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presents FATHERS OF TODAY What made you attend the birth? What do you mean by “made”? It is only normal. It’s my place to be. I realized it was important for me to be there because… I just figured it out. I was positive that I wanted to attend. Rather, someone had to make me not attend. But this would never work with me. For me, this was the most natural thing to do. I wanted to be present at the beginning of my future. Initially, I didn’t want to attend because the concept I had of birth
turned out to be quite wrong. I have to be there. Right next to her, at this event. My wife made me attend. I don’t think the correct word is “to be made” because I didn’t need to be made to attend. I have always been convinced. In fact, the hardest part was convincing those who were in charge of allowing me to be there. I didn’t need any convincing. I made a joke once that it’s the same as not attending your own wedding. What were your impressions of the birth? Well, I’ve attended the births of… children and animals. I don’t buy into the myths that birth is a horrible torture. By all means, it is a
serious psychological challenge. Childbirth is the most curious thing in the world. When I picked him up in my arms, I was incredibly happy. I remember this clearly. I immediately unwrapped him and took photos of him from all sides, so that they don’t swap him with someone else. In this way, from the very beginning, I started to build a relationship with my child. It was a brand new feeling for me. I had never felt it before. Everyone has to experience it for himself. I was so very happy. For me this is more or less a miracle. Supernatural, to an extent. It’s mayhem all around. A truly grand experience. What did you see at the birth? I saw the whole process of coming out. First, part of the head. Then the whole head. It was kind of strange. First, the forehead emerged. Then, the eyes. A lock of hair. Then it goes back in. After the nose appeared, he did like this. He was born with the amniotic sac around his head. Like a cosmic package. He looked like a spaceman. Only the smoke machine was missing. And… I took him in my arms. At university, I attended a birth which was a C-section and it actually looked much more frightening than the natural birth. It was a serious thing. It wasn’t something that took 5 minutes or half an hour. It was very exciting. Overall, the process went very smoothly unlike what I had expected. It doesn’t look attractive in the sense of… “pleasant” but in the sense of… very powerful. Has your sexual life changed? As soon as it happened, I have to say that my wife rewarded me with the most passionate kiss I have ever received. Having seen my wife give birth, I can’t say that our sexual life has changed. If we are talking about whether you continue to have a desire for your wife in the same way, of course you do! I don’t think anything has changed in our sexual life. I think all this is some serious bullshit. Even if there were a change, it is… quite positive. Yes, we have more sex This experience ties you closer, overall. It is one of the things which elevate the level of intimacy to a point that no one usually can reach. What do you think about women,
now that you have seen birth? I saw my wife from a totally different perspective. My opinion on what constitutes a strong person has changed dramatically. She possesses powers and skills that I had no idea she had until now. I think that what women have been granted with is quite a miracle. It is simply unbelievable. You begin to understand in a larger universal scope the things that women get to do. I am in awe. The coolest experience and the woman is a hero. A lioness. Infinitely beautiful. I admit that my wife has a capacity to do things which I can’t. What would you say to someone who is wondering if he should attend the birth? I would encourage anybody because… there is nothing more natural than
a father being with his family. Hesitation is completely natural because of everything we are told at school, at home, throughout our lives, until the moment when you are expecting a child. When you don’t know what is going on,
this is when fear and panic come in. Birth is not the right time for the father to begin learning. It is not obligatory for him to watch the child come out. I didn’t see the baby come out. My wife told me that what helped her most was my massage and that I was there for her. You can’t miss out on something so huge that involves your closest people. I can’t imagine my wife giving birth and the baby showing up somewhere else
three days later, in a stroller, and this is how we first meet. If you’ve made a baby, I think it’s only reasonable that you would be there at the birth. You only need to prepare with information so that you know what’s going on. There is nothing frightening. Nothing too shocking going on. I’ve seen way more frightening things. It’s nothing traumatic and there is nothing… scary. I think it’s super normal for the father
to be there for the birth. If you have decided to be a father, it is part of your responsibilities to be brave. It’s unavoidable. Birth is a family event. I work with websites. I am a biologist. I am a financial director. I am a musician. I work with building maintenance. I am involved with the money-making
in raising two kids. I am a filmmaker. I am an architect. I am a dentist. I have a degree in psychology. I am a PhD student in Chemistry. Currently, I am on my maternity leave. I work in architecture. Just a question, which way should I be looking? Starring Cinematography
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  1. А кога ще бъде направен и другият вариант на този клип, но с не толкова интелигентни хора? По-глупави, хора със и под средно ниво на обучение. Това са хората, които ни заобикалят също толкова колкото и по-умните като тези в клипа!

  2. Другият вариант на клипа е навсякъде. Няма нужда да се дава повече гласност на по-популярното мнение.

  3. Интересно ми е да видя жените на тези прекрасни, интелигентни, осъзнати мъже…Дали има поне една от тях, която е наистина благодарна, на това, което съдбата й е дала….

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