✅SUPER MESSY CLEAN, COOK, AND DECLUTTER WITH ME | Big Family Organization and Deep Cleaning

✅SUPER MESSY CLEAN, COOK, AND DECLUTTER WITH ME | Big Family Organization and Deep Cleaning

– Well, well, well, we meet again. What in the world do we have here? (laughing) Welcome back today friends,
my name is Jamerrill, this is Large Family
table and I help you feed all your people and I feed a ton of people and that means this
kitchen needs some help! So, today, we’re are doin’
some deep dive cleanin’ and some cookin’, you are
gonna see some of my hidden, darkest, messiest places in my home. Oh boy, oh boy, stay tuned. Also, I would like to
thank Hello Fresh today, for sponsoring today’s video. Get started with eight
free meals, that’s $80 off your first month of Hello
Fresh, go to hellofresh.com and enter promo code largefamilytable80. What am I doin’ here, what in the world? What’s happenin’, what’s cookin’? Well, I had been, when I am
doing this cleaning video, I was on this quest to try to get as many large pizza dough rolls
from my bread machines to get the dough made
and I like to make it and freeze it and that
way, when we need pizzas, so for a family of 10,
that would be three to four large pizzas, I would just
set the dough from my freezer into my refrigerator and
then the next evening, it’d be ready to just roll it out and make fresh, homemade pizza. So we all know I like to do
my big freezer cooking days and I might get one in a month,
or two in every other month. Some months I don’t get any done at all. What I do in the meantime, I set a little freezer cooking goal for myself. Like the other week, I did about 20 loaves of blueberry bread for the freezer and then over the last few days, here in this video, I was just keepin’ my bread machines runnin’
makin’ pizza dough. That way, I can still
keep nice stashes built up of various things in my freezer. Now that the next two pizzas
are goin’ in the bread machine, it is time to tackle
some dirt and some grime. I have not wiped off my cabinets,
like really wiped them off well, I don’t know,
since I don’t know when. So this called for, I
was just wipin’ ’em off with a damp washcloth, but
I also was taking my spoon, now you have to be very gentle with this. Actually, my Jamerrill disclaimer,
you don’t do this at all. Just watch me do the wrong thing. But I take a kitchen spoon
and I very gently go over the cabinets where we
have obvious gobs of jelly or syrup has dripped or flour is caked or, I mean, I could just go on with a list of different food things
that I am scraping off here. The kids do, especially the
younger kids end up hangin’ out around the end of our
kitchen counter there and watchin’ TV and having quick meals, especially if it’s an evening where we have an outside activity. We don’t even get to
the large family table. We have the large family kitchen counter. I’m also opening up these
cabinets and just getting food and crumbs and
things since people do eat around them that get caked
in there and built up and some little shredded
cheese from I don’t know when. These cabinets here that I’m
spendin’ this extra time on, they just need some extra elbow grease because of again, with kids eatin’ there, lots of buildup happens. I have my teen son who’s about to be 16. He will steam mop these floors
for me about once a week, but there are still some crud that gets alongside the cabinets,
so I take my butter knife and I get any little
just built up black crud that the steam mop, I think the steam mop just pushes it in there sometimes. Now I’m freshening up under
the kitchen sink cabinet. I don’t want to do a full pullout and like a deep dive clean here. I just pulled out one side,
straightened things up, wiped things down gently,
I did not want to commit to a full clean out there
because we are gonna get some cabinets, I mean,
some of ’em, some areas you are gonna see, I haven’t
gotten to in three years (laughing) since I moved in. Things have just piled
and other areas needed more attention, real quick
though, I’m refilling my homemade vinegar spray bottle, which is usually about
a fourth full of vinegar and the rest is full of water. And I am giving things a spray. I am trying to get some of my common areas that you’ll see that I do
in these cleaning videos, I’m doin’ my window sill,
I actually spray off my stained glass birds,
so many of you have asked where I got those birds from. I’m pretty sure my mom
ordered them from wayfair.com, not sponsored at all, but
Wayfair had some stained glass on there and she got
me those for Christmas. Any hoo, I’m getting
everything off the window. Windexing this time, many
times I use vinegar spray, but sometimes I just need Windex ’cause there was food splatter. Oh my, oh my, check in,
check, did you catch that? (Laughing) I had so much fun filming that,
I was cranking my camera up slowly on my new tripod,
and I said, Jayden, when you edit these videos,
please leave this in. (laughing) Makes me laugh even now
watching the voiceover. I hope you find that a hoot as well. So here I am getting my
window sill back in place and my little things, my
little rock collection from the kids and soap and
hand lotion and all of that wiped off and put back up there. Earlier, I was also ripping
an old towel up into some more cleaning rags and I realize
here, here in a minute, yes Jamerrill, you need,
I don’t always clean my stainless steel with Windex. That’s probably not recommended,
