pregnancy haul
video! It ranged from so many random things to clothes
but I hope this was pretty helpful especially to those new preggo moms-to-be out there! I am still a noob and learning new things
every day, so if you guys have any suggestions for me, for pregnancy or in the future let
me know! if you like this kind of video, please give
a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. I will see you guys in my next video! Bye

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