Hi guys doing really well. Today I thought it
would be fun to try a wheelchair clothing hack, and that is maternity
jeans! So you join me on a video which is going to be “I wore maternity
jeans for a week!” Why, you ask yourself? Well you’re about
to find out…. Good morning everybody I’m now going to
try hmm and see I can get there,
and, if I can vlog, I will try but people are looking at me like I’m a bit strange.
more strange that usual! So when I finally got to H&M I discovered that there were a huge
amount of styles, colors, sizes and choices, which i think is really really
great. So reason that I chose and maternity
jeans was because that I thought that they would be very comfortable. I thought
they would be great for wheelchair users because obviously when we sit down our
shape is completely different to someone who is standing up for example.
When we are sat down our bellies sort of bulge out a little bit and by having
maternity jeans that gives a lot of room for a bit of a belly. I know a lot of you at this point are now thinking “why doesn’t she just get jeans for
wheelchair users?” I thought it would be quite fun to try a little clothing hack,
but when I did a little bit of research online I couldn’t find that much
choice. quite a lot of them I wouldn’t personally wear, they weren’t really my
style or they were very very expensive. The maternity jeans at H&M were 25
pounds I was able to get into the store, try them on and purchase them just like
that. Whereas when you’re buying something like that online you really
want to be able to try it on, you want to feel the quality especially if it’s
going to be that expensive. So here they are in all their glory the maternity
jeans! As you can see there is a lot of material here
that goes around the waistband, you can see it kind of comes up
here and this kind of comes around the back so you are not going to see any
crack! what’s really nice is that there is no button! That was fantastic,
also don’t have anything digging in your hips at all. I think if you’re thinking of
giving this a go (which I highly recommend ) is that you go down the size. So currently
I’m about the size eight (uk) but I actually went down to a size six for these jeans
and they fit perfectly. So I went down the size so they fit beautifully around
my legs but also there was enough room for my stomach as well so that was
really really great. I’d like to try a pair of wheelchair jeans and do a video
on that at some point, I know that there is Endless Ability jeans they have been
very popular online, but at the moment it doesn’t look like they’re selling any. So
throughout this video I’m going to be judging these jeans on three factors
Comfort, Practablity and how they work Transferring I’m going to judge it out
of ten. (cool montage music) “Anything you want say birthday girl?” “Its my birthday!!! And this is a bit of a surprise!! I had no idea! We are at the Ivy in Brighton I had absolutely no idea I was going to the Ivy for my birthday and first I felt a little
self-conscious that I was wearing the jeans (this was their first outing out)
I thought my god can anyone tell? Can you see? But no one could see no one
could tell the Ivy is the kind of place where you can be smart casual, dress
up dress down, so I felt absolutely fine and really really comfortable. “We are all going for the eggs benedict! And Im really glad I have my special jeans on!!! (Gasps!! laughs Giggles) “Oh they feel really nice and soft.” “one thing you can’t go worng with is mentality tights! I don’t know why
anyone would wear normal tights!” “Do you still still wear maternity tights?” “yes I do!!! because they don’t glinch in your
waist like that and make you feel sick Harford half way through dinner. They are amazing!!!” “thats such a good idea!” “We are all about comfort in this family.” So the overall comfort of the jeans I
would award these an eight out of ten. I mean they’re nothing compared to wearing
a pair of tracky bottoms but you know up there on the comfy sort of Jeggin/ leggin type option they are with them. So here in my hands I have my regular jeans.
This pair are eye-wateringly tight! I find that I have to go down a size in jeans
to get them to fit around the legs but, then I struggle with getting them around
my waist. so then that’s really uncomfortable, and literally these I can
only wear for about an hour or so and then as soon as I come home I just want
to put my trackies on. This pair has actually been amazing and I loved them
and wore them to death and as you can see it’s got holes in the knees. These
holes in the knees are not to try and be cool and down with the kids, those are
actually thread bare, because I have worn them so so much. Again I
couldn’t wear them all day, they do dig in me, they’re quite difficult to get on
and they were really really uncomfortable around the waistband. So we
have finished our brunch and I’m glad I have my elasticated waist band on and
now we’re off shopping! so we went clothes shopping but I had to
take the jeans on and off to try on other items. My mom and my sister were
there to help me and yes it’s great for pulling them down that’s no problem at
all. It is quite tricky to pull them sort of off below the knee and they were just
as hard as regular jeans. Now I awarded a 7 out of 10 for practablity I don’t know
whether maybe I could have done a little bit less? Now the reason being they are
very difficult to get on paralyzed feet so that it makes them quite difficult to
get on. whereas I have seen the wheelchair genes have zips down the
sides so that you can get them on really really easily. So yeah that is one thing
to bear in mind if you’re thinking of giving this little hack ago. “So tell me Gems, tell me about your outfit for today?” “Well I have my Jack Wills Giliet on. and brand new for my birthday a lovely wool jumper all teamed up with