don’t do that either, but on this evening,
I was in a Windex mood (laughing) and that what I was using. Usually I use my vinegar spray
and then a stainless steel cleaner and the cleaner
itself is kind of thick. Kind of feels like coconut oil. Probably much better for the refrigerator, but oh well, Windex wins tonight. Gettin’ the microwave down there and yeah, some other cabinets that
I see some more crud. I just kinda get ’em as I can. Look, I got my spoon in my hand again too. Once I get goin’ with
that spoon, it’s like cabinet clean out time,
and different areas I may think that they’re
clean, but then when I stand at different angles I’m like,
oh, I see that dried soap. (laughing) And it’s time to clean it all up. Okay, now over here,
this is my lunch mess. How do like that, earlier today the kids had done various cleaning jobs. Naomi worked on deep cleaning her room. Zion and Travis worked on
gettin’ our new chicken yard setup, we had several things
that needed to be done there. Liam cleaned all the
bathrooms, Amelia and Daniel picked up their toys and
freshened up their beds. Gabriel did various odd jobs,
I sent him around the house to do such as wiping walls and
cleaning out our coat closet because the next day was our lake day. So we put in a lot of cleaning time today and right now at this
point in my cleanin’, when I’m cleanin’ down all
my stove knobs and such, Travis has the kids out
for their last evening of dance classes for this year. They finished the whole dance season. Their big recital show is comin’ up. So this was their last night
though, before the big show to just have another
night with their friends and of course, learn a
little bit more dancin’. (laughing) Okay, the spice cabinet. This is where my spices live. It has never been organized. Since moving in over three years ago, I’ve just crammed ’em in there
and now there’s a lot more crammed in there and it’s
just becoming a tower of stuff that falls on me every time
I go to open the cabinet. The best way that I can really
get in and organize something is I just have to get everything out. Get it all out, lay it down,
make it into a mountain of stuff, something, and then I’m able to see what I have, process it. Look, I’m checking dates,
seein’ if those cinnamon sticks are still good, they still
have a bazillion years. I did find a few things
where the dates were like, you know, 10 years old
and so they got pitched. I did a pretty good
clean out when we moved. Here’s my current collection. Most of this, most of this survives. And so now, I’m wiping out
each shelf with vinegar spray. Short little mama gotta climb that ladder and now, what I’m putting everything back. So I tried to just focus on only spices (laughing) within arms reach
there on the bottom shelf. And then on the second shelf,
I put more baking supplies and then my large container of sesame oil because it doesn’t fit on my bottom shelf. But mainly bacons, baking or bacon, ha ha, baking supplies, yeast and shortening and various thickeners and
such on that second shelf. All the spices on the bottom one. Now I would love to
organize this super cute. I have not had time to
watch any kitchen organizing videos ’cause I’m busy livin’ it. (laughing) That was me sniffing a bottle of cloves by the way. So, if you want to point me to some videos or some articles with some
cute like we’ll say Dollar Tree kitchen cabinet organizing,
I’d love it for spices in particular or just give me your ideas. There’s the letters for my letter board. My letter board, it got put up one day where I couldn’t change the verse out and it got knocked down,
but now it’s lived put up for several weeks and I don’t want that, I want it back out with a bible verse. So we must get back to that. Now I’m going through
various odds and ends and see, it’s usable, it’s functional. There’s only the letter
board supplies up top. Doesn’t seem quite right. And here we go friends, Juicy Lucy Burger. I don’t know what to tell ya other than this dinner was amazing. So many of you mamas have
asked me about picky eaters and picky eaters in my household. And let me say, you can make
family dinners fuss free with Hello Fresh’s Picky Eater kid tested and approved
Family Plan recipes. These Juicy Lucy Burgers were a big hit with my entire household
of 10, everybody ate them. There were maybe two who didn’t want the roasted garlic mayonnaise
and then there might have been one that just wanted ketchup. You’ll see, we’ll talk about adaptations, but I was able to easily
customize these Juicy Lucy Burgers for my kids, and when you call something a Juicy Lucy Burger, it’s
just promised to be amazing. So here I am, I’m gonna wash
off all of my vegetables. You can get seasonal, simple recipes and premeasured ingredients delivered right to your door every
week with Hello Fresh. And all I had to do was wash
those tomatoes and potatoes. With the potatoes, I just
had to slice ’em down and quarter them and then get
them all on the roasting pan. Hello Fresh has three
plans to choose from. There’s the Classic, the
Veggie and the Family and what’s really nice is you have the option to switch
when your tastes change. So with these potatoes,
I just spread ’em out. This is one of my new
half sheet baking pans. And then they just need a drizzle of oil, a little bit of salt and pepper and then, Hello Fresh sent these
delicious seasoning packs. They called it Fry
Seasoning and I spread those out on the potatoes as well. Don’t forget, you can get
started with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first
month of Hello Fresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter promo code largefamilytable80. There we go, gettin’ the
potatoes and my kids love it when I do some sort of
quick potatoes in the oven. And now this onion, let me tell ya, okay? So I had a total of three onions to chop and I cried like a baby. (laughing) I have not cried chopping
onions in quite a while and I just did whatever, you can see me heavily blinking there. Whatever wrong thing you do to
make yourself cry like a baby when chopping onions, that is
what I did, mm hmm, mm hmm. I have many of you when
I do these fun sponsored Hello Fresh videos wanting
to know about using Hello Fresh as a large
family and I will say, and I say this in the comments often that the wonderful thing
about our community over here at Large Family Table is
obviously, I help mamas feed all their people, but we have
different people amounts. Many families watch my
videos because they need to use larger recipes for holidays or get togethers or when
kids come back home. People also watch my videos
who are empty nesters. I know, can you believe that? And there’s young professionals
who watch my videos. College students, I know
one mama friend of mine, her kiddo just moved out and
so she just gave her kiddo some Hello Fresh meals to help
them in their new adult life and as they’re learnin’ how
to cook with the recipe cards, she thought that would be fun and helpful in their first apartment. There’s also mamas who
use Hello Fresh to do like a cooking school with their kiddos. I did a video here a few
months back where Amelia and I cooked up Hello Fresh and it was, it was like Amelia and
Mommy’s little cooking school. There’s also moms who
use this Hello Fresh deal as special date, in home date
nights with their husbands. So just know we don’t all have to match and Hello Fresh benefits
families in many different ways. Another viewer of mine
told me that her sister, she shared this in the comments of one of my Hello Fresh videos, her sister had cancer treatments. She didn’t have a lot of energy to cook, but she still loved to cook
on her own when she could. So she gifted her sister
with some Hello Fresh meals so that when she had the
energy, when her energy was up, she could still be a
home cook without having to think about meal
planning or grocery shopping or even what recipe to make. It was just there and ready to go and that was a beautiful gift for her. I’m getting the ground beef
out and they had me put more of the fry seasoning in there. And I wanna say, what we
do here with this burgers and this Cheddar is something
all kinds of special and I’m going to incorporate this trick with some of my hamburger
patty makin’ for freezer meals because I mix up the ground beef and then on the direction
card it said to place some of the Cheddar cheese and fold
it into the hamburger patty. So these end up being, I know,
it’s all kinds of goodness. These end up being Cheddar filled burgers. You can of course, totally
make these low carb and eat them in a lettuce wrap. Because this was my
Hello Fresh cookin’ day, I enjoy the roasted bun, yes and amen, but look at this, I’m going to. I mean, just think, you could
stuff ’em with Mozzarella, stuff ’em with Pepper Jack,
I’m definitely going to stuff burgers again, with Cheddar cheese. It was such a good idea
and they were easy to fold and I’m just cookin’ ’em on the stove. And now kids are startin’ to gather around that clinging counter and just beg me, “When will these burgers be done?”, so slice ’em down, these beautiful
buns with my bread knife. I think I did chop off half
of one of my fingernails that were hanging out
(laughing) because I kept looking and talking, look
you’ve seen me, video evidence. It all worked out okay, it wasn’t my skin. So I just open those up and let them bake for a few minutes to toast ’em. Then as the burgers get
done, I had a little bit of the Cheddar cheese
left, I had just enough so when I did the final flip, this was not in the directions, this
was a Jamerrill adaptation. When I did the final
flip, I topped them all with Cheddar cheese, now
over there on the side, I was suppose to roast
garlic with the potatoes. I didn’t have any foil to
properly roast the garlic, but I still put it in a corner of the baking pan with the potatoes. When they were done, I took
the garlic per the directions, put it in that bowl, mashed it up. Added the mayonnaise and they included sour cream and that is that amazing. I’m just gonna do that often. That was that amazing garlic
mayonnaise special goodness all jammed up there, I certainly approved. And then there we go, rest
of the burgers topped. Buns are out and now I’m
making the first plate. So you put on the burger,
put on that special onion and tomato Juicy Lucy Burger
sauce, put on the mayonnaise and then it said some ketchup. Oh yeah, my slop mess,
love it, love it, love it, love the potatoes, chow
down Mama, chow down. And now I start makin’ plates for kids and just adjust slightly whether you know, want ketchup, don’t want
ketchup and look at this. Just like that, dinner was done. And it was clean up time,
I’m cleanin’ up Benjamin’s little tabletop for his highchair there. And it’s time to get two more
of my homemade pizza dough goin’ in the bread machine. Now in this one, I put garlic