none other and the maternity Jeans” “very nice” “what do you think?” ” I think the jeans are great ,I think
that’s a really good idea, you were telling me about the waistband on those and I quite fancy pair of those because I hate waistband.” “yeah it was pretty good
nothing digging into you either.” “Smashing, hey looking cool!” “Thanks dude.” So another test that we must try out in this video we were trying out the jeans
is the toilet test, to see how easy they are at coming down. (voice over)”I have come to find that
filming toilets is pretty hard and pretty dodgy but I am pleased to report
that it was super easy to go to the toilet you know they just slipped off
and then slip back on.” “Today is Friday and Shaun has surprised me and we are going to the cinema
we’re going to see Bohemian Rhapsody I’m really excited.” “yeah, and what have you
got on today Gem?” “Under this coat… Nothing!” “hahaha its my lucky….” “thats the wrong door!!” (laughs) “mr smooth!!!” So the outfit for today, check it out!!! Check it out! Lovely new sweater, And look at these jeans!!! super comfortable, because we are sitting in the cinema for like two hours! so ill be sitting in comfort. Now between you and me I do get a little
gassy and trapped wind which can be very painful and very uncomfortable and I’m
sure most of you are out there are smiling and nodding but because we’re
not moving so much things don’t move as well as an able-bodied person so I do
sometimes get a little bit of buildup and I don’t like to have anything tight
on my belly Gems transferring, I wanted to see
what it was like with transferring because by having that lovely big
waistband you are not going to see any crack or any skin wile your transferring. that’s very break
something breaks on dating hands holding risky!!! Hold it down. Leading hand and in we go! breaks on, leading hand holding it down…and we are in!!!! “how comfy the pants?” “oh yeah INow I’m going to get back in there,, and you can see the lack of crack!!! another shot of crack crack, no
crack right crack on.. how long have you been waiting to say that? When it came to transferring I had to award them a ten
out of ten I mean nothing got caught, it was really
easy, there was no crack to be seen as you well know so yeah
ten out of ten for that we are down at the marina and we are going to
TGI Fridays and I’m pretty glad that I have put my stretchy pants on so let’s
go try it out! okay so as you can see it seems to be a running theme here just
eating! (cool montage music, with background noise) How long can she go? “Did you enjoy your birthday meal?” “I did. but I tell you what.. no heed to loosen any buttons. How about you shaun, have you losend a button?” “Ive had to loosen a couple, I need some of those pregnancy pants myself!” Everyone is going to be buying them. It is Saturday!! and Im going out for coffee with
my friend this morning I thought I would show you what I’ve teamed up with I’ve
got a scarf got a cable knit cardi on underneath and then we have the Jeans
and some uggies which I think will be nice to keep you nice and warm. we have
just finished a wonderful brunch – my lovely friend here – I have a
million-dollar question for you right what do you think of my jeans? “kinda glancing now, they are good, you always look good in jeans!” well maternity jeans ! so it was after
telling a few people that I was wearing maternity jeans I kind of realized that
I had to be quite careful with how I said it because people were going to
presume I was pregnant “I’m not pregnant” “okay because I know okay
yeah because they are designed more for people with a
bit of a belly you know when you sat down that your belly obviously Bulge just
a bit no matter how big or small you are yeah but because it’s got room for a
belly. it doesn’t pull or cut into
they were so really easy to get on and off. yeah I was just gonna say that she’s not
gonna faff on you with the buttons and things yeah so I thought I would try
them out for a week to see how they were for wheelchair users so test driving.
“as in when you sit in the wheelchair they can ride down at the
back where as this has got a comfy bit to keep them from like repositioning? So first I was
very adverse to trying me over the bump jeans. While I was actually pregnant I
wore under the bump jeans but when I had the over the bump
jeans having that lovely bit of material around your waist was great it keeps
you warm too it hides your crack and it kind of also gave me a little
bit of support in my back area, I mean nothing major but you know there was a
little bit of something there and I felt that it was going to keep you nice and
warm something I really suffer from is
sciatica and if I get a chill in my back that can really set it off because in
the winter news you know like particular more with your
back it gets cold? “yeah I’ve often got a top tucked in. oh yeah not you’re saying you
a look at that top or something to tuck in yeah but the top can ride ride up. So I think that is it for this video I genuinely
loved the maternity jeans I can appreciate it’s not for everybody, please
be sure to make sure that you leave your comments down below I actually I’m going
to go back to H&M and purchase a gray pair and possibly a black pair as well
I’m totally hooked and I sort of just have no shame really I think I’ve got to
a stage in my life now where I just think we care so yeah I’m going to keep
wearing them. Do you think you would give it a go? Let me know do let me know if
you found any good wheelchair jeans, I’ll be looking up those and also are there
any more hacks that you would like me to try? Maybe we can make this into a little
mini series I really enjoyed making this video I really hope that you enjoy
watching it thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t
already and I look forward to seeing you in my next one. xxx


  1. Heyyyyy love from Israel!!! Love the jeans its so much better on my belly on injury level para line, its way better then regular

  2. As a bloke, I live and die in Cotton Traders jogging bottoms. As I need the legs shortened I buy the longest legs, so there's plenty of room in the legs to accommodate my leg-bag. Tight trousers would be a practical as well as fashion disaster on a man of my advancing years. 😭

  3. Thank you so much for this video, I'd like to suggest you to try few more places. First is IZ Adaptive http://izadaptive.com These guys opened again and have a lot of adative clothes, however they are pricy a bit. Another one is Tommy Hilfinnger adative. A lot of great stuff for reasonable price. My wife prefers Tommy, but it just question of taste. 🙂 Again, thank you for great job!

  4. Might have to try this! I've never been able to wear jeans, but these could make it easier. The maternity tights mentioned sound great too 😮

  5. I’m so glad it’s not just me, I exclusively wear either leggings or maternity trousers, especially jeans.
    Wheelchair clothes, like you said, are either aimed at older people or are outrageously expensive.
    Due to my neuropathy I can’t have lots of seams, embellishments etc and the material has to be soft so I never buy online as I need to have a good feel of them because the last thing I need is my trousers causing quite violent spasms all over the place. I have a massive wound around the whole of my abdomen so can never wear anything with a waistband so for all these issues over the bump maternity trousers are ideal.
    I think, like you, people are secretly envious of the fact that we can get away with wearing maternity trousers when not pregnant.
    The other clothing adjustments I make are:
    – not wearing proper bras with hooks and wires (so difficult to fasten/unfasten and so uncomfortable) so I wear over the head sports type bra, I put it over my head and onto my stomach area then put my arms through and adjust it, it’s so much easier to get on and off plus it’s much more comfortable.
    – I wear a size up in T-shirt’s to make it easier to get on but make sure that they are short in the body so that I don’t end up with a bunched up mass of material around the waist area.
    – I struggle to get on/off over the head sweaters and hoodies so tend to rear zip ups just to make it easier.
    – I’m not very good at buttons so can’t wear regular shirts but occasionally you can find what look like buttons but are actually poppers or a couple of times I’ve had a shirt with magnetic fasteners which look like buttons (the only issue with this is that if you get caught up on something and give it a good tug the magnets can come undone. The other option if you have a gorgeous shirt/ blouse with buttons is to wear a T-shirt/ camisole underneath then you don’t have to button it up.
    – i struggle to get a big winter coat on so tend to layer lots of long sleeve T-shirt, zip up, gilet etc there are also lots of beautiful big wooden wrap/cape type things (sorry don’t know the actual name) that can add another layer.
    Anything to be comfortable whilst still wheeling!

  6. I just wear jeggings currently. No buttons or zips. lol

    My question is why are clothes made for the disabled old fashioned. lol

  7. I would definitely love seeing more clothing hacks for people in wheelchairs in fact you was the one who explain to me the vest trick for my legs and I use my husband's fishing vest whenever it rains to keep my legs dry and to stop the wind from making me even chillier so any type of hacks for clothing for wheelchairs would be much appreciated as well as any type of hack to keeping your legs warm in the winter because sometimes having a bulky blanket doesn't always work

  8. I buy mine from a place in England . Its called Tall and All . Website tallandall.com . They have many styles but I get the stretchy ones . easy on and off … just a zipper from . Nice stretch so the legs are made thinner . They also have bell bottoms/flare legs which I love

  9. I wear stretch jeans/jeggings from ebay, pretty sure I pay under 20 pounds, maybe under 10 for the weird colours. They do have buttons, which have never bothered me and they are stretchy enough to take on and off without undoing the buttons.