powder and some oregano and some basil to give the
dough some good flavor, but there I’m puttin’ in my oil, puttin’ in, just puttin’ it all in. Now a full video is coming out when I do these bazillion homemade large pizzas and doin’ pizza dough for the freezer so be on the lookout for that. But here, oh yeah, there I
am using the powdered sugar because I don’t have any
other sugar in the house. ♪ And the salt, yes ♪ Oh hey, we sung that,
there I am just dumpin’ in the garlic powder, dumpin’ in the oregano, dumpin’ in some basil, yes,
yes that’s the dump method. (laughing) And I’m runnin’ my
mouth talkin’ to a kiddo who’s sittin’ there talkin’ to me now. By now, it’s about 10 o’clock at night. We have a huge lake day the following day. That’s why we really busted
to do a bunch of cleaning and organizing jobs on this day. And again, the kids had
their last dance class and I made this delicious
Hello Fresh meal. So, we worked hard and
then we’re gonna play hard and that’s the bowl there
with the teal towel over it that I was just letting
the dough that was done just sit and rise for about
an hour to an hour and a half after, before I wrapped it
up and got in the freezer. Goin’ over those cabinets,
the upper cabinets. Just a few little bit more
wiping down the walls. Here we are, okay deep dark
secrets in Jamerrill’s house. This is the reality of the hall bathroom. Everything got jammed up
when I moved my clothes. See those towels? To the linen closet,
that’s old history now. The towels need to find their
clothes again in the hallway. This cabinet has not been
cleaned out in three years. Let’s see what’s there,
there’s dust on the door in the hallway, big old hairy dust. This was the linen
closet, look at that mess. Turned into my closet. My clothes have since moved,
so now it’s a hodgepodge of all kinds of things
that shouldn’t be in there. Up at the top are my maternity clothes, and abdominal brace and my hatbox. I had Liam take my hats back to my office. And so I’m taking my maternity clothes and I got these under the bed storage. They’re like Ziploc brand bags. Not the vacuum seal bags
many of you all suggested, just ’cause I don’t have
a good vacuum right now. But these Flexible Totes,
I have several bags I’m going to do and get under my bed. And hopefully, yes friends,
we’ll get out those maternity clothes again, but until all those things work out in life, the
clothes will be under my bed. If you need ’em, you
know where to find ’em. So, here in the hall closet,
I am bringing out the towels, gettin’ ’em all out, I already
wiped down these shelves and I moved our toilet paper
stash to the top shelf. That thing is like three
foot tall in there. I just need to fill it to
the top so we don’t run out. That middle shelf there,
with those little box bins are full of sheets and such
for our downstairs bed. There’s my llama pajama pants. I’ve been lookin’ for those, how could I even function without those. And then I’ve been just
winter, my winter shoes. It’s my stuff, this is my mess. This is not kids, there’s no excuse for it other than it just sat there and I just left the door closed. But then when you open the door, it’s like, oh that’s a mess. So I’ve been saving this
project for when I knew I had this deep cleaning
and organizing time. Got all those boots out, swept it out. I now have a shoe shelf
with some new clothing and organizing shelves
Travis got us in our room. But here we go, now we
have a linen closet again, with toilet paper and towels and sheets and actual empty space with nothing else. Now, okay, so again, oh yes
a throw up bag, always good. So, I’m just pullin’ it all out. So much stuff, pullin’ it out. Spraying it out in there, pullin’ out. I try to keep toilet
paper in each bathroom. And we keep extra in the hall. Yeah, just important in life. So, sprayin’ out underneath this cabinet with my vinegar spray, gettin’ in there. Again, three years, it needs this. I mean, at least once a
year I should take this out. Towel fallin’ off and now I’m just goin’ all wild Jamerrill, don’t care. Emergency diapers and Pull-Ups. Got some, putting the
heating pads in a little bin. A little emergency first aid things there. The clippers, cleanin’ the floor. And then, voila, now
doesn’t that look better? I feel better just looking at that. This is one of those oddly
satisfying videos, right? But yeah, it’s just,
hah, makes you feel good. Okay, this cabinet, it
is another hodgepodge of bandages and suntan lotion
and athletes foot cream and (laughing) just
randomness that needs to find some purpose and organization
in its life as well, but I take everything out
and we spray and wipe out these shelves and then I
put like things together. You know, how do you
get such a collection? Well, have kids, live
life and then you’re like, oh, I probably need this collection. We have wraps from different little ankle and things that have
happened over the years. So now I just hold on to all of it and I have a shelf of it and
we might only need it once a year or every other, but
when we need it, we’ll have it. So I want to thank Hello Fresh again for sponsoring today’s video. Don’t forget to get started
with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first
month of Hello Fresh. Go to hellofresh.com and enter promo code largefamilytable80. I will chat with you in
those comments below. Thank you so much for
watching my video today.

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  35. I have a plastic kitchen scraper that works wonders on cabinets, countertops & tables. It’s really gentle but very effective. They are touted as pan scrapers but I use mine for everything, including scraping dried toothpaste off bathroom counters.

  36. It does feel so awesome when you get those harder, not so oft cleaned areas done! Ahh!! Great job mamma!

  37. I use basket on cupboard shelves for my spices. I sort the spices loosely by type so that the spices I often use together are in the same basket, like Italian spices together or ginger, five spice powder, and sesame seeds. Spice racks are entirely insufficient and cost too much.

  38. I bought me a small home size steamer. It cleans like nobodies business. I will go around my kitchen and bathroom steam and wipe. Garbage cans, tubs, sinks, etc. Just awesome!

  39. Oh also buy a cheap electric toothbrush for the cracks and crevices but mostly not really needed. Blessings!!

  40. Hello beautiful. Your videos are amazing I am a mommy of 2 and watching your videos help me a lotttttt. Are you planning on having an other baby? Love from Paris ❤️

  41. You remind me so much of myself. “The letter board got put up…..” It happens to me, not to be seen for weeks, or longer, with all kinds of items!! When I find things, it’s like hey I remember that!! Lol

  42. Have a piece of bread in your mouth when u cut onions, don’t chew it just put it 👌🏼❤️ it works

  43. I thought I was the only mom who took those barf bags home to use Haha they are such a good idea and design. I dont know why you cant buy them at the store or pharmacy

  44. You should check out "Do It On A Dime" for cheap and affective organising. Kathryn is the master of dollar tree organising.

  45. I found it helpful to get 1" high of those kitchen organizers and actually alphabetize my spices so I know which basket to reach for and where to find them easily and to see what I may be missing.

  46. Juicy Lucy's are Amazing, but you can burn yourself on the hot cheese if you are not very Very careful 🙂

  47. For spices in your cabinet I use a double tier lazy Susan ! You can for two small ones on that bottom shelf and they are so handy ! Walmart sells spice shelves to also to go inside your cabinets that are adjustable !

  48. People need to remember every family is different. If you have 5 kids and 2 parents a hello fresh meal would be around $50, which yes is a lot, but if that same family gets it to prevent them from eating out then it might be worth it since going out could cost $100. Every budget is different ! Some people have more money then time and this could be very helpful

  49. I guess I watch this because of the old joke,"I love work. I could watch it all day". And I guess I am a little inspired too.

  50. Just a little tip I learned. Long time ago. If onions bother you when you cut them, about 5-10 mins before you are going to cut them, stick the whole onion in the freezer. Skin and all. Then peel and chop! It works!

  51. Took me about fifteen minutes before I realized you were doing a voice over lol. You crack me up Jamerille, your such a natural, I reckon you could cook with your eyes shut, and multitask at the same time!!!! Love, love all your videos. Diana.

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