  10. Do you have any tips for keeping your legs warm without drowning in layers? It's always such a hassle when it comes to getting all the warm layers on and off for the toilet.

  11. I would LOVE a mini series about wheelchair friendly clothing. And I’m off to go try some maternity jeans because I get so much pain from the button. Thanks!!!

  12. I may have to give this a go.. I'm apple-shaped and naturally tend to carry weight around the belly, but even more so as a para. I struggle to find jeans that are high-waisted enough but also comfortable around the belly – this seems pretty brilliant , thank you!

  13. These are brilliant! I tend to wear leggings but I love a good pair of jeans. I wonder if Old Navy has them as those jeans fit me best usually although, I haven’t tried H&M yet.

  14. You know what? I think these might work for me. I'm not in a wheelchair (yet. May have, may not) but I have dozens of non-cancerous tumors in my abdomen that are very painful and most pants have been really hurting the past year. I loathe wearing any pants that have a stretchy waistline outside and prefer jeans but this seems to be a good combination of the two.

  15. If there are masculine versions of these, that would be great. Are there? But for the people that these work for, that is a good, pretty creative option. That bathroom you were in looked really nice though. 👍🏽

  16. I really struggle to find jeans that are long enough as I need 33"-34" length and I now also struggle to find jeans that are comfortable on the waist. I HIGHLY recommend New Look Tall Emilee jeggings as they are the most comfy trousers I've had maybe ever. They are high waisted so I can pull them over my belly instead of having a bulge and they don't show my butt. Theyre also SO soft, so much so i can actually lounge in them. So glad I can wear jeans now!!

  17. I’m not a wheelchair user (I use a cane) but I have tons of neuropathy from 5 abdominal surgeries and maternity jeans are where it’s at!! Especially now that styles and sizing are so accessible, affordable and lets be honest super cute! Most importantly, you can’t tell that they are in fact maternity jeans. I’m glad you’ve made this video because people NEED to know this hack💖❤️

    Edited because the 23rd was my bday and my partner and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody that day as well!! We loved it so much!!

  18. What a fantastic idea!! I'm going to try this out with leggings, jeans, shorts! I mean, why not be as comfortable as we can be? 👍

  19. I wear daily ritual jeggings from Amazon. They are $20 USD, super soft and strechy. They are absolutely wonderful if you're a little too small for maternity bottoms. Try them!

  20. Lol so I use a wheelchair now but I’ve always worn dresses and skirts. And I always wear them with tights or leggings. That what my style was before becoming a wheelchair user and my style hasn’t changed since getting my chair. So I don’t really wear jeans lol. Only thing is when the skirt tries to get dirty on the wheels but I just tuck it under my legs and that usually helps for a little while! Love all your vids! Also one Sunday when I had transferred out of my wheelchair and was playing on the floor with some kids from church I let some kids play with my chair ( I figured that it was a good way to help them not be afraid of wheelchair users and feel comfortable asking questions) they ended up like fighting over it lol. And one of them commented how exhausting it was but I was like well it means independence and I can get around and live my life! And the kid was like oh yeah I guess it is worth it then. Lol. Cutie pies!

  21. I don't use my wheelchair that much but I'm so tempted to try a pair I have bad motor skills and can't really do buttons and zipper

  22. Hi thanks for this I am looki.ng for jeans not only for wheelchair use and that stay up but also due to have a SPC on the fitted in the not to distant future and I bloat so need casual comfort to accommodate. But also need to stay put as part time on crutches too and unable to pull them up.

  23. 8:53 I was just wondering about this. I'm the same if I'm sitting down for a long time, especially through a meal and then sitting down the rest of the night.

  24. I wear maternity jeans for multiple reasons and it’s true they do work in wheelchairs as well. if they have a boot cut or flair bottom that may be better. I have one paralyzed foot and can never wear the skinny Jean type did do that. Good luck all thanks for sharing gem

  25. Im wearing maternity jeans cause I’m pregnant and honestly they are way more comfy than regular jeans in the wheelchair! Probably gonna stick to my maternity clothes long after I have my baby 😅😂

  26. Ooh this is such a good idea! I think though if you find the bottom of the leg harder could you not just put a zip in the seam yourself?

  27. To be honest ,I was a little stumbled when I heard you were testing maternity jeans, but after I watched the video I am hooked on them too!
    As I am using my wheelchair more often now this sounds like a good idea!! I am gint to get me a pair of those when we go shopping next week! I will tell you about my experiences then!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Gem!

  28. I like this idea! I never had the ones with elastic on when I was pregnant. They might help folk with PoTS as their hack is to use spanx to increase circulation

    Please post up links for the kind you got with the elastic.
    Also Primark have got a great section of warm woollies and long tops in right now. Could you film another haul? Thx.

  29. Also after your winter clothes video I got a really good wool snood ( from ski shop). Awesome. Please do more head and neck wear🤗

  30. Could you please make a video on all the specific adaptations that you use when horseback riding? I’d find that very helpful. Loved this vid

  31. I'm a wheelchair user, I always wear high waisted jeans for this exact reason as it brings the waist band up to a much more comfy leval when sitting. I hadn't thought about maternity jeans but I guess they must work in a similar way! thanks for the tip x

  32. Hey! I was wondering if perhaps you could tell me the male/model or where you got your driving aids from? I'm looking for something similar or the exact same thing and I'm having a really difficult time finding it.

  33. I'm really curious about maternity jeans now! I'd given up on jeans completely, because normally my stomach is so distended and sensitive I can't stand to have anything digging into it…but that nice big waistband might change my mind 🙂

  34. I almost exclusively wear maternity bottoms. They're honestly the best way to have cute disability/wheelchair friendly pants. I HIGHLY recommend Old Navy and Target to others in the United States.

  35. IZ Adaptive has made some great jeans in the past they went on a break but are back now. I have all IZ jeans I have a few different styles but all of mine are seated cut/wheelchair cut… They have done some with a yoga waist, another type has the zipper on the side, they did have jeggings in a seated cut. I even have lounge pants from their site I like the seated cut that much. I don't know what their new stock is like because that is where my mom went shopping for me for Christmas so I have to wait to browse their new selection.

  36. I am new to being a full time wheelchair user do to a surgrey gone wrong i am unable to walk i have a question for you ? How do u get a wheelchair like yours i have the plan normal wheelchair i sit in it all day and its very uncomfortable and painful to my back i also have rods pins and screws in my back and a fused neck sadly they broke my neck during back surgery but that's not what made me to become wheelchair bound unable to walk i had my gallbladder removed April 14th 2017 and woke up unable to walk
    I love your chair low back and looks lightweight

  37. Maternity leggings from M&S are good if you have a bit of para belly like me from lax stomach muscles.

  38. This is actually a really good idea, I would never have considered maternity jeans until this video! Yeah I usually just get super high-waisted jeans (well jeggings because they are way more comfortable) and that covers the lovely crackage from sitting. It also hits me at a higher point in the waist too, so they don't jab into my lower organs and it's way more ergonomic on my hips (which can be a bit of an issue, especially since I don't feel my hips past the top of them so tight jeans/underwear have been known to cause sores and cuts). Uh next time I go jean shopping I will definitely keep this video in mind, that is a really good hack!

  39. I dont understand why you go down a size, I find going up a size help with comfort and breathing plus in dressing rooms its a lot easier to pull on and off if they are looser. Plus its easier to cover up a bulky waistline than it is to look fashionable.

  40. Oh my gosh! I love this idea! I have gastrointestinal issues and chronic pain and have been struggling with the fact that I can only really wear sweatpants and the occasional leggings. To the maternity section I go!!

  41. Omg….i never thought of that!!!!!! Aahhhhhh, you may have just saved my bigger wheeled girl sanity!! Ahhhhh❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  42. I usually hate jeans so I might have a look at maternity jeans if I can find any in petite/short leg length.

  43. I would wear maternity jeans and I'm not even a wheelchair user–I have Tourette's and jeans set off my tics so badly because of how tight and scratchy they are in the waist.

  44. Honestly I wear them anyways because I'm a bit fat and have funny fingers so I can't do buttons and zips easily

  45. You can actually buy maternity jeans with a zip on the side but it is not that big only about three or four inches

  46. This is a game changer! I have been living in leggings for 2 years and I have no ides why I didn't think of this!

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